5+ Best Payment Analytics Software & Tools [Free Trial]

Neeraj Agarwal

Payment analytics software is basically an advanced solution that assists you in the analysis of data received from any payment gateway used for business transactions and payments.

Most of the payment analytics software available in the market often speak about churn reduction, MRR increase, ROI rise and other automation once integrated into the business.

But sometimes the reality is not what they say. So, the solution to check out whether that particular software actually offers the features or not is through Free Trial.

Free Trials of a payment analytics tool will help you go through various feature like

  • Gateway integrations.
  • Dashboard specifications.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Transaction alerts.
  • MRR, ARR, LTV evaluation.
  • And much more.

These are some features which you can test and easily adopt the correct payment analytics software to maximize the potential of your business.

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In this blog, you will get to know the details about paid analytics tools that offer free trials on the basis of time or transactions and other essentials.

So, let’s start with the Best Payment Analytics Softwares With Free Trial.

1) Pabbly Payment Analytics Solution

Pabbly holds the highest spot in this blog as it comes loaded with multiple advanced features which will help handle payment details from different gateways and perform analytics on them with ease.

The dashboard designed by Pabbly is extremely user-friendly from where you can fetch all the important information.

It also provides descriptive reports about New Subscribers, New Customers, MRR, Net Revenue and more. These reports can further be filtered to extract more refined business data.

Lifetime Plan By Pabbly

Pabbly has no free plans or trials. Instead, it has got a Lifetime plan the cost of which is near to Free subscription. This plan charges $99 and gives you lifelong access to all the features & facilities.

You can create plans, manage customers, design products & custom invoices and more through the Lifetime plan.

Other Payment analytics solutions charge $99 to $249 monthly for limited services, whereas with Pabbly charges only once for unlimited feature access.

Pabbly Lifetime Subscription For $99

Payment Analytics Software

Pabbly subscription offers only one plan for Payment Analytics

Pabbly will cost you around $99 one-time. With this plan you can manage Subscription Bills and do Payment Analysis as well.

There are no hidden charges, No Monthly Fees, Transaction Percentage, Extra Taxes, or Surcharges are added. Just the one-time cost of $99.

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2) MRR.io Payment Analytics Software

MRR.io is a premium payment analytics software which comes packed with multiple advanced features. With this tool you can track all major metrics like MRR, ARR, LTV and more, that too from different payment processors like Stripe and Paddle.

It also allows you to do manual data entry of transactions plus an API is available to extract the accurate metrics for the betterment of your business.

Free trial by MRR.io

MRR.io payment analytics tool gives a 30-days free trial in which you can analyze payments, refunds, upgrading, downgrading, etc of your business. 

Even after the expiry of this trial period, you can continue using the service for free, until the number of paying customer is less than 100 in number.

You can upgrade to the Pro plan anytime during or after 30-days trial. If you are not willing to integrate the payment processor in the trial version, you get per-feed demo data using which you can test and analyze the software.

Best Payment Analytics Softwares With Free Trial

MRR.io offers the following price plan for payment analytics

Basic Plan

This plan is free of cost up to 100 paying customers and 3 team members, plus basic email reports. As soon as you exceed the limit, the software will be updated to the next paid plan.

Pro Plan

The pricing of this plan changes as per the usage of your business. If you have 250 paying customers than the price is $19 a month. But if the amount of paying customers rises, the price will also increase gradually like –

  • Cost of this plan is $69 a month for 1000 paying customers.
  • This plan offers 2500 paying customers at a price of $129 a month.
  • For 5000 paying customers $199, a month will be charged.
  • If the customers are more than 5000,then you have to contact the sales team.

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3) GetControl Payment Metrics Solution 

GetControl allows you to monitor all key metrics like MRR, ARR, churn rate, LTV and more about your business from a single dashboard. This software helps you setup real-time updates related to customers, transactions etc. You can easily integrate PayPal, stripe, and square as well through GetControl payment analytics software.

Free trial by GetControl

The free trial provided by GetControl payment analytics system gives you a 14-days free access in which you can perform unlimited transactions with no limit on features access.

Under this 14-days period, you are allowed to use iOS, Android applications, and Control Web App without any credit card integration. You can continue the usage of this software after the expiry also, but you will get a limited access to the features.

Best Payment Analytics Softwares With Free Trial

GetControl offers the following price plan for payment analytics

Starter Package

$19 a month for 200 data points {Any new customer, new charge, new refund or other transactional events is considered as a Data Point}. Additional $10 for per 100 data points if the limit of the package is exceeded.

Growth Package

Costs around $79 a month for 750 data points. $20 are charged per 500 data points if the limit is exceeded.

Scale Package

Will cost $149 for 10,000 data points per month. Additional $30 for per 5000 data points if the limit is exceeded.

Enterprise Package

For this plan, you need to contact the sales team as it is customizable.

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4) ChartMogul Payment Analysis System

This payment analysis system helps you monitor transaction analytics and other alerts from a single dash. ChartMogul can easily automate all key metrics and get complex calculations done in real-time.

ChartMogul allows you to integrate services that are already used by your business and with this facility it becomes very easy to get data from different sources.

Free trial by ChartMogul

Payment analysis system by ChartMogul has got a dedicated free plan through which anyone can test the functioning of the software.

Free trial with this software is for 30-days on Mogul Plan which will offer all features, but under the Launch plan features like cohort and mapping are not available. It is free until 10K MRR figure is being attained.

If at the end of 30-days free trial you don’t upgrade to any plan then, your account will be suspended and you can now only view the previously inserted data, but no longer update any new transactions.

Best Payment Analytics Softwares With Free Trial

ChartMogul offers the following price plan for payment analytics

Launch Plan

This is a free plan which is limited to $10,000 in MRR. If it exceeds the limit you have to opt for a paid plan.

Mogul Plan

Costs around $100 for every 1,000 paying customers of your business.

Volume Plan

If your business has got 10,000 to millions of customers you can have this plan. But for price details, contact to their sales team. 

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5) Putler Payment Analytics Solution

Putler is a sensible payment data analytics solution which is easy to integrate with different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Shopify and more. This software permits you to actively track, analyze and grow your business. Putler delivers the latest updates related to MRR, refunds, new customer details, failed transactions and other important metrics. Putler analytics system also helps you track subscription data and carry out instant refunds information through it.

Free trial by Putler

There is a 14-days free trial provided by Putler in which a proper testing of the software can be conducted. With this payment analytics solution, you can create a free account anytime without mentioning any credit card details.

The paid plans of Putler can be easily upgraded, downgraded or canceled anytime. If you discontinue the services provided, Putler will still allow access until the end of the current subscription.

Best Payment Analytics Softwares With Free Trial

Putler offers the following price plan for payment analytics

Putler has designed 3 different price plans that are suitable for any size of business. The price changes in the plans occur as per number of integrations, number of transactions and number of orders.

Starter Plan

This plan has a price tag of $25 for a month and comes with 3 integrations, 500 orders {Orders can be number of digital products like subscription plans and other e-commerce products & services} limit plus additional features.

Growth Plan

It will be charged around $75 for a month and will offer 7 integrations, 3,000 orders limit with additional features.

Scale Plan

Cost of this plan is $250 a month and it gives you access to 20 integrations, 10,000 orders.

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6) Baremetrics Payment Analytics Tool

Baremetrics is one of the best payment analytics software for your business as you can get all subscription analytics details from Stripe, Braintree, Rrecurly, Chargify, and API. It simplifies the process of finding customer essentials, LTV, MRR and more. It also helps you send reports and notifications via emails.

Free trial by Baremetrics

Baremetrics is a powerful payment analytic software which has designed four premium plans to perform payment analytics.

With all four plans offered by Baremetrics, you get a 14-days free trial. These free trials allow you to explore every minor detail of this software.

Best Payment Analytics Softwares With Free Trial

Baremetrics offers the following price plan for payment analytics

There are four different plans that come with advanced features like cohort analysis, historical metrics, metrics forecasting, email reporting and more. All the plans offered are on the basis of monthly revenue generated.

Startup Plan

Cost is $50 for a month and gives a limit of $10,000 MRR.

Professional Plan

The plan limit is of $50,000 MRR for a price of $100 a month.

Business Plan

The plan comes for $250 a month with a limit of $2,00,000 MRR every month.

Enterprise Plan

$500 for a month and gives a access to do upto $5,00,000 MRR.

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7) FirstOfficer Payment Analytics Software

With FirstOfficer payment analytics software, you can do Stripe analytics and get refined data that is really viable for your business. This software simplifies the process of payment data analytics as different metrics can now be monitored from the dashboard. Easy access to metrics like MRR, customer lifetime value, churn rate, cohort and others.

Free trial by FirstOfficer

All the plan that FirstOfficer offers comes with 30-days free trial. Under the trial period, you get full data security as data is handled through 128-bit SSL connection.

FirstOfficer payment analytics software has got read-only access to your Stripe account. This means they can never share the data of your business with anyone.

Another addition is that an alert is also generated 7-days before the trial expiry to notify the end of the free trial period.

Best Payment Analytics Softwares With Free Trial

FirstOfficer offers the following price plan for payment analytics

FirstOfficer payment analytics solution offers four pricing plans that come preloaded with enormous features.

Hobby Plan

$29/month for 250 customers & weekly reports.

Startup Plan

$79/month for 1000 customers, plus additional features like weekly reports, cohort retentions, etc.

Professional Plan

$149/month for 2500 customers, plus additional features same as Startup plan.

Business Plan

$249/month for 5000 customers, additional features same as above plus custom CSV export.

Monthly plans will cost the same, but if you opt for the yearly plan then you will get a discount of 2 months.

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This blog has covered most of the top class payment analytics software which provides free trials to the customer so that they can explore all the features and functioning of the software.

The blog also holds proper explanation of all the pricing plans and other essential details related to the payment analytics software listed.

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