20+ Best Masonry WordPress Themes For Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbers & Construction Agents 2018


A business is often incomplete without a dominance in the online world. Domination here isn’t as simple as creating a regular website to keep visitors informed about your business. It rather takes more than just a regular site to get your enterprise on the right track.

So, if you have a carpentry, plumbing, or any other repairing & renovating business & want to put across it’s services on the web, then WordPress is one of the best way to begin carving a niche for yourself.

As WordPress not only give you a site but also themes with which you can make a marvel of your business. There are a number of standout features that WordPress themes provide including WooCommerce plugins, Lead Capture forms & so forth.

Every single occupation that is out there, deserves to be mentioned, it deserves more customers and of course more accolades. Here is our compendium of masonry WordPress themes for carpenters, electricians, plumbers and construction agencies.

Letting you create furniture and interior designing website with an extreme ease, just go through the following collection of WordPress Themes:

ElectroWorks – Electrician WordPress Theme

Individual electricians, as well as companies dealing with electronics, can make use of the ElectroWorks WordPress theme. Here is an electrical WordPress template that enables you to create an impressive website pertaining to commercial electric services, installation, maintenance, and repair.

The theme is highly responsive, clean coded & works well with any sized screen devices. The most impressive aspect of this theme is the feature section which enables your viewers to be informed about the latest happenings. The unique blog design feature also deserves to be mentioned as it keeps your users engaged with its wonderful design.

Salient Features Of The ElectroWorks WordPress Template

  • You are given the ability to feature your business logo at the top of your website.
  • Navigation menu which allows your users to pick categories of their choice.
  • Inbuilt FormGet contact form which allows you to keep in touch with the visitors to your website.
  • An eight colored theme to choose from.
  • Social icons to share the content of your website across various platforms.
  • Full-width slider with slider description texts.
  • An area to showcase your most important features.
  • Extremely simple to use and install.  

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PlumbArt – Plumber WordPress Theme

PlumbArt is a WordPress theme designed for individual plumbers, companies, heating companies, as well as HVAC businesses. It is aimed primarily at repairing, maintenance, construction, and installation for homes as well as offices. The theme comes with a number of great features to keep the flow of users high.

This template has a four-feature area where you can mention the various services such as drain maintenance, leaky faucets, sewer repair as well as sink leaks. You can also feature your plumbing tools on your website via sliders & service section of this aesthetic pipe fitting WordPress theme. The overall aesthetic of the theme is enhanced by the slider that allows you to feature your plumbing tools on your website. This helps to give your user an insight into the services you can offer them.

Remarkable Features Of The PlumbArt WordPress Template

  • Information about the latest plumbing services and tools can be shared via blog posts.
  • The theme is highly responsive and is compatible with any screen.
  • With eight different colors to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.
  • An integrated lead capture plugin displayed on the homepage slider allows your users to fill in a form with their contact details. This information is stored for future use.

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RepairingPoint – Appliance Repairing WordPress Theme

An online platform RepairingPoint WordPress theme is here, and by the looks of it, it’s definitely here to stay. The birth behind the innovation of this kind is the common problem that people in households’ face. From electronics repairing, electrical needs to any electronic related issue here is your one-stop destination.

Its lead capture plugin allows users to schedule services with you. What’s more, there is also an option to obtain details of your customers which will be stored in a database. If you would like to keep your customers in the loop about change in services or new discounts and features, then this theme does that for you.

Highlighting Features Of The ReparingPoint WordPress Template

  • A three-column feature which allows you to mention the services you offer to the customers.
  • A navigation menu is present which enables your users to pick categories suited to them.
  • A magnificent gallery feature displays impressive pictures about the services you bring to the table.
  • There are ten different colored themes to choose from.

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RoofRepair – Roofing Company WordPress Theme

RoofRepair is a WordPress theme which is centered around roofing solutions that are integrated with a number of stunning design ideas. The theme comes with a variety of features which give your users a lot to choose from. The latest version of WordPress is used which helps to get the news about your company almost instantly.

Navigation within the theme is very easy due to the high responsiveness of the theme. The theme comes with a full width slider on the homepage which enables you to showcase the essential services that you offer. The four-column feature area gives you the liberty to demonstrate the roofing strategies that you employ, the roof leakage methods and other roof related repair services.

Spectacular Features Of The RoofRepair WordPress Template

  • A hexagonal gallery section helps you to display architectural gadgets, roofing tools, equipment and so on.
  • A parallax scrolling effect provides an attractive exposure to your website.
  • Customers can leave you messages with regard to any query of theirs, inclusive of tips, suggestions, advice and so on.
  • The sticky navigation bar allows for greater flexibility within the theme.
  • Social icon buttons enable sharing on a variety of platforms so as to get the word across.

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 PlumWork – Plumbing WordPress Theme

Small plumbing owners are often at the risk of competition from bigger companies when it comes to business. This is precisely the area wherein the PlumWork WordPress theme comes into the picture, targeting for itself small-scale plumbing business owners.

There is a three-section feature blog which allows you to keep viewers as well as potential customers well informed about the happenings in your area of expertise. A contact form allows you to capture information about your visitors which will come in handy in the future. A ten colored theme is given to you to choose from, so there is no dearth of selection. The gallery is impressive as it brings to light the highlights of the services you offer.

Magnificent Features Of The PlumWork WordPress Template

  • A fully responsive theme that can be used on any device with any screen size.
  • A testimonial section keeps visitors informed about client feedback, helping to rope in more customers in the long run.
  • An eye-catching attention bar at the top helps to engage your customers.
  • An unlimited drop down menu is present which gives your users a wide array of options to choose from.
  • Multiple sliders are present which have room for text to be added.

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ClearDrain – Drain Cleaning WordPress Theme

There is an abundance in sewer and drain cleaning businesses in recent times leading to a growth in competitiveness. The best way to carve a niche for yourself is via an online platform which helps to gather customers. This is exactly what the ClearDrain WordPress theme is all about.

It’s a clean, hassle free template which allows you to create a specialist drainage company with the click of a button. The theme comes with a wide range of features, suited to a multitude of services. The blog section updates your customers and viewers about the ongoing as well as the upcoming activities. Testimonial sections keep client reviews out in the open for the world to see. There’s no limit to the benefits that word of the mouth can do for a business. The homepage comes with text sliders with a number of animation effects.

Eye-catching Features Of The ClearDrain WordPress Template

  • Links to your social sites can be added to spread the word about your work.
  • The theme is RTL compatible allowing you to showcase the content of your site in RTL format.
  • A custom CSS option allows you to make tweaks to the theme.
  • Your business logo can be featured at the top of your site.

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MirrorFloor – Glass Floor Company WordPress Theme

Aesthetics are often the highlight of any workspace. From glass exteriors to glass flooring solutions, there is a stark need for the presence of a theme that will help spiral your business into a different orbit. This is precisely where the MirrorFloor WordPress theme comes in handy. It is very simple to use and gives your business a push in the right direction.

The theme comes with a WooCommerce plugin with which you can offer your products up for sale. Glass door suppliers, glass tile companies, accessory agencies and the like can make use of this theme. Full width sliders enable the world to delve in deeply into your working style. The images that you feature on your website can be described using the text area. Customers can be notified about the services you offer and the simple hover of a mouse over a segment will provide all the information with regard to a particular service.  

Marvelous Features Of The MirrorFloor WordPress Template

  • Testimonials and videos can be displayed on the website. This helps to establish your company’s authenticity increasing your credibility in the process.
  • Inbuilt pages, such as About Us, the gallery, and a blog keep your customers well informed about the changes in the industry.
  • A single product page gives you information about all the details pertaining to a product.

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 WoodenWork – Woodwork Repair & Maintenance WordPress Theme

If you want to make your carpentry business come alive by making its presence felt on the internet, then this theme is definitely for you. Woodworkers, furniture repairmen, and timber maintenance folk can make use of the WoodenWord WordPress theme. It was specifically creating keeping in mind needs such as drilling, flooring, roofing, chipping and the like.

The best feature about the theme is the Ink Lead Capture Pro Plugin which helps to obtain information about the visitors to your site. Using the feature, potential customers are notified about the latest advancements in the industry. Workshop images can be placed in the slider section which will attract visitors, up to six slider pictures can be added. Every slider redirects the visitor to a page of their choice. The feature section provides you with an opportunity to display your most prominent work.

Productive Features Of The WoodenWork WordPress Template

  • Your experience can be shared with the users and visitors.
  • The contact page keeps your users at the tip of your fingers, communication was never this simple.
  • Social icons make sharing much easier so as to appeal to a wider audience.
  • There are eight different colored themes to choose from.

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Build & Design – Construction Company WordPress Theme

It’s quite difficult to get the word out about your construction company to the world if you don’t have a website. With the stiff competition that exists in the carpentry industry, having a website is integral to the growth of your company. There never was a simpler solution with the Build & Design WordPress theme. The theme is designed for construction and building companies in particular.

The features present in the theme can integrate the solutions you bring to the table in an organized manner. The theme in itself is flawless and is compatible with devices of any screen size. Parts of the theme can be tweaked in accordance with your requirements as well. The power of theme is unlimited and it works to bring your creativity to the outside world.  Another added bonus of this theme is the ease with which it can be used. A quotation form allows a user to make specific requests for a service that he/she requires.

Brilliant Features Of The Build & Design WordPress Template

    • You can highlight the key solutions you bring across with the help of the portfolio.
    • Client testimonials are integral to the development of a reliable fan base, which is why there is a provision for testimonials.
    • Map location allows users to locate you instantly. There also is the provision to add your phone number at the top of the site.
    • Lead capture plugin integration will let you generate customers leads with an extreme ease.

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Flooro – Flooring WordPress Theme

This is the best WordPress theme to this day for businesses involved in roofing and flooring, which is where the theme gets its unique name Flooro from. If you’re a big contractor or someone who caters to individual orders, this theme is quintessential.

The gallery allows you to exhibit the best of your work. What makes it all the more easy to use is the single click installation button. The format is easy and gels well with all screen sizes. Several sets of images can be placed up on the website helping you grab attention & engaging your customers in the process.

Prime Features Of The Flooro WordPress Template

  • The slider section gives you the freedom to add taglines to describe the services you put forth.
  • A three-column feature area allows the best of your work to be put in the limelight.
  • The widgetized footer makes navigation across the theme all the more simpler.
  • This template comes with a Ken Burns slider to highlight retina-ready images.
  • With eight unique colors to choose from, there is no dearth of options when it comes to this theme.

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Carpentro – Carpenter WordPress Theme

Any person involved directly or indirectly in the carpentry will find respite in this WordPress theme. If your client is looking for services such as furniture designs, wooden joineries, and the like then it’s unlikely that his requests will be satisfied anywhere else.

What makes this theme stand out from the rest is the integrated lead capture system which is present on the homepage itself. Using this, users can contact you making your site user-friendly. The theme is also mobile friendly which is essential due to the dependence of most people’s lives on this device. You can exhibit your work portfolio via the gallery section which brings the best of your services into the spotlight.

Additional Features Of The Carpentro WordPress Template

  • The provision to run your own carpentry blog lies solely in your hands. You can post content on the site regularly, engaging customers in the process.
  • The contact page comes with a location map which makes accessibility to you all the more easier.
  • Multiple colors can be chosen from in order to suit your brand.
  • The theme is easy to build and manage to make it all the more receptible to users and businesses alike.
  • Your business logo can also be added to the theme.

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Plug & Jack – Electrical Cable Connection WordPress Theme & Template

Due to the high rise in demands of electronics in many corporations, the Electrical Cable Connection theme was given birth to. If you are looking for a global platform to launch your company, then this is the ideal WordPress theme for you.

Services you can offer range anywhere from plug and socket enterprises to electrical equipment retailers. With this theme, there’s no running out of style, it’s bound to keep you on the circuit for a long time to come. The Blog cum Slider area allows you to highlight your business. The special blog post images can improve the overall aesthetic of your site.

Salient Features Of The Plug & Jack WordPress Template

  • Cable gland merits can be illustrated in the free feature area of this template. This keeps customers involved in your business.  
  • The testimonial area shows to the users how much you value your customers and in return are valued by them as well. This helps to establish a basic foundation with regard to the trust of your potential customers.

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Demolition – Buildings Wrecking WordPress Theme & Template

A predominant feature of the construction industries is building wrecking. This was the reason behind the conception and growth of the Demolition WordPress theme. This is a premium website which allows you to propagate your building demolition agenda on a global scale. It was constructed in order to serve organizations such as implosion agencies, wrecking ball firms, so on and so forth.  

The blog feature of the template enables the composition of a variety of articles on your website. It not just keeps your visitors busy but also up to date with the latest happenings of your business. Customization of the theme is possible in order to meet the demands of the business.

Other Features Of The Demolition WordPress Template

  • A strong portfolio section plugin allows you to feature your services in the three-column feature area.
  • With the help of the dynamic photo gallery page and the gallery plugin, you can create a portfolio that matches the expectation of the professionals in your industry.
  • An About Us section keeps people in the loop with regard to the services and solutions you provide.

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DigWork – Excavating Agency WordPress Theme & Template

In order to reduce the amount of manual labor required these machines are a must. The Excavating Agency WordPress theme provides a platform for you to expand your digging business on a global scale. Excavating agencies, backhoe loader firms, heavy earth movers’ companies and so on can adopt this theme. If you are looking to target an audience on a global scale, then this theme is tailor made for you.

The template presents to you a four-column service area to flaunt the services you have to offer. With texts and images, you can publicize your work, redirecting your visitors to your website in a single click.  Client testimonials are one of the best ways to secure a client base, as it helps to build trust with respect to your services and deliverables. You can cater to the needs of your clients with the help of the testimonial section.

Amazing Features Of The DigWork WordPress Template

  • An inbuilt gallery makes it simple to display your business accessories to the world.
  • A full width page is provided to you which comes without the widgets and sidebars.
  • A Nextgen plugin gives you an opportunity to flaunt your gallery in a sidebar as well as in the footer segment.
  • The latest and most happening events can be highlighted on the homepage with the help of the premium blog elements.

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Architect – Architecture WordPress Theme

Architect happens to be a well-structured, creative WordPress theme for architectural firms and construction companies. You can create an online presence for yourself with this theme in almost no time at all. Right from installation to the management of the theme, the modern homepage customizer gives you complete control over your website.

The theme is well suited to non-coders as well as it provides you with a visual customizer, each customization is possible without the need to touch a single line of code. A service page can be started with the click of a button. The full width default style pages help in the creation of your profile, career pages, and an introduction page. You can share news, events, projects, achievements, so on and so forth with the help of the blog page layout.

High Functional Traits Of The Architect WordPress Template

  • Gallery page which showcases work ethics, design concepts and models in the form of images.
  • Sidebars and the footer sections are widgetized.
  • Every element can be exhibited in the form of video, text, graphics and any other widget that you want.

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DoorServe – Door Cleaning Service WordPress Theme

The requirement of reliable services to get the job done is spiraling which is why you need professional assistance that will bring to you the best services in town. Any agency that provides services such as these, looking to expand their online presence, can make use of the window & Door washing WordPress theme.

The theme can be employed by help agencies, housekeeping agencies, maid service providers and any other people in the same field. The template flaunts your cleaning services in the feature section, presenting them in an organized manner.

Striking Features Of The DoorServe WordPress Template

  • Lead capture form which enables you to obtain vital information about your potential customers.
  • The pricing table showcases to the customer the various services alongside the prices for those services.
  • A fully responsive theme with eight different color templates to choose from.

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GraceHome – Interior Decoration Shop WordPress Theme & Template

Any creative artist with an interior decoration item shop looking to expand in the online world can make use of the GraceHome WordPress theme. This is a highly customizable theme which allows people to walk past your store doors, purchasing just about anything they like without having to visit your store! That’s how simple it becomes for your customers.

From decoration shops, adornment stores, art galleries and the like, anyone can use this interior designing theme. An integrated WooCommerce plugin puts your products in the limelight helping you to bring the sales.

Amazing Features Of The GraceHome WordPress Template

  • Payments via the site are secured with PayPal gateway.
  • Latest designs and sculptures can be features on the homepage product area.
  • Client testimonial area piques the interest of visitors so as to help build your client base.
  • Toggle geographic map which allows users to locate you very easily.
  • Two types of home page layouts to choose from.

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CustomDoor – Cabinet And Door Design WordPress Theme & Template

A home which is well furnished is a complete home. If you are someone who is either directly or indirectly involved in woodworks, then the CustomDoor WordPress theme is just where you need to begin.

The template is compatible with a WooCommerce plugin which allows you to broadcast numerous closets as well as doors online. Carpenters, artisans, woodwork traders and door designers can benefit deeply from the theme. Payments to the site are secured with the help of the PayPal gateway.

Salient Features Of The CustomDoor WordPress Template

  • Boxed sliders which divide the template, ensuring to grab the attention of visitors in the process.
  • A three-column feature section which highlights the most reputed facilities pertaining to custom doors and cabinets.
  • Ad banner space is present right in the middle where you can advertise posters and placards.

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CeilingStyle – False Ceiling & Repairing Service WordPress Theme

Civil engineers, interior designers, decorators, construction firms, the furnishing industry and builders all understand the importance of false ceilings all too much. The CeilingStyle WordPress theme was designed just to appeal to the aforementioned set of people. Ensure that your customers are kept in the loop about the various false ceiling patterns, designs, layouts and so on.

You can also educate your customers on the types of false ceilings used and also what kind of material you are providing which could be Plaster of Paris or Gypsum Board. This is an artistic theme which will create a long-lasting impact on your customers.

Salient Features Of The CeilingStyle WordPress Template

  • A feature section allows you to put forth your best work to your visitors.
  • A blog section allows you to provide data and information with regard to the false ceiling business.
  • The inbuilt contact form can be used for the purpose of feedback and inquiry.

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HomeRemodeling – Home Remodeling & Renovation WordPress Theme

The Home Remodeling WordPress theme is ideal for the creation of a website for infrastructure remodeling contractors, custom home remodeling companies, home renovation, and interior as well as exterior remodeling service providers. This WordPress theme is ideal for remodeling your business by giving you a strong online presence.

Remodeling services can be showcased to potential customers online, helping to attract new clients and contractors. The theme is a premium responsive WordPress theme which is centered around home remodeling services. It helps you to rope in newer customers with the simple click of a button, so what are you waiting for?

Salient Features Of The Home Remodelling WordPress Template

  • Slideshows and elaborative text fields help to keep your users glued to the services you provide. The slideshows help to convey the purpose of your website to the users.
  • A gallery is present which helps to woo customers in terms of the transformation that you brought about via images.
  • The blog allows you to share tips and hacks with your visitors.

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Handyman – Home Repair Business WordPress Theme

The Handyman WordPress theme is highly useful in the creation of websites pertaining to all types of home repair and maintenance services. It is beautiful and easy to use which is why it is the perfect WordPress theme for all your needs. Any individual or company looking to appeal to a wider range of audience via a website can make use of this theme.

You can feature your business logo at the top with this theme and also your address so that accessibility to you is made easier. The widgetized sidebars make navigation all the easier.

Salient Features Of Handyman WordPress Template

  • Widgetized footer with social media buttons.
  • Your very own blog posts which allow you to give your insights to potential customers.
  • Your very own gallery to feature the best of your work.
  • A contact form which helps you to get in touch with the visitors of your site.

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Electricians, carpenters, plumbers and construction agents no longer have to look for ways to expand their presence online. These WordPress themes are all you need and more to get your business started off in the right direction. Make use of these themes right away so you can make your presence felt online immediately.

Do explore more from our house, hope you’ll find any useful template from the superfine accumulation of WordPress themes below:

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