5+ Best Fire Department WordPress Themes [Free Install]


In today’s tech-savvy world, creating an online ubiquity has become the need of the hour. No matter what business it is, even the fire related sector, one needs to have a well-designed website which can accommodate the business highlights, specialties, services, etc.

WordPress themes are the path of rescue that brings a website up & running in absolutely no time & that too without any hectics of coding.

But the question is, where to find a functional web template having all the elements that can promote the fire safety organizations, firecrackers sellers trade & enhance its brand value?

Here is a list of a 5+ best fire WordPress themes describing every little detail of the templates that will leave one clearheaded while choosing a premium framework for the fire-related services website.

Would you like more options on business WordPress themes:

All these pro & responsive fireworks WordPress themes have multiple functionalities like eCommerce, PayPal integration, etc. that will make the marketing part all most easier.

Firewood – Firewood Production WordPress Theme

Firewood is a clean one-page WordPress template suited for the websites of all firewood producing businesses like firewood suppliers, firewood cutters, firewood salesmen & shopkeepers.

Firewood production WordPress theme is one among the top-class wood WordPress templates that is crammed with elements like sidebar navigation menu, parallax effects, sponsor’s logo & much more to commercialize the cordwood & kindle trade. 

Firewood Production WordPress Theme

Ancillary Features Of Firewood Production WordPress Template

  • Virtual tour – provide the site users with a visual tour of the firewood production & ancillary features via videos.
  • Display team members – a separate section of the theme to present the workforce with their picture, profile & social site links.
  • Testimonial section – add reviews of loving customers & give the website an extra advantage.
  • Responsive theme – the template is extremely responsive that adapts to all device.
  • Integrated Google Map – the google map helps new customers to find the store quickly.
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress & supports all major browsers.

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FiroCare – Fire Department WordPress Theme

FiroCare is the perfect WordPress Theme which can be used by organisations providing emergency fire fighting & rescue services or the organisations that provide training, equipment & security tools in the area.

The fire escort service WordPress theme enables to showcase the firefighting services with the various full-width, default page layouts & using the column & list based service sections. The homepage of the template also has a handy contact form to help clients to connect with the agency.

Fire Department WordPress Theme

Prime Features Of Fire Department WordPress Template

  • Fire safety blog – The fire department WordPress template comes with a blog template to add fire safety awareness news & scoops.
  • Service section – The service segment is a very practical one to display prime features of fire agency to the customers.
  • Full-width slider with description text – Not only does the theme provides panoramic sliders, but also has a section to add text.
  • Contact form – helps to communicate with the customers easily & also collect the leads of potential customers.
  • Responsive theme – The theme is very responsive. This means it will adapt to the device size it is being used on.

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ChimneyPiece – Fireplace Mantels WordPress Theme

ChimneyPiece is a great fireplace mantels WordPress theme for chimney production factories, electric fireplace manufacturers, interior designers, firewood distributors, etc. This frame-up is embedded with a free WooCommerce plugin empowering to set up an online market for the products.

This fireplace & sawdust sales WordPress template provides various widgetized & column segments like testimonial area, features section, videos to promote the trade across a wider audience.

Fireplace Mantels WordPress Theme

Striking Features Of Fireplace Mantels WordPress Template

  • Layered Image Slider – Fireplace mantels WordPress template has a layered image slider to add striking pictures of the business.
  • Customer feedback section – testimonial section helps to display the valuable feedback of ongoing customers.
  • Blog section – stay in touch with clients by sharing news & updates of the fireplace industry via blog page layout.
  • Video section – Videos add some extra features & information to the website & make it more interactive.
  • Inbuilt SEO – clean codes & search engine optimized framework that adapts to the latest version of WordPress.
  • Inbuilt Contact form – pre-built contact form. This way, the customers can easily communicate.

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FireShop – Fireworks Sales WordPress Theme

FireShop is a WordPress Theme which can be used by fireworks suppliers, explosive sellers, bomb wholesalers, cracker retailers, etc. to create an e-commerce website for their respective businesses. The product page, cart, checkout options provide a swift shopping experience to the clients & they can shop 24/7 using the PayPal payment mode.

With different color schemes available with this fire & charcoal sales WordPress templateone can very easily change the appearance of the website as and when needed.

Fireworks Sales WordPress Theme

Key Features Of Fireworks Sales WordPress Template

  • WooCommerce integration – Fireworks sale WordPress template comes with WooCommerce plugin that presents all the products on the homepage itself.
  • User Account Login – regular users can create an account on the site, which allows them to track their past purchases & even use their saved details.
  • Product Categorisation – categorize the fire products systematically & thus list them in a way which is user-friendly.
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress, supports social site links & runs on all major browsers.

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WoodFuel – Online Firewood Sales WordPress Theme

WoodFuel is a very practical online firewood sales WordPress Theme which can be used to create an e-commerce website by firewood sellers, wood cutting workers, firewood distributors, government forest department, etc.

This wood products WordPress template has a very attractive layout & displays animation effect that is sure to catch the attention of customers as soon as they land on the website.

Online Firewood Sales WordPress Theme

Main Features Of Online Firewood Sales WordPress Template

  • Feature area – The 3-column service area of the theme allows you to highlight main features on the website.
  • PayPal integration – firewood sales WordPress template is also integrated with PayPal that allows collecting online payments.
  • Blog area – stay connected with the followers by keeping them updated about latest services via blogs.
  • Testimonial Section – start building the credibility of the website by displaying real comments & feedbacks of the client.
  • Adaptable with the up-to-date version of WordPress & supports social site links.

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StartFire – Firelighter Design WordPress Theme

StartFire is a WordPress Theme that helps to create a professional as well as e-commerce business website for matchbox production companies, firelighter manufacturers, ignitor retailers and distributors, etc.

This simplistic yet accomplished fire & woodwork equipment WordPress template offers various elements like default & full-width page layouts, widgetized footers & sidebars, sliders with Ken Burns effect & much more to publicise the business in a grand way.

Firelighter Design WordPress Theme

Salient Features Of Firelighter Design WordPress Template

  • WooCommerce plugin – Firelighter design WordPress template is WooCommerce integrated & has a product page, cart & checkout features present.
  • Service section – The ‘3-column service section’ is very practical as well as aesthetic to highlight the salient services.
  • Portfolio section – add various images related to the business with the beautiful gallery portfolio page.
  • Single product page – a dedicated single product page describes the details of each product & also displays all related items.
  • Compatible with the upgraded versions of WordPress & runs on all major browsers.

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All of the above-mentioned WordPress themes have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of various business sections in the fire department. Explore them thoroughly & choose the theme that meets the business needs.

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