Generate More Leads and Sales With Plugins That Boost Your Conversions

A thought says – “The best marketing approach is not to stick with any, but keep exploring new”.

That’s no doubt a 100 out of 100 worth thought. Afterall innovation is the root quality of any entrepreneur.

Is it so that you keep looking for ways and opportunities to expand your business?

Here are a few tools that give an effective method to generate leads and sales and ultimately help in better utilization of your audience.

Have a look at this awesome plugin:

So let’s step in…

1. Create Attractive Product Landing Pages

When product presentation is supposed to be as effective as possible, marketers are supposed to be able to figure out what kind of presentation would leave the best impression to a user.

Challenge – You can’t buy another theme to change the landing page of your products if you feel the need to change it again and again for better results.

Tip – How if you become able to create landing pages of desired layout without knowing web development. Won’t that be a lot easier?

INKPAGE – a landing page builder plugin lets you create product landing pages in the desired manner. You can transform landing pages the way you think would bring more sales.

2. Show Hot Deals At The Top of Your Website

marketing practice - running offers on website

If you are a regular visitor of InkThemes, you might have noticed deals running on top with a countdown timer. The fact behind why InkThemes has been sticked to this strategy is the high rate of conversion achieved that way.

InkTimer is a favorite plugin used by hundreds of our customers to run seasonal deals on their websites.

3. Use Ad Banners for Promotion

marketing practice - using ad banners

This is a general practice which you can see lots of website owners following. But for different people, experiences may be far different from each other.

Your outcomes would first of all depend upon – where you are displaying ads and accordingly how much people are likely to be interested in those ads. So first tip is to show ads according your website content.

Challenge – People have become Ad blind. They ignore ad banners and don’t give attention to places where they are habitual of seeing ad banners.

TIP – Showing ad banners some other way may be the trick to get better results with your promotion campaigns…

Solution – Recently, InkThemes have launched InkAd Creator plugin that enables a user to create place ads on his website at desired place with desired animation effects.

4. Collect Leads Of Your Target Audience & Send Them Emails

marketng practice - email collection form

Sending Bulk Emails to visitors using an email marketing service is one of the best practices to follow in order to make your deals viral in your audience.

But you need to collect emails of potential visitors for that.

There may be many other ways other than this most effective way – which is having the functionality of collecting emails of visitors on your own website.


Have lead capture system on your website. A website theme with lead capture functionality will come in handy.

BlackRiders is a wonderful business theme with lead capture functionality inbuilt. It comes with an integrated lead capture form which you can display on the homepage. It gets submitted queries & emails directly stored into your WordPress dashboard.

Want It All?

Considering all these things, InkThemes has designed an all in one package. You can avail a powerful marketing package that will be quite helpful to leverage your marketing at discounted price. This package comes with PSD included ad banners, Lead capture WordPress theme, Plugins (those we discussed above), Facebook timeline covers for promotion through Facebook page, and additional bonuses.

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