12+ Best Coaching WordPress Themes For Coaches, Teachers & Academics


Do you take interest in providing online assistance to students? If yes, then you must have planned to build a website as well but facing difficulties to find the best WordPress theme for your website? So, today, I am going to present best Coaching WordPress Themes which might be helpful for you.

Education is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. With the rising advent of e-learning and e-books, educating oneself on the latest trends is not a big deal anymore. You are given the liberty to take up courses of your choice at any point in time from the available resources.

Showcase your study material online, and impart knowledge to the crowd you wish to inspire.

After all, there is no good option than mentoring students online & making them avail the best educational services.

With the premium coaching WordPress themes we’ve brought here, you are bound to create a long-lasting impact for yourself. One that will forever be etched in the minds of your visitors.

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ECoaching – Online Coaching WordPress Theme

If you want your coaching business to grow online, then you need to create a stellar website for it. With ECoaching WordPress themes, this is made possible.

OnlineTutor WordPress Theme allows you to develop an attractive site and seal a presence for yourself online. Provide study material for your students, along with interactive videos to impart knowledge to your students.

The theme works exceptionally well for online tutors, coaches, teachers and coaching institutes.

Features Of ECoaching WordPress Template

    • Academic and education coaching’s, music classes, fitness clubs can make use of the theme blog section.
    • The theme comes with an inbuilt lead capture plugin.
  • Advertise your coaching with the help of videos, so visitors are kept enticed.
  • The gallery section is bound to help you rope in more clients, so be sure to feature the best of your work.
  • The blog section gives visitors more reason to stick around on your website. Give vital information about your latest happenings with the blog section.

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LifeCoach And Training WordPress Theme

Fit for any professional coaching website is the Life Coach WordPress theme which is not only easy to use but affordable too. The highly-optimized theme takes your business to a whole new level.

Launch your business online and establish a place for yourself in the online market with LifeTraining WordPress template. The beautiful slider section allows you to showcase some of your work to the outside world. If picked wisely, this could translate to an increased traffic to your website.

Attributes Of LifeCoach WordPress Template

  • The best way to get more customers is to find a means to establish trust. There’s no better way to do this than with client testimonials.
  • Display address, and contact details on your homepage. Want to make it even easier for clients to reach out to you? Make use of the google map integration feature so locating is no problem at all.
  • With this theme, you can make both paid and unpaid bookings via InkAppointment WordPress appointment plugin.
  • When a booking is made by a client, the messages are sent on your phone.
  • There are social sharing icons at the bottom, making it easier to get the word out about your business.

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SportsCoach – Adult Coaching WordPress Theme

Keeping up with the changing times entails staying fit. Despite having a multitude of outlets, it’s often hard to find a fitness regime and stick to it.

This is where you could come in with your online channel. Combine your channel with the SportsCoach WordPress theme and you’re good to go. Launch yourself in the online domain if you’re a sports club, sports coordinator, or a fitness club.

Elements Of SportsCoach WordPress Template

  • The theme comes with an Ink Pricing plugin which lets you make the most of your session plan in the form of a table.
  • Transform your fitness station from being an ordinary one to one that’s on a whole new level.
  • Feature what your client has to say about you in the testimonial feature section.
  • The theme comes with a video and blog section where you can share all that you want to.
  • The contact form lets people get in touch with you by providing their names, email ids, and messages.

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SoccerTrack – Soccer Coaching Academy WordPress Theme

Are you in search of a WordPress theme for your soccer academy? The SoccerTrack WordPress theme is a highly customizable theme for football training centers, sports trainers & academies.

With this football WordPress theme, you allow footballers to join your various training sessions, both local and national. The theme also has an integrated InkLead Pro Lead capture plugin which lets you generate leads.

Features Of SoccerTrack WordPress Template

  • Update your customers with the latest soccer news updates, training videos, and motivational quotes via SMS and email.
  • The theme is SEO optimized so this ensures that your soccer academy is on top of Google’s page.
  • The layered slider ensures that you display snapshots of your club activities such as national or local tournaments.
  • You can also display information with regard to client feedback and images.

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SecInfo – Security Awareness Coaching WordPress Theme

If you want to create awareness about security by training people, then we have a SecInfo WordPress theme for you.

Promote a cost-effective yet flexible program that gives visitors a reason to try out your security coaching services. Training institutes, online tutors, and coaching centers can use this security services WordPress theme to promote their services.

Attributes Of SecInfo WordPress Template

  • The theme comes with a unique section called the newsletter subscription where people leave their email ids and sign up on your site for free.
  • The slider section lets you display five pictures in a boxed slider section where you can feature all your skills.
  • With the testimonial section, you can try to create an image of yourself to potential clients.
  • The theme is also compatible with all devices.
  • With over ten themes to choose from, you can pick a theme that’s ideal for you.

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ParentGuide – Parent Coaching WordPress Theme

Regardless of the kind of business you run it is essential to create an online presence for yourself. The ParentGuide WordPress theme lets you create a parent training website for your institute.

With multiple options to choose from, assisted guidance WordPress theme is all you need. It allows you to display your services, along with your training programs.

The theme can be adopted by Coaching centers, parent training centers, institutes, and any kind of grooming classes.

Features Of ParentGuide WordPress theme

    • The movable sliding area lets you post images of your coaching classes so that you can attract more users.
    • Inbuilt Lead capture plugin is available on this theme.
  • With the video section of the theme, you can provide teaching and training to your customers via online classroom training.
  • The theme also has customizable menu bars which give you the liberty to make changes whenever you require.
  • There is a wide variety of color themes to choose from with this theme.

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BigDream – Golf Coaching WordPress Theme

The BigDream WordPress theme allows you to develop the best training services for your customers. The template helps to guide people towards becoming better at Golf.

The Golf club WordPress theme comes with a full-width slider that lets you feature images of your coaches, trainers and other golf aspirants. With the ‘call to action’ button at the top, you can allow easy calls from your customers.

Golf clubs, golf coaches, and sports academies can make use of this framework.

Attributes Of BigDream WordPress Template

  • The three-column feature area lets you share services to the visitors to your site.
  • With the InkMember plugin, you can allow customers to avail of your golf coaching as per their convenience.
  • The double video section lets you share video material simultaneously.
  • The theme also comes with a gallery page where golf images and images related to your academy can be shared.
  • The contact page of the template lets customers send messages to you along with their contact details.

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ListenSkill – Effective Listener Coaching WordPress Theme

Active listening is essential for effective communication. Creating an online website from scratch is a rather arduous task taking into account the aesthetics and code that goes into a new website.

If you have a listener training institution that needs to be prioritized online, then the ListenSkill WordPress theme is exactly what you need. With a simple click, you can create for yourself a website that comes loaded with features. The Lead Capture form lets you collect vital information of your potential clients.

Elements Of ListenSkill WordPress Template

  • The InkLead plugin lets you fetch contact information about all your site visitors.
  • The sliders and business taglines allow you to exhibit pictures of your training sessions.
  • With the feature section, you can notify your students about some of the best features that your business has to offer.
  • Rope in more clients with the help of the testimonial section on the homepage.

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SkateBoard – Skating Coach WordPress Theme

Skating coaches who wish to showcase their sports services online can make use of SkateBoard WordPress theme. The theme is powered by the latest version of WordPress so that trainers can officially have a framework for themselves.

Skateboarding fans and sports enthusiasts can employ this theme to take care of their business. With the SkateStore WordPress theme, you can categorize the type of skating & skaters you offer. This can include ice dancing, acrobatic skating, and so on.

Essentials Of SkateBoard WordPress Template

  • The responsive theme layout is compatible with devices of any size including smartphones, laptops, desktops and so on.
  • SkateBoard template has an inbuilt lead capture plugin within its design.
  • The theme comes with a powerful admin panel which lets you manage your website with ease.
  • From the dashboard, you can upload a logo. This helps to create a brand image for yourself.
  • The homepage footer widget area lets you provide a description of your business goals and strategies.

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SkillEducation – Online Educational Center WordPress Theme

Are you currently on a quest to build an elegant education portal for your learning center? If so, then SkillEducation WordPress theme is essentially what you need. 

Now present all your material online, including information about the learning tools and academic information. Due to the responsive nature of the internet training WordPress theme, you can be assured that your students have the best possible experience ever.

Academies, Universities and Medical centers can make use of this educational WordPress theme.

Elements Of SkillEducation WordPress Template

  • The layered slider is a great way to grab the attention of your visitors. Show your faculty members, computer labs, libraries and certificates online.
  • The testimonial section lets you feature the comments of your teachers and staff so that people are aware of the client feedback you get.
  • With the homepage blog section, you can share news on registration, admission and certification programs.
  • The bottom portfolio feature lets you slide images of your college campus, hostel rooms and so on.
  • The theme is also compatible with multiple page templates.

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LifeTraining – Online Life Coaching WordPress Theme

With the LifeTraining WordPress theme, you can inspire and encourage people with motivational tutorials. The entire layout of the theme is video based so you can provide essential help to your customers with ease.

Using this life planning WordPress theme, you can create a website in almost no time at all. The standout feature of the theme is its pricing table lets you display all your service along with the cost of each & provide you with demos of the sessions so that users get a sneak peek of the services you offer.

Attributes Of LifeTraining WordPress Template

  • The call to action button, in particular, comes in handy as it allows you to redirect visitors to a particular page.
  • Categorization of your blog post is made possible with the template. Separate articles according to free and premium as per your requirements.
  • With the contact form, you allow visitors to send you a query and at the same time, you can ask for contact details.
  • The Buy Now button is automatically added making your job much easier.

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CricketClub – Cricket Club & Academy WordPress Theme

If you’re a cricket trainer or coach looking to provide professional training to young cricketers, then all you need is a reliable WordPress theme. The CricketClub WordPress theme does exactly what you need it to.

This is a highly responsive template which lets you create a website for Cricket Academies, Sports clubs and so on. The sports shows WordPress theme is also a great way to promote your cricket club & other sports online.

Elements Of CricketClub WordPress Template

  • The theme offers a wide array of widgets that offer a variety of functions. The fact that the theme is divided into sections and modules makes it all the more appealing.
  • Display the best images of your academy, including the team members and the latest tournaments.
  • With the three-column feature, you can demonstrate club services and features such as notifications about club services and activities.  
  • The lead capture form lets you capture leads from the homepage of your website.

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Educator – Private Teacher WordPress Theme

If you’re a teacher, professor or trainer then the Educator WordPress theme – a one-page theme is exactly what you need.

Add video tutorials for your websites so that the students can learn with ease. This live test WordPress theme is essentially the one with which you can exhibit all your courses, classes & online examinations at one place. Customize your theme as per your requirements whenever you want.

Essentials Of Educator WordPress Template

  • With the eight-color palette that the theme comes with, you can choose one that suits your site best.
  • Feature your business logo at the top of your website so as to create awareness about your brand.
  • The blog post lets you create posts that you can broadcast to your users.
  • The contact us form comes with Google Map integrated so that reaching you is much easier.

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So, there you have it, our rundown of the most efficient WordPress themes for your educational site. Get started right away and watch how the traffic to your site increases.

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