17+ Best Repairing WordPress Themes For All Types Of Services, Renovation & Maintenance


46% of small or medium repairing businesses don’t own a business website. Of these, 32% feel that a website is irrelevant for the business/ industry they work in.

Do you know that this is nothing but a misconception? A business website can be beneficial for any scale or industry of business when chosen in the best way. We introduce you to the premium repairing & renovation WordPress themes crafted for all servicing and maintenance companies.

You will find it completely astonishing that how repair WordPress templates can cater various needs of yours and become a major step in your business development.

Come & explore the world of versatile WordPress themes…..

BicyclePoint – Bicycle Repair WordPress Theme

BicyclePoint is an optimum WordPress theme which has a lot of features which makes it ideal for the websites of such businesses. The bicycle repair WordPress theme is more specifically useful for advertising your business services in a bold yet subtle manner.

This theme is perfect for bicycle repairing shops, bicycle dealers, bicycle hiring outlets, bicycle maintenance shops, bicycle manufacturing companies and other similar businesses.

BicyclePoint WP theme

Features Of BicyclePoint WordPress Template

  • Home Page Slider – The theme comes with an extremely efficient homepage slider where you can add images as well as descriptions.
  • Custom Menu – The theme allows you to create a custom menu for your website where you can add and subtract the fields according to your requirements.
  • Testimonial Section – There is a testimonial section adjacent to the blog section where you can put up the reviews of your trusted customers.
  • Easy set-up – The set-up of this theme needs no geek and can be done very easily by anyone.
  • Drop down menu – A drop down menu ensures that the website isn’t too crowded and remains crisp and clear.

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RepairingPoint – Appliance Repairing WordPress Theme

The Unique speciality of RepairingPoint theme is its ‘service scheduling’ feature . Any appliance repairing business can use electrical appliance WordPress theme to create its own website.

It allows the users to book an appointment with your organization right away. This feature is very practical because appliances require quick services as their absence hinders the normal functioning. 

RepairingPoint is a brilliant WordPress theme made by keeping in mind the requirements of repair businesses like LEDs, ACs, Fans, TVs, etc.

RepairingPoint WP theme

Attributes Of RepairingPoint WordPress Template

  • Splendid Gallery – The theme allows you to have a brilliant gallery to add some aesthetic pictures on your website.
  • Blog posts – You can also display your recent blog posts on the website.
  • 4-column widgetised footer – The footer is widgetised which allows you to carefully classify your website as well as add the relevant contact details.
  • Default and RTL Language – Apart from the default language options, you can even add an RTL (Right to left) language if required.

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AutoRepair – Engine And Transmission Repair WordPress Theme

AutoRepair can be used by automobile engineers, vehicle repair shops, car mechanics and other businesses in the Automotive repair industry to create their own business website.

The Ink-Appointment WordPress appointment plugin (to book appointments from the website itself), inbuilt SEO plug-ins & Google Maps integration (to add the location of your company) are some of the best features of this theme which make it ideal for automobile repair businesses.

AutoRepair WP theme

Characteristics Of AutoRepair WordPress Template

  • Display your timings – The theme comes with a separate unique section which can be used to display the timings of your service center.
  • Appointment Calendar – The theme provides you with an appointment calendar. Here, you can check the dates you are booked for and plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Google Maps Integration – The theme is Google Maps integrated. This helps you to add the location of your center on the website itself. Users can navigate to the location to find your store.
  • Tap to call button – The tap to call button helps the customers to connect with you right away.
  • Contact form – If not interested in calling, the clients can use the contact form to reach out to you.

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AutoRefit – Vehicle Repair Shop WordPress Theme

All types of automobile engineers, auto mechanics, vehicle repairing shops and other similar businesses can use the AutoRefit WordPress theme for creating an elegant and professional business website.

If you are into automobile industry, a website created with vehicle spare parts WordPress theme won’t only help your business development, but can also be used to promote your events. That is one special feature of the theme which allows you to use it better.

AutoRefit WP theme

Elements Of AutoRefit WordPress Template

    • Full-width slider with description – The theme gives you a full-width slider where you can add some eye-catchy images plus you can even add a small description of them here.
    • 3-column feature area – This feature helps you flaunt your best business services in a systematic manner on the website.
    • Blog section – The blog section of the theme helps you display your latest blog posts on the website.
    • Testimonial Section – You can also add some customer feedback on the website with this section.
    • Contact section – The inbuilt contact form of the theme allows the users to contact you simply with their name, e-mail address, and query.
    • Back to top button – A very simple yet practical feature of the theme is the back to the top button which allows the users to reach the top of the page with a click.

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GlassRepair – Windshield Repair WordPress Theme

GlassRepair is an ideal WordPress theme for creating a business website for automobile workshops, denters, auto mechanic bike or carwash center and other auto glass repair service provider.

The best thing about cars production WordPress theme is that it is not only highly responsive but it is also very quick and smooth. This ensures that the website visitors can very conveniently access all the features of your website.

Windshield Repair WordPress Theme

Attributes Of GlassRepair WordPress Template

  • Responsive Design – The theme has a completely responsive design due to which it functions perfectly on any device.
  • Font Awesome Integration – GlassRepair has the Font Awesome icons integration. This allows you to add a variety of brilliant icons to your website.
  • Full-width Slider with Description – The theme provides you with a full-width slider where you can add eye-catchy images plus write a description about it.
  • Navigation Menu – The Navigation menu helps you systematically categorize the website and thus, helps your users browse through easily.
  • Separate mobile header menu – The separate mobile header menu makes the website view from a mobile device more convenient and better.
  • 9 color schemes – The 9 different universally flattering colors ensure that you can create a website according to your preference.

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SafeHouse – Home Inspection WordPress Theme

SafeHouse is a professional WordPress theme which is ideal for Home repairing agency, Home investigator, Property inspector, Visionaire,  Home inspection firms, etc.

It helps you make a website which can very conveniently enable flaunt your business services. The various sections and features of the home repair WordPress theme ensure that all the content to be highlighted finds its deserved place.

SafeHouse WP theme

Attributes Of SafeHouse WordPress Template

  • Fullscreen Slider section – This theme has an efficient full-width slider section where you can display some amazing pictures related to your business.
  • Contact Us Page – The theme comes with a special ‘contact us ‘page which allows the customers to directly contact you for any queries or problems they have.
  • Business descriptions – This section can very briefly contain the core of your business and informs your customers about it.
  • 2-minute set-up – The simplicity of the theme helps you create a website in just 2 minutes.

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CarGage – Car Repairing WordPress Theme

CarGage is WordPress theme which can be used by all car repairing centers, automobile workshops and the alike to create a professional business website.

The front page customization options of car repair WordPress theme makes it the perfect buy. This means that you don’t need to have any knowledge of coding and only some simple steps can help you create the desired website.

CarGage WP theme

Features Of CarGage WordPress Template

  • Image Video Slider – The homepage slider of the theme allows you to not only add images but videos as well.
  • SEO in-built – The theme comes with inbuilt SEO plug-ins which seamlessly makes your website search engine optimized.
  • On/off features – The option to turn on/ off some features ensures higher customization for your website.
  • Custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – The custom CSS is a handy option for those interested in advanced customization.
  • Call to action button – It helps your customers to reach out to you quickly and helps you grow your clientele.

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GoodMan – HVAC Repairing Services WordPress Theme

GoodMan is a WordPress Theme which can be used by AC contractors, HVAC Repairing Centres, Air Filtration and Cleaning Industry businesses, Ventilating Service Provider and other businesses in the industry.

AC repair & installation WordPress theme comes with a boxed layout. It gives the website a very nice clear-cut look. The theme also comes with a very strong admin panel which gives you access to overall customization.

GoodMan WP theme

Specifications Of GoodMan WordPress Template

  • Custom Menu – You can customize the menu according to your website requirements and make it more functional.
  • Blog Template – The blog template lets you display your latest blog posts on the website.
  • Slider image or video section – The theme slider can be used to add images or videos related to your business.
  • Contact details – A contact number can be added to the top bar of the website.
  • Layout fluidity – The layout of this theme is 100% fluid. This ensures that the user experience of the website is extremely smooth.
  • One click installation – This ensures quick installation of the theme so that it is ready for use.

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WoodenWork – Woodwork Repair and Maintenance Theme

WoodenWork is the perfect theme for Woodworkers, Carpenters, Furniture repairmen companies, Construction companies, etc.

Woodwork repairers can use this theme to build an ideal business website. This template comes with a dual-image feature for the service section. It adds that extra bit of jazz to your website. This lets you add an employee icon along with a background image for all of your service sections.

WoodWork WP theme

Features Of WoodenWork WordPress Template

  • 3-column service section – You get a distinct 3-column service section where you can flaunt the 3 best of your services.
  • Navigation Menu – The top bar of the theme comes with a navigation menu. This makes the user browsing easier and quicker.
  • Integrated Google Maps The theme has Google Maps integration. This allows you to add your center’s location.
  • Slider with description An elaborate image slider with some description text is sure to make your website better.
  • Ink Lead Capture Pro Plug-in – The theme comes with inbuilt Ink Lead Capture Pro Plug-in. This allows you to collect leads of some potential customers.
  • Contact Details – The widgetized footer is perfect for adding your contact details along with some other information as well.
  • Unlimited drop down menus – This availability helps you carry out all the required personalisation easily. 

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PCOptimizer – Computer Repairing WordPress Theme

If your business falls into the category of IT services,then PCOptimizer would be a great choice for creating your own WordPress website.

The internet cafe WordPress theme is ideal for computer repairing businesses, IT solutions providers, etc. Quick and customization, inbuilt SEO and a single page scrolling for a convenient website are some of the best features of this theme.

PCOptimizer WP theme

Elements Of PC Optimizer WordPress Template

  • Single Page scrolling – The single page scrolling makes the website extremely easy to handle as well as to access.
  • Video Section – In an ensemble video section, you can even add a video which might be introducing your business. This would amp up the site’s aesthetics.
  • Team Section – A separate section in the theme allows you to flaunt your team members. You can add a picture with a small description of them for a better view.
  • Highly Responsive – This theme is highly responsive which makes it convenient for the viewers to access the website from any device size.
  • Happy Clients section – This section can highlight the big names which are in the clientele of your company so as it increases the reliability factor.

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ElectGen – Generator Repair WordPress Theme

ElectGen WordPress theme suits the requirements of generator repair services because it provides you with an optimum platform to flaunt your business.

Various sections like blog section, testimonial section, service section, video section, etc. ensure that you have ample space for information as well as aesthetics.

All auto repairing engineers, engineering maintenance companies, automobile customization workshops and other business related to electric appliances can use electro WordPress theme to create a business website.

ElectGen WP theme

Attributes Of ElectGen WordPress Template

  • Testimonial Section – In the testimonial section of the theme, you can add reviews of your existing customers.
  • Blog Section – The theme contains a blog section wherein you can display your latest blogs.
  • Contact Page – The theme provides you with a contact page as well. Your customers can use it to make a quick contact with you.
  • Widgetized area – This area can be used to highlight a video related to your business.
  • 8 colors – The theme can be used in 8 different pre-defined colors. Thus, you can always find something of your choice.
  • Responsive layout – The theme well adapts with the device it is being used on and ensures complete accessibility for all.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

PCDoctor – Computer Repairing WordPress Theme

PCDoctor WordPress template can be used by PC Hardware repairing and gadgets care centres for creating a brilliant WordPress website for their business.

This theme is mainly a conversion optimized design. This means that the prime focus of the entire theme features remains on enhancing your clientele.

PCDoctor WP theme

Features Of PCDoctor WordPress Template

  • Business tagline – Using PC Doctor, you can add a catchy business tagline on the website to make it more creative.
  • Image Slider – The theme comes with an image slider where you can also add some relevant description about them.
  • Cross-browser Compatibility – The theme creates a website which works completely well on any browser.
  • Widgetized footer – The widgetized footer and the social icons help increase the usability of your website ad you can inculcate more content in a minimal manner.
  • Bootstrap 3.0 Framework – The Bootstrap 3 framework ensures that you can set-up a personalised website with minimum efforts.

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HandyMan – Home Repair Business WordPress Theme

HandyMan is a very versatile theme for creating a business website in the sense that it can be used by all types of home repair and maintenance service providers.

The best thing about this theme is that it requires no coding at all to set-up a WordPress website. Thus, you don’t need to hire anyone to do the work for you. A few simple steps can create a beautiful website.

HandyMan WP theme

Specifications Of HandyMan WordPress Template

  • Google Maps Integration – The theme comes with Google Map Integration. With its help, the customers can easily locate your workshop.
  • Highly Responsive Theme – This is a completely responsive theme and can thus it be viewed from any device.
  • Contact Form – Handyman comes with an inbuilt contact form. The users can make quick contact with you by using it.
  • Blog section – A homepage blog posts section increases the viewership on your blog.
  • Unlimited colours – A custom colour picker helps you pick whatsoever colour you need for your website.
  • Custom Background – The background of your website can be any image or colour based on your requirements.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

EngineRepair – Small Engine Repair WordPress Theme

EngineRepair WordPress theme is especially suited for engine repair businesses because it lets you flaunt your business services and work both technically as well as visually. Thus, appealing to both the categories of viewers.

This engine repair WordPress theme can be used by Mechanic Shops, Auto Garages, Car Repair Shops, Automotive Blog Sites and other similar businesses to create an efficient WordPress website.

Enginerepair WP theme

Elements Of EngineRepair WordPress Template

  • Contact Details – In the bottom corner of the website, you can add your contact details. Plus, you can also put up your Google Maps Location.
  • Full-width slider – The theme has a full-width slider where with the images, you can even add some interesting and relevant content.
  • 8 theme colors – The theme is available in 8 different colors. Thus, you can create a website in sync with your brand image.
  • SEO Optimisation – Since this website is already SEO optimized, you don’t need any more plug-ins to do the same.
  • Portfolio section – Add some amazing images of your business in the portfolio section and make your website better.
  • Google maps integration – Add the location of your repair workshop with the integrated Google maps feature.

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ModifyCar – Car Remodelling WordPress Theme

The USP of ModifyCar theme is its proper categorization of the sections that you find on its template. This ensures that all the content is easily accessible and you have a systematic website.

Car airbrushing WordPress template is ideal for creating a WordPress business website for car repair and maintenance service providers, car refurbishing and airbrushing companies, automobile restoration enterprises, etc.

ModifyCar WP theme

Specifications Of ModifyCar WordPress Template

  • Blog section – The useful content added to your blogs can be flaunted on the website as well using this blog section.
  • Image Gallery – You can increase the website’s visual attractions by putting some eye catchy images in the image gallery section.
  • Custom Menu – The theme allows you to add a customized menu on the top bar. This can have all the sections which you require.
  • Left Feature Area – Here you can add some description about your business with a heading and body text.
  • Widgetized footer – The widgetized footer categorises the website content nicely and even allows you to add your social icons.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

AntiqueCentre – Antique Refurbishing & Repairing WordPress Theme

AntiqueCentre theme comes with perfect features to add the aesthetic factor to your website. Plus, it also helps you add the necessary content to your refurbishing website.

This is an artistic WordPress theme which can be used by Art Refurbishing Firms, Master Craftsmen, Antique items refinishing businesses and other similar businesses to create a professional WordPress website.

AntiqueCenter WP theme

Specifications Of AntiqueCentre WordPress Template

  • Testimonial Section – The theme’s testimonial section brilliantly accommodates the reviews of your customers and makes your website more reliable.
  • 3-column service section – In the 3-column services section, you can briefly describe 3of your best business services.
  • Portfolio Slider – The portfolio slider can beautifully display some images related to your business.
  • SEO in-built – The inbuilt SEO plug-ins ensure that your website stays on the top of search results.
  • 8 pre-defined colours – The 8 different colours help you choose the theme of the website.

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HeadlightExpert – Headlight Restoration WordPress Theme

In HeadlightExpert theme, simple customization and a sectioned website are the best features that are enabled on the website which make it a perfect buy.

This is a WordPress theme which can be used by automobile businesses that specifically work on headlight repairing, restoration, replacements and other jobs related to automobile headlights.

HeadlightExperts WP theme

Essentials Of Headlight Restoration WordPress Template

    • Lead capture form – With this form you can capture new leads from people who show some sort of interest in your website.
    • Multiple browser compatibilities – This feature shows that this theme is highly compatible with several browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera etc.
    • Debug mode- This theme has a debug mode in it which can automatically detect the bugs if there are any and can solve them on their own.
    • Social Sharing Links – This theme also has social sharing links in it which help the visitor to share your website with people in their circle via social media.
    • Retina Display Ready – This feature helps you to view your website on a retina display without any changes.
    • One page theme – With this theme, you can create a one-page descriptive blog and display some latest blog posts on the website as well.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

MobileRepairing & Fixing WordPress Theme

MobileRepairing is a WordPress theme which is very useful for businesses like mobile repairing shops, mobile hardware repair stores, etc. for creating a professional business website.

The USP of this theme is that it has a bootstrap 3 enabled on its framework. You can turn on/off some features according to your requirements.

Mobile Repairing WP theme

Elements Of MobileRepairing WordPress Template

  • Homepage slider – This theme comes with a feature of home page slider where you can add videos along with images to attract your customers.
  • Left widget areaYou can show testimonials your previous customers or some informational videos about mobile repairing or show anything on this left widget area of this theme.
  • Styling optionsThis theme comes with a wide range of styling options where you get 8 different styling colors for a better visibility of your website.
  • Cross browser compatibilityThis theme has been tested to work in different web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Opera and even on IE8.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo


Building a website is not just a technical job. It also takes a creative mind to design the website. Especially when you are creating a repairing website for any business niche, you need to maintain the balance between aesthetics and technicality.

These WordPress themes give you the skeleton to work with the design of your website while maintaining the balance properly. Go through them and choose the one you find the best.

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