6+ Best Engineering WordPress Themes For Architects, Constructors & Mechanics


There is an urging need for the technology giants to come overboard & flourish their construction, engineering, design, architecture & similar other businesses in order to grab eyeballs!

People from all walks of life can make use of these technology WordPress themes,

They are simple to use and require no prior technical knowledge.

So, here we go with this post which is targeted at some of the best themes that can be opted to get your enterprise working, thereby gaining more traffic, more customers and so on.

Some of the themes come with inbuilt lead capture forms, google map integration forms and so on. This is one of the best ways to rope in potential clients.

Come, explore the ultimate collection of premium WordPress themes

Check out our compendium of the best WordPress themes & try out yourself.

AudioSchool – Sound Engineering Training WordPress Theme

The AudioSchool WordPress theme is highly responsive which helps you add the correct music technology to your audio learning institute online. The theme is a guide for all types of sound engineering institutes who are in search of a web portal.

Blend the music of your training along with the courses on the web. This template has an in-built lead capture form that enables you to capture vital information about your visitors.

It is suitable for music schools, audio engineering colleges, sound engineering organizations, music composing centers, production houses and sound designing institutes. 

AudioSchool WP theme

Salient Features Of AudioSchool WordPress Template

  • Full-width sliders allow you to showcase different sound engineering techniques with the help of high-quality images.
  • Features services can be displayed on the four-column service area of the theme.
  • With the blog and video section, you can frequently update your website by posting clips of Audio engineering, audio equipment, and sound training.

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QuickDraft – Drafting WordPress Theme

Civil engineering designers, freelance project designers, technical drawing experts and drafting agencies can make the most of the QuickDraft WordPress theme. With this professional drafting design WordPress template, you can feature your technical drawings and architectural models.

If your area of expertise happens to lie on the lines of land developments, survey drafting, or structural dealing, then this theme is tailor-made for you. The 4-column feature area allows you to list your drafting services so that potential clients gain insight into the kind of work you deal with.

QuickDraft WP theme

Attributes Of QuickDraft WordPress Template

  • The theme comes with a lead capture form on the slider.
  • The Call to Action button allows you to connect with your customers.
  • The gallery section allows you to flaunt your best work.
  • The blog section enables you to share tips that might attract potential clients.
  • With the Google Map Integration feature, you can connect with people in a very short span of time.

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Foundry – Metallurgy WordPress Theme

In order to promote your metallurgy work, you can avail of the Foundry WordPress theme which is a fully responsive website template with highly sophisticated features. The metallurgy WordPress theme can be utilized by iron plants, steel plants, forging workshops and the rest alike.

The 4-column service section of the template is simple yet elegant in appearance with which you can flaunt your services. You are given the opportunity to create an extraction metallurgy portfolio with the help of a full-width template.

Foundry WP theme

Ingredients Of Foundry WordPress Template

  • With the video section of the theme, you can simplify your processes to your users.
  • With the blog section, you can educate your users on the most happening events in your area of expertise.
  • The slider allows you to flaunt your impressive work in a manner that lures potential customers in.
  • Client comments and feedback can be featured so as to rope in more customers.

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LandProbe – Land Surveying WordPress Theme

The LandProbe WordPress theme helps with the assistance of enhancing your land surveying business right across the globe. The LandPark WordPress theme comes integrated with a number of features. Civil engineering companies, land surveying agencies, construction industries and tower installation companies can adopt this theme for their everyday work.

The 3-column feature of the template allows you to display your plot surveying services alongside text and images. Its front page blog section with parallax effect makes it the most attention holding template.

LandProbe wp theme

Elements of LandProbe WordPress Template

  • With the blog, you can write about your experiences so as to appeal to your users.
  • The sidebar segment allows you to upload any kind of tutorial or videos of digital land surveying.
  • The newsletter is a unique and free feature of this theme which allows visitors to subscribe to your latest services.
  • The impressive gallery allows you to publish all your work in an impressive manner.

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ElectroMechanical – Mechatronics WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a platform in this rapidly growing world of technology to boost your business forward, then the ElectroMechanical WordPress theme is ideal for you. It is a one-page WordPress template that enables you to create an extraordinary website for your mechatronics organization.

The theme is packed with options and features for mechanical and electrical professionals, technical experts, robotic technicians and so on. The full-width slider section enables you to add images as an area of focus for your users.

ElectroMechanical WP theme

Constituents Of ElectroMechanical WordPress Template

  • You can share your experience about mechatronics with your customers by using the Blog Section.
  • The Gallery page allows you to captivate your audience, piquing their interest with your wonderful images.
  • The inbuilt video section is of great value as it lets you post any video using the iframe code from YouTube.
  • The contact form lets users connect with you instantly.

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SilverCement – Cement Factory WordPress Theme

If you have a cement factory that requires being launched in the online space, then the SilverCement WordPress theme is exactly what you need. The theme is well suited for cement industries, cement manufacturers, construction companies and so on.

This cement distribution WordPress template has a very elegant look. You can display all your cement related work in a 4-column area. It also enables you to cater to your cement manufacturing products and services in a well-defined way.

SilverCement WP theme

Features Of SilverCement WordPress Template

  • The theme comes with a blog section wherein you can share content related to your business.
  • Get in touch with your users with the inbuilt contact form which your customers can use to get in touch with you.
  • The integrated google map helps customers navigate to your industry.

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AutoRepair – Engine & Transmission Repair WordPress Theme

Are you in need of a corporate site for your car repair shop? AutoRepair WordPress theme is a great option to help in the creation of a brand new online booking website.

This theme comes with an integrated Ink Appointment WordPress appointment plugin that allows your customers to schedule an appointment and book your services at the same time. This template is perfect for automobile engineers, car mechanics, vehicle repair shops and so on.

AutoRepair WP theme

Ingredients Of AutoRepair WordPress Template

  • Your customer can see multiple services in the appointment form and select your service in accordance with their requirements.
  • You can also display your shop’s opening and closing times.
  • A Google map integration feature enables you to display the location of your shop.
  • Share customer reviews with the testimonial section.

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Make the most of these themes to get your business started. There’s no easier or more efficient way to get yourself onboard than through these aforementioned WordPress templates.

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