5 Email Template Builders: Design Free & Responsive Email Templates


Best Email Template BuildersEmbrace an email marketing channel for your business which eliminates the pain associated with the marketing.

If you want to brand your products or services online and looking for the best email marketing software then this blog is exclusive to you.

In this article, I have compiled 5 best email template builders through which you can craft beautiful & responsive email templates in a few minutes. In addition, the email template builder provides some powerful features like:

  • Autoresponder
  • Drip Emailing
  • List Cleaning
  • Subscribers segmentation

And much more through which you can make your marketing campaign more effective.

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Comparision Of Best Email Template Builders

Services Pricing: 5k Users  Free Trial Drip Emails Auto Responders Ratings
MailGet Bolt $19/M 4.5/5.0
MailGet $5/M 5.0/5.0
ConstantContact $95/M 3.5/5.0
Zoho Campaigns $44.05/M 3.7/5.0

Let’s explore the list of the email template builders one by one:

1. MailGet Bolt – Email Template Builder

MailGet Bolt is the best email template builder which enables you to design stunning email templates quite easily through drag & drop editor. Along with it, the software offers exclusive features like drip mailing, autoresponder, multiple integrations and much more that will help you to run a successful marketing campaign.



  • This email marketing service provides a number of premade responsive email templates that are completely customizable so that, you can design your own newsletter in a matter of minutes.
  • One of the amazing features of MailGet Bolt is drip emailing through which you can set a time interval and the email will automatically deliver to the customer at the right time.
  • The email builder software gives a tracking functionality with which you can track your campaign performance at your fingertips.

Pricing Plans:-

MailGet Bolt provides 30 days free trial where you can send 9k emails to 300 subscribers in a month.

$9 for up to 2,500 subscribers

$19 for up to 5,000 subscribers

$34 for up to 10,000 subscribers

$49 for up to 15,000 subscribers

$79 for up to 25,000 subscribers

The highest plan ranges up to $439 for 200,000 subscribers.

For more pricing plans, you can visit MailGet Bolt official website.

I use and highly recommend MailGet Bolt for email marketing and 100% email deliverability rate. It is the only tool I have found that allows for dynamic list segmentation, multiple integrations, and list management all under one easy-to-use application. 
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2. MailGet – Cheap Email Marketing Service

MailGet is the perfect email marketing service for those who have small businesses or just started their business because the software provides all the features and functionality at the low cost that anyone can afford.



  • It is super easy to use application and includes everything you will need for the marketing campaign. It has a super flexible drag and drop builder that allows you to create beautiful templates.
  • This email template builder offers multiple SMTP integrations such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailjet, Mandril, Mailgun, and many others.
  • With the help of this software, you can clean your email list with ease, just upload your contact data and the software removes all the invalid, bounce, spam & unsubscribers from the list automatically.

Pricing Plans:-

MailGet offers both monthly & yearly plans.

$5/mo for up to 5000 subscribers

$29/mo for up to 25,000 subscribers

$49/mo for up to 50,000 subscribers

$79/mo for up to 100,000 subscribers

$134/mo for up to 200,000 subscribers

$201/mo for up to 300,000 subscribers

The highest price plan ranges to $672 for 1,000,000 subscribers.

For more pricing plans, you can click here.

One of the cheapest email marketing software in the market – MailGet which offers UNlIMITED emails to the customer at $4. Along with it, the software gives a guarantee to their customer that their emails are landed in customer inbox.

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3. ConstantContact – Optimum Email Marketing Software

ConstantContact is a simple and easy to use email marketing software with which you can design professional email newsletters and send it to the number of customers at once which saves your lot of time and energy too.



  • With this email template builder, you can break down your contact list based on customer interest, likes, demographics etc so that you can send relevant data to all your subscribers.
  • Easily upload your contact list from Gmail, Excel, Outlook and the software automatically handles all unsubscribes, bounce, inactive email and a lot more.
  • It can be integrated with other services like Salesforce, Outlook, Intuit, Results, and much more so that you can do more with your existing data.

Pricing Plans:-

$20/mo for up to 500 subscribers

$45/mo for up to 2500 subscribers

$65/mo for up to 5000 subscribers

$95/mo for up to 10,000 subscribers

$195/mo for up to 15000 subscribers

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4. Zoho Campaigns – Marketing Automation Tool

Another amazing email template builder – Zoho Campaigns which allows you to create beautiful templates in a few seconds, and send them to the customers in bulk. In addition, you can track the performance of your marketing campaign with ease so that you will make your next market campaign more effective.



  • Zoho Campaign can be integrated with other services like Zoho CRM, Shopify, Eventbrite, Zoho Forms, etc, so that you can fetch data from the application that help you in the marketing campaign.
  • You can import your contact list from an excel & CRM account with ease, and the email marketing tool automatically removes duplicates, bounces, and invalid email addresses from your subscriber lists.
  • Get a holistic view of your campaign where you can see how many recipients have opened your mail, how many people clicked on the link, which links have received more clicks and much more.

Pricing Plans:-

Free Plan:- In the Forever free plan, one can deliver 12,000 emails to 2000 subscribers in a month.

Monthly Subscription:- In the monthly subscription, you will get multiple plans which are based on subscriber list:-

$5 for up to 500 subscribers.

$10 for up to 1000 subscribers.

$25 for up to 2500 subscribers.

$45 for up to 5000 subscribers.

Pay As You Use:- Again, you will get a number of pricing plans which are based on email credits.

$6 for 250 emails.

$12 for 500 emails.

$22 for 1000 emails.

$40  for 2000 emails.

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5. SendinBlue – Mass Mailing Software

Sendinblue is one of the finest email marketing software which provides all the features & functionality that required to run a successful marketing campaign. Moreover, the template builder helps you to engage more customer and convert the leads into the potential customer.



  • In a few clicks, you can craft dazzling email templates through drag & drop editor, the newsletters which are created by Sendinblue looks excellent on any devices.
  • With the help of this email template builder, you can share your campaign on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc by just clicking on the share button.
  • It also offers a variety of ready-made email templates that you can use and customize them according to your business demands.

Pricing Plans:-

Free Plan:– Sendinblue free plan allows you to send 9000 emails to unlimited contacts in a month.

Lite Plan:- Under the lite plan, you would be charged $25 where you can send 40,000 emails to unlimited customers in a month.

Essential Plan:- Essential plan costs $39/mo where the user will get  60,000 emails, additional statistics plus remove the Sendinblue logo from the bottom of the templates.

Premium Plan:- In the premium plan, you have to pay $66/mo in which you can send 120,000 emails to the unlimited subscribers. Plus, the user will get everything that they have in essential plan.

Enterprise Plan:- Get in touch with Sendinblue sales team for enterprise pricing.

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Above I have mentioned 5 best email template builders with which you can design attractive & stunning email templates quite easily. The blog accumulated all the features and pricing information that will help you to choose the best email template builder for your business.

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3 Replies to “5 Email Template Builders: Design Free & Responsive Email Templates”

  1. Nice collection. I really appreciate the time you took to think about it and I find it to be very helpful. Will definitely introduce it into our business emails.

  2. I have been doing email marketing for a long time. I used mailchimp in start and I think the templates are not too professional now. They are out-dated. Used mailget a few months ago and found that awesome enough. Very clean and easy to make.
    Now I came to know that mailget too is your website. Congratulations on such a great tool.

    1. Hello Vasishtha,

      We are extremely happy that you like MailGet. If you have any suggestion regarding product then do let us know. I checked your website as well, It’s really nice, keep it up the good work.


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