7+ Best Environmental WordPress Themes For Bio, Eco & Geographical Management Companies


The environment is precious because it’s our home and life support system. For this reason, there are so many businesses, charities, and non-profit organizations committed to one or more environmental issues.

You can expand and flourish your environmental services online with the help of environmental WordPress themes.

Newest environmental WordPress themes provide a perfect platform to create environment websites like a website for a non-profit environment or natural resources organization, an environment preservation company, municipal corporation and geographical health bodies. 

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So here we present to you some of the amazing environmental themes for WordPress.

EcoTree – Environmental WordPress Theme

Do you have an environmental protection agency and are you looking for a responsive WordPress theme to flaunt your work towards nature? Then EcoTree WordPress Theme is the best solution available online for your needs.

The template is specially designed for environment protection clubs, NGO’s, or environmental society and inspection agencies. EcoTree Theme is loaded with tons of attractive features by which you can publicize your campaign online splendidly.

So design an informative and spectacular environmental website according to your needs and start exploring ways to save nature.

Features Of EcoTree WordPress Template

  • Gallery helps you to exhibit alluring nature photos and also the images of work done by your club or campaign towards the environment. The users can also share the images on social sites like twitter, facebook while having a glance on them.
  • A special feature section allows you to showcase the facilities and services of your environmental company.
  • Blogs aids you to keep your supporters engaged. You can share the details of upcoming events, interesting facts, news, stories other information related to environmental awareness to encourage them towards nature protection.
  • The users can easily contact you with the help of inbuilt contact form.
  • In the comment section, the customers can provide the feedback and views about the blogs which help to built confidence in new site visitors.
  • Banner Widget is a special 3 column section where you can flaunt your sponsors or you can publicize other products or services.

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GoEco – Eco Consulting Agency WordPress Template

In today’s scenario, the environmental problems like global warming are increasing rapidly and most people are not aware of such problems. Individuals or companies need to have eco-consultants who can guide them on how to use energy resources.

So if you are an environmentalist or eco-consultant and want to make a footprint of your environmental consulting firm online, you need a premium WordPress theme is required to design your business website and to boost your services. And GoEco WordPress theme is the best available theme online.

Go Eco theme is specially created for environmentalists, environmental consultants, eco-consulting agencies and other consultants from the same field.

Features Of GoEco WordPress Template

  • In full-width slider section, you can exhibit the snapshots of your latest eco-green events and other campaigns. The special slideshow feature provides an amazing look at your website.
  • You can flaunt the positive feedback and comments of the customers in the special testimonial section present on the homepage.
  • Blogs help you to attain more traffic to your website. Share the tips with users and also provide them with latest news and updates about your club.
  • You can style your website with the help of 8 elegant colors available with this theme.
  • The template is compatible with WooCommerce WordPress Plugin.

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Grassy Design – Green Architecture WordPress Theme & Template

Green building is the indicator of economically sound business decisions, prudent environmental decisions & smart human impact decisions.

You can expand your green architecture business and discuss these elements on the web using GrassyDesign WordPress theme. This premium one-page template is loaded with many designing features that enable you to sponsor your construction modules, commercial plans, eco-friendly activities, investment strategies & business partners.

The theme is perfectly designed for builders, interior designers, exterior architects, civil engineers, construction workers, etc.

Features Of Grassy Design WordPress Template

  • Exhibit the dazzling image of your building projects, famous architecture green designs, public space & landscape modules on the homepage of your website via multiple sliders. You can also present the basic elements of images in the pre-structured text panel of these sliders.
  • Regularly update your clients with business blogs on economic housing plans, latest construction techniques & share green activities with them in the exclusive blog space area of the template.
  • You can share real comments and feedback of your customers on your website via special testimonial section.
  • You can flaunt your expert designers, top architects & building workers along with their job profile & social representative icons in the member space area.
  • Display the business logo of your civil clients, business partners & other sponsors in client logo area.

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EdenCommunities – Municipality WordPress Theme

If you are searching for a tremendous online platform for municipality website, then you must have a look at EdenCommunities WordPress Theme.

EdenCommunities WordPress Theme is a single page theme which is loaded with tons of features to help you show off information like environmental terms, corporation policies, finance option, Local funding, tax preparation & other society management services.

The theme is best suited for Governmental Organization, Community Resources, Social Contractor, City Guides, Political Jurisdiction, etc.
So, latch on to this receptive theme and publicize your social welfare services among people.

Features of EdenCommunities WordPress Template

  • You can exhibit other municipality services related to non-governmental group or charity organization with the brief explanation about them in Full Width or Default Page Template.
  • You can choose the color for your website from various template colors available.
  • Create an exclusive portfolio via gallery template and give ingenious look to your metropolis site. Flaunt the picture of your city club, administrative agency, fire department, sanitation, transportation, food inspection in this template.
  • Be in touch with the community via the contact us template present in the theme. The community members can easily drop a message related to their inquiries which can be fixed by your agency.
  • Sharing, promoting & advertising help you to boost residential services among the community. In spectacular Blog page template, you can share an update, recent news related to new technology, upcoming events, and policies.

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Bio Shelters – Greenhouse Construction WordPress Theme & Template

The Greenhouse effect is the most widespread phenomena which we all have heard in our lives. It is a difficult job to design a greenhouse, it requires expert builders to construct.

The Greenhouse Construction WordPress Template is loaded with numerous features which help you to organize a platform where the users will get the best environmental building related help.

This Theme is profitable for Mini-climatic structure building architects, Professional Environmental infrastructure builders, Commercial and Industrial Greenhouse manufacturing firms.

Features Of Bio Shelters WordPress Template

  • An easy – to – navigate header is available with this template which facilitates a menu structure of Greenhouse building tactics, environmental related pages you make on your web page.
  • A default full-Width 6-layered Slider where you can personalize and set your small greenery, housed plants and mini-climate room construction upgraded pictures along with their brief description is present on the homepage.
  • You can add numerous widgets like Contacts, Maps, Categories of the post in a systematic manner in the footer section at the bottom of the page.
  • Share enticing environment building awareness posts, opinions on architecture and planting, new trends in construction in the blog section that may benefit your customers and increase the demand for your services.
  • Customer’s feedback plays an important role in the growth of an organization. So, share the user’s comment, compliment, and feedback in a special testimonial section of the template available on the homepage.
  • You can also share the features and services of your environment building business to explore and extend it on the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

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CleanPlace – Waste Management Agency WordPress Theme

It is essential to teach people about the importance of waste management and aware them about the various methods of converting waste into reusable material, also it is important to educate them pollution control steps, and much more.

If you own a recycling and waste management bureau and want to expand environmental cleaning services around the world then develop a fully SEO optimized website with the help of Waste Management Agency WordPress Theme in no time.

All this facilities & services can be flaunted with one platform – i.e Waste Management WordPress Theme. Recycling agencies, waste management corporations, environment cleaning agencies, pollution control companies, and all type of garbage management bureaus can flaunt their services and features by using use the CleanPlace WordPress Theme.

Features Of CleanPlace WordPress Template

  • The quick overview of mission and vision of your agency along with environmental policies, health trades, pollution control methods, disposal solutions, etc can be exhibited in the service section of the theme.
  • You can exhibit the dissipate items & cleaning tools of your company in an animated full-width slider section. Also, you can present your crew members, spare group, association colleagues, showcase the appealing images of awards, governmental rule book in style with the help of this section.
  • Share the tips to save the environment and recycle waste material also provide information about upcoming events and update of your business site.
  • An appealing gallery section is present on the homepage where you can flaunt the images of your waste management agency.
  • The users can fill their information and queries in the contact form which are quickly resolved by proactive crew members.

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BioPlastic – Biodegradable Plastic WordPress Theme

Many promising ecological products are coming into the market every day and Biodegradable plastic is one such promising product.

You can trade the decomposable plastic material of your store directly from your commercial website via BioPlastic WordPress theme.

This premium template is compatible with WooCommerce plugin & it’s simple design grant you to create a dazzling website for biodegradable material manufacturing firms, environmental-friendly industries, organic centers & plastic product wholesalers.
So, latch on to this wonderful template to create your personalized website and start selling your biodegradable product.

Features Of BioPlastic WordPress Template

  • You can exhibit all your biodegradable store gadgets i.e plastic toys, utensils, poly bags, eco sheets, wrapping foils along with their brief description and a price tag in the shop page template. This helps the users to get full information about the product while sitting in their living room.
  • In the cart section of this template the users can keep numerous items and after adding items they can click on check out option to finish the shopping.
  • A secured inbuilt payment gateway PayPal is available with this theme.
  • In 4 column service area, you can feature some of your recycling factors, plastic producing techniques & oxo-biodegradable test preparations in very professional manner.
  • Blogs help you to share news on eco-friendliness, update users about upcoming plastic polymer & recycling chemicals, and information on how to reduce, reuse & recycle waste material.

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InspectPlant – Plant Research Institute WordPress Theme & Template

Plants are one of the most favorable living organisms on which the governments, as well as private organizations, are doing researches for their conservation and development.

So, for such institutions, a good response and the specially designed website is required where you can flaunt your research and development planning related to plants worldwide.

Plant Research Institute WordPress theme is one such template loaded with many features which aid you to create a website according to your needs.

The theme is perfectly designed for research organizations, ecological research centers, environment testing academics and others who want to preserve trees using technology.

Features Of InspectPlant WordPress Template

  • Show off the attractive images of your institute & research along with their brief description in the special animated slider section of the template.
  • Technical featured area of the theme allows you to describe the variety of services, certifications & training that are provided by your institute. It also permits you to display image, related heading and a small text content of the service.
  • The accordion tab gives a tempting look to your site. It exhibits a vertical list of items which can hide and expand a large amount of content filled in the fields just with a single click.
  • Flaunt the positive feedback and comments of users in special testimonial section of the theme.
  • You can make videos of project tutorials, service procedures, research clips, development techniques, testing methods and many other things and add them to the exclusive video section, this gives a tempting look to your website.

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You can just choose the best theme according to your need. Please leave your feedback in the comment box below, we would also like to read your views on any of our products.

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