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InkShortcode – Ultimate WordPress Shortcode Plugin


Add extra elements like image sliders, testimonials, twitter feeds, Google maps, videos and much more on your website.

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Theme Features:

Dependencies: WordPress 4.9+

Files Included: CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Compatible Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS Safari, Opera Mini, Android Browser, Chrome for Android

Your existing theme may be missing elements such as image sliders, dividers, accordions, columns, buttons, boxes, labels, drop-caps, quotes, embed Google maps, videos, testimonials, Twitter feeds, and many other things that are really important.

Not a problem. You can still use all of them and even more elements, without replacing your existing theme and without editing its CSS.

By using this shortcode WordPress plugin like many other WordPress users do, you can add elements in your web pages and enhance its look and feel.

Adding elements with shortcode plugin will be a big time saver to organize your content in such a way that it holds the interest of your users.

ShortCode Plugin Key Features

Headlines : Make Them More Stylish

Go more creative with your headlines. Make colorful headlines with desired font styles and font sizes.

There are also options to select font family and background color, so you can go an extra-mile creating stylish headlines.

Frames : Make Images Look More Beautiful

Frame your images with ease. Add frames to individual images and make them look better.

Just enter your image HTML tag, choose image alignment, choose any out of the three available frame styles, and here we go! Your images looking more beautiful inside photo frames.

Tabs & Accordions : Present Content In A Clutter Free Manner

Visually fancy tabs to segment the structure of your content into a number of well placed sections.

Add an expand-collapse accordion feature inside your posts or pages.

Tabs and accordions save space on the page and making your content look less cluttered.

Spoilers : Show/Hide Boxes with Information

Adding spoilers in your posts is so easy. Have attractive, animated, styled spoiler containers.

An attractive, animated container with a hint to its content and a show/hide button are created.

Quotes & Pull-quotes : Style Special Text

Easily add quote blocks. Get a graphical quotation mark at the upper left of the block-quote area.

Use quote blocks with desired alignment. Align left, center, or right.

Dividers & Spacers : Enhance Readability

Dividers and Spaces make your content look clean and clear and more easily readable.

With spacer you can add desired space in between paragraphs and with CSS dividers you can clearly separate your paragraphs.

Buttons : Increase Conversions & Lower Bounce Rate

Proper call-to-action buttons at relevant places bring a healthy rate of conversion and help lower bounce rates which is so very important. This facility is provided by Ink-shortcodes plugin. Insert beautifully styled buttons anywhere in a web page. There are various different styles available to make choices.

Testimony : Influence Website Visitors

User reviews and testimonials are great to intensify trust among your new users. New users are more likely to buy or sign up if they see your previous users appreciating your services.

InkShortcode has various predefined styles for testimonials that will look very professional when you add them in your sales pages and product review blogs.

Highlight : Emphasize Important Text

There might be some part of text in your writings which you would like your readers to pay attention at must. But before you had this awesome highlighter, for highlighting purposes you might be using underlinebold and italic styling only.

Now highlight your text by adding background color and text color choosing from the custom color picker.

Fancylinks : Optimize Anchor Texts

With this feature hyperlinks can be optimized to become clearly visible and still remain professional. Choose any color for linked text and there are different styles for links to appear more fantastic.

Messages & Labels : Convey Exclamatory Messages

Predefined styles available to indicate errors, warnings, and success messages and labels. Each comes with a unique color naturally suitable for displaying a particular message. These are useful for your warning pages, thanks pages, etc.

Column : Divide Content In Any Proportion

Sometimes dividing your page into different columns is required.

This plugin divides your page into columns by multiple ratios available for selection.

Video : Adding Video Is Easiest With InkShortCode

InkShortcode gives you a really simple method to insert customized Youtube videos & playlists anywhere in your blog or website through shortcodes.

It automatically turns the video URL into a YouTube embed, and you can manage the height and width of the video right from the option provided by the plugin.

Google Map : Embed Maps Anywhere In Posts/Pages

Just provide the latitudes and longitudes of a place and provide height and width for the map, and the plugin will generate a map on your website. Embedding maps into a WordPress site can’t be simpler than this.

Slider : Create Dynamic Slideshows

This shortcode plugin creates fully responsive sliders.

You can manage slider animation speed, height-width, and animation time delay.

Create slides with up to 20 images to display in a single slideshow.

It also gives facility to insert images into the slider from an existing post on your site, or directly through image URL.

shortcode elements -- frames, quotes, dividers, buttons