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Are you looking for a platform to sell your dogs or pet animals online?

If yes then stop searching, you are at the right place. Through Dog Shop WordPress Theme, you can amplify your online pet business.

Our Dog Shop Theme is exceptionally easy to setup and extremely successful at increasing the client base. It’s great color combination and way of the presentation will help you to engage your prospects and make up their mind to buy. The theme has tons of features like slider section, shop page, individual dog page where customer browse its attribute like (height, color, weight), you can also offer online coupon and other convenient amenities.

Just visit our theme preview and enjoy the new experience offered by our theme!

Enjoy the Allure of Online Presences By Creating A Catchy Dog Shop Website

This DogShopping WordPress Theme is designed taken every aspect in mind that let your dog shop business stand out from the rest. The theme has an eye-catching slider with the succinct headline and a text area where you can readily indicate your business and brand identity. The theme offers you a seemingly endless array of tools and innovative ways to promote your business and also help you to provide the best experience to your customer which result in most likely that they return to your sites and more than likely recommend you to others.

With Online Dog Store Allows People To Shop 24 Hours A Day

The theme is integrated with WooCommerce plugin which allows people to shop 24 hours a day from the comfort of their home and time. Easy to use platform and convenience is the biggest draw of the theme.  With Dog Shop WordPress you can categorize all breed of dog like Doberman, Boxer dog, german shepherd, labrador for ease of customer and also display it on the homepage. Displaying categories on the home screen not only enhance visibility but also increase customer interest to buy items from your website. Plus you can also offer a hefty selection of dog products like food, health, nutrition and other related product.

With Blog Post Deliver Guidance And Little Facts Requires About Dogs

You can deliver the guidance and very little knowledge that is required while caring for dogs through blog section. This section will help you to engage your visitors and also increase traffic to your website which leads to increase in sales. You can also convince the customer who is thinking about adopting a dog, but aren’t sure if their lifestyle suitable or not.

Page To Display Info About Your Dogs and Products

The theme provides you separate individual page to mention the brief description of your dog along with the attributes like color, height, age and more and you can also display multiple pictures of the dog. The page also has review section that serves as another great tool. Here you the customer can share their views regarding their experiences and praise your services, which can do wonders for your credibility.


Dog Shop WordPress Theme

Dog Shop WordPress Theme Main Features:

  • Compatible with WooCommerce Plugin
  • Prominently Showcase your Products
  • Easily Navigate and View products
  • Beautiful Full-width Slider to showcase 5-slider images
  • Elegant Typography & Design
  • Design made to increase your sales conversion
  • Sell both Tangible & Digital Goods easily
  • Checkout process through multiple payment options
  • Individual page to display info about the dog.
  • You can also provide the coupon code to your customer.
  • Customizable Theme Colors and Style
  • 3-Column Feature area on homepage to showcase your services
  • Blog Feature section on the Homepage
  • 4-Column Widgetized footer area
  • Widgetized Sidebar with lots of custom WordPress widgets
  • Available with various inbuilt page Templates like Default, Page With Sidebar, Contact Page, Template Blog, Template Login etc

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