How to Translate your WordPress Website using qTranslate Plugin

UPDATE – In Latest version of WordPress 4.1 q-translator plugin don’t work.. Kindly refer this particular post

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For expanding the client base, increasing sales volume, multilingual websites become a necessity for businesses and organisations. So that you will be able to deliver your products or services in different parts of the world.

WordPress by default is not multilingual, so you need to add multilingual functionality to your website.

This tutorial will teach you how to translate your WordPress based website in multi-languages using qTranslate plugin. Below are step by step implementation with Colorway theme.

Remember, this process is only applicable with WordPress themes.

1. Introduction

qTranslate is a free plugin which helps to translate the theme to multilingual content with the help of WordPress.

qTranslate supports infinite languages, which can be easily added/modified/deleted via the comfortable Configuration Page.

All you need to do is activate the plugin and start writing the content!

2. Download qTranslate plugin

Download Now

3. Plugin Installation

Installation of plugin is very easy.

  • Finish downloading the plugin
  • Extract the files.
  • Paste the qTranslate plugin directory in /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the qTranslate plugin through the ‘plugins’ tab in WordPress.

Refer image below.

As soon as you do that, your qTranslate will show on widgets i.e.

Appearance  -> Widgets

From here you can drag and drop it to any of your widget areas, This will be explained in depth later on.

q-translate widget

4. Configuring qTranslate with Colorway WordPress Theme

To configure, go to settings and then choose languages from WordPress dashboard i.e.

Settings -> Languages

This will open a setting window in WordPress as shown below

q-translate configuration

 Selecting language

You can enable or disable language in which you want to translate. You can choose multiple language at a time.

language settings

When you enable a language it will show under general setting heading.

From here you can select the default language what do you want under “Default Language / Order”.

And also you can choose the order of the language from here.

q-translate configuration

5. Enabling the qTranslate widget

Enabling the widget is very easy.

Just go to widgets section and drag and drop the “qTranslate Language Chooser” in your desired position i.e. in footer or in sidebar area.

Appearance -> Widgets

You can write the name of your widget, by default it is blank


Suppose we add the widget in the first footer area then it will be displayed like this-

widget in footer

6. How to add content in different languages

Changing the content of Home page

To change  the content of home page just go to theme option panel and using language ISO code, put all the language translation in the same text area.

Example is shown below.

Suppose you want  to translate the ‘Home Page Intro’ of the ‘Home Page’

Then put the code in the text area, As shown in the image below.

The en, de, it, fr ISO codes stands for English, German, Italian & French languages.

You can similarly use the ISO codes for other languages as well.

Then put the code in the text area.

<!- -:en- ->Your text in English.<!- -:- ->
<!- -:de- ->Your text in Deutsch<!- -:- ->
<!- -:it- ->Your text in Italiano<!- -:- ->
<!- -:fr- ->Your text in Français<!- -:- ->

As shown below.

colorway theme option panel

Then this will convert the home page intro in the desired language when selected by user.

Firstly the content is shown in English shown in image.

colorway home page

Now when you translate the intro in French then it will be shown like this-

translated page


Adding the page in different language

To add the page in different languages you have to add a new page from page section.

And put the heading in different language and also there are different tag for every language to write their content.

Suppose we are making a ‘Fullwidth’ page, then we will write the name in each text box.

add new page


And write the text in text area in each tab i.e.


different languages tags

After writing the text publish the page.

Now if we select the French language for fullwidth page the it will be shown like this-

translated text

Adding the post in different language

To add the post in different language you have to just add a new post from post section.

And put the heading in different language and also there are different tag for every language to write their content.

Suppose we are adding a post in blog page. Then we have to write the heading in different languages in text box. Shown in image-

post heading

And write the text in text area in each tab i.e


After writing the text publish the post.

Now if we select the French language for post then it will be shown like this-

translation in french


Translate text in php files

Translating the text in the php files is very easy. You just need to edit front-page.php file and place given code as shown in image.

<?php _e(“<!–:en–>english text<!–:–><!–:sv–>german text<!–:–>”); ?>

You just need to mention your language text in place of english text and german text.


Translate Widget title

To translate the widget title you just need to drag and drop your widget and put the following code in your field.

[:en]My English Title[:sv]My Swedish Title


It’s really easy to convert your WordPress based website in different languages with q-translator. Any theme of InkThemes can be translated with q-translator. You can download any theme and try it by yourself.

Another possible way to translate your website into multiple languages is by using the Google Language Translation plugin.

PS- Checkout the entire WordPress plugins collection by InkThemes here-


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9 Replies to “How to Translate your WordPress Website using qTranslate Plugin”

  1. Hi Neeraj,
    Thank you for such an easy explanation. Following your steps I have installed and activated the plugin but while using it I am facing a wired problem. Whenever I try to post content in 2 or more language, one of the other title and content get overwritten by other language. I am expecting this problem linked with editor. Can you please help me in this.
    Thank you,

  2. Thanx for the good explanation. I’ve a wordpress 4.4.2. installation with the colorway latest version. the code for the homepage translation doesnt seem to work… the rest of the plugin works fine at the posts and pages, just the homepage will not be translated. It shows the Your text in English. and the other translation. Can you please help me in this?

  3. Hi Hi Neeraj, It is a nice article, a bit outdated by now though :)

    The original qTranslate is no longer available, the button provided leads to a nonexistent page. There is a newer plugin qTranslate-X (, which is a deccendant of qTranslate with many more additions, actively maintained.

    Please, update the article and link.
    Thanks a lot,

    1. heelo dear
      can any body tell me how to show a language code on the address bar my site is multi language site im using GOOGLE LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR wordpress plugin

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