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A study suggests, email marketing campaigns generate $38 as ROI for every $1 spent. However, it’s not the case with every marketing campaign. The success of an email marketing campaign on a greater extent depends on the email marketing services that you use. Of course, it’s the email marketing service which decides whether your sent email will land up either in the inbox or in spam box.

Therefore, you simply cannot bear the risk of going with any random email marketing software. Obviously, choosing the right email marketing service or software becomes one of the most important steps towards a successful email marketing campaign.

As email marketing software generates more leads to your business so, you can converts these leads into the potential customer.

You can consider an email marketing service to be apt for your business needs if it allows you to design the complete email template. Then, if it lets you integrate multiple SMTP or has an inbuilt SMTP to send the emails. Further, if it lets you track the complete cycle of an email template and also provides complete stats on the entire marketing campaign.

Any email marketing software will let you send emails to the subscribers and tell them about the latest offer & deals that you are offering. But only a few assure exceptional deliverability rate along with good server reputation.

In our blog on “8 Email Marketing Services“, we’ll be peeping into those email marketing services which will substitute your manual work of email marketing with automation. All our listed services provide greater deliverability rates along with good ISP reputation. This in turn, will decrease the spam rates to zero and your email will directly hit the inbox of the people.

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Comparision Of Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services

Services Free Demo Multiple SMTP Integration Unsubscribe Handle Drip Emails Ratings
MailGet Bolt 4.5/5
MailGet 4.5/5
SendinBlue 3.9/5
AWeber 4.2/5
iContact 4/5

Without much ado, let’s take a deep dive into the email marketing software->

1. MailGet Bolt | Best in Email Marketing Services

MailGet Bolt is an excellent & powerful email marketing software which provides all the features & functions that any businesses need to run a successful email marketing campaign. The software gives easy to use interface that anyone can access without having any technical knowledge.

It has an inbuilt SMTP so, you can free yourself from the hassles of complicated SMTP setup.

Further, with 500+ free HTML based email templates, you can start your marketing campaign right away.


Features of MailGet Bolt:

Drag & Drop Editor

With drag & drop editor, you can design stylish & responsive email templates in few minutes. Just drag the required field from the left-hand sidebar & drop it into the campaign body section.

Marketing Campaign Tracking

The software gives a holistic view of your marketing campaign where you can see how many people opened your mail, how many recipients clicked on a link, how many customers unsubscribed your campaign and a lot more. All these information help you to improve your next campaign.

Drip Mailing

Drip mailing is an automated process where a set of emails are sent to the customer at a specified date or time, drip email marketing campaign needs just a one-time setup.

Pricing plans offered by MailGet Bolt:

Free Plan:- MailGet Bolt free version allows you to send 9000 emails up to the 300 subscribers. So, you can promote your product/services at $0.

Paid Plans:- All monthly paid plans are based on the number of subscribers and you will get unlimited emails on every single plan they offer. Here are a few popular plans which MailGet Bolt offers. 

$9 for up to 2,500 subscribers

$19 for up to 5,000 subscribers

$34 for up to 10,000 subscribers

$49 for up to 15,000 subscribers

$64 for up to 20,000 subscribers

$139 for up to 50,000 subscribers

$439 for up to 200,000 subscribers

MailGet Bolt – by using this email marketing service you can increase your open rate up to 43%. I have been using this tool for last 2 years and I am pretty happy with the software. So, I would highly recommend you MailGet Bolt to promote your work globally.

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2. MailGet | Email Marketing Platform

MailGet is another interesting email marketing tool which offers exclusive features to the customer at the lowest price. Moreover, the system can be connected to multiple SMTP such as Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mailjet,  Postmark, SendGrid and other SMTP services.

You can track the complete cycle of the sent email. Specifically, the open rate, attachment open rate, clicks and a lot more.

Then, it also provides automation to your email marketing campaign with an autoresponder, drip emailing feature.


Features of MailGet:

List Cleaning

The software automatically removes all the invalid, bad & duplicate email addresses from the contact list and provides a healthy email list that helps to boost up your marketing campaign.

Subscribers Segmentation

With the help of the subscriber’s segmentation features, you can identify your most & least valuable customers in a few seconds so that, you can serve the customers in a much better way.

Responsive & Stunning Newsletter

Moreover, it offers 500+ Free email templates for every business niches that you can customize & change according to your business needs and demands.

Pricing plans offered by MailGet:

Free plan:- Under the free plan, you can send unlimited emails up to the 100 subscribers.

Paid Plans:- MailGet is the cheapest email marketing service which starts their plan from $5/mo where one can send unlimited emails up to 5000 subscribers in a month.

$29/mo: Up to 25,000 subscribers

$49/mo: Up to 50,000 subscribers

$79/mo: Up to 100,000 subscribers

$134/mo: Up to 200,000 subscribers

$201/mo: Up to 300,000 subscribers

$269/mo: Up to 400,000 subscribers

For more pricing plans, you can visit MailGet official website.

MailGet is one of the cheapest email marketing software on earth which allows you to send UNLIMITED emails in just $4 and ensure you that your emails landing in the customer inbox.

Sign up!! for free and test the functionality of the software before switching to the paid plan.

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3. SendinBlue | Email Marketing Automation Tool

SendinBlue is one of the easiest email marketing platform in the market that can be integrated with a number of services like WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, Drupal and many others so, you can do more with your existing data.


Features of SendinBlue:

Email Designer

Design beautiful email templates through drag & drop editor easily & quickly, the templates which are created by SendinBlue look good on any devices.

Advanced Search & Segmentation

With the help of the software, you can filter your contact list on different segments that will help you to reach the targeted audience.

Real-time Analytics

The marketing automation tool allows you to track every single information related to marketing campaigns such as opens, delivery rates, bounces, spams, link clicks, unsubscribes and much more.

Pricing plans offered by SendinBlue:

Free Plan:- Get started with the free plan where one can send 9000 emails to the unlimited contacts in a month.

Lite Plan:- First is the Lite plan which is the perfect option for the new marketer. In this plan, the user can send 40,000 emails in a month in $25.

Essential Plan:- Next plan is the Essential plan. This is an ideal choice for a growing business where you have to pay $39/mo for 60,000 emails. Under this plan, the user has an advances statistics & can remove the SendinBlue logo from the bottom of the templates.

Premium Plan:- Then, the premium plan is the best solution for marketing pros in which the user can send 12,000 emails in a month by just paying $66.

Enterprise plan:- For pricing details, you have to contact SendinBlue sales team.

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4. AWeber | Email Marketing Software

AWeber is the finest email marketing software. Using this, you can craft stunning email newsletters with ease & add images, business logo, social icons etc in your templates. Further, you can customize the template according to your needs and send them to the audience to promote your work.

It provides you features like subscritption forms, RSS feed, fully featured API and a lot more.


Features of AWeber:

Subscribers Segmenting

Segment your contact list based on different information like geolocation, demographics & user behavior, all these information help you to determine that what the customer expects from you.

Send Auto Follow up

The software automatically sends follow up mail to those customers who have not opened and reply to your email.

Free Migration

If you want to switch from another email marketing service provider to AWeber, then AWeber sales team provides free assistance and solve all the issues that you faced in the migration process.

Pricing plans offered by AWeber:

Free plan:- AWeber offers 30 days free trial where you can get all the tools & features that you need to run your campaign.

Paid plan:- First plan of Aweber starts from $19 where you can send unlimited emails to the 500 subscribers in a month.

Next plan will cost you $29/mo in which the user can deliver limitless emails up to the 2500 contacts.

Another plan allows you to send unlimited emails to the 5000 subscribers in $49/mo.

For more pricing plans, you can contact the AWeber support team.

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5. iContact | Email Marketing Solution

iContact is a modern email marketing service which provides a user-friendly interface and allows you to design dazzling & professional email templates in a matter of minutes. 

It’s good to go for the beginners as iContact provides assistance via phone, chat, emails and also they provide webinars, video tutorials for further assistance.


Features of iContact:

A Clear Report

Get a clear picture of your marketing campaign at your fingertips. These reports provide an individual’s click behavior that will help you to understand your customer in a better way.

List Management

You can manage and segment your subscribers on the basis of user behavior, geolocation, interaction and more.


Further, iContact offers a number of integrations such as FormGet, Drupal, Magento, Cyfe, Salesforce and a lot more.

Pricing plans offered by iContact

Free Plan:- iContact free edition is perfect for those businesses who have 100 or fewer subscribers. In the free plan, you can explore the entire system before you switch to the paid plan.

Paid Plans:-

$14/mo: Up to 500 subscribers

$32/mo: Up to 2,500 subscribers.

$52/mo: Up to 5,000 subscribers.

$79/mo: Up to 10,000 subscribers.

$117/mo: Up to 15,000 subscribers.

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6. Constant Contact | Email Marketing Service

Constant Contact is one of the giants in the email marketing segment. Reason being, it has got the highest years of experience in this email marketing (founded in 1995), comes with great features and better usability at an affordable price.

They have got a huge array of pre-built email templates. Now, these email templates can be used for any business be it a construction business or e-commerce.

However, you can create your own HTML based email template too using its smart drag and drop builder. It allows complete customization which is again a cherry on the top. So, you can add up logos, images, and possibly anything.

Constant Contact

Features of ConstantContact:

Email Scheduling

You can schedule your emails to be sent on a particular date and time in future. The best part about this scheduling is Constant Contact suggests you the best time and date to send the emails on the basis of the segmentation of your email list.

Create Coupons, Surveys and Polls

Using Constant Contact, you can create coupons to keep the people engages. Further, these coupons can be driven to social networking platforms as well to capture more response.

Other than emails, you can create surveys and polls to collect people opinion about a particular product or idea. This can prove out to be an effective marketing and research strategy.

Mobile Optimized Emails with Responsive Mobile Application

With Constant Contact, the emails that you create are mobile optimized and also completely responsive in nature. Further, for Constant Contact, you would not always need a web platform as it has a mobile version too. So, you can simply work from your mobile phone with its mobile application with similar features as of the cloud-based application.

Pricing plans offered by Constant Contact:

Free Plan It has got a free trial of 60 days and you get almost all of its feature in this trial.

Paid Plans –

It has got two comprehensive pricing plans.

The first plan costs $20 per month. In this plan, you can send unlimited emails. Further, you get a 1GB storage along with 1 user permission. This plan has got all the essential features like list management, apps and integrations, email scheduling and a lot more.

The second plan costs you $45 per month. This plan gives you the key to send unlimited emails and gives access to 10 users as well. Further, it provides a web space of 2 GB.

In this plan, you can create online coupons, surveys and polls as well. In fact, this lets you collect the online donation, do the event marketing, subject line A/B testing and more. The basic feature includes tracking and reporting, apps and integration and the list goes on.

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7. SendGrid | Email Marketing Software

Launched back in 2009, SendGrid didn’t take much time to expand its client base around the globe. This is majorly due to its features and their best in class services.

However, they have really won the hearts for their SMTP services and API’s.

As far as email marketing is concerned, it provides all the necessary features that a good email marketing service does.

It has drag and drop tools to create email templates, the created templates can be personalized as well. Then, you’ll find feature of email list segmentation. So, SendGrid does the segmentation of your email list on the basis of demography, location, and other factors.

SendGrid Email Marketing Service

Features of SendGrid:

Detailed Insights

SendGrid allows you to get a complete overview of your sent emails. It tracks send emails, delivery rates, open rates, attachment open rates, along with bounce rates, unsubscribes.

SendGrid API

SendGrid has API which developers really love. This API manages all the marketing emails to transactional emails on a single platform. Then, with this API you also get complete access on the editing of your templates.

Dedicated Support

SendGrid offers 24/7/365 support. They have got their experts team with a relevant and useful solution for almost every query.

Pricing plans offered by SendGrid:

Free Plan – SendGrid offers a free plan for 30 days. In this plan, you can send 40,000 emails with features such as email templates, A/B Testing and more.

Paid Plans –

It has got various pricing plans which differ on the number of emails that you want to send.

However, the basic plan starts from $9.95 per month. You can send a total of 40,000 emails with this plan. Further, you get almost every essential feature for your email marketing campaign. Specifically, a few of these features are core email API feature, template editors, real-time tracking and a lot more.

Another plan costs you $79.95 per month. In this plan, you can send a total of 100,000 emails. Further, in this plan, you get the complete features of SendGrid. This plan comes with all the major features like core API features, core email marketing campaign features which include segmentation, A/B testing and more. Then, it also contains a dedicated IP. Finally, you get a dedicated support from the SendGrid team and a lot more.

There are also plans in which you can send around 1.5 million emails and more. However, you have to contact the SendGrid team for the pricing details.

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8. Benchmark Email| Email Marketing Service

It claims to be a simple yet the best email marketing service. However, we don’t deny that either.

Benchmark Email is a comprehensive umbrella for everything related to email marketing campaign. You can create email templates using drag and drop builder. Then it works on automation so, you can sit back and relax while it does send all your promotional emails using triggers.

Further, it gives you an in-depth analysis of your campaign with the stats. It provides you with comprehensive reports.

Benchmark Email Marketing Services

Features of Benchmark Email:

Apps and Integration

Benchmark provides you integration with 300+ services and apps. These include big names like SalesForce, Zapier, Zoho, Zendesk and a lot more.

Email Template Editor

Upgrade to its drag and drop builder, it has got editors. Actually, live editors where you can make the changes and see the real-time changes side by side. Then, it has a unique feature of photo editing. So, you can edit an image too using its live editor.

Create Survey Polls, Manage List and Do Segmentation

Using Benchmark, you can create survey polls then, you can also add up sign-up forms. So, these sign-up forms will act as a lead capture tool and survey polls will keep the users engaged.

You can also do the segmentation of your email list on the basis of demography and other factors. In addition to this, you can further manage your list with this.

Pricing plans offered by Benchmark Email:

Free Plan It provides a free trial of 30 days in which you can send 250 emails using its basic features.

Paid Plans –

The price plan starts at $13.99 per month and ranges up to $5,000 per month.

These plans differ on the basis of the number of emails and also on the basis of access to features.

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The blog compiled the 8 best email marketing services through which you can create stunning & responsive email newsletters in a matter of minutes. However, the brief description of the services must be enough for you to pick up an email marketing software for your business.

Still, you are not satisfied? If you want more information about email marketing software then you can go through the following blogs–:

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