10 Best Free And Paid WordPress Directory Plugins


Setting up an online directory website now became a lot easier on WordPress.

You can easily convert any simple site into a fully featured directory business website with the aid of directory plugins.

But the question is – How to choose the best one as there is the number of directory plugins available in the market.?


I have listed down 10 Best Free And Paid WordPress Directory Plugins that let you build directory website for your business.

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 Let’s have a look at each of these plugins –

1. GeoCraft V2 Business Directory WordPress Theme

Although the blog is on the best directory plugins it’s vital to introduce at least one WordPress Directory theme also. Because a theme will be far more easier to use and will add the perfect display logic for the visitors.

GeoCraft V2 is a business directory WordPress theme and a surefire strategy to build a directory website in few minutes and fewer clicks. This business directory WordPress template assures the making money aspect and can create the listing for any business niche such as shops, health centers etc.

GeoCraft has got a beginner-friendly approach and anyone can use it. It’s a matter of clicks to get the website and business rolling in minutes. Plus, it’s free from all the technical hassles as the theme keeps on working on automation without bothering you.

Here you can categorize your listing into free and premium and can earn a decent amount from those premium subscribers.

Now, for payments, you can relax as there is PayPal integration which automates collection and management of payments for you.

GeoCraft V2 Business Directory WordPress Theme


You will get this theme at just $97 with lifetime update and support.


  • A search bar feature is provided at the top along with location searching where anyone can quickly search for the desired business. This search feature ensures to come up with the best results for the users.
  • Manual email notifications and reminders for listing approvals/expiration and more.
  • Import the existing business listing in bulk and instantly get all the results live on your site.
  • Customized reviews and rating system for customer feedback.
  • Lead capture form integration for collecting leads & communication with potential publishers.
  • Ad banner space with Google AdSense for generating more revenue.
  • Google Map integration for city-wise business listing and geo-location search.

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2. GeoDirectory Plugin 

One of the free, latest WordPress Plugin Directory that makes use of Geographic location to set up an online Directory website is GeoDirectory Plugin. It can hold millions of listings and, offer tons of customization options.

WordPress Geo Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans – 

The Geodirectory Plugin is available for FREE of cost, but if you wish to take full benefit of the plugin, then go with it’s paid extensions.

With paid extensions of the plugin, you can monetize your listings by selling it to users.

Key features of GeoDirectory Plugin –

  • Fully responsive.
  • Entries can be submitted via the user-friendly front-end interface.
  • Built-in review system.
  • Complete compatibility with WordPress Multisite.
  • 15+ widgets and 12+ widget areas.
  • Export, import, and re-import of data using CSV files.
  • Includes Google Analytics widget.

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3. Connections Business Directory Plugin

Connections Business Directory is amongst the best WordPress directory plugin available on the market today. It has great compatibility with any sort of WordPress themes.

Further on, the plugin is SEO friendly and undoubtedly will help you to reach your target audience.

Connections Business Directory Plugin can maintain following directories  – 

  • Business Directory
  • Link Directory
  • Staff Directory
  • Member Directory
  • Simple Address Book

WordPress Connections Business Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans – 

It is yet another FREE Directory WordPress Plugin.

Some features of Connections Business Directory plugin are –

  • Highly integrated with WordPress.
  • Highly extensible.
  • CSV import of nested categories.
  • Export data like address, email, contact number, dates via CSV files.
  • Supports translation for more than 20 languages.
  • Administrator Dashboard page that shows anniversaries, birthdays and other upcoming events.
  • Set custom field privacy levels.

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4. Simple Directory Plugin

As the name suggests, simple WordPress directory plugin offers a simple and easier way for creating directories like the local directory, address books, Yellow Page-style business listings and much more.

Thus, for someone with the knowledge about WordPress theme, Simple Directory plugin makes the setting of an online business directory, a very simple affair.

WordPress Simple Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans – 

Simple Directory Plugin is Free to use.

Listed below are features of Simple Directory Plugin –

  • Custom Templates.
  • Exhibit a complete version of the listing including Name, Address, Contact info, etc.
  • Displays the listing in a given category.

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5. Gravity Forms Directory Plugin

One the most user-friendly Plugin to create an online business directory website is Gravity Forms Directory – suitable for beginners.

Gravity forms allow users to add contact forms to their existing websites and help to create a web based business directory.

WordPress Gravity Forms Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans – 

Gravity Forms Directory is absolutely FREE to use.

Embedded features of Gravity Form Directory Add-on plugin are – 

  • Display entries only to the creator of the entries.
  • Editing of directory listings by users who are logged into the plugin.
  • The operation is entirely based on shortcodes.
  • Sorting by column.
  • Display listing which is approved, with an easy approval access.
  • The directory features pagination.
  • Support lightboxes for uploaded Image.

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6. BePro Listings Plugin

BePro Listing Plugin allows frontend submissions and creates a front end and back end directory. This WordPress listing plugin has a simple setup procedure to be used within seconds.

You can create websites for –

  • Real Estate
  • Business Directory
  • Product Catalogue
  • Portfolio
  • Classifieds

BePro Listing WordPress Plugin

Pricing Plans –

BePro Listing Plugin is Free.

Sabai Directory Plugin features are – 

  • Accept Payments
  • Upload CSV
  • Allow users to search and filter by name, location, categories, price.
  • Clustered Google Maps
  • Listing Templates and Multisite.
  • Responsive listing and detail pages.
  • Custom posts and email notifications

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Note: These were some Best FREE WordPress Directory Plugins…Now let’s have a look at some PAID versions –

7. Sabai Directory Plugin

Sabai is a premium business directory plugin that forms beautiful directories on WordPress.

The main capability of this plugin lies in the fact that it is targeted towards business directories which are local community driven.

Examples of such business directories are Google+ Places, Yelp, Yahoo! Local.

WordPress Sabai Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans –

This plugin is paid, and its regular license starts from $29. It uses Paypal, 2Checkout, Stripe, and Authorize.net payment gateways for accepting Payments.

It uses Paypal, 2Checkout, Stripe, and Authorize.net payment gateways for accepting payments.

Interesting Features Of  Sabai Directory Plugin – 

  • Multiple directories creation.
  • Display listing in a beautiful list, grid, and map view.
  • Addition and claiming of new listings.
  • Multi-location based support.
  • Bookmarking of reviews, listings, as well as photos.
  • Search listings by keywords, category, distance, and location.
  • Commenting options on photos and reviews of listings.

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8. WordPress Directory Plugin

WordPress Directory Plugin is a top quality plugin that allows users to create their online business directory site.

This plugin comes with a default theme, using which you can create your business site easily.

WordPress Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans:

WordPress Directory Plugin comes for $19 per month, that includes unlimited download and plugin support.

Unique features of Business Directory Plugin WordPress – 

  • Easily customizable Inbuilt theme.
  • Accept payments for listings.
  • Customizable categories and tags.
  • Automate the payments into monthly, yearly, daily or annually.
  • Build directories similar to yellow pages.

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9. Web 2.0 Directory Plugin 

Web 2.0 is another premium plugin for directory creation.

It is completely responsive and allows users to create any type of online business directory websites like:

  • Classified advertisement site
  • Event sites
  • Wedding sites
  • Vehicle dealers sites
  • Car listing sites
  • Boat listing sites
  • Bike listing sites
  • Pets listing sites
  • Real estate listing sites
  • Yellow pages sites

WordPress Web 2.0 Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans – 

Web 2.0 Directory Plugin has a license fee of $34. 

Features of Web 2.0 Directory Plugin are listed below –

  • Management of Invoices.
  • Restriction of ads by listing levels.
  • Paypal as a Payment Gateway.
  • Stripe payment service.
  • Support of Right to Left (RTL) functionality, User Interface, and layouts.
  • Featured and sticky listings options.
  • Compatible with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Google maps Integrated.

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10. Directory Pro Plugin

Directory Pro lets you create beautiful directories. This directory WordPress plugin has a responsive layout and also monetizes your blog by selling and updating the listings.

Directory Pro WordPress Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans – 

Directory Pro WordPress Plugin has a license fee of $32.

Key Features Of Directory Pro Plugins – 

  • Uses Paypal payment gateway.
  • SEO friendly
  • Fully Responsive
  • MailChimp integrated
  • WPML Compatible
  • Unlimited Subscription

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11. Business Directory Plugin 

WordPress Business Directory plugin is one of the best, free and most widely used Plugin with over 20,000 active installs.

It is very popular plugin among WordPress users, and lets you create local listing websites, directory listing websites, business provider listing and much more.

WordPress Business Directory Plugin

Pricing Plans –

The plugin is completely FREE for directory creation. Prefer purchasing premium modules to take full advantage of the plugin.

Features of Business Directory Plugin –

  • Stripe and PayFast Gateway for accepting payments.
  • Completely responsive.
  • Fully customizable form fields.
  • Supports reCAPTCHA.
  • Accept listing payments and provide free listings in your business directory.
  • Built in CSV import and export.
  • Full support for recurring payments.

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As you have gone through each of these 10 Best FREE and PAID WordPress Directory Plugins, Now you can easily select a right one for your business.

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Have suggestions of your own? Share in the comments section below!

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  1. What can I say guys? just that Web 2.0 Directory plugin saved my life. Excellent plugin for all my sites. And especially its “Draw on map” functionality was exactly what I need. I spent lots of time exploring tons of directory plugins for wordpress, now I stopped and enjoy this thing. Don’t want to explore anything else. That’s Enough from me.

  2. I think that this article could be better, if we, your readers, could visit live websites, using such directories.


  3. functionality was exactly what I need. I spent lots of time exploring tons of directory plugins for wordpress, now I stopped and enjoy this thing. Don’t want to explore anything else. That’s Enough from me.

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