Create a Business Directory & Earn Money – 5 Soft & Easy Ways

Neeraj Agarwal

You might be searching for a software, directory website builder applications, something that seamlessly fulfill every single requirement.

Let me tell you, there may be not just one but tens of ways to get your directory published. Beware, some ways may be too difficult and may come out to be an unnecessary time and money expenditure.

But not to worry at all, there are easier to easier solutions also available.

Let me share with you one of the easiest and the most sustainable online directory building solutions presently available. Considering features, expenditure, and easiness altogether.

Create Your Directory Website On WordPress

WordPress gives you an easy way to create your online directory site.

Just pick a pre-designed directory WordPress theme, Install it on WordPress, And your directory site goes live!

So as you are on to choosing a “theme”, I would like to drive your attention towards GEOCRAFT – Directory WordPress Theme.

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GeoCraft will be useful to provide information to visitors about quality, features, pricing of products and services from various business owners.

business directory to make money online



So, let’s take GeoCraft to the red carpet!

It’s powerful, advanced, attractive, and easy all in one thing. Whatever functionality you want in your directory website is most likely to be already built in it.

It is useful if you want to create an online directory of hotels, restaurants, clubs, a list of shops, a list of colleges and universities, or any such directory portal.


It is basically a classified ads listing theme much appropriate for providing information about jobs, services, businesses etc.

 classicraft - calssified ads web directory WordPress theme


It is a Classified Ads Theme that will help you to make Classified directory listing and earn a good revenue by placing different classified ads by different advertisers on your website.

Ways to make money with a directory site

Directory websites have great potential to drive a good amount of traffic.

Since a wide variety of things are listed there, visitors fall on your website through a wide range of their searched keywords.

There are enormous ways in which you can utilize the traffic apart from receiving commissions.

Below are listed some ways to help you generate revenue from directory site.

1. Get Your Commission

The traffic you send to others is a highly targeted audience. It is high potential traffic since users would manually redirect to their websites.

When the business owners start getting a good amount of referral traffic, they will willingly pay you in return.

However, you would need to list some business in the beginning without any prior agreement or statement from service holders in order to initiate the cycle of traffic from various sources.

2. Offer Higher Ranks to Those Who Pay You More

Advertisers spend thousands to appear first in Google. Everyone is in competition to appear on the first page and the first position.

Business owners running a business online are quite aware about the importance of ranking. They are likely to be interested to pay for a higher rank as your website appears to them as a source of valuable traffic.

3. Collect Emails Using a Sign Up Form & Sell Those Leads

Your website will be the initial source for others.

You can sell those potential leads and also get your commission when your leads are converted into buyers.

If you want you can acquire a good amount of leads using a lead capture plugin on your directory website.

This is one of the basic methods to monetize your website traffic.

Just inform a few business owners that you have a list of 10 or 20 new people this week who appeared to be interested in the particular kind of products or services business owner sells.

Further, you can share those leads with one who offered the highest price in exchange.

4. Sell Ad-Space/ Earn Through Adsense

Offering ad-space to business owners will be a great option.

If your website has a good sounding figure of Alexa rank, you’ll have plenty of advertisers ready to post ads on your website and pay you according to PPC or as per any other terms.

You can also earn good money from Adsense. Although, Google Adsense has been an evergreen source of earning through ads. It offers a variety of procedures through which you can increase your earning with time.

5. Set Up a Blog and Charge for Backlinks

Nothing else could be better than a directory website for selling Backlinks to business owners.

However, the main purpose of your website will be providing Backlinks only, but you can too offer Backlinks from blog posts.

If your articles rank good in search engine results for a keyword that attracts high potential customers for any particular business, a single referral backlink will be of great value.

Extra Tips

  • An individual can set up a heavy earning source more easily with directory site in comparison to the most popular ways of earning money online.
  • The greatest benefit of local directories is to decide the level of competition by your own as for whether you want to compete for your local area searches, searches in your city, your country, or globally.
  • You can easily beat the competition and make way for earning by listing a few things out of the enormous available options in the commercial habitat.
  • If you have listed top restaurants in a locality, people looking for a restaurant in that area will arrive on your website where you have listed all the restaurants in and around that area.
  • If you have a collection of information about the educational institutes in a city, there will be thousands or even millions of people searching for related things to the available content on your website.
  • Creating a directory of particular service providers such as for clinics, spa salons, advisory services, etc. in a local area who serve people in day to day life is also a good idea.
  • Ample of initial efforts may be required to lay down the foundation to start earning good.

Follow this step by step tutorial to set up a directory website on WordPress using GeoCraft.

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