10+ Best Free & Paid Pet Shop & Animal Store WordPress Themes 2018

For people dealing in the business of selling or trading pets or animals, it is mandatory that you mark an online slot, and for you, we have listed here some of the finest pet store WordPress themes.

These Pet Store WordPress Themes inculcate such features that will help you to showcase your adorable and lovely pets and animals, you will be able to display their different traits, their breeds, their hierarchy and similar other related stuff.

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1. Cat Shop WordPress Theme – 

Cat shop is a responsive and professional WordPress theme which is specially designed for different business available for pet-supply retailers, pet-loving consumers, cat shops, cat grooming centers, breed pet professional, and veterinarians. The respective pet shop WordPress theme is specifically designed in a graceful as well as modern manner. It is also quite easy to customize. 

The full-width slider of the theme is the area where all the adorable cat’s images can be shared with your customers, the theme also has a lead capture plugin which can be used to generate leads, the people who are interested in buying cats from your store can fill up that form and get contacted in future. The 4 column feature area can be utilized to present a variety of cats that your customers can choose.

Key Features Of Cat Shop WordPress Theme – 

  • Easy to customize service. 
  • In-build lead capture system.
  • Homepage blog section panel.
  • Full-width sliders home page view.
  • 100% Responsive layout.
  • Social share icons.
  • Filterable portfolio.
  • Custom widgets.
  • Multiple predefined color option.
  • Tap to Call for mobile calling.

By making use of CatShop – Pet Store WordPress theme, you can easily showcase cats of your particular store, availability of tap to call feature, In build lead capture form, showcasing your cat grooming services etc are some of the benefits of CatShop.

Price – $79

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2. DogShopping – Dog Shop WordPress Theme – 

Create a catchy online dog store & allows people to shop 24 hours a day using DogShopping template. With Dog Shop – animal WordPress theme you can categorize all breed of dog like Doberman, Boxer dog, german shepherd, labrador for ease of customer and also display it on the homepage. By making use of this particular theme you can enlarge your online business of pets. The theme is also available in amazing color combinations.

Dogs being the most adopted pet is likely to increase your business if it is projected in a proper way with the help of the full-width slider of the theme, all the species and the different kinds of dogs can be featured in the 4 column feature area of the theme. You can also categorize your pet in the specific section of the template. The 3 column blog area is the descriptive section of the skin where all your detailed pet business can be explained.


Key Features Of DogShopping – Dog Shop WordPress Theme-

  • Significantly showcase your products.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce plugin.
  • Beautiful Full-width slider to showcase 5-slider images.
  • Easily view products & navigate.
  • Elegant design & typography.
  • Sell your dog products easily.
  • Designs made to enhance your sale conversation.
  • Individual page for displaying info about the dog.
  • Checkout process through multiple payment options.
  • You can also provide a coupon code to your customers.
  • Individual page for displaying info about the dog.
  • Customizable theme style & colors.
  • Blog section on home page.
  • 3-column feature area on the home page.
  • 4-column Widgetized footer area.
  • The blog features section on home page.
  • Different inbuilt page templates.
  • Widgetized sidebar.

DogShopping theme is available with different attractive features such as shop page, slider section, and individual dog page where different users can easily browse its available characteristics such as color, height, and weight. You can also offer different coupons as well as other suitable amenities.

Price – $79

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3. PetBirds – Bird Shop WordPress Theme – 

If you are searching for WordPress theme for creating an attractive website for your bird store then, pet birds will surely delight you with its available soothing elements. The bird shop WordPress theme designed for your bird store will surely help you to attract more users. By making use of pet shop template you can easily showcase your birds via full-width slider. Show an entirely different collection of your bird species through the gallery section. 

Talking about the features, the template has a 3 column feature area which can be used to exhibit different kinds of birds and variety of passerine. The theme also has a blog section where all the elaborative content can be shared. The theme is also supported by a tagline section where business captions and punch lines can be shared, the specific section is also has a call to action button.


Key Features Of PetBirds – Bird Shop WordPress Theme –

  • Responsive theme.
  • Inbuilt Templates
  • Clean WordPress theme slider.
  • Compatible with plugin integration.
  • 12-Different Color Skins.
  • Completely Responsive –Mobile, Desktop, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet etc. 
  • Clean effects.
  • Social Icons.
  • Tap to call.
  • 4-Column Widgetized footer.
  • Super Easy menu Navigation.
  • Widgetized Sidebar.
  • Cross Browser Compatible.
  • Google map Integrated into the Contact page.

By making use of pet birds WordPress theme you can easily show your collection of different birds, make a bird blog along with the full slider.

Price – $79

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4. Animal Care – Pets Club, Shop & Veterinary WordPress Theme – 

If you have a business linked with animal veterinary or pet care and you want to build a website for it then Animal Care is a perfect WordPress theme . This particular theme will surely help you to increase the number of customers as well. Pet club, Shop & Veterinary WordPress theme will surely help you to develop your online presence and also to grab the attention of customers. It is available with different simple sections such as service section, registration form section, background image slider, etc. 

The theme features a boxed slider where all the relevant the veterinary stuff can be displayed, In addition to it, the theme also has an appointment plugin form where appointments for the gentry can be fixed up, the 3 column feature area is the key to the skin where all your animal veterinary services can be exhibited. The testimonial section of the theme is the area where advice, praises and feedback can be received.


Key Features Of Animal Care – Pets Club, Shop & Veterinary WordPress Theme –

  • Expose your animal care services
  • Share latest memorable stories and pet care news
  • Allow customers to book their appointment
  • Display your animal care clinic hours
  • Enable your customer to easily find you
  • Gallery page which will demonstrate your pet care work
  • stylish video section for showcasing your outstanding work
  • Available possibilities are countless
  • Now you can exhibit your pet care moments by making use of image slider
  • Quick to respond – get perfect exposure for multiple devices

All these available features in Animal Pet Care WordPress theme will help you in establishing a wonderful WordPress website.

Price – $79

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5. Vetmedicine – Veterinary WordPress Theme –

Vet medicine WordPress theme is a theme available for different veterinary sites, animal care animal or animal health clinic related businesses. This particular theme is available with comprehensive blocks and intuitive layout of content which will help your business to grow and grab the attention of clients.

By making use of Vetmedicine, you can easily integrate contact or lead generation form, offer different services when users are not on mobile, showcase video, and other key services, showcase your image gallery, an option available for choosing an appropriate color for your website.

The Vetmedicine has a full-width slider section where all the important services can be displayed, The 4 column feature area is the dominant feature of the theme where all your animal medical services can be featured. Latest blogs and posts can be updated in the blog section of the theme. A small video section can be used to give presentations to your clients.


Key Features Of Vetmedicine – Veterinary WordPress Theme- 

  • Availability of custom menu, variable slider, blog on the home page, add your contact name.
  • Integration of – Lead capture form, Business headline, Showcase your services, Widgetized area.
  • Integrated lead contact form or lead generation
  • Offer services even when customers are on mobile
  • VetMedicine news or blog section
  • Showcase video, services and connect socially
  • Showcase your image gallery
  • Choose a suitable color for your respective website

All these available benefits of Vetmedicine WordPress animal theme will surely help you to create a perfect Veterinary website!!

Price – $79

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6. Dog Grooming WordPress Theme –

WordPress theme for dog grooming is designed for animal and pet grooming, training and care centers. It also works well for pet or dog oriented services, dog training centers, animal shelters, and other different related websites.

This particular theme will allow you to setup your site effectively as well as quickly with appealing texts and few images. Dog grooming is available with different attractive features which will help you to attract your customers and also helpful in boosting conversion. 

The full-width slider of the theme has a uniqueness where all the dog grooming facilities can be demonstrated, also the theme covers a business feature area where all the dominant grooming services can be displayed. The theme has a blog portfolio gallery where all the content can be amazingly projected.



 Key Features Of Dog Grooming WordPress Theme –

  • Paypal integration on the homepage.
  • 2 types of the slider on Homepage permit you to – put a short description and a title.
  • Inbuilt page layout such as Blog, Contact page, Gallery.
  • Two column option in homepage.
  • Featured section area on the homepage.
  • See the appointment dates in calendar
  • Disable appointment booking days in bulk
  • Appointment reminder emails will be sent to admin and client.
  • Available facility to manually disable booking dates
  • Spam-free Appointment form with captcha option.
  • Available facility to manually enable booking dates
  • Integrated pricing tables.
  • 7 Unique colors for styling your WordPress sites.
  • Show recent blog posts and news with categories on homepage.
  • Integrated with available social media icons.
  • Full-width page layout and contact option.
  • Sidebar area and fully widgetized footer.
  • Search engine friendly with SEO option.
  • Fluid nature.
  • Supported in all essential browsers.

By making use of this theme you can show your different available packages and pet services, inclusive pet and dog grooming form and many more services which are really beneficial and will also help you to attract your clients.

Price – $79

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7. OnePage

OnePage is one of the demanded single page WordPress theme which is surpassing option for elaborating a website of animal stores, pet shops and other similar business.

A OnePage theme comes with an inbuilt price listing module which allows you to flourish the latest offers along with price, also it has a custom logo uploader to set your desired business icon, a blog post template to share the latest news, business knowledge & tips.


Superlative Features –

  • Full width slider.
  • Limitless color schemes.
  • Smooth scrolling feature.
  • Amazing team member area.
  • Customers testimonial section.

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8. AnimalCare WordPress Theme – 

If you run animal care center or animal shelter, then this particular Animal care theme of WordPress is for you. For any kind of pet organization or pet business AnimalCare is one of the best available themes. 

Create an amazing website for pet sitting, an animal blog site and display different pet services with available featured sections. Show animal-oriented magazine by using different blog templates, submit pet caring service request with different contact templates, etc. easily in animal & pet template.

The slider section of the theme is flamboyant in look which gives a pleasing effect to the theme, The skin also supports a 3 column feature area where services pertinent to the animal care can be denoted. The template has a two-row blog section where animal caring techniques can be represented.


Key Features Of AnimalCare WordPress Theme – 

  • 3-column feature area for mentioning your services.
  • Header Section to brand and introduce yourself.
  • Access to member’s area.
  • 10 unique color skin.
  • Space for business description and tagline.
  • Prebuilt Contact, Blog and Gallery Template.
  • Custom CSS space.
  • Compatible with all major browser and the latest version of WordPress.
  • Ajax base theme options panel.
  • Integrated with Social Icon.
  • Lifetime customer support.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Completely responsive layout.

By making use of Animal care WordPress theme, you can easily display pet services with different feature sections, blog templates, gallery sections, etc.

Price – $79

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9. RatKill – Pest Control WordPress Theme – 

Ratkill is one of the best WordPress themes available with different features. The theme is specially designed for different pest control industries. 

Best suited for pest control, pest management industry, professional pest control services, pest analysis centers, etc. It is important to note you can easily create a website for your particular pest business without touching a single line of code.

The theme supports an image slider where the pest control highlights can be catered, apart from that, the theme has 3 column feature area where the services that you offer can be informed through this specific section. Receiving acknowledgment from the people can really boost your confidence and will help you do better, and this can be done through a client testimonial section.



Key Features Of RatKill – Pest Control WordPress Theme – 

  • Contact information section at top right side.
  • Slider with a text description.
  • 3-column feature area.
  • Tap to call feature.
  • Homepage posts section.
  • In-built gallery, blog, contact us, templates.
  • Newsletter form.
  • Completely responsive.
  • Widgetized footer and sidebar.
  • 10 built-in color option.
  • Create unlimited drop-down menu.
  • Simple ajax base theme options panel.
  • Custom CSS section.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Compatible with all different major browsers as well as latest version of WordPress.

By making use of rat kill theme you can easily display various pest control services, you can also request for pest inspection, make use of testimonial section for showing your specific user feedback.

Price – $79

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10. Aquario – Aquarium WordPress Theme – 

Aquario is one of the best one-page WordPress themes specially designed for different fish dealers, aquarium shops, public aquariums, aquarium maintenance and installation service providers etc. 

Whether your organization sells aquatic species such as sell box, animals and plants provide consultancy services; install aquariums which will help you to provide detail about your particular business.

The theme supports a full width slider where all your fishes can be showcased easily and in a resplendent way. The theme has a 4 column feature area where multiple aqua fishes and the services that you dispense can be easily projected through this theme.


Key Feature Of Aquario – Aquarium WordPress Theme 

  • Latest WordPress ready.
  • Easy, Quick setup.
  • 4-Column Feature area.
  • Sticky navigation section.
  • Full width slider.
  • Awesome full-width design.
  • Different Parallax gallery background.
  • Parallax theme background.
  • Different Parallax blog background.
  • Footer area and Widgetized sidebar.
  • Eight Amazing Predefined Color options.
  • Customizable.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Social Icons.
  • Responsive: Mobiles, Desktops, iPad, iPhone, Tablets, etc.

By making use of this WordPress theme you can easily list your different available aquarium services, create a fish keeping blog, and impress your users with an aquarium gallery.

Price – $79

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11. DogMaster – Dog Training WordPress Theme –

Best suited for dog training school, puppy kindergarten, dog psychologist, pet trainer, etc. Show different dog training methods such as clicker, dominance based, biting dog training and Koehler. 

Moreover, by making use of blog section incorporated in Dog Master template you can also update your customers about your available dog training, offer different seminars and courses for dog training with this theme.

DogMaster contains a layered slider where a variety of dog images can be flaunted, the role of the 3 column feature area is to dispense services that can help your customers to select items. The theme also supports an independent video section where all your dog specialties can be featured.


Key Features Of DogMaster – Dog Training WordPress Theme –

  • WordPress themes to get site ready in 1 click
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version 4.5+
  • Multiple slides support (Images/Video)
  • Contact Form – built-in ajax/PHP contact form
  • AJAX based options panel
  • Theme options panel
  • Dropdown menus – unlimited levels
  • Responsive layout
  • Bootstrap 3, SASS/SCSS, W3C HTML5, CSS3 valid
  • Multilingual (WPML) ready
  • Social share links
  • Separate mobile header styling option
  • Custom widget
  • Plug-in compatibility
  • Easy setup with default content
  • Post format layout
  • Testimonial section
  • Custom footer text
  • Retina ready, ultra high-resolution graphics
  • SEO optimized
  • Compatible In All Major Browsers
  • Custom CSS & JS

By making use of dog training theme of WordPress, offer various different types of dog modules for training such as obedience commands, puppy training classes, kennel training, individualized training, and crate training easily.

Price rate – $79

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12. GeoCraft

GeoCraft is one of popular directory WordPress theme which is sharply crafted for giving a geographical outlook of pet stores, tamed animal shops, etc. The theme is free in this market so that you can create an inventory pet shop website.

The layout of GroCraft theme has an inbuilt ad listing module so that advertisers can place their ads on your website with two listing option (premium & free). In premium listing advertising, users will get the benefit of lead capture form and on the other hand, free listing advertisers can’t take the avail of this form.


Extreme Features –

  • Ad banner spaces.
  • Search by name & location.
  • Ability to set the Listing expiry.
  • Recurring payment based listing.
  • Widgetized area for videos or other things.

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13. CatValley – Cattery WordPress Theme – 

CatValley is the perfect companion for boarding catteries, rehoming, breeding, cat shelters, pet care, animal lovers, pet sitting, cat adoption centers and volunteers, etc.

The Cattery WordPress theme creates a unique and memorable experience for your clients while allowing them to have full access to your business services like medication, cat training, etc.You can flaunt your cattery services and love for pets via blog, sliders, and galleries etc.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Through your efforts, you can give shelter, safety and care to the men’s best friend. So, get ready to construct a totally eccentric and productive online cattery business website.

The CatValley supports a layered slider where all variety of the cats can be displayed, another amazing section which adds value to the skin is the 3 column feature area to share traits of the cat that you want to sell, besides this, there is also bundled with a blog section where all the descriptive content can be uploaded.

cat valley wp theme

Key Features Of CatValley – Cattery WordPress Theme –

  • Single click installation theme.
  • Multiple page templates.
  • Call to action button.
  • Customization services included.
  • Sliding blog section.
  • Social share support & Google map integration.
  • Drop down menus.
  • Cross browser support.
  • Slider portfolio with business description.

By making use of CatValley WordPress theme you can easily show your collection of different cats and pets, and engage mass to your blogs and trends which will result in more traffic to your site.

Price rate – $79

DemoTheme Info + Download

Conclusion – 

Hope you found the collection of best animal and pet store wordpress themes useful!!

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