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When it comes to website's speed, images are the most important factor behind website loading time. Google and other search engines give high preference to web pages that are highly optimized for speed.

As a larger number of people have started to use mobile and tablets to browse websites, users hate to wait for websites which take more time to load. Based on current technology trend, it's better to enhance loading time of website before you lose your customers.

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And hence, it has become a top priority to compress image on your website to speed up and rank your site higher in search engines. There are other excellent articles, shortcodes and plugins for enhancing your WordPress images experience too.

image optimization

Images are the most important factor behind website load time as they are good for explaining things quickly and can also be used as a content enhancer.

However, having lots of images in your content can slow down the loading speed of your web page considerably. A slow loading website will make you lose your customers.

So, it becomes very critical to optimize images on your website to make sure that your website loads fast for your visitors, and you can achieve higher search engine rankings.

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Today I am going to tell some of the fantastic WordPress plugins that you can use to optimize images on your website and to enhance the overall loading speed of your website.

1. ShortPixel -

ShortPixel plugin is simple to use which comes with a clean interface and useful features. You need to subscribe to ShortPixel to get the API Key and get the plugin going.

Upon subscription, you receive 100 free credits/month. While it isn't as many as those offered by TinyPNG they should be enough for the average WP blogger. Also, this plugin only counts the images they succeeded optimizing by at least 5%. Otherwise, no credits are charged.

What I felt is missing in the plugin - an option to keep EXIF data in images. Some (photographers mainly) could find this feature very useful.


The plugin also offers a backup and restore solution for the optimized images.

shortpixel-2Plans start at 4.99$/month, and one-time packages are also available. You can optimize 10,000 images with $9.99 which is a good bargain especially if you have large images. We recommend you to give it a try.

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2. Compress JPEG & PNG -

What I like about TinyPNG is that they have the option to optimize only certain image sizes, they offer the option to resize the original image (it can lead to great savings), and they have a generous free monthly plan (500 images/month for free).

They didn't offer any backup option, the optimization results are in KB/MB (it is rather confusing), and there is only the option to optimize the images as lossy.


While testing their plugin I could notice blurry sections on some pictures. While they didn't look awful, it wasn't nice for the trained eye either.

TinyPNG has a generous monthly plan of 500 images and also the option to pay exactly what you need. So if you require optimizing only 3500 images, then you only pay for that.The cost for optimizing 10,000 images is $85 which is rather high.

The cost for optimizing 10,000 images is $85 which is rather high.

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3. WP Smush.it -

This plugin is good enough for compressing your WordPress images automatically without depressing the quality of the image. Once installed will automatically compress all existing images and newly uploaded images behind the scenes.

WP Smush Pro is one of the best WordPress Plugin, which helps in ranking your site higher in search engines. With the Smush Pro, the quality of the images remains the same, but the size gets compressed by ten times than its actual size.

The drop in quality does occur, but the working of the Smush Pro is so efficient that the drop is hardly visible.


With the help of the WP Smush Pro, the performance of the website is optimized, and the server never gets overburdened.

The plugin is easy to use as it offers a single click gesture to ensure the image resizing. Each image on the website is optimized one at a time. With its advanced feature of automated smashing the images are automatically smashed and optimized whenever the site gets loaded.

The plugin if flexible and gives control over your website.

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4. SEO Friendly Images -

This plugin is for optimizing your images for search engines.

It helps you to get more organic traffic from search engines. It automatically adds alt and title attribute to images.

Alt attribute is the primary thing which is seen by search engines to find images for any keyword. You can use this button plugin with WP Smush.it or Lazy Load plugin for complete solution.friendly-images

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5. Bulk Resize Media -

WordPress allows you to upload heavy images but its not good for your server and load time of your website.

This plugin automatically resizes huge images and makes sure maximum upload size is respected for all uploaded images. The plugin also works with multi site to allow admins to control the image uploads.

Bulk Resize Media-image-optimization-plugin

This plugin optionally converts BMP images into jpgs.

It also bulk resizes all existing images for better performance. You can also set max height/width and jpg quality.

  • Automatically resizes large image uploads, keeping the maximum size and removing the original huge image.
  • Bulk-resize feature to selectively resize all existing attachments.
  • Allows configuration of max width/height and jpg quality
  • In MultiSite, network admins can control image sizes for the entire system.
  • Optionally converts BMP files to JPG.

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6. Image Pro -

This plugin offers you power to upload, resize, add, and change images instantly.

It provides you options to manage your media content easily. You can easily manage the media collection using this plugin as it offers a way to image search, filter by file type facilities.

You can drag and drop any image to post and resize it there itself.

Image Pro-optimization-plugin

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7. EWWW Image Optimizer -

EWWW Image Optimizer is such a WordPress plugin which helps you in optimizing your images automatically as soon as you upload them to your blog. It can even help you in optimizing the images that have been uploaded previously.

It converts the format of the image files to the one which exhibits the smallest size of the images.

For the format of JPG and PNG, the plugin applies reductions with options. This plugin loads your images faster and helps in the better working of the WordPress website.

ewww optimizer

If your website loads easily, the visitors will be contented and at peace in viewing what you have for them. In this way, the advertising happens automatically & heavy traffic may be observed on your website which can in return make you generate revenue.

The smaller size of the images helps in the maintenance of faster and efficient backups. The best thing about the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is that it maintains the quality of the image before and after optimization.

The only thing that is changed with this plugin is the size of the image file which is an advantage to the website developer. The optimization has no losses and offers a lot of gains with one small exception of GIF animations.

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8. Hammy -

Hammy is another WordPress plugin which takes hold of the images on your website and reproduces them to make images that are much smaller in size.

In actual the size of the image is dependent upon the width of your content as the plugin is dynamic and changes the images by it.

Hammy has been proved to be very useful and is effective in using both of smartphones or the desktop computers. Hammy takes the images and produces a large number of smaller sized images. When a user visits the website, Hammy provides the smallest image possible for the view automatically.hammy-image-optimization-plugin

It is one of the reasons that it works well on the mobile phones. Hammy makes sure not to make any changes to the database of the user and takes on alternates or images for the original ones.

Hammy WordPress plugin supports the retina and uses 3.5 code of the image. To have an efficient use for this particular shortcode plugin, few minutes are to be provided so that it gets configured correctly before you can start to use it.

Another advantageous feature of Hammy is that filters out the output every time an image is processed, but it generates the image only once.

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9. CW Image Optimizer -

As soon as the images are uploaded on our website CW Image Optimizer WordPress plugin starts to optimize your images automatically. The plugin concentrates on optimization without causing any loss and damage to the quality of the website.

CW Image Optimizer plugin uses image optimization programs offered by Linux to reduce the size of the images thereby enhancing the performance of the website. Images that have already been uploaded on the web page can also be resized by the use of this efficient WordPress plugin.


As the CW Image Optimizer uses the lossless techniques to optimize the images that quality of your images before and after the process of optimization remains the same. The thing that changes is the size of the image file.

The Linux optimizer tool that is used by the CW Optimizer is available on the web free. The privacy policies of the plugin are nothing to worry about as the images remain on the server forever.

Apart from the benefit of faster loading and less loss the CW Image Optimizer helps you in utilizing less bandwidth. The size of the images becomes smaller, and consequently, lesser space is occupied by the images on the server. The speed of the website is enhanced manifolds with the use if this effective image optimizer plugin of WordPress.

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10. Prizm Image -

Prizm Image is an advanced feature WordPress Plugin, which has proven to be an effective image optimizer.

The working of this plugin is simple as it involves the resizing of the images and bringing them down to a smaller size along with the maintenance of visual quality of the image and its resolution.

Prizm Image Optimizer plugin makes use of a different API. With the help of this plugin, some actions can be performed like the optimization and compression of JPG image and strip metadata from the JPG image files.


Other than these functions Prizm Image is also responsible for the optimization of PNG and GIF file formats of files.

There is one thing that needs to be considered before its use that is the plugin requires the users to register an online Prizm Image account.

The Prizm Image free account lets the users acquire a free license for the key. It is advisable to use kind of optimization plugin at a time.

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Conclusion -

There are lots of plugins available in WordPress repository for optimization of images as well as boost sales by collecting more leads. Choose the one which suits best to your needs.

I would prefer these plugins on top for my WordPress websites, please share which is your favorite plugin for image optimization.

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  1. Hello, thank you for summary but i still dont know which one is the best… WP.Smush.it is good and simple but does not show me the best results.

  2. Thank you for your article. I am always on the search for image optimizers as I run a blog dealing with Social Media Marketing. Because I am such an image intensive website it is critical that I have webpages that load quickly. Currently we are using Wp SmushIt which we find more than adequate.

  3. Thanks for the list! It’s a must to optimize WordPress images as it can reduce site loading time dramatically. We always recommend to use WP Smush for our clients – it’s easy to use :)

  4. Thanks for this sharing. WP Smush is one of my favorite optimizing tools.
    Your share about Compress JPEG & PNG is so much lucrative. transparent PNG is mostly workable for uploading in site because it consumes less spaces.

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