10+ Best Revenue Optimization Tools | Boost Customer Retention

"Don't Optimize For Conversions, Optimize For Revenue"

It becomes essential when you are a businessman that you should have a medium which can predict the behavior of the consumers based on certain analytics. For an effective revenue optimization and management, there should be a strategic study of the pricing, inventory, demand and distribution channels to maximize revenue growth.

When you have a software that can simplify your subscription-related task, you tend to focus on other aspects of your business. The software will inform your customers about the expiry of the certain plan.

And you can do all of this stuff just by using some of the best revenue optimization tools mentioned in this article.

Have An Absolute Look At Some Revenue Optimization Tools

Services Pricing  Unlimited Subscriptions Limitless Revenue Recurring Payments
Pabbly Subscriptions $9/m
Zoho Subscriptions $29/m
ChargeOver $65/m
Recurly Contact Sales
OneBill $99/m

When you get all the data together and analyze it, you will surely be able to choose the best tool. If I was in place of you then I'd have chosen that service which doesn't bind me on unlimited revenue generation.

So by keeping this thing in mind, just read out the article & finalize the best revenue optimization services according to your needs.

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1.Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly Subscriptions has a comprehensive list of features which simplifies all the hassled tasks for you. For example recurring payments, management of subscriptions, analytical reports etc.

About customer retention, this tool arranges complete information of all your subscription in one single dashboard. So you just have to click to track the complete activity cycle of your customer.

Undoubtedly, it has not left any stone unturned to top this list. The main fact about this tool is that it does not stop in generating unlimited revenue ever!

Revenue Optimization Tool by Pabbly Subscriptions


  • Starters:- If you have a small business then this plan is best for you as it costs only $9/m. And you will get to optimize the revenue of your business w.r.t. 50 customers.
  • Rookie:- For growing businesses, this plan charges $29 per month & you will get to work with 1,000 customers.
  • Pro:- The Pro plan bills $59 on monthly basis & you will get to optimize your business's revenue for unlimited customers.
  • Advance:- For large businesses, you can opt for the Advance plan which costs $99/m. Also, you will have the access of custom domain multilingual checkout page. It will help in increasing the trust in your customer's eyes when they will see your company name in the URL of the billing page.


  • It automates all your recurring and one-time payments and also generates the invoices for the same. Along with that, it has API-Key through which you can integrate with pages of your choice.
  • It accepts multiple currencies, multiple payment gateways, and multiple payment options. Further, built-in PCI-Compliance ensures to make your payments even safer.
  • It lets you add an unlimited number of customers, products, promo codes and coupons and does not charge a single penny for that.

Losing this opportunity can cost you hundreds of dollars every month!

Get subscription simplified at an affordable price with Pabbly Subscriptions.

For all your billing needs you can look at this tool at just $9/month.
Yes, at $9 for a month!

PS- This offer is only for the first 600 customers

Don’t miss a second and hit the button below!

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2. Fusebill

Fusebill gives you an awesome revenue optimization tool which manages subscription billing and management, automating recurring invoicing, payments, and revenue recognition, the software also manages the whole customer lifecycle very effectively.

Fusebill Revenue Optimization Tool


Start Up:- In the startup plan you will have to pay $99 /month + 1.5% of revenue that has been generated.

For eg:- If you have generated a revenue of $100 then 1.5% of it would be $1.5, so you would have to pay a total $99 + $1.5 = $100.50

Rapid Growth:- In the rapid growth plan, you will have to pay $995/month + customized revenue that has been generated.

Enterprise:- In the enterprise plan, you will get the custom pricing for which you need to get in touch with the providers.


  • The system gives a hosted self-service portal and check-out pages to effectively manage your subscription management.
  • The software gives you a recurring revenue management that is flexible enough to customize your business.
  • Payment management for credit cards, ACH/EFT, and PayPal will be handled through multiple payment options that would make you paid faster.

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3. ChargeOver

ChargeOver is an effective revenue management and optimization tool which generates invoices and payment information for every payment that has been made to your business.

ChargeOver Revenue Optimization Tool


Starter:- In the starter plan you will pay $65 per month for the customer bandwidth of the 1 to 50 customers.

Basic:- The basic plan will charge $115 per month for the customer bandwidth of the 51 to 150 customers.

Professional:- In this plan, you will pay $229 per month for the customer bandwidth of the 151 to 500 customers.


  • The user can create a number of billing through custom billing methods and schedules, offer flexible billing like split payments, renewals, and even custom tax rates.
  • The customer will get real-time visibility into key business metrics like balances, lifetime values, churn, recurring revenue, customer averages, and more.
  • Manage customers account, plan changes, past-due invoices, reminders, payment information and similar other stuff.

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4. Chargify

Chargify provides you a software through which you can effectively manage your entire customer lifecycle, quickly launch your public sign up pages and use the system API to integrate your existing signup process.

Revenue Optimization Tool by Chargify


Essential Plan:- The user has to pay $149/month + 1.2% of revenue that has been generated by his business.

Eg :- If the revenue generated is $100 then 1.2% would be $1.2

So, $149 + $1.2 = $150.2  

Advanced Plan:- In this case, the user will be required to pay $299/month + 1.2% of revenue generated.

Eg. Similarly, for this plan, the calculations would be:-

$299 + $1.2 = $ 300.2

Enterprise:- For the enterprise plan, you need to get in touch with the service providers.


  • Develop an automated email communication between you and your customers by ensuring that customers receive the subscription information they require.
  • The system will also provide self-service portals for the customers through which they can customize products, access billing history, and manage account related information.
  • The revenue retention feature is an amazing trait of the software which will prevent failed transactions by sending renewal notices, and credit card expiration notifications.

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5. Recurly

Recurly gives you a great way to manage your revenue and subscription billing by quickly implementing campaigns and accept payments, the system also gives you a full PCI compliance that ensures your customer data is secure.

Revenue Optimization Tool by Recurly


  • To know about its pricing, please contact its sales panel.


  • The software lets you reduce your operating costs and give a satisfying customer experience with integrations like CRM, revenue recognition, accounting and business management tools.
  • You can connect with the existing payment gateway or else you can connect with a number of new payment gateways like Amazon pay, PayPal, and Braintree.
  • With the help of Recurly, you can create customized bundles and pricing packages, hence better serving your customers' needs.

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6. Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions is a distinguished software through which you can manage recurring bills and intimation of the prorated amounts that have been generated, also, with the software you can apply add-ons and discount coupons, group invoices of multiple subscriptions and issue refunds.

Revenue Optimization Tools by Zoho Subscriptions


Standard plan:- In the standard plan you will be able to handle the subscription management of 500 customers and share it with 3 users in $29 in which you will get features like multi-currency support, dunning for automatic payments and various other features for a month

Professional plan:- In the professional plan you will get all the features and services that you were getting in the professional plan but for $69 and that too for a year and you can handle unlimited customers share it with unlimited users for a year.


  • The transaction related to Zoho subscription can be captured through the Zoho online accounting software.
  • You can get real-time insights into the business working with subscription metrics, metrics are presented to you in the form of charts which are easy to understand.
  • The user can collect customer card information securely through the PCI compliance and make the clients data secure.

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7. Wallee

Wallee allows you to organize your recurring billing and subscription billing, you can accept and process all your payments globally. A sensible payment routing or gateway is used so that you can apply to payment methods or processors and decide that by whom a payment should be processed.

Wallee Revenue Optimization Tool


Starter:- In the starter plan you would have to pay $4.95 per month in which there would be no transaction fee up to 300 transactions and above then that you would have to pay $0.23 per unit transaction.

Advanced:- Similarly, in the advanced plan you would have to pay $14.95 per month in which there would be no transaction fee up to 1000 transactions and above then that you would have to pay $0.16 per unit transaction.

Business:-Similarly, in the business plan you would have to pay $59.90 per month in which there would be no transaction fee up to 40,000 transactions and above then that you would have to pay $0.065 per unit transaction.

Enterprise:- For the enterprise plan, you need to get in touch with the service providers.


  • You can make use of basic fraud prevention tools that are able to flag transaction based on certain transaction metadata.
  • With the help of the software, you will be able to do a better document handling, from the generation and customization of PDF documents or email templates everything becomes easy for you.
  • The software’s subscription integration offers the full range from a fixed recurring model with a fixed monthly fee to usage-based models including the options to easily create your own pricing tiers.

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8. Invoicera

Manage your accounts and the subscriptions smoothly through the Invoicera software which will allow having a faster invoicing and payment process, the software provides you with a single dashboard where you can manage buyers and vendors.

Invoicera Revenue Optimization Tool


Starter Edition:- Starter edition is free forever with a limit of 3 active users and 1 recurring profile.

Pro Edition:- For pro edition, you would have to pay $39.074 for unlimited active users and unlimited recurring profile.


  • The system is integrated with 25+ global payments gateway through which payments can be received from the customers from all over the world.
  • You can manage subscription on a periodic basis through the software and also integrate with the existing ERP and CRM systems for a specific business requirement.
  • The user can create a custom workflow and get customized business solutions, record, and control business expenses with ease.

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9. OneBill

Onebill software is an unparalleled billing management software which allows you to an immediate market enablement of customers and their channel to deliver aggregated services that the marketplace wants with flexible pricing.



Basic:- This plan costs $99/m for subscription as well as order management. Or you can pay the 0.25% of revenue per transaction.

Light:-In the light plan of the software, you can choose either to pay $349 per month or else you can pay the 1.50% of the revenue generated by your business.

Flex:-Likewise, in case of the flex plan, the user can pay $499 per month or else can pay 1.75 of the revenue generation.

Enterprise:- On the same track in the enterprise plan you have to contact sales.


  • The system gives a full PCI compliance security in order to make your data secure and intact.
  • You can integrate the system with your accounting system, CRM or other internal systems, along with external services such as taxation and payment gateways.
  • Also, you will be able to transfer data from one existing systems to OneBill.

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10. Paid

Paid gives you proper invoicing services through which you will be able to analyze and assess better on the grounds of the subscription and billing, the system gives you the billing automation and effective reporting methods.

Paid Revenue Optimization Tool


Free Plan:- Free for the first 10 invoices.

Pay as you go Plan:-  You would be charged $1 per invoice in this plan.

For eg:- If you have 20 invoices generated then you need to pay $20

Enterprise Plan:- Enterprise is a custom plan. If you have more than 100 invoices per month then you need to get in touch with their sales team.


  • Assess the purchase orders, minimize the delays in the workflow and get optimized output.
  • Get custom reports and synchronize your accounting system, you also follow up the late payments and automatically reconcile them.
  • The system gives you a simple API to collect and translate your customer transaction data into an automated invoicing solution.

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11. SubscriptionGenius

The subscription management would a lot easier through the SubscriptionGenius software. You can organize, search and distribute your subscriber lists from any part of the global. Plus, append demographic attributes to your subscribers.

SubscriptionGenius Revenue Optimization Tool


Standard:-In the standard plan, you would have to pay $299 per month, which includes a limit of 10,000 subscribers, in case of the additional subscribers you will have to pay $10/month for every 1000 extra subscribers.

Plus:-Similarly, in the Plus plan, you would have to pay $399 per month, which includes a limit of 15,000 subscribers, in case of the additional subscribers, you will have to pay $15/month for every 1000 extra subscribers.

Premium:-And in the Premium plan, you would have to pay $499 per month, which includes a limit of 20,000 subscribers. In case of the additional subscribers, you will have to pay $ 20/month for every 1000 extra subscribers.


  • You can remind customers about the end of their subscription and automatically renew them.
  • Use secure hosted checkout page and handle all the e-commerce functions and customize it to match your branding.
  • By simply adding two lines of code, you can integrate the PayWall option and secure your online content.

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As we have reached the end of the blog, we hope that all the software that have been covered are the ones that you have been looking for. Also, you would have chosen the best suited to your requirements.

The subscription software is ought to resolve any financial complexities that you face while managing your subscription. Apart from that, the features of each and every software are so crafted that it will surely calm down your nerves on the managing side.

So just read out this article & finalize the best revenue optimization tool according to your needs!

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