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A Garden is a place where we usually grow ornamental plants, flowers, foliage, and useful plants to give an interesting & elegant look to a plot or land. It is very necessary to have the right tools that help in maintaining a healthy and attractive garden.

Therefore to satisfy the rising needs of correct garden tools & equipment in the online market we have developed Gardening Tools Sale WordPress Theme. This theme is for individual & business who are garden tool vendors, agro-equipment stores, lawn tool merchants, gardening gadget shops, greenskeeper device dealers, farm utensil sellers and other want to sell garden tool online.

This template has got a variety of features which will give you a blooming web portal.It is also stuffed with multiple utilities like the WooCommerce to sell your products online, a stunning gallery to project tool images, banner & advertise area, beautiful blog portfolio and much more.

Below are some important features of this theme that will help you decorate your gardening tool store in the international market through a website.

  • WooCommerce- GardenTool WordPress theme allows you to sell all your products online 24 hours a day. Sales are the key factor of any business which helps you earn profit and grow. This is a free e-commerce facility that tracks the record of every product available at your online store. All the transactions can be performed safely through PayPal gateway.
  • Boxed Slider- Using the animated slider you can display best product and tool images. These slider images will be accompanied by headlines and text explaining them. Along with a “Get Started” button you can hold the page link for users who need detailed information.
  • Tagline- Here you are allowed to exhibit attractive text content, commercial motto or premium taglines. It will help you grab the attention of many users landing on your homepage.
  • Service Area- This part of the theme helps you unveil all different kind of service and facilities that are offered by your online store. Here you can also elaborate every service specifically using images, headings and text description.
  • Blogs gallery – GardenTool WordPress theme permits you to flourish your web portal with delightful blogs gallery. These blogs will add a lot of refreshing content which will keep your site updated.
  • Products- There are several benefits of having a product section on your website and some of the top attraction are explained as follows:

@Shop Page- Display all your equipment and tools in shop page of the theme along with the product name, price tag and offer details.

@Add To Cart- With this facility, the customers are given the option to select multiple goods all at once from your store. The chosen products are saved and the list is displayed at the time of checkout or payment.

@Single Page-  Each & every product is clearly defined is a separate description page. You can show all the minor & major details of that particular item.

  • Banner With Newsletter Form- Banner section is a place in the theme where you can show advertisements and discount updates without any complication. It is clubbed with newsletter form using which you can send alerts of events and offers to the registered customers.

Gardening Tools Sale WordPress Theme

Additional Gardening Features:-

  1. WooCommerce Plugin
  2. Latest WordPress Version
  3. Multiple Color Options
  4. 100% Responsive Design
  5. Dedicated Banner Section
  6. Attractive Gallery Section
  7. Powerful Admin Panel
  8. Boxed Slider
  9. Signup Form
  10. Dedicated Video Section
  11. Social Media Icons
  12. Video & About Us
  13. Separate Product Area
  14. Valid HTML5 Code
  15. Cross-Browser Compatible
  16. Clean Design
  17. Retina Ready

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