9+ Best Writers WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Authors


Content writing is an art, which does not require big words to inspire. Sharing your zeal & zest for blogging via a website will help you to promote the writing skills & associate with a wider orbit of an audience.

WordPress themes are the most popular blogging & writing stand to launch yourself on the web due to their effective & resilience features. They offer:

A very quick & intuitive blogging website-building process with no prior knowledge of coding. 

Easy to personalize & an appealing range of stylish displays adds an advantage for engaging new readers.

The templates have functionalities that allow trading books, write-ups online & even display the pricing plans.

And that’s why it becomes very important to choose the correct WordPress theme for your blog, that gives a remarkable character to your website & sends positive impact on the targeted customers. These themes are useful for personal writings, adventure, fashion, food, lifestyle, app & technology bloggers & authors.

Here on this deck, we bring to you a collection of best writers WordPress themes that will help you to fine-tune your writing & blogging dreams with the digital world.

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WebWriters – Content Producer WordPress Theme

The content should be appropriate & catchy to attract the readers & keep them engaged. The efficient people who work with digital content writing can showcase themselves online using WebWriters theme.

Content Producer WordPress Theme helps the content creator to flourish themselves & the techniques with the sliders, circular feature area & many other elements. This writing & web promotion WordPress template is very useful for content writers, producers, digital marketers etc.

Content Producer WordPress Theme

Features Of WebWriters Template:

  • WebWriters theme has a blog area where all the news can be posted along with dates.
  • A tagline section in the template helps you to flaunt all content formulation taglines.
  • Inbuilt gallery, contact page & other full-width, default layouts to show features.
  • Display all your content-related stuff in a unique manner via Kenburn Slider.
  • Supports all major browsers & coded with SEO in mind.
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

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BlogsTrend – WordPress Blog Theme

Having a responsive blog website helps you to overrule your competitors. BlogsTrend is a responsive template designed to boost the reading experience of your visitors.

This WordPress blog theme is one of the best frameworks for writers to build up user experience, increase the visibility of your site & hence a large crowd is attracted. The outline is encapsulated with a Lead Capture form which allows clients to connect with you easily & the content-rich sliders, the custom menu does pictorial promotion of the website.

WordPress Blog Theme

Main Traits of BlogsTrend Template:

  • The customized Ad banner is present on the homepage to advertise your brand.
  • BlogsTrend template is compatible with the upgraded version of WordPress.
  • Widgetized sidebar to show main traits, social icons, gallery images, etc.
  • Eight different theme colors are available to choose from.
  • Different full-width & default page layouts available.
  • Supports all major browsers & retina ready icons.

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BlogSpring – WordPress Theme For Blogging & Magazine Sites

For designing an online news portal or journal sites, selection of the best template from the available blogging & magazine WordPress themes is a crucial task. Frame your thoughts or assemble information on various topics like technology, events & put it on a blog or professional site with the help of BlogSpring WordPress theme.

In today’s ever-growing marketing world it is important to give some professionalism to your work along with keeping it classically stylish, so this purpose is fulfilled via this top frame up.

WordPress Theme For Blogging & Magazine Sites

Features of BlogSpring Template:

  • News displayed in a 3 column layout to make it visible to a maximum number of users.
  • BlogSpring template links users via the social sites & make the blog socially active.
  • Responsive in nature & works with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Customized navigation menu on the header as well as on the footer.
  • Light-weight theme with amazing features &  styling options.
  • Super easy to install & setup of the template.

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AssistScript – Script Assistance WordPress Theme

A writer has excellent thoughts & ideas which he uses to write something new, still, some entity can require being revised & improved. For this purpose, the Script Assistance WordPress Theme enables writer assistants to provide their script assistance services via the web.

This virtual assistance WordPress template which is packed with elements like Ad Banners, video sharing module, boxed layout is best suitable for assistant writers, advertising agencies, etc. & help them to boost up their online business.

Script Assistance WordPress Theme

Key Features Of AssistScript Template:

  • Widgetized footer & sidebar areas to promote key features of business services.
  • Promote the writing services via boxed slider of AssistScript template.
  • Works efficiently with all browsers & latest WordPress version ready.
  • A completely responsive layout that fits into any screen size.
  • Unique & multiple color schemes to choose.
  • Different page layouts & drop-down menu.

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PostCover – Blog Installation WordPress Theme

Anyone can express themselves to the world by creating a story but to express themselves across the globe, a great medium is required where they can broadcast their story. So, if you are in the field of blog publishing, PostCover WordPress theme is one of the astounding platforms that help you to enhance the brand on the internet.

You can create various pages like blog, gallery, etc. with this blog & media broadcast WordPress theme to give the writers or readers the best ambiance. The light background highlights every minute details of blog installation & the sidebar on the homepage can be used to provide a swift browsing experience to the users.

Blog Installation WordPress Theme

Features Of PostCover Template:

  • The template has a boxed slider to flaunt blog designing features with images & text.
  • PostCover provides a gallery page & Ad Banners to promote posters of sponsors.
  • Social sites integration to grow your network & advanced typography options.
  • Blog section gives heads up to upload content about the post cover business.
  • Adaptable to the latest version of WordPress & coded with SEO in mind.
  • Front page customizer available & CSS custom options.

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ExpertMarketer – Content WordPress Theme

In today’s scenario, content marketing has become an essential aspect of the digital marketing world. To boost up your business online it is important to share the written content on the internet.

Help people with content writing or content marketing business along with flourishing your business on the web with the help of Content Marketing WordPress Theme. ExpertMarketer is a single-page WordPress template where you can share services & strategies for content marketing under one roof. It is suitable for digital marketers, printing agencies, SEO experts, web designers etc.

Content WordPress Theme

Features of ExpertMarketer Template:

  • Pricing table facilitates to display the charges of the content writing in a tabular form.
  • Share the iframe codes of videos & provide an in-depth understanding of the work.
  • Services related to content management can be advertised via blog section.
  • A hexagonal gallery to flaunt features in a categorized manner via pictures.
  • Works with the latest version of WordPress & cross-browser support.

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BookWriter – Self Publishing WordPress Theme

To catch more traffic in book selling business whether you are a bookseller, writer or publisher it is very important to expand the business online in this competent digital world. So, you have to take the bookshop on the web & this can be easily done with the help of Self Publishing WordPress Theme.

BookWriter is a publishing WordPress template, that is embedded with a free WooCommerce plugin to provide more business opportunity & allow you to start online trading of the collection of books.

Self Publishing WordPress Theme

Features Of BookWriter Template:

  • To provide a secure online transaction BookWriter template is integrated with PayPal.
  • Flaunt the client’s testimonials, features on the column service area & videos.
  • Single product page, cart, checkout options are available to help shoppers.
  • Latest WordPress compatible & cutsom CSS options.
  • Pre-defined color schemes available & clean codes.
  • Powerful & easy to use admin panel.

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SmartVision – Writer WordPress Theme

In today’s world, it is very important to expose your writing work on the internet in order to get huge crowd & value for your business. Showcase your work on the internet via SmartVision WordPress template which is designed for writers, authors, blogger.

The writer & editorial service WordPress theme is packed with several features like blogs on the homepage, a widgetized sidebar to share social icons, gallery images, videos & much more to grow your writer’s brand to a grand level.

Writer WordPress Theme

Attributes Of SmartVision Template:

  • In blog section of SmartVision template share ideas, thoughts & attributes with users.
  • Earn extra penny by promoting the posters of sponsors or flyers of upcoming events.
  • Categorize the books into groups & display them in an excellent way in the gallery.
  • The WordPress theme is compatible with all the browsers available online.
  • Front-end customization available & custom CSS options.
  • Esay to install setup & high on performance.

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Subscribely V2 – WordPress Responsive Membership Theme

If you want to design a professional looking membership website then, Subscribely V2WordPress theme is the best stop. It is perfectly designed to make a responsive membership site to boost the content online.

The content may be videos, ebooks, reports or any premium writings that can be submitted by the subscribers as well. The content & magazine writing WordPress theme is filled with features through which you can easily arrange your membership site in few steps without searching for different elements at different locations.

WordPress Responsive Membership Theme

Features Of Subscribely V2 Template:

  • Showcase the events, services in a single scroll so that users get fascinated.
  • Subscribely V2 template is integrated with online payment gateway PayPal.
  • Upload images and videos with a brief description in the portfolio section.
  • You can personalize the menu according to your requirements.
  • Eight unique colors of the theme are available to choose from.
  • Separate pricing plan & packages page layout.
  • Latest WordPress version compatibility.

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Rethink V2 – Responsive WordPress Review Theme

Reviews play an important role in deciding whether the product is good for purchasing or not. Rethink V2 is formed on the same idea. It is a WordPress theme which shows the reviews of a product, may it be books or cars or anything, with their rating on a website.

Rethink V2 is best for beginners to create perfect blogging site for product reviews. The easy to use features helps beginners to recognize and start sharing product reviews. This responsive WordPress review theme enables you to create a user-friendly blogging or affiliate website for any business niche like:

  • cars/bikes
  • mobile stores
  • technology review site
  • for covering reviews SEO tools

Responsive WordPress Review Theme

Features Of Rethink V2 Template:

  • Display specific product feature in the notification bar present on top of the home page to gain user’s attention.
  • Customized banners can be used to exhibit your posters of your sponsor companies.
  • Link cloaking feature – Bitly makes the URLs precise which makes the link genuine.
  • The Rethink V2 template displays all the reviews along with author’s details.
  • SEO optimized & compatible with latest version of WordPress.
  • Widgetzied sidebar to share videos, top reviews.

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Sum It Up –

WordPress themes are always the best assistance that anyone can get to mark the beginning of their web journey. Hope the above compilation of popular bloggers & writers WordPress theme helped to calm your confusion on web templates. So choose the best according to you requirement and start blogging.

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