8+ Best Dunning Management Services: Stop Payment Related Churn

Neeraj Agarwal

It is a tough job to get good and timely paying customers for any business as a large amount of time, money, efforts and top class resources are invested to gather good customers.

So, have you ever thought of losing a regular paying customer just because of a transaction failure? Yes, this happens when Dunning management is not done properly.   

Dunning management is a process which actively deals with situations like credit card expiry, transaction failure, payment decline, card block condition, retry attempts handling, and more.

If a subscription management software deals and simplifies these problems, it will reduce the churn rate and increase your ROI as well.

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In this blog, I have elaborated some subscription management software that delivers Best Dunning Management Services in the whole market.


Subscription comes with a task of recurring payments that can cause trouble at times. So, here Pabbly has got built-in dunning feature with which you can make sure you won’t be losing your precious customers due to failed or denied payments.

Pabbly is fused with a lot more services and the best part of it lies in its pricing. It will ease off your work of recurring payment for a lifetime at a one-time payment of just $99.

Its specifications are such that you will find them in the costliest software available in the market.

Dunning Management

With subscription comes the biggest task of recurring payment and not necessarily you will get customers who pay their payments on time.

There can be numerous reasons for payment failure, expiration of your credit card, insufficient funds in your account, etc.

So, how will you deal with it?

Thankfully, with Pabbly you will not have to deal with it. Pabbly does it all for you.

With Pabbly’s dunning management, you can remind your customers beforehand of their upcoming monthly payments. You can notify your customers in advance of the expiry date of their payment cards.

But if in case a payment fails, then you can notify your customer for it and then keep on following up with him through our customized follow-up emails and can even schedule follow up emails.

With this feature of Pabbly, you can save a lot of time and efforts. Additionally, software doesn’t take any extra charge for it so it becomes really economical too.
So, with Pabbly you will never lose a customer of yours!

Pabbly - Best Dunning Management Service


Unlike other software Pabbly doesn’t have a complex plan of pricing.

It has a one-time payment of $99 for a lifetime for a complete range of its services.

Save your money without compromising your work.Now get Pabbly for all your subscription billing needs at just $99 for a lifetime.

Make Pabbly your new assistant.

Hit the button below.!

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2) Wallee Subscription Billing Management Solution

Wallee has the most advanced features for managing subscriptions and recurring billing. With the help of this software, you can manage the subscription of digital, physical as well as SaaS based products. This software simplifies the process of payment and allows you to accept them from different modes.

Dunning Management

Dunning management is one of the biggest challenge for merchants these days. Wallee comes preloaded with dunning processing feature.With this feature you can choose different delivery methods, you can also use various templates for different dunning levels.

This software provides various levels of dunning processing like

  • Manual Processing → With this you just get the option to create a dunning case.
  • Dunning done via Email → This option allows you to send reminders through emails.
  • Send through Printer → In this case, the dunning document will be generated at the customer end and printed out if a valid {Cloud Printer}printer is attached to the system.

For all the above-mentioned options you have to configure things like Priority of dunning, period, the template for reminders and more.

Best Dunning Management Services


  • Starter Package will be charged $4.95 a month plus extra $0.23 per live transaction {Number of transactions carried out in a specific time period} will be added if 300 transaction limit is crossed.
  • Advanced Package has got a price tag of $14.95 for a month which gives you a limit of 1,000 transactions. If the limit exceeds then $0.16 per extra transaction will be added.
  • Business Package will allow you to perform 4,000 transactions for the cost of $59.90 a month. After the limit gets crossed then $0.065 per transaction will be charged extra, this package comes along with multi integration.
  • Enterprise Package is a fully customizable package which can be created according to the needs and requirements of your business For this you need to Contact the sales team.

You can also test this software free for 30-days without providing any credit card details.

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3) Chargify Recurring Billing Software

Chargify helps you solve the complex problem of dealing recurring and subscription billing. Chargify subscription management solution can easily be integrated with multiple payment processors. It delivers recurring bills which are accurate and flexible these bills are generated with just a few clicks.  

Chargify subscription management solution is fully secured protects your data with Level 1 PCI compliance.

Dunning Management

Dunning is the process which deals with transactions that fail due to credit card expiry or transaction failure. Chargify gives you a helping hand to manage dunning process. Through this feature, you can automate the process of addressing card failures and retries for failed transactions.

With this software, you can proactively communicate with the customers whose cards had expired or about to expire and send prior notifications. You can deliver fully customizable messages to define the reason of transaction failure.

This is a premium service by Chargify that helps you save time, money, as well as retain more customers.

Best Dunning Management Services


  • Essential Plan comes with a price tag of $149 which is charged every month. Plus an additional 1.2% of revenue is also taken.

{Example:- Suppose you business generate a monthly revenue of $10,000


1.2% of $10,000 = $120

So, the charge will be = $149 + $ 120

Total Cost = $269}

  • Advanced Plan will cost around $299 a month and additional 1.2% of monthly revenue will also be deducted every month.
  • Enterprise Plan is a custom build plan. You can get it created according to the needs and requirements of your business. For the pricing of this, you have to Contact Sales

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4) FastSpring Subscription Payment Solution

FastSpring is a top class subscription management platform through which a number of subscriptions can be managed quickly and easily. With this system, you can simply handle different types of payment transactions. Another important feature of this system is that it automatically converts language, prices as well as the currency according to the local preference. All types of taxes are handled with no extra charge.

Dunning Management

FastSpring is a subscription management solution which provides proactive dunning management solution which helps you save time, money and reduce churn rate. This system has the ability to automatically deal with payment failure and dunning management problems.You can easily preset reminders and notifications for different time durations about the customer’s credit card fails.

It also saves time as the dunning notifications are automatically managed and delivered. Through proper dunning management, you can reduce the churn rate as well.

This system also improves and enhances the efficiency of your business as it deals with all the work, you just have to configure it once, rest of the process is carried out automatically.

Best Dunning Management Services


  • The first plan is Pay As You Grow for this plan you have to pay 5.9% of every transaction done plus 95¢ additional will be charged per transaction.

{Example :- Suppose the cost of 1 transaction = $100

So the charge will be,

5.9% of $100 = $5.9

Per transaction charge = 95¢

Cost of one transaction = $5.9 + 95¢

Total Cost of a single transaction = $6.85

If you generate 30 transactions of $100 in a month, Then

30 * $6.85 = $205.5  will be the cost}

  • Business Plan has got a starting price from $199 monthly subscription plus per transaction fee is also deducted. This plan comes loaded with some premium services.
  • Enterprise Plan is the high-end plan which is fully customizable. This plan is basically designed and created for businesses generating annual sales of more than $2 million. With this plan, you get Basic + Premium + Enterprise Benefits.

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5) Chargebee Subscription Billing Management Solution

Chargebee recurring billing solution gives your business one of the smartest ways to handle subscription billing, invoicing and payment transactions with ease. The user-friendly dashboard of Chargebee allows you to manage and monitor different activities.

Dunning Management

Chargebee subscription management software has a perfect dunning management system that helps you automatically communicate with customers in situations like credit card limit, card expiry, transaction request blocked, and more.

Dunning feature increases the capabilities of your business as time and efforts are saved. Just by setting up the automated email notifications and sending customized emails to the customer regarding transaction failure. It also allows you to check the number of record of declines, renewals, and upgraded accounts.

Best Dunning Management Services


  • New Businesses plan will not charge a penny till the transaction limit of $50,000 is being crossed. This is the free trial plan, in which you can test as well as perform real transactions.
  • Chargebee has got 3 different plans for Growing Businesses which are as follows

1) Go Plan which has a price tag of $99 monthly. In this plan, you can perform revenue transactions up to $25,000 in a month. Additional 0.5% of the excess revenue is added if the limit exceeded.

{Example:- Suppose in a month you gather revenue of $30k

In this case = $30,000 – $25,000 = $5000

$5,000 is the access revenue

So, 0.5% of $5,000 = $25

Total plan cost = $99 + $25 = $124}

2) Rise Plan will cost $299 a month for performing revenue transactions for $50,000. If the limit is exceeded then 0.6% of the excess revenue will be charged.

3) Scale Plan comes with a price point of $599 for a month and includes $75K revenue range. Additional 0.9% will be deducted from the over exceeding revenue.

  • Enterprise Plan is a top of the class plan which has got many exclusive features. The starting price of this plan is $999 a month.

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6) Zoho Recurring Billing Software

Zoho subscription management software is a one stop solution with which you can simply manage and handle customer subscriptions of your business. It is extremely easy to set-up and schedule recurring bills and send professional & correct invoices automatically.

This software provides real time updates about all key metrics which are beneficial for your business. Plus it is affordable and no hidden costs like per transaction charge or more are included.

Dunning Management

Zoho Subscription software for handling recurring billing comes pre-loaded with dunning management. Transaction failure due to card expiry, lack of funds, restricted or blocked card or processing errors are all easily taken care by Zoho.

Through this system, notifications are automatically sent to the customer and regular follow-ups are done whenever recurring payments fail. You can also configure transaction retry settings and collect transaction payments through the retry process with Zoho subscription management system.

Best Dunning Management Services


  • Standard Monthly Plan

The cost of this plan is $29 per month and this plan comes with services like 500 customers and 3 users.

  • Professional Monthly Plan

This plan costs around $69 for a month for which you will get unlimited customers and unlimited users access.

  • Standard Yearly Plan

Cost of this plan is $290 a year for 500 customers and 3 users.

  • Professional Yearly Plan

This is a plan which is for $690 a year with services like unlimited customers as well as unlimited users.

Plus you also get 2 months subscription free of charge, If you opt for any yearly plan.

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7) Recurly Subscription Payment Solution

Recurly subscription management software ensures to reduce churn rate and increase the revenue of your business. If you are using Recurly for your subscription management, you can monitor churn rate, MRR, customer lifetime value, ARR and can also integrate with multiple payment gateways. The data is extremely safe and secured as PCI Level 1 security is provided.

Dunning Management

Dunning management automation can be done with ease through Recurly subscription billing solution. When payment failure occurs with this software, you can notify customers at different time intervals, send a number of reminders, send customized emails and more.

With this software, you can define the number of email notifications, adjust days interval between emails and also automate transaction retries.

Best Dunning Management Services


  • The Core Plan will charge 1.25% of the revenue collected in a month, plus 10¢ for each transaction performed and the base cost $99 of the plan on monthly basis.

{Example :- If the revenue collected in a month = $10,000

Then, 1.25% of $10,000 = $125

Suppose the number of transactions in a month = 100

So, 100 * 10¢ = $10

Total cost of plan = $99 + $125 + $10 = $234}

  • The Professional Plan has a base price of $299 charged every month plus 1.25% of the monthly revenue and 10¢ per transaction.
  • Enterprise Plan is a fully customizable plan which can be created according to your business needs. For the pricing, you have to contact Sales Team.

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8) Rebilly Recurring Billing Solution

With this system by Rebilly, you get full control over all payment transaction and it allows you to access latest details with just a few clicks. Rebilly is an advanced software which also suggests the right payment gateway for any particular transaction.

It supports multiple currencies as well as different payment gateways. All the data from key metrics is collected and displayed on the dash to give a clear picture.

Dunning Management

Dunning management is an important aspect of subscription management which is done easily if you are using Rebilly. It is a cost-effective way to reach out customers through automated emails and notifications to reduce churn.

Rebilly subscription management software helps you approach clients and customers whose credit card have expired, payment is restricted or transaction has failed. Through this, you can regularly send emails at different time intervals.

Best Dunning Management Services


  • Pioneer Plan is free of charge. This plan is free if you gather revenue below 1,000 in a month.
  • Entrepreneur Plan has a price tag of $149 a month, plus additional 10¢ transaction fee will be charged for every transaction. This plan offers a revenue limit of $50,000 a month.

{If 100 transactions are done in a month

Then, total cost of this plan will be $149 + (10¢ * 100) = $159}

  • Executive Plan will cost $1,497 a month and will give you a limit of $150,000. An additional 10¢ transaction fee will be included.
  • Enterprise Plan is a customizable solution which can be designed as per the needs of your business. This plan starts from $3,000 a month and is for businesses generating revenue over $150,000 in a month.

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9) Fusebill Subscription Billing Management Software

Fusebill subscription billing management software provides all major customer details, transaction information, updates metrics data, invoicing essentials and more at the dashboard. It permits you to automate customer interactions and invoice delivery, once configured and scheduled this system manages all by itself. This is an advanced system which will deal with all types of subscriptions.

Dunning Management

Fusebill provides you the best dunning management solution that permits you to handle complaints related to payment attempt failure, credit card expiry and other transaction failure problems.

This a feature which definitely reduces the churn and increases the revenue of your business. You can set the dunning processing rules which will help you retrieve the payments.

This software automates processes like retry attempts, email and notification process, customer status and reminder scheduling as well.

Best Dunning Management Services


  • Start-up Plan by Fusebill is best for business making a revenue below $1 million. This plan will come for $99 a month and additional 1.5% of revenue will also be deducted.
  • Rapid-growth Plan will cost around $995 a month and will best suit businesses generating ARR from $1 million to $10 million.
  • Enterprise Plan is a top class plan which has all the features you can expect a subscription management software should have, for the price of which you have to contact the sales team.

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Final Conclusion

These are the premium subscription management software which provides Best Dunning Management Services for your business and helps you retrieve customer, reduce churn and more. This blog has all the essential information related to dunning, different situations are defined with proper pricing examples.

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