10+ Best Selling WordPress Themes Of 2018


Every business that is looking to grow needs to have a website and for this, you can rely on WordPress theme to get a website in a few clicks. So, in this post, I am going to show you some Best Selling WordPress Themes which helps you to unlock your way to grow your business.

Thus, the essential reason behind this post is to put across some of the best WordPress themes that will help you to progress.

These are not ordinary themes, these are highly optimized, fitting into your requirements and as said best selling WordPress Themes

Some of the standout features of these themes include plugins such as the WooCommerce and the Ink Appointment. The WooCommerce plugin ensures that your website is transformed into an e-commerce site with no extra effort required from you.

The Ink Appointment plugin takes care of your appointments, making it all the most simpler for you. Another plugin that deserves mention is the Ink Pricing Table plugin. This transforms your services and the prices into a tabular form, making navigation across services easier.

Do check out these themes if you want to soar and leave no stone unturned when it comes to your business to write success stories that no one can match up.

Let’s explore this fair accumulation of best-selling WordPress themes one by one…..

Covera – Ultra Modern Technology WordPress Theme

In order to set up a website for your IT firm, you require an elegant template. Covera is a premium WordPress theme that enables you to demonstrate multiple services. Hosting companies, consultants, technical associations, corporation agencies as well as professional businesses can utilize this theme.

The theme is power packed with features that are bound to blow your mind. This includes an animated service section, testimonial blog section, carousel effect and so on. These features enable the promotion of hi-tech quality services across the web.

Salient Features Of Covera WordPress Template

  • The WooCommerce plugin of the theme gives your website an e-commerce look. Sell your services online with this simple yet effective feature.
  • The homepage is packed with customizable technical elements and graphical policies.
  • There is a widgetized sidebar that comes with an on/off access.
  • Also, the list based service panel makes navigation very easy for your users.
  • The blog sectional area lets you present your blogs in a relevant form.
  • A dedicated space exists on the page for important client’s feedback.

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Slice – Best Feature WordPress Theme

User-friendly fashion store websites are quintessential to sell products online. The Slice WordPress theme enables you to create an e-commerce site for the latest in fashion. The importance of this theme will only fully be understood, once we delve into the features of the theme. Suited for any business, the theme is highly supportive, compatible and fully flexible.

Since it’s built-in with a WooCommerce plugin, the theme is transformed into a powerful e-commerce site for any fashion niche. Sell accessories, clothes, watches or any other product online with no hassle at all.

Salient Features Of Slice WordPress Template

  • The theme is built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework that gives you the best performance on any handheld device.
  • A shopping cart is integrated with the theme and this plays an important role in giving the user a great browsing experience.
  • A separate section on the homepage gives you to option to sort products according to their type.
  • The theme option panel entitles you to set the number of products you want to display.
  • The inbuilt login and signup page template lets you create a page where users log in with their details.

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Gommero – Travel Company WordPress Theme

Travel blogs are on the rise of late. This is precisely why there’s a rising need to create a stunning website for yourself in order to outnumber your competition.Thus, Travel companies are always a great way to help people plan their vacation.

The Gommero WordPress theme is ideal for any travel company looking to set up in the online space. The theme is WooCommerce integrated, which allows you to turn your website into a powerful travel website.

Impressive Features Of Gommero WordPress Template

  • The theme has a clean and moderate design which is simple to use and elegant in appearance.
  • Two theme layouts exist for you to choose from as per your preference.
  • Feature your services with the three-column services section.
  • The testimonial section comes with parallax effect.
  • Entice your users with the attractive video section.
  • Ten predefined colors allow you to make your site all the more attractive.

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Golden Eagle – Church Responsive WordPress Theme

The GoldenEagle WordPress theme is a great mechanism to create an official church website. Here is a premium WordPress theme for modern church websites with responsive layout and has flat designs. The theme adapts to any phone or tablet screen. The most impressive feature of this theme is that there is no prior coding skill required.

With this one theme, you can share videos or images on your site which will help propagate your religious agenda. The theme comes with everything you need and more, including a blog, and gallery. It also comes with four layouts that can be used to feature a variety of information.

Spectacular Traits Of GoldenEagle WordPress Template

  • The theme comes with an integrated WooCommerce plugin that can be managed from the admin panel of the theme.
  • The theme options panel is highly efficient allowing you to control everything on your website.
  • You can collect images and snapshots of your latest events.
  • With the advanced editor, you can build a site that requires minimal effort.

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SmartBooking – Online Appointment Booking WordPress Theme

SmartBooking is an online service scheduler WordPress theme that can be used to book events, actions, services, and other meetings with clients. It works for just about any business that is in need to receive and execute services on screen from sole proprietorships to multi-location companies.

The multipurpose WordPress theme comes with an integrated service booking plugin called InkAppointment. This helps to book online services as well as collect payments. The theme can be expanded to other business services such as fitness clubs, tour agencies, and travel agencies. Your business works around the clock, 24/7 with the online calendar feature. If you are someone who finds multitasking a bit too much, then it’s time for a change.

Eye-catching Attributes Of SmartBooking WordPress Template

  • With the custom fields, you can create your own fields in the booking form.
  • Within the front end, you can book services that are either free or paid.
  • The backend admin panel lets you book services.
  • The theme is secured with the PayPal gateway.

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Appointway – WordPress Appointment Booking Theme

If you’re in the habit of constantly missing appointments or forgetting them far too frequently, then the AppointWay WordPress theme is ideal for you. This theme can be bent in any way, suiting businesses of all types. With this theme, you can offer services with can range from free to paid.

As soon as an appointment is made, an email has triggered the admin. Double booking is avoided with the theme. Once a particular time slot is booked it is moved out from the available booking slot in order to prevent multiple bookings. The template is optimal and feasible increasing your business traffic in the process. Beauty salons, dentists, lawyers, and doctors can make the most of this template.

Awesome Characteristics Of AppointmentWay WordPress Template

  • With the three-column feature area, you can display your services, specific to your business strategies.
  • Booking multiple times, that is two times on a particular slot is also possible.
  • With a single click, you can install your entire website in almost no time at all.
  • Flexibility is provided to your users which are of utmost importance in today’s times.
  • Multiple images can be with the slider which presents a clear picture of your business.
  • The WooCommerce plugin transforms your website into an e-commerce site.

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VideoCraft – WordPress Video Theme Complete Solution

VideoCraft is not your average everyday WordPress theme. It comes with the ability to run a full-blown user generated Video website exactly like YouTube or Vimeo.

The prime features of the theme include the user registration module, a system for user video uploading and video embedding.  With this theme, you can set up a fully functional video website. The video blogging or video featuring sites can be set up without having to get into code or technical stuff. Host a multitude of videos and enlist them at the same time, categorizing them in the process. The built-in Ad Module supports Google ads or ads from other sources.

Intriguing Features Of VideoCraft WordPress Template

  • The WordPress Video Gallery enables you to display your services to the world.
  • The theme also comes with premium community support that makes it easier to reach out to customers.
  • The theme is also highly responsive to all sorts of mobile and tablet devices.
  • All major video formats are supported along with major audio formats.
  • A multi-user registration module is also present.

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Create Stunning Business Website With One Page

One Page is a professional and fully responsive theme that is power packed with features. Any type of business can make use of the theme. With great sections that are perfect for any type of business, this theme is all you need and more.

Sections include services, blog, video, portfolio, testimonial, pricing, team and so on. All of these sections can be sorted in accordance with the requirements. Shifting each section is simple and requires no prerequisite knowledge of any kind. Every section comes with its own set of options.

Brilliant Attributes Of One Page WordPress Template

  • Advanced slider section such as changing the slider color along with the images.
  • Each section can be customized in terms of color.
  • The business service section comes with a number of icons that can be adjusted.
  • The blog section keeps people informed about the latest happenings in your domain.
  • Feature what your clients have to say via testimonial section.  
  • The theme comes with the pricing table feature which allows you to showcase your services as well as the respective prices for them.
  • Tell the world about the brains behind your services by featuring them in a section of your website.

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ButterBelly – Corporate Business Craft WordPress Theme

Are you looking to create an informative corporate WordPress website that highlights your company profile, business services and at the same time attract new visitors? If so, then the ButterBelly WordPress theme is exactly what you need. It comes with the title of being a clean yet elegant WordPress theme ideal for corporate websites of any kind.

It’s simple to use and at the same time simple to handle. Get your site up and running within minutes. This is one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes for corporate-based websites as it encapsulates all the features that is required for a site.

Highlighting Traits Of ButterBelly WordPress Template

  • It comes with a full-width slider with which you can show a maximum of six images.
  • The slider speed can be altered according to with your need.
  • Place your business logo at the top, with a background image.
  • Analyze the site stats with the help of the tracking code.
  • With easy to use theme options, you can fill in all the details about your services along with the purpose of your website.
  • Each of your services can be elaborated on with the description feature.
  • Allow users to contact you directly from the home page where you can place any of the desired widgets.

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Compass – WordPress Theme With Five Featured Content Sliders

The Compass theme is equipped with featured content sliders. It helps to showcase your business to the visitors of your website. It has amazing features that come with animation effects in every part. This is precisely what makes the theme a standout. Content moving sliders make the look and feel of the website all the better.

The theme is meant for creatives with no boring elements whatsoever. Compass is packed with amazing features including multiple image sliders, facilities to add videos and testimonials and animated homepage scrolling. Customize features with the advanced theme option panel.

Magnificent Characteristics Of Compass WordPress Template

  • One click installation sets your site up instantly.
  • The theme is mobile ready, adaptable to any kind of device size.
  • Optimize your site according to search engines with the custom panel.
  • Create an efficient, SEO site with an effective theme.
  • Showcase your best features with the blog section.
  • There is a sliding gallery which shows your best work to your clients.
  • The custom CSS option makes it easier to glam up your site.

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Geocraft V2 – Business Directory WordPress Theme

If you are looking to build a directory submission website in order to highlight local and global attractions across all possible locations, then give GeoCraft V2 a shot. Every business owner is looking to promote their business online so as to get maximum exposure. Be it hotels, restaurants, car dealerships or tourist attractions for that matter, you can create a directory website with this theme.

The theme offers plenty of monetization options that help you increase the traffic to your website. Get your website on top of Google search results with this theme.

Striking Features Of GeoCraft V2 WordPress Template

  • Make more money online with the call to action button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Users can register themselves with your site and submit their listings in order to complete the payment process.
  • You have the right to approve either free or premium listing submissions, setting payment mode for each listing in the process.
  • The PayPal gateway lets you collect your payments online.
  • Claim listing features from the admin’s dashboard.

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That was out run down of the best WordPress themes. Do give them a try and see how your business becomes the next best thing!

Have your sight over some incredibly crafted WordPress Themes which are highly functional for any business niche….

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