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‘Build a perfect form for all needs via the best form builder software!’

For collecting payments, leads, surveys & many other entries, you can look out for form creator software. Through these tools, you will be able to create any kind of forms.

And after creating forms, you can share them on emails & social media platforms for collecting a maximum number of leads. Also, you can embed them on your website.

But to look out for this kind of tool in the web-market is a hard task. No two form builders have unique features but they differ from each other in the level of their feature’s advancement. And an ideal form builder tool is that one which ranks best because of all of its advanced features.

And keeping this fact in mind, we’ve discussed some of the best online form creator tools in this article which will surely minimize your efforts.

Best Form Creator Software
Services Pricing  Logical Forms Canned Replies Autoresponder  Custom Branding
FormGet $9/Month
Pabbly Forms $5/Month
JotForm $19/Month
Gravity Forms $59/Month
Formbakery $9/Month

With the help of these tools, you can create the forms & customize them in different ways. Not only this, you also gain access to diverse features like:

  • You get multiple pre-deigned form templates which will help you create online forms  of your own choice.
  • It empowers you to redirect the user to the desired page once they click the submit button.
  • One can validate various fields of their own choice in the forms like name, email address, contact, etc.
  • In addition to this, you can allow your users to upload files in the form as well.
  • Besides, you can also collect payments through multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Strike and much more.

and a lot more…

So, in this blog for your convenience, we have bundled up a few of the best form creator software & discussed their major attributes, pricing plans, and other details.

You just have to go through the following list of form creator software and find the one which fits perfectly in the box of your requirements.

1. FormGet – Form Creator Software

With the help of FormGet a web-based form building software, you can generate forms without any trouble. Further, it provides you with multiple other features through which you can add logos, change the color of text, insert images, media files & a lot more to create prepossessing forms.

You can also embed the form on the websites, provide multilingual support, file upload and several other facilities. Plus, you can create unlimited forms and validate various fields like name, email, contact us, all in a single form.

Besides, you don’t need to be technically strong for using this software. A little bit of technical knowledge will work wonders.

FormGet Form Creator Software


FormGet has a trial plan of 14 days at free of cost. So you can test the features of any of the plans easily.

Plans Starter Rookie Pro Advance
Pricing $9/mo. $35/mo. $79/mo. $99/mo.
Users 1 5 10 Unlimited
Forms 1 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Submissions 1200/mo. 25k/mo. 60k/mo. Unlimited
[Note: The pricing mentioned here is monthly, while you can easily switch to yearly plan & gain access to the features for 2 months at free of cost.]


  • This form builder enables you to provide a good user experience. You can provide your users with the facility to notify them on successful completion of a form. Plus, an email notification is sent to the user as well as admin.  
  • You can redirect the user to any desired page you want as the form can have a completion link. On completion of the form, it redirects the user to the website you want them to land on.
  • In case you want to use ready-made forms, you can use the templates provided by this service. It provides multiple forms in which you just need to select the fields and apply minor changes and it will start working for your promotions.
  • It enables you to track the user’s activity without any hassle. This software allows you to track the user’s IP address, the country from where they are browsing, the web-browser that user used while submitting the form & devices used like mobile, desktop, etc.

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2. Pabbly Forms – Tool To Create Forms

Pabbly Forms provides you with a platform for creating custom forms with a personal touch. This software provides you ease of collecting one time payments or recurring payments like monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc with PayPal or Stripe.

You can easily choose from the range of templates provided by Pabbly Forms & easily create the forms of your own choice. These templates are 100% responsive and fit beautifully on mobile screens as well.

Additionally, it also notifies users as and when the form is submitted on your website through an email.

Pabbly Form Creator Software


Also, the Pabbly Forms has a free trial plan of 14 days. So, you can explore all of its features in this duration.

Plans Starter Rookie Pro Advance
Pricing $5/mo. $35/mo. $79/mo. $99/mo.
Users 1 5 10 Unlimited
Forms 1 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Payment Account 1 5 15 Unlimited


  • You can connect form with email marketing application which helps you to capture leads via subscription forms. As soon as a user subscribes, this will send the lead to your email marketing application.
  • In addition to it, you can also give access to your team members or clients and allow them to manage their own section of forms while you manage yours simultaneously.
  • With the help of this software, you can create multiple forms on different websites and manage them all from a single place without any hassle.
  • It enables you to create logical forms, i.e. you can add the ability to show & hide various fields or sections based on conditional logic. Thereby, shorten the length if forms.

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3. JotForm – Form Generator Software

Use JotForm to effortlessly create forms online and publish them as well. It is veritably one of the finest software used for creating forms. Plus, it provides you with over 2500 templates & 40 themes to choose from.

In case you want to develop free forms, you don’t need to carry out with the process of registration. All you gotta do is simply sign up & start making free forms.

Moreso, it also facilitates you with round the clock customer support. 

JotForm Form Creator Software


Plans Starter Bronze Silver Gold
Cost Free $19/mo. $39/mo. $99/mo.
Space 100MB 10GB 100GB 10TB
No. of Forms 5 25 100 Unlimited


  • You can create customized forms by selecting the one that suits best from the number of templates & themes provided.
  • To make the payment task easier, it provides you with 8 payment gateways inclusive of major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • With the help of visual report building of the form, you can analyze the responses of the form.
  • It enables you to modify the forms created as per your requirements like validating fields, color of text, and a lot more.

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4. Formogram – Form Builder Tool

If you are looking for a software which enables you to create forms, share them with ease & view the data in real time then you are at the right place.

Formogram lets you create the forms and customize them as and how you want to. You can simply drag & drop the fields like name, contact number, etc. and validate them in your form.

Also, you can collect payment through secure and established service providers on event signups, merchandise donations.

Formogram Form Creator Software


Plans Starter Medio Medio Grande
Active Forms Free 19.95€/mo. 39.95€/mo. 49.95€/mo.
Fields per Form 3 10 50 Unlimited
Entries per Month 15 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Emails per Month 25 1000 4,500 20,000


  • You can create the form of your own choice and add various fields to it according to the requirement.
  • This form builder software empowers you to send attractive graphical email invites and schedule the reminders as well.
  • Without much trouble, you can smoothly embed the link on a website or share it on different social platforms.
  • If you enable email notifications then you will start receiving emails as and when a new member submits a form.

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5. Gravity Forms – Web Form Builder

This is a super cool software for generating forms using intuitive visual form editor. It provides you with diverse features for form building such as file upload, email notifications and much more.

You can swiftly select from the 30+ ready to use form fields and customize the data accordingly.

Moreover, this plugin is very easy to use and the forms create through it are 100% responsive in nature.

Gravity Forms Form Creator Software


Plans Basic License Pro License Elite License
Cost $59/year $159/year $259/year
Sites 1 3 Unlimited


  • By using the condition logic, you can show or hide fields, sections, pages or even the submit button based on user selections.
  • It enables you to facilitate your users with save & continue feature via which they can save the partially submitted form & finish it later on.
  • You can filter the junk files with the help of Google reCaptcha, Really Simple Captcha and Akismet options.
  • Apart from this, it provides you with email notifications for form filling process.

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6. Formbakery – Form Creator Software

Formbakery is a very responsive form creator software. It is studded with impeccable features for creating forms like easy customization, validation, payment collection and a lot more.

It is built & designed for creating forms & you can literally design one form for yourself within two minutes.

Besides, it is very user-friendly.

Formbakery Form Creator Software


Plans Starter Bronze Silver Gold
Pricing Free $19 $39 $99
Space 100MB 10GB 100GB 10TB
No. of Forms 5 25 100 Unlimited


  • You don’t need to hassle around selecting and entering the fields. All you gotta do is simply drag & drop the fields you want to validate.
  • It provides you with different design forms which you can easily customize as you want to.
  • This software allows you to add dropdown lists, radio buttons and a lot more within few clicks. 

To know more! Click Here!

Wrapping Up!

Form builder software is of great use when you need to create forms as they provide you with diverse options to create and customize the forms in a way you want to.

Consequently, we have discussed few of the finest ‘Form Creator Software’ in today’s weblog.

Further, we also briefed you about their various attributes, pricing plans & several other details.

Therefore, we hope that, after going through the details & scrutinizing the various aspects of the form creator software, you must have found an ideal software for yourself.

On this positive note, we take your leave.

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