5+ Best Nutrition WordPress Themes For Healthy Supplements, Diets & Nutritionists


Many institutions, medical centers, specialized doctors are now available to help overcome the health conditions by improving the eating habits; these aredietitians/nutritionists… And we believe a website is an amazing and powerful online tool that can take their business to the next level. Here we have a curated a list of 5+ Best Nutrition WordPress Themes with which you can get your business online in no time.

If you are a dietitian, you can help a large group of people in healthcare systems and flourish your business online.Thanks! to these customized nutrition WordPress themes, which have made it easier to design an online eCommerce nutrition website.

Get, Set & Going with these bestselling nutrition & food WordPress themes:

To be at a fast pace, nutritionists can employ these frameworks & enjoy the luxury of a lifetime.

NutriFirm – Nutrition Agency WordPress Theme

NutriFirm is a modern and active theme which gives elegant look to your Weight loss centers, health care clinics, gyms, wellness firms, health consultants, etc. energize the look of your nourishment center and boost nutrition services with NutriFirm WordPress theme.

You can expand your business website through NutriFirm WordPress theme. This vitamin supplement WordPress template is accumulated with many exclusive features through which you can advertise dietary plans, nutrition programs, virtual strategies, resource policies and food services.

Nutrifirm WP theme

Features Of NutriFirm WordPress Template

    • An inbuilt Ink Lead Generation Pro Plugin helps the user to fill the information in the lead capture form which is stored in admin mailbox.
  • Show off the latest features of nutrition products, a different outlook of agencies, stores, etc in slider section of NutriFirm.
  • The theme provides you with form column feature where you can exhibit various services like diet chart, nutrition status and so on.
  • Share the priceless experiences and feedback of customers via testimonial section.

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NutroLife – Nutrition Store WordPress Theme

If you wish to boost your online business of nutritional products then NutroLife WordPress theme gives you the best platform. In fact, other nutrition merchandisers can visit your site and advertise their nutritional listing.

You can advertise your services like selling of protein supplements, medicare, innumerable vitamins, weight loss management and other similar services. The nutrition oil WordPress theme is best suited for nutrition consultant, dietitians, nutrition treatment centers and other chains of shop or people who sell nutritional items.

Nutrolife WP theme

Ingredients Of NutroLife WordPress Template

  • The user can get the location of local nutrition supplier by clicking on the location of the geolocation search of the theme.
  • Listing page contains the detailed information of the nutritional supplements.
  • The customer contact form with information which helps you to build relation with them.
  • Promotional events, advertisements of nutritional items and other similar banners can be exhibited at the bottom level of the theme which aids to increase traffic on the site.
  • Share description about health and nutritional products, diet plans with photos via blogs.
  • Customize your site by choosing the desired color from the seven colors available in theme.

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NutroDite – Nutrition Supplements WordPress Theme

If you wish to grow and explicate your nutrition supplements business online, then you have to create an astonishing website. This purpose is fulfilled by NutroDite WordPress Theme.

Using vitamin sale WordPress theme to develop your business online helps you to get large traffic, increases the product return and easily boost up your nutrition supplement brand knowledge.

NutroDite template is best for nutritional wholesalers, supplement distributors, and health product suppliers.

NutroDite WP theme

Attributes Of NutroDite WordPress Template

    • Theme aids you to flaunt all types of nutritional products like weight loss pills, muscle gain drinks nutrition bars and much more.
    • Acknowledge the detail description of products and services such as best healthy food, online nutrition course in the 3 column featured area.
    • Collecting information of visitors like email address and contact numbers via lead capture plugin is the best way to promote products among them.
  • Flaunt the business product images in gallery page of the theme.
  • Share tips with users about best nutrition supplement to be intake and the latest news and updates via blogs.
  • A special inbuilt contact page is available where the customers can directly post their queries and questions. This helps to build good relations with customers.

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Nutrition – Health And Fitness WordPress Theme

You can easily design customized health and fitness related website by using Nutrition Health and Fitness WordPress Theme which is an exclusively designed, tempting BodyCare WordPress Theme loaded with so many features.

Different service providers need their personalized websites like Medical Practitioner needs to feature their services for their targeted customer and so on.

The template is perfect for doctors, dentists, hospitals, surgeons and other service providers who offer their healthcare business services.

Nutrition WP theme

Elements Of Nutrition WordPress Template

  • It is compatible with all kind of gadgets like mobile, smartphones, desktops and other electronic devices.
  • Full-width slider helps you to display brief description along with images related to business services.
  • Full- width layout helps to gathers contents, contacts and other information in one click.
  • Easy drop down menus containing information about the nutrition products is available on the homepage.
  • Use the gallery section of the theme to display various images of the items available on your website.
  • Share the experiences and feedback of customers in testimonial section.

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LightDiet – Dieting Consulting WordPress Theme

If you own a dieting consultancy firm and want to spread it worldwide, then design an astonishing website to do so. This could be done with the help of  LightDiet WordPress theme.

Dietary WordPress template is loaded with tons of features to design an impressive website to flaunt your health club center and also aids to sell your nutritional plans among health conscious users.

The theme is useful for fitness centers, dietary consultants, weight loss clubs, nutrition specialist, etc.

LightDiet WP theme

Attributes Of LightDiet WordPress Template

  • The theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin which gives an electronic look to your consultancy site.
  • The users can use fitness plans according to their requirement and can do the secure online transaction through PayPal.
  • You can put quotation with item image, package name, and procedure according to your clubs’ dieting plans.
  • Exhibit various clinical services, dietary policies, and approaches through column feature section of the theme on the homepage.
  • Through blogs, you can give information about upcoming nutritional events, wellness programs, club facilities, food allergy programs, weight loss or gain tips.
  • Special video section is available to demonstrate about the diet plans, nutritional supplements etc.

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FoodAdvisor – Food Guide Agency WordPress Theme

In today’s scenario, people are more conscious about their well-being and want to follow proper diet plans to maintain their health.

Exhibit your food and health advisory business via a healthcare WordPress template to attract health conscious crowd to engage your services. The FoodAdvisor WordPress theme effectively exhibits the hygienic food practices and guidelines through inbuilt page layouts.

The theme is useful for nutrition scientists, dietitians, nutritionists and other health consultancy firms.

FoodAdvisor WP theme

Ingredients Of FoodAdvisor WordPress Template

  • Grab the attention of customers by displaying high-resolution images of clean food items in full-width sliders on the homepage.
  • In flip-flop section, you can display the components of various food items which aids users to choose a proper and healthy diet.
  • In accordion service section you can provide the customers with sample diet plans, can advise nutritious food options.
  • Keep your customers up to date about events, facts about healthy food and food practices through blogs.
  • Sharing the valuable experiences and feedback of clients will help to build healthy relationship with them. You can do so via testimonial section.

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Obtaining nutrition availability online is rarest of the rare case. Reach your potential clients through these frameworks & get the opportunity to bring your offline shop on the web.

I hope these WordPress Themes are useful for you. So choose the best according to your requirement. Do you think we’ve missed something? Feel free to share it in the comment box below and we’ll look forward to reviewing it.

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