How To Create An Educational Website With WordPress ?


Creating an educational website is easy with WordPress.

There are some colleges and universities around the world who already deployed WordPress for their websites. Some BIG names like Harvard Law School, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Harvard University and others.

This is how these WordPress sites look:

College Websites With WordPress

Yours gonna be next for sure after reading this tutorial. :)

Today, I will be showing you how you can create an educational website with WordPress, step by step and how it’s gonna look after completion.

Before I start, I assume that you already have the following pre-requisites with you –

  • A Domain
  • A Hosting
  • And WordPress Installed On Your Hosting/Server

If you don’t have the domain and hosting with you, I would suggest you to buy them first and then come back to this tutorial for further process.

In case, if you need help with WordPress installation on your server, here is the quick guide for it –

Read: How to Install WordPress on Localhost

So, all set…?

This complete HOW-TO Tutorial covers the following points:

  • Why Creating An Educational Website Is Easy With WordPress?
  • Types of Educational Websites
  • Important Elements of an Educational Website
  • Steps to create one for yourself

At the end, the site is gonna look something like this:


Looks good. Isn’t it..?

Let’s begin.

Why Creating An Education Website Is Easy With WordPress?

WordPress is a fine platform for creating any sort of educational websites and an excellent content management system. The good news is it is completely FREE to use. :)

So, whether you want to create an educational website for a school or college, university, academic websites, educational websites for kids, sites for tutors, etc., WordPress is the ideal platform for you to start.

Types of Educational Websites

Let’s quickly have a look at the types of educational websites, you can create with WordPress:

A Website for School or College: A school website gives the information about the school, staff, students, etc.

A College website will too have the information about the college, courses (which they offer), staff of college instructors, etc

Some examples of school/college websites  are: and

A Website For Online Education Portal: An online education portal is a website which offers study materials for students. Live classes, tutorials, etc.

Some good examples are:,,

A Membership Website For Education: An educational membership website is the one where students can log in and submit their assignments. Instructors can take classes for their students, manage courses, etc.

For eg:

Important Elements of Educational Website

Now as you are cleared about what sorts of educational websites can be built with WordPress, let’s talk about the important elements that are must for an educational website (here I will be taking an example of a college website)

1. Front Page: It’s the first page (homepage) that student visits on your
website. The home page usually has the following important elements for a
college website :

  • A Logo
  • Images of Your College
  • Important News/Notice if any
  • Latest activities/Events Info
  • Social Icons

2. About Us Page: It gives entire information about your college.

3. Courses: Information about the courses that you offer.

4. Fee Structure: Info about the course fees.

5. Registration Form: For Signing up for courses

6. Contact Form: So that students can contact you about their queries.

If you Google a few college websites, you will find the above elements common to them.


Regardless of whether you want to create a membership educational site, or for a school or college, the information portion is gonna be same for all types of educational sites.

Having said that, I will be continuing the example of College Website and will show you how to create it with WordPress. Here I’m going to pick an education WordPress theme – BlackRiders, that has all the important features/elements for a college website.

If you like to use the same theme for your College Website, you can check it out here –

BlackRiders Education WordPress Theme Demo

Steps To Create An Educational Website With WordPress

Let’s see how this education theme can be transformed into a college website.

Step 1: Uploading the theme to your WordPress Dashboard

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance>>Themes and click on ADD NEW option. Now click on Upload Theme>>Choose File and upload the zip file of the theme. Once you upload the file, click on Install Now button. This will install and activate the theme on your WordPress Dashboard.


This is how your website gonna look for the first, after activating the theme. Remember it’s a complete fresh theme with default images and content.

Once you will put your content and images there, the theme will be transformed into a perfect college website, exactly the same you saw in the demo.

So, let’s quickly move to step 2 and customize this theme further.


Step 2: Upload A Logo, Favicon & Add Contact Details

Go to  Theme Option Panel>>General Settings and upload the logo, favicon, background image for your college website. Further, add the contact details and save it.


Step 3: Add Contact/Enrollment Form   

The BlackRiders theme comes with inbuilt Lead Capture Form which you can use as Contact Form/Enrollment Form and allow the students to contact you for the new course or for any queries.

Go to theme options panel>>Leads Capture Settings and manage the Form Heading, email address (where you want to get the notifications after message submission), etc.


In case, if you need to modify the form, you can simply use the Custom Leads Form option under your WordPress Dashboard and customize your Contact Form on the home page. You can add a number of fields like checkbox, dropdown, radio, etc.


All the messages, contact details of the students will be stored in your WordPress Dashboard and you can check them under Lead Capture option.


Step 4: Add Multiple Images On Home Page 

Showcase your collage images on the home page. There is a Slider Settings option given under theme options panel from where you can upload multiple images for your college website. Save the changes at last and it will reflect on the home page.



Step 5: Manage Content on Home Page

Go to theme options panel>>Home Page Feature Area and manage the content for your site. You can write about your site description, headline, put some images of your college along with the course description, blogs and more.


Step 6: Display Social Icons 

Get some social presence by managing different social icons like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others. Put your social links under theme options panel>>Social Icons.


Step 7: Create Different Pages For Website Menu

Pages like About Us, Courses, Fee Structure, Contact Us, Gallery, Blog can be easily created and show in website’s menu. To create a page, go to your WordPress Dashboard>>Pages>>Add A New Page.


Further, if you like to show some pages in the drop down, you can do that too. Let’s say you are offering various courses for students.

So just create the main page – “Courses”.

And then they create the pages for the types of courses that you offer. Now from the Page Attributes option, select the Parent Page and that’s it. It will be shown as a drop-down menu.

Summing Up

Once you are done with the above changes, this is how your College Website is gonna look (with BlackRiders WP Theme) –

College Website

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any queries or need any help setting up your educational website, do let me know about it in the comment section.

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5 Replies to “How To Create An Educational Website With WordPress ?”

  1. I love this post. Its just very perfect for what I want to do. I will surely use wordpress to create th school website. Pls can I get a perfect theme from the free one or I need to buy from the third party.

    1. I have trying to start an education website but not getting a good theme or plugin. Is this theme that you mentioned here still good for 2017 to build an educational website? Do you help with wordpress development? Also how will paments be integrated with it/

      1. Yes Website theme is 100% compatible in 2017 and it’s completely responsive. After you purchase if you find any problem with the theme then there is support team to help you. For payments you can integrate WooCommerce E-Commerce WordPress Plugin.

  2. I think educational website need a very light theme, very cheap hosting for long-term use. I have seen the recommended themes for educational websites and pretty much satisfied. I have an educational website based on Bangladeshi people, and in Bangladesh, the net line is very slow. So I think very minimal theme with higher loading speed and hosting selection is the main focus of the educational website.

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