8+ Best Free Astrology WordPress Themes 2019


Be it tarot card or horoscope readers, the only way to reach out to maximum people is to launch your astrology business online.

No matter how big or small your future prediction business is, having a web presence is the most sensible decision you will make.

And having a WordPress website will make your fortune telling business more prosper and something you will never regret.

“Everyone is curious to know their future, that’s why the astrology business is on a boom”.

To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of best astrology themes that are focused on astrology niche. If you are a palmist, tarot reader, numerologist or doing any astrology business then you can pick any desired astrology template for your future telling business.

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Matchmaking WordPress theme

Crystal Teller – Fortune Teller & Psychic Reader WordPress Theme

Crystal Teller is a simple yet elegant fortune teller theme where you can showcase all your  future prediction work and services like aura reading, palm reading, horoscope matching to your visitors. It’s a dazzling theme for all astrologers who want to share their horoscope services online.

The template has an amazing layered slider that can be used to exhibit all your fortune telling and psychic reading services.

The theme has an exclusive 4 column feature area where you can serve your astrology product like zodiac bracelets, pendants, lockets, ring and similar other details of your  in the blog section of the theme.

There is an independent video section that provides a virtual tour of all your fortune predicting services. The testimonial section that has been induced in the theme will enable fortune seekers to share their feedbacks.

Crystal Teller is a colorful theme which has a contact us page where contact details of your customers can be received for your future reference.


Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Crystal Teller theme :-

  • You can display your services in the dynamic slider section.
  • Let your visitors know about your unique and amazing services through the 4 section feature area.
  • It has a testimonial section to share the testimonials of your happy users.
  • Share Astrology images in a Gallery section.
  • Briefly describe your business by exhibiting the images and projects in the widgetized 4 footer area.
  • You can choose from 8 beautiful built-in color themes to make your site look attractive.
  • Share interesting facts, information and news with your visitors in the blog section.
  • Contact us page to directly connect with your potential visitors.
  • Easy to use admin panel for easy customization.
  • Built-in SEO option is there on the theme.
  • This theme is fully responsive and compatible with all the latest browsers.

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One Page Theme :-

The template has its uniqueness, the theme is such made that it can be best platform for astrological services, the theme has a 4 column feature area where the astrological and prediction services can be shared.

The theme has a pricing table where all the offers and discounts can be shared, the testimonial section can be used to receive feedback from the customers and hence help you to enhance accordingly.

onepage theme-ASTROLOGY

Features Of The OnePage Theme :-

  • Image gallery.
  • Customizable theme.
  • Pricing table.
  • Add/remove sections.
  • One click installation.
  • Full width slider.
  • Service section.

Download free theme and get started

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AdvancedASTRO – Astrology WordPress Theme

AdvancedAstro is a magnificent astrology theme specially designed for numerologist, astro research center, palmist, horoscope tellers, vastu experts etc. The template has multiple pages to share your astrological services such as consultation fees, alloted service time for reading and similar other features.

And if you belong to any one of the lot and want to showcase your services on the web, then AdvancedAstro is the theme that will make you happy, the template offers you a sleek, simple and professional appeal to your astrological business that will easily grab the attention of your customers.

The theme has a full width slider to flaunt your astrological services, the theme is also enabled with a 3 column feature area to show your beneficial astrological services.

The most amazing feature is the dual video section that has been used in the template, the idea is to keep the customer engaged on the site by giving this two video section .

The Advanced Astro theme also has some of the great features that you actually need to showcase your astrology business.


Let’s have a look at some of the powerful features of AdvancedASTRO theme :-

  • Attract your visitors by showcasing your specialized services in the 3 column feature area.
  • Use the gallery feature to show the pictures and profiles of various astrology experts to the visitors.
  • Share astrology tips, facts and success stories in the blog section and keep your visitors engaged.
  • Share videos of your astronomy research centre in the video section and impress the visitors.
  • Easily connect with the clients through the inbuilt contact form.
  • Flaunt your  astrological creations and services in the full-width slider.
  • Easy to navigate custom menus.
  • Multiple color options to choose from.
  • Fully responsive theme looks good on any device.
  • Add quick info and images of your business in the widgetized footer to gain trust of your visitors.
  • Social icons for easy social sharing.
  • The template is compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress.
  • It has Custom CSS option for making easy changes in the theme.

Take your astrology business to the next level with this professional looking WordPress theme. It is available to buy at an affordable rate of $79.

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Astro – Astrology WordPress Theme

Astrology has always fascinated every individual at some point in life and to make people aware about the astrological features, it’s’ necessary that you make an online impact on the customers by choosing Astro WordPress Theme.

Talking about the features, The ‘Astro’ has a boxed slider where images related to your future predicting business can be shared, The 6 column feature area is an added advantage to cater your services on the theme, The theme has a gallery page to share your portfolio of images.

Astro is a plain and simple theme, loaded with features to fulfill all your astrology needs. Daily updating your site with astrology news and information is really simple with this theme. You can easily update contents like horoscope, tarot reports or any astrology tips on daily basis.


Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of Astro theme :-

  • Drive potential customers through the call-to-action button, present in each homepage slider. You can link each slider with the relevant pages of your site.
  • You can display unlimited features like numerology, palmistry, tarot reading, vastu, face reading and more by creating unlimited feature box in the feature section.
  • Publish stories, news and other interesting information in the blog section.
  • Let your visitors directly contact you and send you messages through the contact page.
  • The clean and simple navigation menu makes your user’s experience easy and simple.
  • Choose from 8 beautiful colors and make your site attractive.
  • You can flaunt your business in brief in the widgetized footer section.
  • Let your visitors know about your social presence through the social icons.
  • The theme is fully responsive so it smartly adjusts with all the devices.
  • SEO options are already there, so you don’t need to install external SEO plugins.

The theme works very smoothly and is easy to showcase whatever you want in an organized way. The simplicity of the theme with versatile feature will be surely fruitful for your business. This theme is available to purchase at $79.

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Geocraft V2 :-

Geocraft is an amazing theme which can be used as a directory, the search listing option is another amazing feature of the theme which can be used to find the specific trait in the theme.

The skin is so beautifully constructed that it will grab instant attention of the visitors, the integrated google map is an amazing feature where all the navigation activity takes place, the ad banner section is another amazing feature to advertise all the astrological activities.

Geocraft Content- ASTROLOGY

Features Of GeoCraft V2 –

  • Amazing sidebar section.
  • Clear representation.
  • Create featured business listing.
  • WPML Compatible.
  • Search listing option.
  • Google Map integration.

  Don’t miss the chance and download free

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Horoscope – Astrology WordPress Theme

Astrology and horoscope reading have always delighted everyone, people are curious to know about their future, and so if you want a platform to mark your presence online , then, Horoscope WordPress theme is for you.

Show all your latest updates on the boxed slider to influence your visitors every time they visit your site. The theme supports a lead capture form where you can generate leads and receive contact information of your customers, the theme has multiple blog sections to be displayed on the homepage of the theme.

The theme also has a side and top banners to advertise your horoscope reading offers, you can show categories and recent posts on the right sidebar area. 


Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Horoscope theme-

  • The theme has a well-designed lead form through which your readers can contact you directly and you can respond them instantly.
  • It has an attractive homepage slider with buttons.
  • You can post your predictions and advice in the blog section with images to engage the visitors. Also, there is a comment form in each blog where your readers can post their comments and discuss the topic.
  • You can categorize your blog posts and put them into different categories for an easy accessibility.
  • The theme has Widgetized sidebar and footer area.
  • You are not required to have any coding knowledge for creating a perfect site for this theme.
  • Create an attractive site with 8 color options.
  • The theme is fully responsive which can fit any screen size.
  • The template is compatible with all the latest WordPress versions.
  • You can track your site’s performance with the google analytics code section.
  • The theme is SEO optimized and has integrated social icons to increase visibility.

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Hypnotist – Hypnosis WordPress Theme

If you are in the unique business of hypnosis and want an online presence, then Hypnotist WordPress theme is the perfect theme for you.

The Hypnotist template can be used for hypnotist clinics, mental hospitals and meditation institutes. The full width slider will surely mesmerize the visitors, where plenty of images subjecting your hypnotist business, The 3 column feature area will enable you to share your hypnosis business, the dual video section will let your visitors gain knowledge about your business.

The tag line section along with the call to action button will let you share nice punch lines for your business.


Now let’s take a quick look at some of the useful features of Hypnotist theme-

  • Grab the attention of your visitors at the very first look with the beautifully designed layered sliders with a descriptive area.
  • Show your hypnosis services attractively in the featured area.
  • Put some catchy words about your business below the featured area. You can also add call-to-action button along with the text to get more responses from your visitors.
  • You can upload videos of your training and sessions directly in the video box section of this theme.
  • There is also a Gallery section where you can flaunt all the images of your hypnosis business to engage the visitors.
  • This theme is lightweight thus loads much faster.
  • This theme is fully responsive that fits smoothly on mobiles, tablets, and other devices.
  • You can get direct messages and responses of your visitors through the contact form.
  • With custom CSS, make easy changes in the theme even if you don’t have a technical knowledge.
  • Built-in SEO option is there in the theme to increase your website’s visibility.
  • The theme is compatible with all the latest browsers.
  • It is Easy to customize the homepage from the front end.

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AstrologyTheme – The Astrology WordPress Theme

Astrology is an art, and if you want to share your classic work, you need a classic online theme, and what better than an AstrologyTheme WordPress theme, the theme encapsulates all the feature very well and is a great way to share your astrology services.

The theme has an elegant full width slider that can be utilized to share astrological services in more crystal clear way, The theme has a 4 column feature area to dispense services and offers provided by you.

The template has a category section which the person can use to classify the astrological services, the theme has a two column blog area where you can specify your descriptive content.

With the help of the testimonial section, you can receive feedback and through ‘Make Appointment’ option at the bottom of the theme, the link will redirect the customers to appointment booking form, using which the customers will be able to book a slot for themselves.


Let’s take a look at some of the useful features of this AstrologyTheme-

  • The full-width slider with a soft color scheme adds a rich yet elegant look to your site.
  • In the services overview section, you can display your main services.
  • Periodic forecasts section engages the visitors for coming back to your site.
  • Each zodiac sign in the periodic forecasts section has a separate page which is an overview page for articles related to that particular sign.
  • Through the events section, you can let your visitors know about your important events that you might be hosting.
  • It has integrated social media on the homepage.
  • The template offers a powerful call-to-action to convert your visitors into clients.
  • You can easily integrate Google calendar with this theme.
  • Give your website a different look with parallax effect.
  • You can easily create a multi-columned layout without any shortcodes.
  • The contact us page has an appointment form, route planner and google maps.
  • There are loads of extra functionality and features to take your business to the next level.
  • The theme is fully responsive which gives your visitors a great user experience on any device.

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The above list offers you with all the great themes that are specially designed for astrology related business. Every theme has something special and unique to offer. Take a close look to each of them and choose the one that suits your business needs. So go ahead and create a beautiful and powerful site to take your business to the next level.

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