9+ Most Popular WordPress Themes 2018


The entire look of a premium WordPress blog is dependent on the overall impression of work that is performed and it is also one of the most important elements of communication. The impression of blogs can be changed by simply changing the appearance of the blog and it will create lot more traffic than it ever was.

The top free & paid themes are built with the help of extra talented web developers especially when the focus is on a business site for startups & corporates. So, here is a list of 9+ best popular investor WordPress themes that will contribute to creating a more effective blog for business promotions thereby generating more traffic than it was ever before.

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Compass WordPress Theme

The Compass is the business guide WordPress theme that contains important features, content slider etc. It helps bloggers and businessmen to show their business to all website visitors. The compass theme is very beautiful and simple that has come up with customization effects such as intro texts, logos, and background.

The most impressive thing within Compass Theme is the use of animation effects within each part of the slide. Moreover, it also has content moving the slider with different fab icons in order to show a dynamic effect for display of your work. It is highly helpful in the creation of impression on the target audience. It is up to you to customize features according to your business requirements with help of an advanced theme panel option. It will help you in the optimization of your site completely.

Amazing Features Of Compass Template:

  • Showcase video on the Home Page of Compass template.
  • Showcase customers testimonials on Home Page.
  • Animation effect appears on the Home Page.
  • Different formats for blog posts.
  • The gallery portfolio section included.
  • Display 5 slider image within the slider section.
  • Additional 7 widgets – five for Homepage and two for other pages.
  • Three column amazing features area.
  • 350 icons for three column feature section.
  • Compatible theme with all types of mobile devices, iPhones, and Tablets.

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Colorway V3 WordPress Theme

Most of the bloggers have turned to Colorway V3 theme because it not only creates a good impression on the audience but it is also easy to install with a single click. It is a fully fledged business ideas services WordPress template that enables you full customization.

The Colorway V3 is completely amazing because it offers quick services to managers of the blog along with the audience. Therefore, it fits perfectly to the ones who are having a corporate agency or business running on WordPress as it is helpful for them to convert their website in different niches.

Special Features Of Colorway V3 Template:

  • The design of the theme blog is customizable on the Colorway V3 home page.
  • Special Home Page slider design with sharp animation features.
  • Easy and soft animations of CSS are available on Home Page.
  • Multiple slides support whether they are videos or images.
  • Cross-browser supportive & feature responsive theme.
  • PDF or Video Documentations.
  • Options panel based on AJAX.
  • Bonus for Background images.
  • One click installation & support.
  • Individual customization of the post or page.
  • Zoom box is improved.

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ButterBelly WordPress Theme

ButterBelly theme works best for the industrial manufacturing businesses who are looking for an informative website and can easily upgrade profile of the company with all services available. It is very elegant and it fits completely for this purpose because it is created for the business websites that can gather a large number of individuals.

It is very handy and simple to use and it can get your site ready within a few minutes. The full-width slider within the theme can easily showcase 6 corporate images on your homepage along with a short description. The slider images recommended size is 1600px wide * 825px height because it will provide a very clean look at your business website.

Attributes Of ButterBelly WordPress Template:

  • Simple and easy to set-up WordPress template.
  • Centrally aligned design.
  • 3 columned attribute area included in ButterBelly template.
  • A full-width slider on the Home Page.
  • Advanced panel for Themes Options.
  • Map for Contact Page.
  • Retina ready images on the theme.
  • Highly compatible with the WordPress plugins.
  • Complete optimization of SEO.
  • Customizable widgets area.

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SmartBooking WordPress Theme

Most of the people on WordPress are running their business and it is a hurdle for them to book the appointments of events, meetings with clients, actions and many other things. To ensure these bookings be done on time, the SmartBooking theme has been introduced which works completely perfect for businesses including import-export businesses that need the service receiving and execution.

The theme is integrated with multiple features and therefore, it can be used for multiple services such as it has booking plugins which can offer services for online booking and payment collection. The theme is highly customizable in such a way that you can use it for any type of business whether you are a dentist, massage therapist, beauty salon, artist or travel agency, it works perfectly.

Specifications Of SmartBooking WordPress Template:

  • Compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Easily compatible with latest WordPress version.
  • No need for the coding knowledge for SmartBooking template.
  • Homepage flaunting Blog area & other specifications.
  • Completely responsive theme & cross-browser supportive.
  • CSS customized & SEO optimization available.
  • Google maps enabled the Business Location.
  • in appointment booking form available already.
  • You will receive an Email notification on the bookings of appointment for the users and admin.

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Appointway WordPress Theme

Just like SmartBooking, the Appointway theme is also suitable for the ones having business plan services WordPress themes and that is why it is most popular among businessman. Appointway has Ink Appointment Plugins for appointments booking. Appointway has made bookings easy with help of portal booking task with easy custom fields that offer paid as well as free services.

It has a function that it can send an email to admin after booking of appointment from the website for assurance of booking. It also prevents the risk of double booking. So, it is best for the ones whose business demands appointments to be given such as Doctors, Beauty Salon, and many others.

Added Advantages Of Appointway WordPress Template:

  • The Appointway template offers a very easy appointment form for the quick booking.
  • Highly responsive & cross-browser added advantages in the theme.
  • Advanced TGM plugin.
  • Added Slider images with animation features.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce plugin.
  • Animations are available in the Gallery presentation along with the images of the pages and posts.
  • Select the option that is added in the lead capture.
  • Drop-down menu features are also available.
  • The slider is present on the home page with the pause and plays options.
  • Google Maps enabled in the template already.

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WoodPecker WordPress Theme

Woodpecker is amazingly designed WordPress theme that helps you in building a large SEO optimized website for the business. The major benefit offered by WoodPecker to all users is that it is easily installed within few clicks & suitable for businesses including government sign business consultancies.

It is easily customized and offers businessman numerous advantages regarding navigation. With easily customized features, it strengthens business websites and with a small amount of work, the website can be incredibly changed. The WoodPecker theme actually works as your professional business card that can highlight all your objectives with services.

Special Features Of WoodPecker WordPress Template:

  • Completely simple for the use and the setup.
  • Get your professional theme within few seconds.
  • Compatible with the mobile, desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Set your thumbnail image with the video.
  • Each slider image has the button so you can set the text easily.
  • Provides a short description of the business.
  • Special video feature section enabled on the WoodPecker template.
  • Social icons available.
  • Inbuilt customized CSS options.
  • Bottom feature area customized.
  • Easily compatible with all the latest plugins.

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BlackHorse WordPress Theme

As the name indicates, the Blackhorse theme for WordPress is designed for the ones linked with horse business whether they are running horse riding associations, or schools, clubs, equestrians or riding stables, the Blackhorse theme can be easily used.

By simply looking at the theme, you will easily find out that it is made for horse safaris and equestrians club. If you are offering natural surroundings to horse riding club then easily highlight it within Home Page slider of the Horse Riders theme. Each slide has a description available that makes it comfortable to describe milestones of your club.

Attributes Of BlackHorse WordPress Template:

  • It has a featured section on the BlackHorse Home Page.
  • The full-width slider is available with description along with the buttons on every image
  • The layout of the blog page is available too
  • You will easily find the PayPal integration option present on the Home Page
  • The recent blog post along with news is available on Home Page
  • 7 colors for the styling are available on the WordPress site
  • Completely widgetized footer.
  • SEO optimized and friendly.
  • Highly compatible with all devices including tablets, mobile phones, iPhones etc.

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VideoCraft WordPress Theme

Unlike other regular themes available in the market, the VideoCraft is something very amazing just like YouTube and Vimeo. It comes up with user registration module, video embedding and system for user video upload.

VideoCraft has made it very simple for advisor business consultancy services to start sites containing videos and it has become the matter of few seconds only without indulgence in coding or other problems. Now, anyone can run a business by hosting different websites. The VideoCraft offers customization of all features and has a fast response too as compared to other different sites.

Attributes Of VideoCraft WordPress Template:

  • It has the multiple user registration modules & attributes.
  • Highly compatible with all types of devices such as mobile phones, Tablets, iPhones etc.
  • It supports all video formats such as FLV and MP4.
  • You can upload your videos and show the videos on the homepage as the gallery.
  • Supports every major format of audio such as MP3, Vorbis etc.
  • You can easily embed the videos through the URL from the Vimeo, Dailymotion.
  • Multiple color skins options in the VideoCraft template.
  • Multiple page templates are also available.
  • Built in advertisement module is available.
  • Video feature section available.

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OnePage WordPress Theme

The One Page Theme is a highly professional & free theme that has a large number of amazing and different features that can be easily used for any type of business website.  It is a professional theme because it consists of important features that are needed by every business.

It has a customizable one-page section such as blogs, video, services, portfolio, pricing or testimonials etc are included in the theme. You can sort all these sections according to your requirement. Shift them simply and then change their position on the website. Each section page has its own options.

Additional Features Of OnePage WordPress Template:

  • Additional add/remove section lets you customize your business sections that you want to include or remove in your website.
  • OnePage WordPress template is cross browser supportive & 100% responsive.
  • Advanced slider settings – easily customize slide’s image, color, and text.
  • Background multiple skin color changing options.
  • Advanced icons set for business products & services section.
  • Fully fledged blog section to flaunt your latest posts.
  • Retina ready images on the webpage enable a high pixel viewing of the website.
  • Ultimate portfolio section to showcase your best snaps in a hexagonal format.

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StartPoint WordPress Theme

StartPoint is an easy to navigate menu & fully customizable theme which lets you design any particular business website on a single page without much hassle. It is best suitable as a financial advisor business WordPress theme.

It is the most amazing and professional WordPress theme designed for multiple purposes that have come up with multiple modern features. It comes with a different bonus that includes InfoBar Plugin along with 16 completely editable banners so that you can use it for advertisement & sponsorships.

Specific Advantages Of StartPoint WordPress Template:

  • StartPoint is a OnePage WordPress template.
  • Consists of a full-width slider with specific image & text advantages.
  • Offers the tabbed area for multiple contents.
  • Toggle box for adding the resourceful information.
  • Additional footer menu along with social sharing icons.
  • Offers shortcodes for the designing of the different columns style.
  • Gallery filter is enabled in this theme.
  • A single click is needed for the installation of the theme.
  • Every page is visible on the front page of WordPress website.
  • The title along with the brief description is added to slider image.
  • Add the unlimited images within Slider.
  • Above 350 icons are available for the feature area.

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Business on the WordPress has been made much easier with the help of these themes. Our premium themes are highly compatible with all the devices and you can use them for making your blog or website much more attractive. These WordPress themes have conclusively generated the traffic with the increase in the revenue for large businesses. All of these themes are easy to use with more advanced features for the growth of your corporate agency or business.

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