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Neeraj Agarwal

Do you know about 20% of the total time of a marketer goes only in acquiring user data and knowing their prospects?

And God forbid if he fails to target the relevant audience, needless to say, all efforts, time & capital goes in vain.

But thankfully email enrichment tools are the automated solution which substitutes the manual efforts to capture your leads information with higher accuracy. Having your leads email address is the only pre-requisite to initiate the process of discovering your leads details.

“Now how does this tool find social profiles by email address?”

Email enrichment tools will find social media accounts of the users like on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. And since people stuff their social media accounts with details like their bio, job profile, company’s name, location etc. The tool will grab all these particulars for you to refer & select suitable customers for your services.

Take this for an example-

A passionate travel blogger will never forget to post his experience, new destination, boarding and every minute details on social media profile.

And if you are in search of such professionals, the email enrichment software will only take an email address of that person to track and fetch all his details for you.

Email Enrichment Tools Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address

Hence, you can act smart while picking up your leads. Instead of blind hunting for customers who might not be even interested in your services or turn out irrelevant for you.

Secondly, you can impress and conquer your would-be customers via having their likes/dislikes & other details. Because this will show your dedicated efforts to establish a relationship with them.

So let us find out the detailed functioning of the following best email enrichment tools that find social profiles by email address.

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1. MailGet Enricher – Email Enrichment Software

When you feed-in the email addresses of the users in bulk, MailGet Enricher extracts their social profiles from that email addresses. This helps you to decide which customers to target on the basis of the retrieved information from the social accounts.

Harvard & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (University), Cisco (networking hardware company), & 1200+ other corporate giants across every vertical have found this email enrichment software as the most bankable tool.

These companies are benefited with an eventual increase in efficient leads via knowing the insights of users.

This tool derives complete lead information in the simplest possible way:- just upload the email list in CSV or Excel spreadsheet, the tool will find all the data from multiple sources & you get the enriched list within hours in your email.

Further, download the enriched list and start sending personalized emails or use data in other areas of the marketing cycle.

MailGet Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address


  • Starter Plan at $4/month – You can collect information about 200 leads via emails with this beginner plan.
  • Rookie Plan at $19/month – By paying this affordable price you can fetch 1,000 lead information.
  • Pro Plan at $99/month – With this plan, you can capture 5,000 leads detail easily.
  • Advance Plan at $175/month – This pricing plan lets you retrieve information of 10,000 leads.


  • The starting plan of service is available at lowest possible rate i.e 2 cents per lead which is almost negligible in comparison to what other software charges.
  • Besides users account in different social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, YouTube including the number of followers, & people they follow, you can also receive other basic details like their job profile, company’s name, location, gender and a lot more.
  • This tool swill multiple trusted online sources to fetch for users details. Therefore, the data delivered is 100% accurate & verified.

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2. Clearbit – Sign-Ups Enricher Tool

Clearbit is an advanced lead enrichment system which facilitates you with various customer insights from social media, company data, career info and other important details.

The software analyses domain and retrieves user’s profile in the company like bio, role, location, and details of that company.

Clearbit data is collected from over 250 reliable sources which ensure you the verified details of every user.

Also, this software shortens & enriches sign-up forms by auto-filling the form fields from the data fetched. This cuts shorts the time taking the procedure of filling surveys or multi-page signup forms.

Clearbit Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address


The pricing range of this software is categorized on the basis of following plans:

  • Segment Plan and API Plan: The costing of these plans varies on the basis of the number of lead information requested per month.
  1. $99/month for 2500 leads information
  2. $149/month for 5000 leads data
  3. $199/month for 1000 leads information
  4. $499/month for 25000 leads data
  • If you are managing marketing automation software like Salesforce and Marketo, then you have to pay $499/month.


  • It doesn’t keep database static, which means the tool searches and returns data in real-time and thus you can get latest & monthly updated user information.
  • Clearbit is very specific for gathering maximum data for you, hence it collects information on 85+ unique fields. These fields are categorized in two ways. Person’s attributes (name, timezone, bio, his tweets count etc.)and company’s attributes (domain of company’s website, company description, sector etc.)
  • You can use Person API to look up email addresses, or Company API to look up company information and integrate them into your services.

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3. BeenVerified

BeenVerified finds out a lot of information about your leads across social networks with the help of their name/residential address/phone number/email address. This information gathering becomes more accurate as BeenVerified confines its search to the United States of America.

The details collected will include criminal background report, public court records, bankruptcy records, online photos, current/past location etc.

However, providing an easy-to-read user information report is not the only thing this enrichment tool does. It prohibits the public records access that is regulated with public FCRA ( Fair Credit and Reporting Act ) law. You can access the information for relevant purposes such as locating a current address, verify online buyers etc.

Furthermore, if the submitted information changes, you may correct, update, or request deletion of that information by making the change on your member information page.

BeenVerified Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address


BeenVerified provides a special trial offer for $1 only. Hurry up! as this offer is available for limited time. 

Now talking about subscription plans that BeenVerified offers:

  • One month membership plan at $26.89/month – You can search unlimited background reports, email lookups, phone lookups etc.
  • 3-month membership at $52.44/month – You will get unlimited contact information, address lookups, criminal records with the quick search option.


  • This intuitive public records search engine lets you find the details of unseen photos, age, cities, family &  friends, professional connections etc.
  • You get verified reports that are generated on the basis of investigation about a person’s history (i.e. criminal background of the customer). In fact, if you can’t find the required data online, BeenVerified send court runners to the courthouse to gather information manually.
  • Along with other features, BeenVerified also offers desktop as well as iPhone, Android, and other mobile versions.

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4. FullContact

FullContact offers profile enrichment solution for different entities like individuals, business & partners.

This email enricher collects data on full customer profiles and records. This helps an organization to turn their random contacts into effective leads.

Therfore, you can find target audience to establish personalized relation with them & provide best customer services.

FullContact Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address


The cost of this service is categorized into 3 pricing plans:

Individuals Plan: This plan has got 3 subsets

  • Basic Plan at $0/month – Store 1K contacts, get 10 free business card scans.
  • Premium Plan at $8.33/month – Store 25K contacts, 1,000 free business card scans.
  • Team Plan at $9.99/month – 500 contact updates /week, team contact sharing etc.

Businesses Plan: This costing has 2 subsets

  • Trial Plan at $0/month – Avail person as well as company data, 100 matches/month.
  • Small business Plan at $499/month – Data add-ons, 50,000 matches/month.
  • Enterprise Plan – You can contact FullContact sales team to know the pricing scheme of this plan.

Partners Plan: The pricing plan is subdivided into 2 categories

  • Developer and Custom Plan are advance add ons. Get in touch with the FullContact sales team to know their costing detail and amazing features.


  • FullContact offers numerous integrations with CRM, marketing automation such as MailChimp, Wrike, LiveChat, Nimble, SalesforceIQ, and many more.
  • You can build-up a complete contact record of the user by creating a comprehensive profile of that user. This will hold details like phone number, email address etc.
  • Using Identity Resolution (an operational intelligence process), you can convert the partial records of a user into full profiles.

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5. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is another add-on in the list of the most popular email enrichment tool.

It lets you gather details like birthdate, date of birth, court records, criminal records, phone numbers, relatives of relatives etc.

You can further refine your search on the basis of people, phone, email and property-based search.

The information collected will be based on the United States. This means you don’t have to run around for a region-specific enrichment tool.

Also, the current address is displayed with a map &  satellite imagery. And phone numbers with which multiple users can be associated.

Furthermore, this software also gives reverse phone number lookup option to track the name & address details of the unknown number that has called you.

PeopleLooker Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address


The pricing plan of this software varies on the type of subscription you choose.

  • 1-month membership at $18.28/month – You will get unlimited email, phone lookups, criminal records etc.
  • 3 months membership at $43.86/month – This pricing scheme will give you faster searching with unlimited background reports, contact information, email, phone & address lookups and a lot more other features.


  • The background records that PeopleLooker offers are aggregated from real law enforcement agencies & government courtrooms. Along with  criminal records, it also includes minor, traffic offenses and much more.
  • This software peeps in the social profiles, websites & blogs from Pinterest, Vimeo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. to retrieve information of the users that will include photos, videos, relatives, professional connections and much more.
  • Get notified through email on any updating phone numbers, address or even on creating new social media profiles.

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On wrapping up, now you would be able to figure out which service will be most suitable for you. These tools will help you to understand your customers in a way that you’ve never been able to before.

Moreover, you may find a lot more alternatives, but hardly anyone will assure you the updated and a genuine user’s data.

Hence, you can completely rely on these email enrichment tools to find social media profiles by email address for best results.

Send your suggestions or queries to us by commenting in the below section.

Thanks and regards.

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