6+ Best Alternatives For Baremetrics Payment Analytics Software

Neeraj Agarwal

We are all aware of the fact that Baremetrics is one of the best payment analytics software which holds a strong position in the market.

Baremetrics analytics gives a clear and updated view over various beneficial metrics that will help you improve the financial condition of your business. With this software, you can get –

  • Frequent business forecasts
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Key metrics details
  • And other business essentials with an ease.

All the above things are true about Baremetrics. But, have you ever thought about any other software that offer the same amount of features or more at affordable price point.

Yes, there are enormous payment analytics software available in the market that comes loaded with more advanced and futuristic feature that too at a lower cost.

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In this blog, we will highlight some of the software that will best suit your business needs and will surely help you replace Baremetrics.

Let first have a look at the expensive price plans offered by Baremetrics 

 Startup Plan
Cost you $50 a month for MRR upto $10,000
 Professional Plan
Cost you $100 a month for MRR upto $50,000
 Business Plan
Cost you $250 a month for MRR upto $200,000
 Enterprise Plan
Cost you $500 a month for MRR upto $500,000

1) Pabbly Payment Analytics Software

With Pabbly you get the best Payment Analytics & Reporting Services which will help you analyze each & every profit generating factors of business. You can track sales, monitor refunds, analyze reports, manage customers and do more with this software.

Pabbly Vs Baremetrics

Pabbly is one of the most affordable software available in the market which can perfectly replace Baremetrics in terms of features, pricing, and services.

Pabbly is priced around $99 which is payable only once for the Lifelong subscription plan. Whereas Baremetrics generates a bill of approx $250 on monthly basis for the same facilities.

With Pabbly you can analyze payments done through PayPal as well as Stripe. But with Baremetrics PayPal transactions are ignored.

This is a one-stop solution which is equipped with both Payment Analytics & Subscription Management features. But Baremetrics can purely analyze Payments and not subscription bills.

Pabbly Best Replacement For Baremetrics

Alternatives For Baremetrics

Price plan designed for Pabbly payment analytics software is explained below

  • Lifetime Subscription Plan

The Lifetime Subscription Plan offered by Pabbly will cost you $99. Using this plan you can manage & analyze unlimited payments without paying any extra charge.

No transaction fees, No monthly cost, No extra taxes or any type of revenue percentage is charged other than the one-time cost.

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2) ChartMogul Payment Analytics Software

ChartMogul is a payment analytics software that helps you build a better subscription business by providing the latest analytics figures about your business. With this software, you can easily automate all your key metrics that are essential for growth.

Best Alternatives For Baremetrics Payment Analytic

ChartMogul Vs Baremetrics

ChartMogul provides segmentation using which you can compare different plans and other related data and view the differences on the dashboard in the form of graphs. 

With ChartMogul you get a mobile app for instant updates related to your business anytime, anywhere whereas Baremetrics lacks in the app facility as well.

The software also has a ChartMogul Maps feature that allows you to locate subscriptions details revenue, churn, ARR, MRR and more on the maps. No such transaction or business locations are provided in Baremetrics.

Price plans designed for ChartMogul payment analytics solution are as follows

  • Mogul Plan

$100 a month.

For this subscription analytics plan, you will be charged $100 monthly for per 1,000 paying customers.

  • Volume Plan

Contact sales team

This is a plan which can be fully customized according to the needs and requirements of your business. This plan can satisfy from 10,000 to millions of customers business.

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3) GetControl Payment Analytics Platform

GetControl is a premium payment analytics software using which you can track all types of transaction information with an ease. This software displays all your analytics data on a single dashboard for easy viewing.

Other than that, you can compare multiple payment platforms, monitor different KPI’s, fetch out valuable customers data to discover insights and more through this platform.

Best Alternatives For Baremetrics Payment Analytic

GetControl Vs Baremetrics

GetControl helps you analyze and present real-time data from PayPal & Stripe. Baremetrics also supports multiple gateways except PayPal.

GetControl allows integration with multiple applications like WooCommerce, SquareSpace, Magento and more. Whereas Baremetrics supports integrations with limited systems.

Another thing which bifurcates is that GetControl has got both monthly and yearly plans, but Baremetrics has got only monthly plans.

Price plans designed for GetControl payment analytics solution are as follows

  • Starter plan

Cost of this plan is $19 a month for 200 data points {Data points are a new charge, new customer, new refund or other transactional events}. Extra $10 per 100 data points will be charged if exceeded the limit of 200.

  • Growth Plan

This will cost $79 a month for 750 data points. Additional $20 per 500 data points, if the limit is exceeded.

  • Scale plan

$149 will be charged for 10,000 data points per month. Plus additional $30 per 5000 data points for exceeding the limit.

  • Enterprise Plan

This is a customizable plan, for the cost you need to share details with the sales team.

You will also get a free 14 days trial which requires no credit cards.

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4) ProfitWell Payment Analytics System

ProfitWell payment analytics tool comes preloaded with some advanced features that will help you get highest recovery rate and guarantee 100% ROI. This software will keep you updated with the latest and most recent revenue metrics.

Best Alternatives For Baremetrics Payment Analytic

ProfitWell Vs Baremetrics

One of the major difference that makes ProfitWell a perfect replacement for Baremetrics is the price. The plans offered by Baremetrics will cost a handsome amount to your business every month.

Baremetrics base plan costs = $50 a month for MRR up to $10,000 with limited features.

Whereas ProfitWell software is entirely free with unlimited users. Some additional features are paid, but the rest of the software is free of charge.

As discussed above, ProfitWell is entirely free with unlimited users. You can even go with custom plan

  • Retain Plan

Price of this plan may vary every month as it will be charged based on the revenue collected. Custom pricing as per usage.

  • Recognized Plan

This plan will give you a billing system that will ensure 100% accuracy. No more human error. But will cost around $1,000 every month.

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5) Putler Payment Analytics Solution

Putler is a payment analytics solutions by which you can easily track and analyze your e-commerce business. Along with tracking, the software also fetches information, issue refunds, view google analytics stats, export customers list to mailing services and handle various subscriptions much faster.

Best Alternatives For Baremetrics Payment Analytic

Putler Vs BareMetrics

Putler supports multiple payment gateways and especially PayPal integration which is one of the major gateway used by most people worldwide to perform payment and transactions whereas Baremetrics does not support PayPal.

Baremetrics offers its services to SaaS-based businesses only but Putler serves to all type of business like e-commerce, SaaS and much more.

Plus Putler helps you automate currency conversion to give you a global, single currency dashboard but in Baremetrics the currency accepted in Stripe is set as default currency in all the reports. All the other currency transactions are converted to that and if you need reports in different currencies, you have to contact support team for that.

Price plans designed for Putler payment analytics solution are as follows

  • Starter Plan

The plan cost is $25 a month for 500 orders{number of product or service bought}, 3 integrations and 2 years historical data.

  • Growth Plan

This plan costs around $75 a month for 3,000 orders, 7 integrations, 5 years historical data and more.

  • Scale Plan

This is an advance plan which is charged $250 a month for 10,000 orders, 20 integrations, 7 years historical data and much more.

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6) MainMetrics Payment Analytics Software

MainMetrics once fully integrated gives you SaaS analytics directly from your Braintree account. It allows you to monitor and analytics all the key metrics like churn rate, MRR, customer lifetime value and more with just a few clicks.

Best Alternatives For Baremetrics Payment Analytic

MainMetrics Vs Baremetrics

MainMetrics beats Baremetrics in terms of pricing. It offers affordable plans which are loaded will lot of features. The starting plan of MainMetrics cost around $29 a month for 100 paying customers.

On the other hand, the starting price of Baremetrics plan is $50 a month that too for a business having $10,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue.

Apart from starting plan, MainMetrics also offers some price plans for handling more than 100+ paying customers which are listed below:

  • Startup Plan

$79 per month will be charged for upto 1000 paying customers.

  • Professional Plan

$149 per month will be charged for upto 2500 paying customers.

  • Business Plan

$249 per month will be charged for upto 5000 paying customers.

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7) BTMetrics Payment Analytics Tool

BTMetrics is a top class payment analytics software which is designed to automate the process of information extraction for essential SaaS metrics. Once fully implemented you can get the information about MRR, churn and more with just a few clicks.

Best Alternatives For Baremetrics Payment Analytic

BTMetrics Vs Baremetrics

With BTMetrics you get all the real-time updates instantly whereas these updates are generally loaded in Baremetrics at the end of the day.

Another major feature of BTMetrics which makes it stand tall is easy historical data analysis. If there is a rapid increase in the churn rate over a few month, then this software will notify you an alert about the rise in the churn.

Price plans designed for BTMetrics payment analytics solution are as follows

  • 1st Business Plan

$19 is charged a month if the MRR of your business is between $0 to $2k.

  • 2nd Business Plan

$29 is charged a month if the MRR of your business is between $2K to $5k.

  • 3rd Business Plan

$39 is charged a month if the MRR of your business is between $5K to $10k.

  • 4th Business Plan

$49 is charged a month if the MRR of your business is between $10K to $20k.

And the plan cost goes up as the MRR of your business increases.

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Now The Conclusion

This blog will fulfill all your needs to find the Best Alternatives For Baremetrics. I am sure that after reading this blog you will surely end-up finding a proper replacement for Baremetrics payment analytics software which will be affordable, user-friendly loaded with feature and more.

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