Create Stunning Business Website With One Page

Beautiful One Page WordPress Theme With Fully Customizable Features
One Page Theme With Powerful Features

One Page is a professional and fully responsive theme. It is overloaded with functional features that you can utilize in building any type of business websites. It comes with all the important elements that a business website needs.

Have a look to some of its amazing features.

1Customizable One Page Sections

One Page comes with all amazing sections that are perfect for a business. Important sections like Services, Blog, Video, Portfolio, Testimonial, Pricing, Team and others are included in the theme.

All these sections can be easily sorted as per your requirements. You can simply shift them and change their positions on your website. Each section of One Page comes with its own options.

2Add/Remove Sections

It’s completely up to you to decide which business sections you want to include in your website. One Page gives you flexibility to add and remove the sections as per your choice.

Simply check the sections that you want to inlcude in your website and leave the rest as it is.

3Advanced Slider Settings

There is so much to do with One Page sliders. You can customize the slider’s color, image, text and link. One Page comes with five sliders that you can use on your site.

Two types of transition effects are there for sliders: Horizontal & Vertical. You can change the transition effects of the sliders as per your choice.

Apart from that you can customize the overlay color for sliders through color customizer.

4Section Color Changer

Another cool feature of One Page is the color changer. With color changer you can change the background color of each section given in the theme.

You can pick your desired color through color customizer and make your website colorful.

5Business Service Section

Give your business services an advanced look with the use of icons. One Page allows you to use Font Awesome icons or bootstrap icons.

You can represent your multiple business services there with description, change color and do much more.

6Expandable Blog Section

Show your latest posts on One Page blog section which is completely expandable.

Change background color, set the number of posts, heading, text, etc.

All the posts come in Masonry blog format.

7Hexagon Portfolio Section

Display your posts, images in Gallery Section. The One Page gallery images come in Hexa style.

One Page gallery feature gives you a Portfolio tag option that will show all the tags that you created for posts and images.

Just select the tag and showcase the posts or images in Gallery.

You can also customize the background color of Gallery.

8In-built Video Section

One Page comes with in-built video section where you can display your videos. Any iframe code of YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, will work with One Page.

You can also put heading, sub-heading, change color in Video Section.

9One Page Testimonial Section

Share multiple testimonials of the users on your one page website. The testimonials in One Page comes with image, description, name.

You can showcase three testimonials of users. You can also change the background color of Testimonial section.

10Colorful Pricing Table Section

A colorful pricing section is in-built in One Page where you can show your different pricing plans for the services you provide. You can list short description about your services in the pricing table, put heading, change background color, etc.

11Advanced Team Section

One Page comes with an advanced team member section, where you can showcase your team members along with their social profiles.

You can put your team descriptions there, show images of teams members, change background color and more.

12Contact Section With Location Map

One Page comes with in-built contact section with location map. You can allow your visitors to contact you directly from the home page.

Various social icons, like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc. are there which you can display on your site and connect with the audience socially.

13Theme Layout Section

One Page comes two different theme layouts: Fullwidth and Boxed. Both the layouts are completely responsive and give a nice look to the theme.

From Sidebar Settings, you can change the position of Sidebar as well. You can use the sidebar wither as Left or Right.

The One Page Animation gives a super cool look to the entire website. However, if you don’t want to use the Animation part, you can turn it off.

14Custom Home Page Section

One Page comes with custom home page section through which you can create any section that you want and show it on home page.

You can place the section where you want.

15Enhance Typography

select desired font styles and font colors for all the different writing elements in the theme. Set different styles and colors for each of the typography elements - the H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, and the paragraph.

Choose fonts from the collection of Google Fonts.

16Interactive Icon Selection

Effectively draw users into the content of your website with intuitive icons. Pick your icons from the collection 300+ icons integrated in the theme.

Theme Features

  • Home Page Section Sorting
  • Custom Home Page Section
  • Team Section
  • Theme Layout
  • Social Icons
  • Color Options
  • Font Size Options
  • Google Fonts
  • Interactive Icon Selection
  • Auto Slider
  • Custom CSS & JS Section
  • Footer (on/off) option
  • Custom Menu
  • Sidebar Position Option
  • Theme Typography

Free Theme

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  • 4
  • 1
  • 6
  • Unlimited
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Pro Theme

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Unlimited
  • 2
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  • Unlimited
  • Yes
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