9+ Best Automobile WordPress Themes For Car Dealers, Workshops & Mechanics


The maintenance of the automobile and car is the factor that is being much debated everywhere. Gone are the days when only the elites could afford a barrage of workers who ensure the maintenance of the valuable asset. Online self-wash programs for the vehicle owners are designed for this very purpose.

The online wash car systems do not only help you to obtain the satisfactory cleanliness of your vehicle but also provide you extra facilities including online appointments and tips for the better maintenance of the vehicle.

Following is the list of our best & premium car repair WordPress themes for car dealers, automobile repairers, workshops, and mechanics. The list is based on the performance of the themes as per their given help menu.

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SelfWash – Self Car Wash WordPress Theme

SelfWash WordPress theme offers a unique advanced booking theme that differentiates it from the other themes of this kind. SelfWash helps the owner to manage his car wash business easier. The theme enables the services to remain available for the customers round the clock and they will not waste their time for waiting on the list for days.

Self Car comes with an ingrained InkAppointment Pro plugin which is user-friendly and enables you to easily manage multiple appointments. Car shipping WordPress theme is equipped with the modules including date and time for a carwash with admin control under your own surveillance. This module offers you to manage time as per your own convenience.

Specific Attributes Of Self Car Wash WordPress Template:

  • It helps you elaborate website with HD pictures of the cleaned car in the slider.
  • It offers gallery page template to create a business portfolio.
  • You can easily share car maintenance tips and customer feedback.
  • Cross-browser supportive & 100% responsive self-car wash WordPress template.
  • Multiple color skins available as specific attributes on the theme.
  • Self-car wash template is compatible with latest WordPress version 4.7.3.
  • Specific attributes enable you to exhibit your services in three column area of the theme.

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CarGage – Car Mechanic WordPress Theme

WordPress has introduced this theme with the idea of providing solutions regarding creating of web pages for repairing workshops, car mechanics, car paint job providers, washing centers and other industry associated with this business. Car repair Workshop theme helps the customers to find out the solution for their problems which they face while ensuring maintenance of their vehicle.

This dream of a one-stop solution for all your car needs has been made possible by the CarGage Workshop theme. It is created for the beginners and it also suits the professionals as well. The theme is equipped with all the latest tools that guide you to establish a web page. It is user-friendly and highly recommended for the beginners.

Ingredients Of Car Mechanic WordPress Template:

  • The theme helps you in showcasing your skills in the fields regarding vehicle maintenance.
  • Car mechanic template is equipped with easy to use theme option panel.
  • It also supports stylish social media icons.
  • It also enables you to get a proper feedback from your valued customer.
  • Ingredients & the theme is perfectly compatible with WordPress version 4.7.3.
  • Highly compatible with all the devices including tablets, PCs & mobile phones.

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AutoTech – The Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme

Auto-Tech WordPress theme makes the search for the auto mechanic much easier for the customers. The theme has been highly appreciated by the professionals thereby using it for the growth of their business.

AutoPart WordPress theme is equally good for services ranging from auto repairing stations to heavy vehicle maintenance and from bike repairing centers to auto service stations. The theme provides you with a complete update on the growth of your business. Its exclusive tagline section not only engages the customers but enables you to guide him or redirect him to the page you want to make him see.

Attributes Of Auto Mechanic WordPress Template:

  • Theme equipped with full-screen sliders that make your presence eminent on the page.
  • Auto mechanic theme has a separate section to display your skills that are on the offerings.
  • The Videobox section shows videos related to your business and alternatively add your images instead of videos.
  • Auto Mechanic theme has been considered as a trustworthy and result driven theme.
  • Specific attributes of an auto mechanic template are enabled with dual video feature area on the front page.
  • Highly responsive WordPress template.
  • Compatible with all the devices including phones & tablets.

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CarShade – Mobile Sunshade Sale WordPress Theme

CarShade WordPress theme is regarded as a premier eCommerce WordPress Template. The theme is best known for enabling you to achieve outstanding track by creating your own web page for automobile repairs. EscortCar WordPress template has been specially designed to run auto part stores, automobile spare parts business, pilot car sellers etc. It is an ideal solution for all the issues regarding running a spare parts business.

This template comes with a boxed slider & 3-column featured area where the mobile sunshade sale services can be displayed. Its banner section helps in generating revenue through advertisement. It offers a unique testimonial section where your customers can write exclusive experience with your company. This enables you to get an idea of how your business is progressing.

Features Of Mobile SunShade WordPress Template:

  • Mobile SunShade theme is aided with 9 predefined colors so you can pick any of the colors that suit your mode.
  • It is 100% fully responsive template with round the clock service check.
  • It also includes a WooCommerce Plugin.
  • It is equipped with retina ready display and is WPML compatible.
  • WordPress latest version 4.7.3 compatible.
  • Cross-browser supportive features & compatible with all devices.

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PimpCar – Car Pimping Service WordPress Theme

The PimpCar WordPress theme offers a premium template that enables one to launch the website in accordance with the customized metal flake paints and pin-striping car service.This theme has been created to satisfy customers including Custom Car Builders, Automobile renovators, Car Pimping Companies, Garages and Sports Car Animators Shops.

Car Safety WordPress theme has specially designed multipage outlay that adds value to your business. The easy to use tools help you generate a page of your own choice. It also helps you to notify your customer about any new thing that is on offer through your business. It not only enhances the customer-owner relation but also increases the scope of your business.  To attract a customer who is willing to spend on accessories will notice your credibility through the layout of your page.

Specifications Of Car Pimping WordPress Template:

  • The theme is integrated with the online payment system PayPal.
  • The shoppers can easily pay their bills online through this facility.
  • The slider section is available to display the unique items that you have on sale.
  • It also has a section where clients can register reviews regarding their experience with your job.
  • 4-column feature section area to showcase your best services.
  • Car pimping WordPress template has WooCommerce integrated.
  • Specifications of this template include a boxed slider with animations & text.

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AutoRefit – Vehicle Repair Shop WordPress Theme

AutoRefit works wonder for auto mechanics, car detailers, vehicle & windshield repair shop and auto customizing centers. The business regarding the maintenance of the old and new vehicles will go on till long and the idea of creating such a theme is to ensure your growth with the passage of time.

AutoRefit offers ample space to showcase your expertise in the three column space as well as on the banner available on the web page. The theme enables you to provide image sliders and visuals for the attraction of the customers. It is equipped with a lead capture option which helps you present the show of your craft to your worthy customers. It is aided by the facility to share your mechanic tips with the others in the field. What else do you need when you have this theme in the offering?

Ingredients Of Vehicle Repair WordPress Template:

  • A highly responsive One Page theme is vehicle repair WordPress template.
  • The 24/7 help desk is available for your assistance.
  • It is compatible with the latest WordPress version.
  • It is compatible with all the upgraded browsers.
  • It has inbuilt SEO where you can insert effective keywords.
  • Important ingredients of this theme are a full-width slider.
  • A fully stretched blog area to showcase your latest articles.

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ModifyCar – Car Remodelling WordPress Theme

Modify Car is fully customizable and can be used to put on display all the offers that your company makes for the customers. It has an exclusive tap to call feature which enables you to get connected with your customers at any given time. The theme is equipped with the lead capture option that enables you to capture your customer’s information. The item is sold with developer’s license and can be used for multiple purposes.

Car Speaker Installation WordPress theme is best suited for car remodeling and new car feature service providers. It is also considered as ideal for those involved in the business of car refurbishing and airbrushing companies. The theme works excellent for automobile restoration enterprises as well as the car manufacturing industries. The multipurpose theme is generating business from across the globe and has made its mark in the market.

Aspects Of Car Remodelling WordPress Template:

  • It enables you to share your latest restoration techniques through blogs.
  • It helps you create your own gallery where you can exhibit your expertise.
  • It has an inbuilt contact form for the customers.
  • It is one-click installation and it does not add any burden on the running system.
  • Essential aspects include a boxed slider with concise text options & animations.
  • Side widgeted Video feature area.
  • 100% responsive car remodeling WordPress template.

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HeadlightExpert – Headlight Restoration WordPress Theme

HeadlightExpert WordPress theme holds the utmost importance for all the functions of the automobiles. There are many automobile experts in any given area but the headlight experts are always an exception. They are known as the masters of their craft. This headlight fixing business has also reached to valuable heights.

This template is created exclusively to be used for automobile shop owners, car disk sellers, mechanic shops, mechanical engineers, automobile industries, auto parts manufacturers, headlight restoration companies and other similar categories. It also suggests you the tips to gain the attention of the customers by offering them discounts on various deals you are offering to them.

Specifications Of Headlight Restoration WordPress Template:

  • It is equipped with front-end customizer that helps you manage the front page as per your convenience.
  • You can make easy changes or tweaks in the theme with custom CSS option.
  • Headlight restoration WordPress template is compatible with all the latest browsers.
  • Highly responsive theme with compatibility on all devices.
  • Specifications include a front end ad banner to highlight your sponsors.
  • It offers round the clock customers care services.

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EngineRepair – Small Engine Repair WordPress Theme

EngineRepair is ideal for those indulged in the business of engine repairing on a small and big level. This theme is equipped with all the latest variety of galleries and banners that attract the target customers for your business. It has been witnessed that the WordPress themes are making business because they are specifically designed to compete in the market.

Engine Repair WordPress theme supports high-quality images in a full-width slider. It enables you to redirect the visitors and the customers to any repair service offered by you or anything you want.Adding pictures in engine repair website not only gives it a realistic view but also shows the visitors your professionalism.

Characteristics Of Engine Repair WordPress Theme:

  • It does not require any coding skills.
  • It is equipped with home page social sharing options.
  • Mosaic shaped blog feature area for proper visual treats.
  • It is supported by google map integration.
  • Characteristics of this template include a full-width slider with animations & text.
  • A highly retina ready Parallax scrolling is enabled on Engine Repair WordPress theme.
  • It helps you generate copyright footer text.

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CarDetailer – Car Washing WordPress Theme

CarDetailer is designed for those doing business related to the car washing and car detailing. The theme is fully responsive and has a unique full-width slider. Not only just this, it also has powerful theme options panel. It is highly customizable and is supported with eye-soothing fonts.

Car Parking WordPress theme is an efficient theme that works ideally for those providing car wash services and automobile parking lot services. It offers customized features enabling one to get an exceptional car washing website.

Ingredients Of CarDetailer WordPress Template:

  • It has the option to show google map on the page.
  • Necessary ingredients of CarDetailer are its 5-layer full-width slider, amazing animations & effects.
  • This WordPress template is supported by various SEO options including meta descriptions, meta author, and meta keywords.
  • Widgetized footer section with social sharing options.
  • It offers high-quality retina ready website.
  • Show your best testimonial in a sidebar widget area.
  • Fully widgetized footer area to add various options.

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Ending On A Precision

Using automotive best & premium WordPress themes on a precision note, have not only generated valuable business but also increased the scope of automobile repair industry.

It saves time & helps you to keep track of your business. Having an online web page makes your business valuable and takes your customers at a great deal of satisfaction.

Liked our article or have a suggestion for more improvements. Don’t hesitate to let us know. Give your views in our comment section below.

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