5+ Low-Cost Payment Analytics For PayPal

Neeraj Agarwal

Low-Cost Payment Analytics For PayPal

A penny saved is a penny earned.

The path to steady growth starts with wise investments, followed by in-depth analysis of your metrics, irrespective of your business nature.

Payment analytics software are the only means to highlight your payment metrics and the ones which have PayPal integration are definitely considered as the best.

Monthly/Annual Recurring Revenue, Average Revenue Per User, Churn & Cohort analysis are few metrics that an ideal payment processing service covers.

To help you with your quest to find an optimum low-cost payment analytics for PayPal, we’ve come up with the list of affordable payment analytics solutions.

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1. Pabbly – Payment Analytics Tool For Paypal

Some software covers only SaaS business, merchandising business or manufacturing business. But Pabbly is an all in one payment analytics software in which you can integrate your PayPal payment account & can monitor the growth of any kind of business.

Apart from payment analytics, Pabbly also allows you to manage your subscriptions, one time & recurring bills, invoices & many more.

I’ve used Pabbly [Thriftiest Payment Analytics Software] to track my business growth.

It has a price plan of $99 which is only a one-time payment.

With this plan, features like the generation of UNLIMITED invoices & survey of PayPal payments are allowed which charges nothing for transaction & taxes apart from price plan charge.

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Pricing –

Pabbly offers all of its features & facilities for just $99 FOR LIFETIME. It is too much popular because of its single price plan.

Normal analytics software has monthly/yearly plans & they even charge some percent of revenue & per transaction charge too. On the other hand, Pabbly has nothing like them. It costs $0/month hidden charges/taxes for during transaction.

Pabbly - Payment Analytics Software For PayPal

 Features –

  • The dashboard of Pabbly consists of the matrics such as total sales, refunds, new subscriptions & many more. All of it can be monitored through Pabbly.
  • In this software, a user can easily create multiple plans, products & create customized invoices & manage all of them through the dashboard.
  • With an advanced API feature, this software allows you to integrate it with any kind of software whether you have a Saas, merchandising or manufacturing business/software.

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2. Putler –

While other payment tracking services may focus solely on SaaS business, Putler cover SaaS as well as other online businesses.

With the availability of 75+ business metrics, 15+ payment gateways, e-commerce platforms and Google analytics integration, this is a must-have software for your transaction analytics needs.

Pricing –

Putler provides three affordable pricing plans with additional features –

  • Plus – $29/month for 3 accounts and 1000 transactions/month.
  • Pro – $59/month for 7 accounts and 2500 transactions/month.
  • Max- $109/month for 25 accounts and unlimited transactions/month.

2 weeks FREE trial is also available.

Putler - Low-Cost Payment Analytics For PayPal

Features –

  • In-depth analysis of sales, customers, products, transactions, visitors and subscriptions can be monitored via Putler.
  • Accurate assessment of MRR, ARR, Churn rate, visitors, etc. can be handled with this cheap payment analytics software.
  • Apart from PayPal integration, Putler also facilitates multiple payment gateways, shopping cart and e-commerce integrations.

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3. Zoho (Subscription) –

Zoho is another example of cheap payment analytics software which also packs multiple functions for metrics monitoring.

Apart from this, Zoho can also provide you recurring billing and subscription management services for your business.

Pricing –

Zoho offers two extremely affordable plans –

  • Standard – $29/month for 500 customers and 3 users.
  • Professional – $69/month for unlimited customers and users.

Zoho - Low-Cost Payment Analytics For PayPal

Features –

  • The dashboard of this economical payment analytics solution is convenient enough to show your MRR, ARR, Churn, etc. with just a click.
  • Zoho Subscription allows you to sync your accounting data in Zoho Books automatically to increase the efficiency of their service.
  • Along with PayPal integration, it permits you to integrate other applications with Zoho too.

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4. Mainmetrics –

If you are running a SaaS based business then this software is ideal for your payment tracking needs.

Being a third party integration of Braintree, PayPal is one of the prominent options of payment gateways for Mainmetrics.

Pricing –

Aside from providing four inexpensive pricing plans, Mainmetrics ensures 30 days full money back guarantee.

  • Hobby – $29/mo for 100 paying customers.
  • Startup – $79/mo for 1000 paying customers.
  • Professional – $149/mo for 2500 paying customers.
  • Business – $249/mo for 5000 paying customers.

Mainmetrics - Low-Cost Payment Analytics For PayPal

Features –

  • The real time knowledge of your key SaaS metrics will be possible through this payment analytics software.
  • Mainmetrics is incorporated with the latest encryption algorithm which ensures the security of data transmission.
  • With the availability of multiple plans, Mainmetrics provides its customers the flexibility to change their plans anytime.

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5. ChartMogul –

If you are looking for a payment analytics software which can easily analyze payments from PayPal and other gateways then ChartMogul will be an ideal solution for your business.

Excluding the affordable pricing plans, ChartMogul also comes loaded with advanced monitoring metrics which are performed automatically and all the calculations are done by the software in real-time.

Pricing –

ChartMogul provides three Free and Paid plans to analyze subscriptions –

  • Launch Plan – All the actions in this software are free till $10K MRR limit is achieved
  • Mogul Plan – A cost of $125 per month charged for 1,000 paying customers.
  • Volume Plan – This is a customizable plan designed for higher-volume businesses, for pricing contact sales team.

ChartMogul Payment Analytics Software For PayPal

Features –

  • This payment tracking solution is packed with all the revenue related metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue, Annually recurring Revenue, Average Revenue Per User, etc.
  • ChartMogul simplifies the process of MRR segmentation and gives you the growth details of the business.
  • With this software, you can easily analyze refunds, Fail payments and other complicated transactions.

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6. Cheddar –

Cheddar is considered an out-of-the-box payment analytics software because of its unconventional and radical approach.

The software allows the tracking of free & paid activities and exempts its users from merchant fee if payments are processed through PayPal standard.

Pricing –

Cheddar offers only one chargeable pricing plan worth $99/month + 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. Although a Developer plan for unlimited testing and integration can be taken for FREE.

Cheddar - Low-Cost Payment Analytics For PayPal

Features –

  • Since Cheddar is a cloud-based payment metrics tool, you can access and monitor your business growth from anywhere.
  • Apart from PayPal, it also supports multiple payment gateways and methods.
  • Subscription management and recurring billing are some other services that Cheddar provides.

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7. Chargify –

One of the most prominent names in the field of payment and subscription analysis is Chargify.

Because of the in-depth view of your transaction records and metrics, you get to make wise and much educated decisions for the betterment of your business.

Pricing –

After giving 30 days FREE trial of the software, Chargify offers three pricing plans –

  • Essential – $149/mo + 1.2% of revenue (basic features included).
  • Advanced – $299/mo + 1.2% of revenue (advanced features included).
  • Enterprise – Chargify generates a custom plan based on your needs (all features included).

Chargify - Low-Cost Payment Analytics For PayPal

Features –

  • The reporting feature of Chargify allows customers to define other sub categories of revenue in an eye-pleasing format.
  • The dedicated feature – churn analysis of this payment processing software focuses on all the churn numbers and rates which allow you to quickly access and devise new strategies.
  • Chargify permits its user to export all the required data and graphs in the CSV format.

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Conclusion –

In the quest to find the best, low-cost payment analytics for PayPal, the blog should have provided you a decent number of options to choose from.

The pricing details and brief features description should have definitely helped you in narrowing your search.

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