16+ Best Machinery WordPress Themes For Tools & Equipment Shops

Tools and equipment are the most important factors necessary to get work done in the present-day world. They make work easier and efficient & with the ever-increasing demand for tools, a large number of manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, retailers etc have been attracted to space.

Are you in the tools & equipments business? Or Are you planning to venture into this field?

Then, you really need to show the public, your stock. You need to do something extra to outshine your competitors.

Our wide collection of WordPress themes will assist you to expand your business, the attractive and eye-catching themes with serving you a good deal of site visitors daily at an affordable price.

Check out our exquisite collection of WordPress themes….

Our listed Machinery & tools WordPress themes will help you to grow your tools and equipment shop to beat your competitors.

Dispensing – Vending Machines WordPress Theme

The demand for vending machines is at the highest nowadays. The food Vending WordPress theme will enable you to showcase all the features and services you have to offer to your prospect customers. 

The fully responsive Dispensing WordPress theme is a WooCommerce template best suited for vending machine manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, retailers, and wholesalers.

Highlights Of Dispensing WordPress Template

  • 24/7 hours service:  the dispensing WP theme comes with an integrated WooCommerce plug that enables your customers to shop up to 24 hours a day.
  • Unlimited display: you can display an unlimited number of products in a categorized manner. You can sort the vending machines according to their types like coffee, food, snacks, bill change and automatic medical supply machines.
  • Contact Form: Displays a contact number to the top right of the theme homepage.
  • Business logo section: you don’t need to be afraid of losing the customers who knew your business by the logo, the theme enables you to install your business logo on the homepage hence boosting your identity.
  • Full-width slider: this area enables you to showcase images of your best automatic vendor machines with a vivid description which captures your clients’ attention compelling purchase.

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WoodStore – Woodwork Machinery & Equipment Sales WordPress Theme

WoodStore is one amazing and reliable WordPress Theme.  This theme will enable you to establish your online woodwork business and reach many customers at a single point in time.

With an integrated WooCommerce plugin, this fully responsive wooden work WordPress theme will facilitate the sale of your woodwork tools and equipment.

This theme is crafted for woodworkers, repair & maintenance companies, manufacturers, woodwork machinery stores and woodwork artists.

WoodStore WP theme

Features Of WoodStore WordPress Template

  • Add to cart feature: selected customer items are added to the cart from where the total cost can be displayed. This will promote confidence among your customers.
  • PayPal payment system: Your clients are able to pay for orders from your online woodwork tools & equipment store through an integrated PayPal system.
  • Checkout facility: after filling the cart, this feature enables your clients to feed their billing details before placing an order for commodities from your online store.
  • Widgetized Footer: Social media icons such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Skype Contact details or related details can be introduced.

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MagnoGrip – Tool Magnetic Wristband Sale WordPress Theme

MagnoGrip WP theme is a user-friendly and fully responsive theme which gives the user a modern suburb look on your online site & thereby attracts more visitors to explore your website.

Magnet Production WordPress theme is designed for hardware store owners, mechanical shopkeepers, magnetic wristband sellers and others in the same field.

MagnoGrip WP theme

Attributes Of MagnoGrip WordPress Template

  • Dual video section: videos related to your business can be shared on the dual video section on the theme homepage.
  • 3 column feature area: you can share your services and products in this area with your online clients.
  • Testimonial section: this area displays the feedback and comments from your clients, this feature will serve as a review section for visitors seeking your services.
  • Blog section: In this section, posts, and articles related to your business can be shared.

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TradePump – Pump Sale WordPress Theme

Pump, a much essential element to industrial systems to maintain the machinery & operation. With its increasing demand, we crafted TradePump template to provide global platform for your pump business.

This Pneumatic pump WordPress theme best suits pump store owners, commercial pump suppliers, pump manufacturers, pump repairing and maintenance firms and other related pump sections.

TradePump WP theme

Elements Of TradePump WordPress Template

  • Blog section: this is the section of the homepage where articles related to your business are posted. this will go a long way in letting your online visitors to know more about you.
  • Leave a message popup: this section provides a real time live chat where your clients will ask for clarification and make various inquiries related to the goods and services you offer.
  • Full-time availability: This theme will guarantee you a 24/7 availability status hence customer confidence. This will also make you competent among your rivals since you will attract a large online traffic.
  • Online purchasing facility: this template also incorporates a premium and unique WooCommerce plugin. With the online purchase facility, your revenues will be really boosted.

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WastePicker – Trash Grabbing Tool Sale WordPress Theme

Picking waste is necessary for a clean & hygienic environment, but it can be time-consuming without proper technology. Provide your clients with a trash grabbing tool via WastePicker WordPress theme.

Waste Management WordPress theme will be a very useful tool for cleaning departments, waste picker suppliers, waste picker manufacturers, and exporters.

WastePicker WP theme

Essentials Of WastePicker WordPress Template

  • Fully responsive and compatible: the team is very responsive and compatible with most browsers. You do not have to install another program to support the theme in your PC.
  • WooCommerce: this feature makes the team serve you and online shop. You can display the trash litter tools on the shop page with the prices and a brief description of their operation.
  • 3 column service area: you can display your services and featured equipment with images and description on this section. This will catch the attention of your customers to buying from you.
  • Video module: this theme allows you to upload up to two side by side video into the video section. This will serve your clients a visual presentation of what you do and offer. They in return feel closer to you and will be pleased to seek your service.

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AirTool – Pneumatic Tool Sale WordPress Theme

With the peak demand for the air tools, you really need to promote your business to a competitive level. In order to achieve the target, you will need to employ the service of the Pneumatic tool sale WP theme.

This classy theme best suits you in the tool manufacturing business, dealers in utility toolkit, tool exporters, automobile industries, industrial domains and tool suppliers.

Airtool WP theme

Highlights Of AirTool WordPress Template

  • PayPal getaway: this feature enables you and your clients to make secure online payments and payments with online kept records. It will save on time and other logistic expenses.
  • Add-to-cart: this technologically advanced shopping feature permits your clients and visitors to your site users to add selected items to the cart before checking out.
  • WooCommerce integrated: This feature gives you and your customers a virtual platform for buying and selling, clients can add to cart and checkout to order for the pneumatic tools from your online store.
  • Testimonial section: through this feature, you can showcase your credibility and reliability through the happy customer testimonial remark.
  • Video section: this section allows you to upload featured and exceptional videos to your web page. This shows your customers on the usage and work of the tools.

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PeenTool – Riveting Tools WordPress Theme

No one wants to do a shoddy work and the most important factors to consider in ensuring good work are efficient tools. Incorporating the use of PeenTool WordPress theme guarantees you a bigger piece of cake among your competitors.

Riveting WordPress themes are a perfect build for toolkit sellers, rivet equipment manufacturers, riveting tools importers/exporters, traders, and distributors.

PeenTool WP theme

Essentials Of PeenTool WordPress Template

  • Homepage Blog Area: you can advertise, post news and updates on latest tool stocks by posting the custom blogs in the blog section.
  • Payment Getaway: you can engage your clients in online transactions using verified PayPal services. Shopping becomes fun to users because of Cart & Checkout option.
  • Fully responsive: The theme is friendly and compatible with most devices and browsers, this enables ease access by your customers.
  • Ad banner: this feature allows you to advertise your upcoming offers and seasonal sales, featured discounts for some items can also be displayed here

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PortableKnife – Utility Cutter Sale WordPress Theme

Business people in the utility cutter business can reach a large mass of consumers by developing an online shop with the aid of our PortableKnife WordPress theme.

The Professional Utility cutter WordPress theme can be a tool for defining your business features to attract greater traffic to your online shop.

The theme offers the best for general stores, machinery and tool manufacturers, knife/cutter sellers and others in the related fields.

PortableKnife WP theme

Attributes Of PortableKnife WordPress Template

  • Tagline section: the template has a testimonial section where feedback is received: you can share all the captions and featured punch lines in this section. It will serve as a news feed to your site visitors.
  • 4 column feature area: This section enables you to share all the features and specifications of the products your business does offer.
  • Dual banner section: the theme comes with a double banner section on which you can pin your posters and banners and be displayed on the homepage.
  • Product section: the theme provides you a section to display all the products your business offers to your clients and prospect customers.

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CuttingTool – Cutting Machine WordPress Theme

Cutting machine is a stylish and elegant WordPress theme best suited for cutting machine manufacturers, sellers, laser cutting machine suppliers, trimming machine companies & other wholesale dealers.

If your business falls in one of the above categories, you should try cutting & engraving machine WordPress Theme especially if you run a firm that assists customers in material cutting. It will help you in letting the world know about your business.

CuttingTool WP theme

Characteristics Of CuttingTool WordPress Template

  • Team Display: the theme features a team member section where you can showcase your outspoken cutting tool experts, courteous advisers along with their respective profiles. This will confirm staff sufficiency to your clients.
  • Fabulous color options – you are offered a wide variety of colors to choose from multiple for theme skin. This will take care of your preferences relative to your business logo and color.
  • Full-width Slider: a fully responsive slider images area and gallery which is easily customizable. Tool images can be uploaded here. You can also write along a subheading for the uploaded picture for customer comprehension.
  • Pricing Section: This feature enables you to list the prices for the various cutting tools in your stock with their specifications and descriptions. This helps your clients to quickly locate the item they will be looking for.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

AgriMachine – Plough And Harrow Sale WordPress Theme

The use farming tools make agricultural activities more efficient. Many firms find it interesting to venture into its equipment field. If you’re one of them, AgriMachine WordPress theme is designed to broadcast your business to the world.

This theme provides the perfect service to cultivation tool sellers, cropping plough suppliers, harvesting equipment sellers, and breeding harrow retailers.

Agrimachine WP theme

Essentials Of AgriMachine WordPress Template

  • Testimonial section: The theme enables you to display client reviews and feedback regarding your service. This boosts the image and goodwill of your firm to new clients to the site.
  • Homepage right widget: you can upload embedded codes of farming videos to the customized right widget homepage area.
  • Contact form:  your clients can easily reach you for queries related to the products you offer via the contact page or contact us template.
  • Ad-banner space: through this feature, you can pass communicate to your site visitors about your future business plans such as your upcoming offers.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

GardenTool – Gardening Tools Sale WordPress Theme

The GardenTool WordPress theme also comes along with many useful utilities such as the WooCommerce plugin that will help you achieve your dream to showcase your gardening equipment platform on the web.

Gardening care WordPress theme is mainly designed for farming equipment stores, agro-machine stores, greenskeeper device dealers, farm utensil sellers and garden tool vendors among others.


Characteristics Of GardenTool WordPress Template

  • Tagline: the theme permits you to display eye-catching text contents, commercial mottos or taglines. You can attract many users to your site through this.
  • Blogs Section: you are able to boost the growth of your business by uploading nice blogs to your web page. The blogs will keep your web platform up to date.
  • Slider:  best-selected tool images can be uploaded and displayed on the boxed animated slider on the homepage.
  • Service area: this feature allows you to display to your clients the different online services available for them.
  • Banner and newsletter form: you can show offers, discounts, and advertisements to your customers through the banner section without any problem through this feature.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

RepairPart – Machine Spare Parts Sale WordPress Theme

Machines are evolutionary part of our day to day life & they give the best output in good conditions. Thus we bring to you, RepairPart WordPress theme that features all the spare parts you have in the slider and gallery area.

Vehicle repair WordPress template is crafted for factories, automobile industries, automobile sellers and others from the various segments of the field.

RepairPart WP theme

Highlights Of RepairPart WordPress Template

  • Widget footer: icons such as Twitter, Facebook, Google plus LinkedIn, for social media. Contact details or related details can be introduced.
  • Fully responsive: the theme offers a responsive design compatible with all browsers and devices ranging from a tablet, desktop, and mobile phone.
  • Portfolio gallery: this feature offers an amazing function through which you can share images of the parts and machines you are selling with your online site visitors.
  • Testimonial section:  this area enables you to pin the comment, advice, and feedback from your clients for the site visitors to view.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

CuttingChain – Chain Saw Sale WordPress Theme

CuttingChain is a fully responsive and premium WP theme for cutting and moving fallen trees or big branches. With the advancements in technology, many types of chainsaws are evolved that needs to be showcased on your website.

Precision Cutting WordPress theme is designed for businesses like wood machinery outlets, back saw manufacturers, shear tool dealers, electric chain saw dealers among others.

CuttingChain WP theme

Features Of CuttingChain WordPress Template

  • WooCommerce plugin: this feature permits you to display and sell your chainsaw products on an online platform through your website.
  • Animated sliders: you are able to showcase the chainsaw images in animated box slider on the homepage of your website. With brief attached descriptions, the visitors to your site are able to understand them better.
  • Service section: The 3 column section areas help you to describe the different products and services you are offering.
  • Testimonials and blogs sections: this section will enable you to keep your web page visitors updated by posting blogs and other news.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

Sew Machine – Sewing Machine Sale WordPress Theme

The birth of the sewing machine saw a reduced labor of manual stitching which was time-consuming and difficult. SewMachine theme makes sewing and stitching fabric showcasing a simple exercise.

Many firms have ventured into the sewing and fabric products industry and you might be one of them. Thus, the tailoring WordPress theme is made suitable for sewing machine stores, sergers, computerized sewing machines and industrial machines.

SewMachine WP theme

Essentials Of SewMachine WordPress Template

  • Lead capture section: this capture form section will enable you to generate leads as soon as the clients fill the form on your website. You can also inform the customers of the current offers and discounts.
  • Image slider section: this section permits you to upload your sewing machine in stock images. The images will beautifully cover your webpage with the images uploaded attracting a large traffic to your site.
  • Widget area section: this section allows you to link your social media accounts to your site so you can be easily accessed.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

ToolSet – Tool Kit Sales WordPress Theme

This is a premium eCommerce template with multiple pages with which you can create your online platform for various tools.

ToolSet – ToolKit sales WordPress theme is designed to suit work box manufacturers, heavy duty industrial tool suppliers and all industries in this field. If you ventured in these fields you can promote your business by the help of this fully responsive theme.

ToolSet WP theme

Elements Of ToolSet WordPress Template

  • Feature section: you can notify your site visitors about the range of tools you have in stock through this section.
  • Updates through Blogs: Keep your visitors & followers up-to-date with the latest scoops and information of tool industry by posting related articles on the blog page.
  • Ad Banner Section: you can utilize this Ad section of the homepage by displaying posts of upcoming sales offers. You can also use this area to showcase placards & flyers of your funders and sponsors.
  • Testimonials section: Enhance your business’ integrity & build the confidence your prospect customers by showing the reviews of the outstanding clients in the rectangular testimonial section.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

Lawn Mower – Grasscutter Machine WordPress Theme

Are you a ground mower seller and looking for an electronic way to sell your machine? The Grasscutter machine WP theme is your best tool to make your dream come true.

This fully responsive Grasscutter WordPress theme helps you to achieve your desired business objectives and promotes your online business worldwide as well.

This product best suits cutting machine sellers, sod cutter suppliers, lawn mower distributors and mower distributing firms among other in related fields.

LawnMover WP theme

Specifications Of LawnMover WordPress Template

  • WooCommerce plugin: this will enable you to establish a full fletched online shop with a shop page, cart page, and checkout page.
  • Key module coverage: this theme by design helps you cover the various important key modules such as tap to call, video support feature, and search bar on the homepage of your website.
  • Portfolio section: you can display all your featured images on this section.
  • The theme is easy to install and integrate.it is also easy to operate.
  • The theme also offers you a powerful admin panel section.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

GraderSale – Tractors Sale WordPress Theme

The evolution of tractors massively displaced and rendered the ancient use of animals, thus the classy and highly responsive GraderSale WP theme has been crafted to replace the ancient methods of marketing.

This graters sale WordPress theme is best suited for tractor accessory firms, tractor showrooms, farm vehicle firms, and other agro-based firms.

GraderSale WP theme

Elements Of GraderSale WordPress Template

  • WooCommerce- This feature permits you to sell different types and variants of tractors online. Also, the free e-Commerce facility integrated inside it makes it so commercial. With this theme, you will be able to receive payments from online payment platforms such as PayPal.
  • Boxed image Slider- This template features the slider feature where you can showcase all your assorted machinery images. The images will give an attractive look to the web page capturing the attention of your visitors.
  • Ad Banner Area– this functionality will help you to portray your business logo. This will help you broadcast your business name to the world market and increase your goodwill.
  • Testimonial area:  this section allows you to post the video and written content for reviews by your customers. You can also Post images and clips of latest equipment here.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo


Tools serve us a perfect deal in the daily chores if we know where to get the best tools and equipment, in fact knowing more like the various types in the market and even the prices in of more help. 

We have highlighted just a number amongst many WordPress themes in the market. We hope you found this article beneficial and valuable. We upload and update our customers with the latest news and trends in the space of WordPress themes.

We’ve brought to you the multipurpose WordPress themes that are bound to make your task easier… come & explore….

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