20+ Best Responsive Health & Medical WordPress Themes 2017

Neeraj Agarwal

Caring of the patient is the first fundamentality in the health and medical profession, but they are not aware of such online services.

In order to intimate those patients with your medical services, you need a professional platform where you can portray premium health caretaker facility.

Healthcare is among one of the top searches on the web. So you have to launch your health & medical business online with a predefined structure that reflects all needs of an online medical website.

Check out these cool 20+ best WordPress medical & health themes that will lead your business to the entirely next level.

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DentalClinic is fantastic and dynamic WordPress theme for creating healthcare and young or child dental clinic websites.

DentalClinic is completely responsive and is accessible to all mobile devices, exclusive 3-column section for demonstrating your clinic services, includes pricing gallery with multiple columns for creating a portfolio of the clinic, service page template to help your clients know everything about your clinic.

Also, the theme comes with a reservation and contact forms system so that your patients can easily fill the form and book an appointment online.

dental care template

Main Features:

  • 3-Column Section to Showcase Your Dental Skills
  • Customizable Template to Include Pricing, Services, Blog and Gallery
  • Available in 5 Colors to Match Your Choice
  • Upload your business logo
  • Theme option panel

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If you are a chiropractic practitioner skilled in performing the intricate and sensitive job of treating neuromusculoskeletal system, but concerned about the theme of your website. Then, Chiropractor theme has unique features to meet the standard of a chiropractic business.

Chiropractor is a professional and tech-savvy WordPress through this you can develop a responsive website for the chiropractor & health care centers that will help your customers know precisely about your services, your treatment, your profile, etc. A four column footer area enables you to set medical related widgets, homepage link panel where you can exhibit your healthcare business specialties.

Other than the theme being highly responsive, it has a simple panel interface which gives a clean and crispy look on your site.

dentist wordpress template

Main Features:

  • 4-Column Section to Feature Your Areas of Expertise
  • Compatible with Different Browsers to Attract Visitors From IE, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Easy-To-Use Panel to Reduce Work and Increase Productivity
  • Social Media integration to Help You Find Your Patients on Social Media Platform
  • SEO-Friendly Theme to Find Clients on SERP

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Cosmetologer is a well structured and highly appealing WordPress theme which is carefully designed for cosmetologists to present their online health monitor venture over the web.

The layout of Cosmetologer framed with astounding features that proliferate your business marketing, collect after/ before treatment snapshot and present them in a boxed slider along with a brief summary,  It also has a notification bar on top that can be used to inform customers about news service launches, ongoing discounts on cosmetic surgery, etc.

cosmetic sergeon store template

Main Features:

  • Completely Responsive To Giving Instant Access To Patients Using Portable Devices
  • Availability of Slider Bar to Showcase Exclusive Images of Your Clinic
  • Testimonial Section to Feature Success Stories of Previous Clients
  • In-Built Lead Generation Form to Create Email List of Your Potential Customers
  • 10 Different Colors to Paint Your Website

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Eyecare is a wonderfully convenient WordPress theme for eye-care specialists, optometrists and eye doctor.

With this customizable theme, you can easily modify your websites according to your specific needs through the admin panel, it offers a number of inbuilt page templates to frame your medical based website in different formats, pre-defined 12 colors to choose the most suitable color that benefits their overall design, a logo & favicon uploader to set graphical business icon, a tap to call button that permits your visitor to make a call directly from their mobile.

optometrist wordpress template

Main Features:

  • Built-In Blog to Raise Awareness in Your Visitors About Various Eye Problems and Pertinent Solutions
  • A Gallery Page to Include Images of Your Patients and Technical Staff
  • A Widgetized Footer That Shows Social Media Buttons
  • Simple and Clean Design That Looks Pleasing to the Eyes

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Medicare WordPress theme serves medical vendors to embolden their business and develop a web page where they can showcase medicines, surgical equipment and apparatus.

Medical store website building tool offers you various customization controls that help make your website more resourceful for potential buyers, a multiple blog post format to share medical or health related tips, a flabbergast slider for flourishing featured medical equipment in multiple slides, it also offers Google Analytics code integration to get insights of visitors.

For better SERP rankings, the theme offers an inclusive SEO plug-in tool that makes your business noticeable on the google.

medicare template

Main Features:

  • Highly Responsive Design that Looks Amazing on All Mobile Devices
  • Integration with Google Analytics to Check Trends of Your Visitors
  • Availability of SEO Plug-in to Getting Better SERP Results
  • Highly Customizable which Means You Easily Can Change the Design To Meet Your Requirements

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Physiotherapists can now make their profession less painful as they have a customizable WordPress theme that can help them with their website design.

With a dizzy PhysioTemple theme, you can reset design features to enhance the user experience,  create a physiotherapist portfolio and insert the images of practitioners, a simultaneous two video box whare you can display operational videos, also the theme offers a blog system to engage potential customers.

Take the varied advantages of health survey WP theme and develop a responsive website where a visitor will engage all the time.

physiotherapy wordpress theme

Main Features:

  • SEO Optimization for Generating Traffic Through SERP
  • Availability of Blog System to Help You Educate Your Patients
  • Integration of Images and Videos to Display Your Skills
  • Compatibility With All WordPress Versions So You Can Update Your Design With Latest Changes

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Dentalab is a premium quality  WordPress theme for elaborating a health and medical related website.

The design of Dental is a sigh of relief for dentist and surgeon as they can create a site that fulfills the needs of their customers,  an integrated InkAppointment Pro plugin allows visitor to make an appointment online and book your dental services within a munites, a slideshow slider with play n pause feature that permits you to display all relevant pictures of your dental clinic.

For their valued clients, it features testimonial section, contact forms and appointment booking form for their convenience. It is compatible with all web browsers.

dental care template

Main Features:

  • Image Slider to Give Your Viewers a Glimpse Into Your Clinic
  • Styling Option to Give Your Web Design a Right Personality
  • Social Media Icons to Instantly Connect With Your Visitors on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest
  • Testimonial Section to Feature Comments of Your Satisfied Customers

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HealthPharma is the best single layout WordPress theme for pharmacists, chemists and pharmaceutical corporations to expose their business globally.

OnePage theme lets you present all the detailed information in a single page itself like your pharmacy address, contact details and working hours, even visitors can enquire about your nutrition agency services via an inbuilt contact form, four column feature area where you can portray services like home delivery of medicines, care support etc.

A portfolio section at the homepage with categorization feature that allows you to sort all your medicines, health-related equipment into multiple categories.

health pharma wp theme

Spotless Features –

  • OnePage distinctive layout with Parallax scrolling.
  • 100% responsive.
  • Hexagonal Gallery layout.
  • 8 classic color skins.
  • 4 column widgetized footer.
  • HTML and CSS enabled.
  • Custom shortcodes.
  • Front end customizer.

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Take your Animal Veterinary service to the next level with this beautiful and well designed Vetmedicine WordPress theme.

Vetmedicine is empowered by InkLead Capture Pro plugin that enables the site owners to collect potential leads of the customers, a 4-column feature segment which permits you to brag about veterinary care services. It comes with a clean and simple design, also a social sharing buttons that empower you to join a large stream of potential vet service seekers on corporate wellness program media.

The Clean and simple design of Vetmedicine is surpassing for veterinary and animal care center.

vetererany doctor wordpress template

Main Features:

  • Simple and Clean Design to Increase Engagement of Your Potential Customers
  • Social Media Integration to Help You Meet With Your Leads and Expand Customer Base
  • Completely Mobile-Friendly to Give Your Mobile Users Instant Access To Your Services

.Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo


Nothing can present your skin care service better than this visually appealing and innovative NaturalSkin theme.

However, this is not the only attribute of this template, it also offers many other useful medical marijuana dispensary functionalities that include a home page newsletter feature to convert the visitor into a subscriber, create natural skin related blog via varied post formats and share skin precaution tips your recent post will be showed on the homepage.

The theme is built on Twitter Bootstrap framework that gives a flexibility on your site.

skin care template

Main Features:

  • Beautiful Design to Capture Aesthetics of Your Visitors
  • Smooth Navigation to Help Your Leads Find Right Information
  • 10 Colors to Complement Theme of Your Clinic
  • Custom CSS Feature to Add More Functionality

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UrgentCare is a bold WordPress medical theme and ideal for any Doctors, Medical Practitioners, Health Officers and Healthcare Business Owners to launch their venture online.

UrgentCare comes with Appointment Booking Form that let you create/manage/and keep complete control over your bookings, add services give their pricing/collect payments online or offline, add date & timing slots, payment collection can be made in multiple currencies. Added advantage to its calendar is, you can portray your exceptional working days and also see the total appointment you get in a day. Also, you can display your clinic timings and address so that it’s easy for visitors to know your working hours.

urgent care wp themeVaried Features –

  • Full translation enabled.
  • InkAppointment Plugin.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Inbuilt contact form.
  • Child Theme included.
  • Well organized and Fully responsive.

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The pet industry is a big business and it is deeply rooted with veterinary services. So PetCenter is a user-friendly WordPress theme which gives you a bandstand for proliferating your pet care services among the people.

PetCenter is a customizable template for organizations working for the welfare of pet. Its design built on Bootstrap 3.3.1 framework that offers you useful resources for your online business, such as contact form where the customer can frequently ask any query, pricing table for brandishing all your consulting membership plans along with the price and services.

Promote your animal care center through this theme.

pet center wordpress theme

Main Features:

  • Day Scheduler to Inform Your Client About Your Next Available Time for Appointment
  • Availability of Various Sections to Stylize Your Website
  • 2 Team Section to Introduce Your Team
  • Filterable Portfolio to Portray Your Service

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Nutrition is an entirely modern and feature-rich theme which is professionally crafted for nutritionists, diet specialists and healthcare clinics.

You can alter the design of your website using a number of options provided with the theme. On top of its other features, exhibits snapshot of your healthcare center in the text rich slider along with the description, whatever you post on your website they will be displayed on the mother page of the theme and shown in the form of a vertical slider.

Anybody can build their desired website within a munites.

health nutritionist template

Main Features:

  • Custom CSS option to make changes in design.
  • Compatibility with different browsers.
  • Special Bonus offer – InfoBar Plug-in + 16 Editable Banner PSDs.
  • Improve Google Rankings with its Built-In SEO Plug-in.

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Want to paint a new face of your dentistry service website Then DentalCare WordPress website builder is your toolkit. It is available for dental professionals to attract potential clients looking for dental assistance.

With its easy-to-install features, it doesn’t take much of time to optimize this theme for your website. four column feature section helps you to introduce your dental clinic services with images, share testimonials of existing clients in a separate area. It has a separate blog section to showcase your mastery on dentistry and let your customers get benefit from your insightful tips.

Also, DentalCare is fully WPML compatible so that reader from different regions can read site content in their mother language.

health medical doctor wordpress templates

Main Features:

  • Fully Customizable To Help You Make Alteration With Design and Functionality.
  • Easy-To-Install. No Hassles of Tedious Installation Process.
  • 4-Column feature area to let your visitors know about your team and existing clients.

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We are contented to offer a unique blend of expertise and patient – centered care for women at her most crucial stage. ChildCare is a clean-cut and fresh-faced WordPress Theme perfect for people engage in giving services such as fertility Clinic, Maternity and Women’s care center.

Services you offer like Myomectomy, Laparoscopic, Hysterectomy and Endometrial ablation can be briefly described in a four column feature area with flippy text feature. Review of some amazing area of the theme you can display your clinic, doctors and surgical equipment in the gallery, hook your customers through a form, where they can fill initial details about them to reach you.

ChildCare Wp ThemeAstonishing Features –

  • Latest WordPress Version 4.5.
  • Color Styling Options with 8 vibrant colours.
  • Custom Logo upload.
  • Custom Favicon upload.
  • Full Documentations.
  • Fully Responsive.

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Hypnotist is an innovative and visually clean WordPress Theme which is painstakingly crafted for hypnosis salon, mental hospitals, hypnotist clinics, meditation institutes and hypnotized centers.

With the help of Hypnotist theme you can design a beautiful website with accomplishing features like a video box where you can manifest your operational videos, homepage trait tagline to set forth hospital or clinic punching line with a call to action button, also a window slider has a unique direction navigation on/off feature, you can frame about us page to describe your hospital and clinic.

The theme is completely responsive that guaranteed as your site will adapt to any screen resolution.

Hypnosis WP Theme

Spotless Features –

  • Full-Width Slider with a description, where you can give a short and rough idea about what is the image all about.
  • Contact Info in header menu, so that people reach you.
  • Several unique template colour skins.
  • Latest version of WordPress 4.5+.
  • 9 galleries listing, so that you can upload multiple images.
  • Famous 2-minute setup.

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HealthFamily is a supreme WordPress Theme for medical consultants, family counseling centers, therapeutic family hospitals, and therapy departments.

Get your work and services online, design your website and manage everything on your own. You can display the best pictures of your sessions or operations in the slider via this a person visually will understand your treatments and services.

Appointment Form in the homepage allows customers to schedule their appointment along with suitable timings. Moreover, you can list prices of your services so that it would be convenient for people.

Testimonial section is for users of your services, Provided a space where they can give their reviews about what they feel about your hospital, your services and you, or any recommendations regarding your medical services.

HealthFamily WP Themes

Additional Features –

  • Compatible With Latest WordPress Versions.
  • SEO Inbuilt.
  • Payment gateway integration-PayPal.
  • Four Footer widget area.
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3.

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People are nowadays developing a trend of trading and shopping online. So get a move on of your regular practices. MediEquip WordPress Theme offers you to contrive your website and start exploring your business.

It will help you advertise your numerous products, anybody who is involved in selling medical equipment or running Hospitals, Clinics, Medical stores and Healthcare Centers can make the best use of the theme.

MediEquip is framed with powerful WooCommerce plugin that gives you a freedom to develop an E-commerce website for your medical equipment selling business, a product category feature for categorization of your each equipment, built-in login page for your visitor to look their previous and current order details, PayPal integration that guarantees customer to pay online payment securely.

Medi Equip WP Theme

Fundamental Features Of MediEquip Are –

  • Compatible with WooCommerce & PayPal Integration.
  • 3 Column Feature Area – To characterise Your Services.
  • Blog Section in Homepage – To Attract people through your Article and Posts.
  • Widgetized Sidebar – With lots of custom WordPress Widgets.
  • Full width 5 Slider Images.
  • WPML Translation & Fully Responsive.
  • Ajax Based Admin Panel and Custom CSS & JS
  • Multiple In Built page template.     

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LifeLine WordPress medical theme is professionally and carefully crafted for health, medical and life insurance companies.

The blueprint of LifeLine is framed with interesting features, it’s fully multilingual WordPress theme with Mo Po files that frequently your site content into different languages, an impressive lead capture form helps you to collect customers lead and start email marketing.

A large mass of people can reach you through an ingrained contact form, blogs on your homepage let you publish post and tips, widgetized footer gives a space to upload video and social icons that connect more people with you.

Fully responsive theme with powerful admin panel let you command on your website as you want.

life line wp themeMain features –

  • Latest WordPress version. 4.5+
  • Famous 2-minute setup.
  • Sticky header behavior.
  • Theme panel option.
  • Inbuilt lead capture form.
  • Child theme included.
  • 3 column feature section & 10 fascinating color templates.
  • SEO optimized with Debug mode on.

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FamilyDoctor is an ideal, professional, elegant and productive WordPress Theme for periodontists, orthodontists, dentists or individual dental surgeons and hygienists. People dealing in such professions need to organize and spread their services to the mass. For fulfilling your desires we give you a complete solution i.e, FamilyDoctor Theme.

FamilyDoctor has amazing and responsive features that will lead your website, drag out all your consulting images in the accordion slider with slideshow effect, lead capture form lets you grab visitors leads and convert them into email marketing subscriber, you can also offer discounts to your potential clients. Much more such marvelous features are loaded in the theme.

Try this enchanting theme and feel the difference to your working.

family doctor wp themeAdditional Feature –

  • 3 column feature area – to display your services.
  • 10 classic color schemes.
  • Built in Lead Capture form
  • Built in Ink Appointment Plugin.
  • Sections – Blog, Testimonial.
  • Notification bar at the top of the homepage.
  • Customization services included.
  • Post formats layouts.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo


DocCare is an intuitively navigable and user-friendly WordPress theme for Surgeons, Doctors, hospital, pharmacies, medical and health clinics. It is equipped with elegant design and unique homepage features.

It becomes a very easy task for you to organize your theme and flaunt your services. You can design your own website in just a few hours with the help of this amazing theme.

The manifestation of DocCare has integral appointment booking system, you can assign doctor care service in just a few steps, select distinct & working days with varied time slots.

You can offer the full range of doctor services, testimonial section to take feedback from your happy clients etc. Everything and all relevant features that are needed in the medical related sites is loaded in this theme to make your task effortless and to get more involvement of people resultant more traffic to your website.

Doc care wp themeSpotless Features –

  • 8 elegant color skins to choose from.
  • Fully responsive layout.
  • Pretty photo for images.
  • Multiple footer widget area.
  • Multiple post formats layouts.
  • Custom CSS Option to make changes in design.
  • Support – all major browsers, social share and testimonial.
  • Threaded comments.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo


RunPower WordPress Theme gives a magnificent stage for sports coaches and racing activity organization to create their site over the web. You can also make use of the theme in building any website because its layout is completely responsive.

RunPower built on HTML5 & CSS3 codes that give a clean and classy look on your site. You can offer various services to the mass and encourage, motivate them so that they are aware of the importance of fitness and health. Video embedded section on the homepage allows you to give video presentation which visually attracts people, and blog section let you share tips and post resultant more traffic to your website.

Try this amazing theme and make your business and goodwill go high.

Run Power WP Theme

Astonishing Features –

  • 3 Column Feature Area.
  • 11 classic color skins.
  • Call to action button.
  • 4 footer widgetized area.
  • Single click installation.
  • Contact page with google map integration.
  • True/False direction navigation for slider.
  • Fully customizable theme.
  • Homepage – 2 videos can be played simultaneously.
  • Well organised and Clean Code.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo


DogHostel is a convenient multipurpose WordPress Theme specially designed for dog hostel, dog boarding, pet sitting, pet veterinary, etc. It is susceptible and supports retina devices.

DogHostel is one of the best SEO optimized themes in all Health & Medical WordPress themes, it is integrated with featured content sliders which give a smart and adorable look to your site, various fab icons with dynamic effect to show up your services in the three-column featured area, an integral gallery page template to create dog portfolio.

The theme is SEO optimized which will help you to bring your business on the top of the search engine result.


Astonishing Features-

  • A Portfolio gallery section
  • Seven widgets. Five widgets for the homepage and two additional widgets for the other pages.
  • Showcase multiple customer testimonials.
  • Various Blog Post Formats – Standard, image, gallery, quote, Video and Link
  • Theme is fully compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, Tablets, iPhones etc.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo

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