11+ Best Insurance WordPress Themes for Law & Finance


Looking for an Insurance WordPress Themes to provide the online insurance service to your customers?

Theme crafted for top ranking Legal Advisories Are you an Advisor, Lawyer, Consultant, Agent or in the Insurance business?

Are you considering having a professional website for your clients and visitors?  

And want your site upscaled with quality, yet affordable and sensible WordPress theme.

Then, our vast collection of the consultancy, advisory, and insurance WordPress themes will assist you to search the best for you from the comfort of your couch.

The listed themes will ensure a categorized readymade template which is specific to the niche at your disposal. Also, you are assured of saving large sums of money which you could have otherwise spent.

Let’s flow together and find out what we kept in stock for you.

BikeCare – Bike Insurance WordPress Theme

BikeCare is the most popular theme among the website developers and designers. It stands above the rest due to the obvious reasons – a provision to add an online appointment booking form which enables your clients to have the appointments scheduled for their homes. Also, allow the users to access the financial policy services of their interests. 

Most suitable Bike Insurance WordPress Theme is crafted for bike policy dealers, car insurance websites, travel insurance agencies, bike insurance agency, health insurance websites and much more.

Some Fabulous Highlights Of The BikeCare WordPress Template

  • Contact Form: Displays a contact number to the top right of the theme homepage.
  • Blog Section: Post all your experience and thoughts the various insurance products and more in the blog section.
  • Built-in SEO: Can attract a good deal of traffic to your site along with Google Page Ranking (GPR).
  • Social Connections: Inbuilt Social Icons available to increase your site web accessibility.
  • Excellent Customer Support: The theme support team is always dedicated and available to the users.

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CarSafety – Car Insurance Policy WordPress Theme

Car Safety is just an amazing and reliable car insurance WordPress Theme that enables you to capture leads for your online car insurance agency. This theme is less expensive compared to other competitors in the market.

This theme best suits you for car insurance, travel insurance, term life insurance, two-wheeler insurance, car policy, car insurance agency, auto insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, car insurance renewal, etc.

Some Excellent Highlights Of The CarSafety WordPress Template

  • Customizable: The theme enables you to showcase customized car insurance coverage options, discount galore and various other amazing features on the options panel.
  • Featured Service: Displays the different types of insurance coverage that you offer like Zero Depreciation Cover, Garage Cash Cover, 24×7 spot assistance, NCB Protection, Third Party Liability, Cashless Settlement, Engine Protector, Invoice Cover, Zero Dep Cover, etc.
  • Registration and Lead Generation System: This feature in the theme helps you to access leads on time for your car insurance or motor insurance online business agency.
  • Instant calling feature: An integrated Tap to call button feature for mobile calling for timely assistance.
  • Widgetized Footer: Social media icons such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus LinkedIn, Pinterest. Contact details or related details can be introduced.

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LifeLine – Health Insurance WordPress Theme

Lifeline is fully responsive and user-friendly theme which is designed for Health, Dental, Life Insurance and Private as well as Government Health Insurance Companies.

The template enables you to classify your insurance policy system into Health, Long-term care, and accident insurance. Theme further assures your customers the best hospital treatment in case of an emergency with your affordable health insurance plan such as personal accident, critical illness, family and for individuals.

Highlights Of The LifeLine WordPress Template

  • 100% Compatible: A responsive design beautiful with all browsers and devices from a tablet, iPad, desktop and mobile phone.
  • Recent Posts Feature: It enables you to few your recent posts and contributions.
  • Ten Classy Theme Colors: The user interface is customizable in 10 colors
  • Showcase: You are enabled to showcase happy clients in the gallery.
  • Online Payment: Verified cashless payment services such PayPal and Visa are provided on the online platform.

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Retral Plot – Retirement Planning WordPress Theme

This theme helps agencies that provide services to elderly and retired individuals such as Life assurance companies, Investment bankers, Retirement communities’ providers, Commercial banks and many others from the field to provide Retrial Plot to their clients.

Through the theme, you can assure your customers that they haven’t yet retired from life but only from work.

Being the best Retral Plot WordPress template, it offers complete freedom the development of a website for your agency and retirement scheme.

Some Notable Highlights Of The Retral Plot WordPress Template

  • Blog section:  the theme features a blog section where articles related to your business are posted.
  • 4 column footer area: it features a classified and defined section on which sequential categorization of the different parts of the theme is done.
  • Full-screen slider: a splendid full-width slider is incorporated on the skin on which all retirement plans for the old age are highlighted.
  • Accordion feature area: the categorized form of displaying features and the different retirement plans can be exhibited through this section.
  • SEO optimized and Google Friendly for maximum traffic building.

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FamilyBank – Banking & Accounting Corporate WordPress Theme

The theme incorporates a robust set of tools that allows you to present all the important segments of your banking services. For example, you can provide online home loans, car loans, personal loans, foreign exchange services and much more through the banking WordPress corporate theme.  

The theme is most useful for microfinance banks, commercial banks premium businesses, corporate banks, forex companies, insurance agencies, investment firms, accountants, and other commercial banks.

 Some Highlights Of The FamilyBank WordPress Template

  • Fully responsive and compatible: The theme will spare you the drama of incompatibility and unsupported popups on some browsers since it is entirely consistent with all browsers and devices from smartphones to PCs.
  • Ease of customization: The theme offers unlimited customization which can be done for the Menu, Description, Services, Gallery and more you can customize the interface at any time to suit your desire.
  • Contact Form: You can use the template to create a contact page through which visitors to your site can directly send a message.
  • Widgetized Area: You can put Social Media Widgets like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and more for easy communication and information.

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Financier – Business Finance WordPress Theme

The Financier is the most well designed, elegant and vibrantly responsive WordPress theme created for Financial Advisors, Accountants, Law Firms, Business Consultants, and Foreign Currency Exchange Companies, Investing Firms, Wealth Advisors, and Insurance Agents.

The Financier theme is a timely savior for legal companies seeking to establish professionalism and reliability to their clients. The theme can present critical services related to commercial banking, foreign exchange, finance, and insurance without any form of coding.

Some Admiring Highlights Of The Financier WordPress Template

  • Portfolio section: Theme consists of advanced portfolio setting options where you can circularly frame images of your projects, plans, functions, and financial systems.
  • Dynamic Sidebar: The sidebar which is dynamically adjustable makes more convenience for your visitors to navigate through directly from single page to another service section.
  • Scrolling function: The theme features a framework that is designed to accommodate all your finance work on one page that can be smoothly scrolled.
  • Pop in/out menu-panel: This feature offers a comfort such that you can achieve a full width of the layout when the menu.
  • Widget area: This feature provides a capability to input social media widgets like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more.

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MoneyPlan – Financial Advisor And Corporate WordPress Theme

Built by experts for the professionals, the Moneyplan theme is ideal for financial advisors, planners, and tax managers who need a professional and quality WordPress template for an important financial service business website.

Insurance agents, Tax preparers, Financial planners, stockbrokers and investment managers are some of the possible beneficiaries of the theme.

The theme comes with a ready to use interface as the ideas of usability and intuitiveness have been well taken care of and guarantees you no worries on your financial part of theme management.

Some Highlights Of The MoneyPlan WordPress Template

  • Homepage Blog Area: Gives a provision to advertise your news and updates on latest money plans by posting the custom blogs in the blog section.
  • Payment Getaway: Verified online transactions using PayPal services. Shopping becomes so suitable for users because of Cart & Checkout option.
  • Fully responsive: The theme will effectively take care of your customers who may be seeking your financial services on their mobile devices as it is completely mobile responsive.
  • My skills: This feature gives you an opportunity to highlight your various abilities, skills, and expertise which will attract clients seeking services matching your skills.
  • Contact Details: The theme offers a fully customizable area where you can feed your contact information for express communication and get in touch with your clients.
  • A variety of colors: The theme comes along with several predefined unique color skins to suit your taste and preferences.

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LegalTestify – Expert Legal Testimony Service WordPress Theme

The fundamental nature of legal matters to anyone’s life especially when going through a legal case necessitates a flawless saving of the pieces of evidence and legal testimonies.

LegalTestify is a classy WordPress theme crafted for top ranking Legal Advisories, Judiciaries, Legal Advisors, Barrister, Lawyers, Judicial Firms and others to ensure an expert way to handle your legal and judicial matters.

The theme provides an expert handling of your judicial matters safely and carefully.

Some Highlights Of The LegalTestify WordPress Template

  • Capability to share legal features and Blogs: 3-column feature area provides a platform all the legal advice can be shared.
  • Feedback through testimonials: the template has a testimonial section where feedback is received.
  • 3 column feature area: This provision enables you to share all the Legal advice on the area. The theme also gives you and your site visitors a comfort of posting as many articles related to legal matters as possible through the Blog section.
  • Widgetized Footer section: This feature displays the Gallery, categories and recent posts for easy access.

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LegalFirm – Patent Consultancy WordPress Theme

LegalFirm is the most stylish and elegant WordPress theme best suited for professionals such as Lawyers, Attorneys, Legal Advisors, Controlled Officers, Counsellors & Barristers.

If you are one of the above, then it is time you try LegalFirm WordPress Theme; especially if you have the passion and controller agency to explore your legal amenities out upon the network. The theme also makes it hassle free for you to elaborate your business on the web portal.

The theme features permissible areas where you draft your top patentable services, enforceable factors, and prominent methods efficiently.

Some Highlights Of The LegalFirm WordPress Template

  • Compatible: The theme is compatible with most devices latest Browser versions.
  • Fabulous color options – you can choose from multiple colors for theme skin.
  • Custom menu: a fully responsive slider images area and gallery which is easily customizable.
  • Footer Widgetized area: for social icons, gallery and business details. The area also provides a provision for your telephone contact to keep you in touch with your clients.
  • About Us Section: This feature enables you to upload details about you and your business to the site and make the information to the site visitors who want to know more about your services.

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LiquidLaw – Liquidation Firm WordPress Theme

Everybody is much concerned and careful when it comes to matters financial and liquidation strategies. Nobody wants to succumb to debts and financial crisis.

LiquidLaw, a modern WordPress theme is the most appropriate online platform for liquidation firms to deliver their services worldwide.

This Theme is best-suited for Chartered Accountants, Legal Advisory Systems, Law Firms, Lawyers, Law & Liquidation Firms and other practitioners in this field.

Some Highlights Of The LiquidLaw WordPress Template

  • 3 column feature section: Used to demonstrate all the services of creditors, voluntary liquidation, and company voluntary & individual voluntary arrangement and promote other facilities to inform your customers.
  • Testimonial section: This feature enables you to display the most outstanding reviews from your client’s experience boosting the image and goodwill of your firm and promotes reliability and trust to the visitors to further seek your services.
  • Videobox section:  You can display video presentations about your business on this box, this will enable visitors to the site to acquire a broad scope of your firm.
  • Quick Contact: You can give several options to your customers to reach you via the contact page or contact number.
  • Slider image: Allows uploading and display of images on the home screen and it is visible to your site visitors.

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LawService – Law Firm WordPress Theme

The lawService theme is mainly designed for Legal advisory and conveyance firms and other legal business entities dealing with various general law services. The theme enables your customers to book appointments with your Lawyers from an online platform.

The template allows you to create any website related to the law since all the features to showcase a legal firm and its services are in the theme.

Predefined sections are available in the theme to provide details regarding the areas you are specializing on.

Here Are Some Highlights Of The LawService WordPress Template

  • Contact Form: Displays a contact number to the top right of the theme homepage.
  • Blog Section: Post all your experience and thoughts the various insurance products and more in the blog section.
  • Appointment booking form:  This enables your clients to book an appointment with you online from their location.
  • Great Product Support: It always offers quick and professional support from the support team with the product.
  • Quick Contact: You can provide your clients with several options to reach you through the contact page or contact number which is located on the homepage of the website.

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Defense Law – defense Attorney WordPress Theme

Defense law is the ultimate theme for attorneys who are specialized in a criminal defense built with features to showcase legal services. The theme can also be used to create any law related websites like for advocates, legal officers, barristers, and law firms.

The theme has a 3-column feature area where you can describe the legal services that you offer.

Some Of The Highlights Of Defense Law WordPress Template

  • Widgetized Footer: Social media icons such as Twitter, Facebook, Google plus LinkedIn, Pinterest. Contact details or related details can be introduced. Recent posts, portfolio, and Firm information are also featured here.
  • Compatible: A responsive design beautiful with all browsers and devices from a tablet, iPad, desktop and mobile phone.
  • Inbuilt SEO: The theme comes with the Search Engine Optimization functionality options panel.
  • Outstanding user/customer support:  the customer care option on the homepage guarantees your clients best support in case of technicalities.

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We have covered all of the Insurance WordPress Themes for you if you wish to probably like to know more about them. Just click the URL provided in each to explore the themes.

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