7+ Best Commercial WordPress Themes For Merchants, Trading & Enterprising Companies


Creating a commercial website for online services is not as costly and hectic as it was earlier. WordPress has made it easier to design a professional business or corporate site according to your requirement. As one can use the website as a powerful tool for selling multiple products.

With WordPress templates, you can create customized sites with all the features that are required to build up and run your business online.

If you want to design a fascinating and attractive website for your business, have a look at any of these commercialized business themes. These templates have a functional design and contain tons of astonishing features that can help you to develop a website that stands out!

Give your few minutes to these accumulation of WordPress themes

These best WordPress templates are specially crafted for Traders, Enterprises & Merchants. Let’s start exploring it one by one.

Zugo Topia – Multi Vendor Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Zugo Topia is a personalized & animated multi-vendor, premium WordPress theme loaded with tons of features that aid you to construct a sterling forum for multipurpose businesses within no time.

The Ink Multi-Vendor Plugin ingrained with this theme is very easy to use. The merchandisers who do not have their own websites can feature their products on your website and start selling them worldwide. The traders just have to create vendor account by giving some basic information and after completion of account, they can start adding and selling their products through your site.

The template perfectly matched for commercial demands of multiple businesses like corporate houses, musical bands, production agencies or any other companies.

Smart Features Of Zugo Topia WordPress Template

  • Show off the multiple pictures of your production company via fullscreen slider present on the homepage.
  • You can exhibit the products and goods for sale directly on the homepage along with their price tags and discounts.
  • You can share information about your team members on the homepage along with their photos and a text segment which contain the team members basic information.
  • A unique logo section is also available on the homepage where you can flaunt the logos of your partners, sponsors, and best business clients.
  • The users can be in contact with you by choosing subscription tab via which you will be informed about various updates and news related to business.

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Slice – Best Feature WordPress Theme

The convenient and handy website for latest fashion trends which allows the customers to easily choose the products related to shopping is a must in today’s scenario.

If you wish to create an online business website for the latest fashion trends then you will be excited to know about this best fashion WordPress theme. Ths Slice WordPress theme helps you to establish your fashion selling accessories website and show off your fashion work and art in a skillful manner.

The theme is best suited for fashion marts, trendy collection shops, clothing centers and other sellers related to fashion trends. You can showcase your fashion clothes and accessories in different categories along with their description via admin panel to make it easy for users to choose the items for shopping according to their requirements.

Highlighting Features Of Slice WordPress Template

  • WooCommerce Plugin integrated with theme brings premium quality and features to the template.
  • The shopping cart allows the users to collect various items in it, and you can also see the total amount of the products that include product, taxes, delivery charges etc.
  • A secure payment gateway PayPal is ingrained with the template.
  • The guest users can create their account with name email id and password via inbuilt login and signup feature.
  • Several interesting widgets are attached with the theme.
    • Blogs: recent post along with thumbnail are flaunted in this section.
    • Custom Instagram: helps to grow relation with users by sharing your profile with them.

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QuickOnlineShop – Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Theme

Have you worked hard and have spent enough time and money to create a great affiliate store? And are you still waiting for the desired results?

Then you should try QuickOnlineShop WordPress Theme. It is a strong template which creates Amazon affiliate shop with Real Income Streams On Autopilot. You can promote your products on Amazon and start collecting direct commissions.

You can develop your own Amazon shop where you can show off and sell various items such as Fashion store, Books store, Electronics store, Computers, and Accessories store, etc.

An entrepreneur gets a fascinating online selling platform via  QuickOnlineShop WordPress Theme.

Amazing Features Of QuickOnlineShop WordPress Template

  • The template is combined with two plugins- Affiliate Shop and WooCommerce.
    • Affiliate Shopif you are an affiliate Amazon shoper then you just have to set up your access, secret key ID and Amazon ID to start. Once you are done, you can import large products, search by categories, subcategories, keywords that you want in store
    • WooCommerceit is an ingenious way to sell products online. You can take orders, offer coupons, track sales stats, arrange the products systematically, add to cart and checkout options, etc. Secure payment gateway PayPal is available to collect the payment
  • On-site cart feature allows you to collect numerous items in cart and total amount is shown at the time of payment
  • You can exhibit the product price ie the regular price, sale price and offer price via price setup
  • 3 column area helps you to categorize and display the products and services in detail
  • Flaunt the images and description of the products available on your website.

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SaleJunction – eCommerce MarketPlace WordPress Theme

To design, a tempting and elegant online e-store where you can sell a variety of digital and tangible products require an effective WordPress Theme. SaleJunction is the ultra easy and impressive eCommerce website which provides building solution to design a marketplace where you can attract huge traffic for buy and sell of products.

It is integrated with WooCommerce plugin which allows clutter-free product features and gives clean layout to the theme.

This premium template is perfect for clothes store, fashion shop, digital product shop, gift shops and others.

Eye-Catching Features Of SaleJunction WordPress Template

  • Different items for sale are presented in a systematic manner with their brief description
  • Users can add numerous items in cart according to his requirement and a secured payment gateway PayPal aids him to pay the dues easily and safely.
  • Mobile suitable marketplace is the primitive requirement of today’s world. The SaleJuntion Theme fit into any device or screen size and works perfectly on any resolution with the medium or large screen.
  • Various inbuilt page templates like default, contact page, template blog, template login give within SaleJunction are available to interact and build relation with customers.

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Covera – Ultra Modern Technology WordPress Theme

For a flawless IT firm, you require an exquisite template that will easily attain your technical gadgets, software terms, and networking methods. Covera is a premium WordPress Theme that you get to exhibit various features and services of hosting companies, consultants, technical assistance, corporation agencies etc.

The Covera template is enabled with multiple homepage functional sections that help you to personalize your technical elements, graphical policies, and other business technology.

It is the best template to showcase your innovative products, software and technography elements for sale directly from your business site.

Magnificent Features Of Covera WordPress Template

  • On/Off accessible widgetized sidebar provides a fascinating look to your homepage. If you On the sidebar of the theme, it showcases all the social icons, recent blogs, categories, and other additional tools and if you Off this function then the area for testimonial section and column increases eventually
  • Animated full-width slider section aids you to flaunt your office architecture, workplace, promotional projects, and other supportive members. Various animated options, descriptive text, call to action buttons are available in this template
  • The clients can easily detect the geographical location of your company via innovative map button present on the bottom of widgetized area
  • Share tips, techniques of controlling panel, update about new product launches, and events, etc with the users via blogs
  • Flaunt the real comments and feedback of the clients in the testimonial section of the template present on homepage

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Golden Eagle – Church Responsive WordPress Theme

GoldenEagle is a premium WordPress Theme which has the best religious designs that can be used to build the official websites for church institutes. The theme for the modern church websites has the smooth design with a quick layout which is compatible with phone or tablet screens for the mobile optimized view.

The template is integrated with woocommerce plugin to show its commercial trait. With help of this, one can assemble the plenty of products on the home page itself. Apart from it, e-commerce supportive widgets to make productive sidebar of your selling station.

Striking Attributes Of GoldenEagle WordPress Template

  • You can share your church services, aspects, upcoming abbey events and externalize them in three column feature area with their images.
  • It is ingrained with WooCommerce Plugin which can be turned on and off through the admin panel.
  • Showcase the images of latest ceremonies, events or parish related functions in the inbuilt gallery page of the template.
  • Details about the past sermons and other congregation events can be shared via blogs. You can also update the people about your upcoming event and program.
  •  You can flaunt the users opinion and feedback of your services along with their images and designation in the testimonial section of the theme

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WoodBerry – Simplest WordPress Theme

If you wish to take your online business to heights then you have to create an impressive website with intact and easy to use design. The WoodBerry is a genuine WordPress theme that helps you to create the personalized website.

This premium template is best suitable for designing an inspiration blog website, e-commerce site, startups and much more. It is the best combination of multiple traits, flexibility, and comfort.

The WoodBerry WordPress theme is the excellent WordPress template which is loaded with features like sliders, social sharing icons, and so on to create a high-speed WordPress theme professional website.

High Functional Characteristics Of WoodBerry WordPress Template

  • Full-width slider with parallax background is available on the top of homepage where you can exhibit and describe the images of your online business
  • You can share various tips and ideas and inform the users about the upcoming events and information via blogs
  • You can build a strong relation with users by sharing your team member with their name, designation and also their images in the team section of the template
  • Unlimited color scheme is available in this theme so that you can choose your customized color for website
  • It is WooCommerce compatible theme which allows you to display items on your website and ready to sell them online
  • Drop down menu aids you to arrange various features of the template in a systematic manner on the homepage

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Gommero – Travel Business WordPress Theme

If you want to design a website for your travel agency to help your customers have the best travel experience than the Gommero WordPress Theme is the best match.

It is specially designed for travel professional travel business sites where you can flaunt your memorable experiences with customers, let them apperceive new places to travel and expertise them about travel and more.

The theme is adapted for bloggers, journalists, travel agencies, tour operators, reporters, news or online magazine agencies.

Unique Features Of Gommero WordPress Template

  • Blogs are the most important part of the theme which helps to drag huge traffic towards your site and engage the reader on site. Share information about tips and techniques for traveling and also the information about the place where you can visit
  • You can flaunt the images of resorts, beautiful destination on the homepage with the help of full-screen slider
  • The astonishing parallax effect helps you to add multiple rating in a single testimonial section
  • You can exhibit the real comments and feedback of your customers in the unique review panel of the template
  • Widgetized left and right areas present on the homepage helps you to figure your business according to the requirement like you can add videos, pictures, texts, services etc and reveal your business in front of online crowd
  • It is suitable for all mobile and tablets and looks dazzling on other devices

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Above featured themes are the best and premium WordPress templates are highly recommended for creating any commercial or product selling website. You must stick to the one to establish your products selling a domain.

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