14+ Best Artist WordPress Themes 2018


Looking to create an artistic website? Check out these some of the coolest artist WordPress Themes?

The world of art is a fascinating place to be in.

With artists, musicians, singers, magicians, painters, tattooing and graffiti designers as part of this world, it’s time we get the ball rolling on future gigs.

Not just in the typical, but in a way that puts your art on a pedestal.

Unexpressed art is the biggest crime one can commit. Which is why, we, the art patrollers are here to correct those crimes!

The best way to get your art out there is to make use of the digital space, channelizing viewers to your talent.

After extensive research, we bring to you some of the best & premium artist WordPress themes to showcase your skills.

Attractive blogs are one of the best ways to increase the viewership of your site. Web developers have curated some of the best themes to bring life and in turn viewers to your website. So, here’s our compendium of the best responsive WordPress themes.

Craving has never been satiated as will be done through our additional WordPress template collection: 

MusicRock – Music Band WordPress Theme

The Music Rock WordPress theme was designed to cater to the needs of musicians, band, and DJ’s. It’s your one-stop destination which allows you to create an impressive website in the blink of an eye. The premium music jam WordPress theme is essentially centered around putting you on a pedestal, with features to add a touch of personalization.

In accordance with your requirements, you can customize your page. There also is an impressive feature which allows to you connect with your fans, thereby serving as a basis to promote your portfolio. The theme works with any sized devices and is compatible with all browsers.

Salient Features Of MusicRock WordPress Template:

  • Customization as per your vision and requirements to bring forth your talent as an artist.
  • Salient Features to bring to the spotlight recent and upcoming gigs.
  • Blogs to share real-life experiences of recent or upcoming events.
  • The choice of up to eight themes in accordance with your liking.
  • Responsive MusicRock WordPress template is compatible with all devices and browsers.
  • Allows you to keep in touch with your fan base by allowing them to leave their comments or thoughts about your act.
  • Header section which allows you to bring to light everything that you will bring to your audience.

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MagicalAct – Magic Tricks WordPress Theme

If you have a penchant for magic, then in the whip of a hand we bring to you one of the ideal themes. For all you illusion makers, with tricks up your sleeves, we have for you one of the most impressive themes that will keep your viewers wide-eyed for the time to come! You can add your business logo to the home page along with customized menu tabs.

Magical & voodoo service theme comes with a subscription feature keeping all your fans and well-wishers right where you need them. Your latest updates are propagated to them instantly, so there’s no missing out on any of the action. Magicians, wizards, sorcerers and witches alike can end the quest for a Magic Act WordPress theme centering them. With the whoosh of magic tricks, here is the best theme to keep your fans at the edge of their seats.

Attributes Of MagicalAct WordPress Template:

  • A slider with animated effects which is essential to showcase all that you can bring to the table.
  • A feature that allows you to broadcast your skills to potential onlookers.
  • Attributes that provide tutorials and DIY acts for your fan base.
  • Blogs that keep people up to date with the latest in the world of magic.
  • A footer area which lets you bring your portfolio center stage.
  • Cross-browser supportive WordPress template.
  • A gallery bringing in the highlights of your gigs and other events that have taken place.

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SongWriter – SongWriting WordPress Theme

The fact that lyrics are seldom ever placed in the limelight is why the Song Writer WordPress theme came into existence. Lyric writers and songwriters alike are often in need of a platform to express their skills which are why this theme is essentially what you need if you fit into the bandwidth of the aforementioned people.

For songwriters, aspiring songwriters, music teachers, vocalists, music writers, jingle & melody book writers and the like, we bring to you a theme that centralizes the essence of your art. What’s more, you can also add in more than just songwriting, lyrics, such as the thought process behind every creation of yours. With this theme, your viewers can share your work instantly with the help of the social media share button.

Characteristics Of SongWriter WordPress Template:

  • Sliders which features rhythms, choruses, songs, medleys and so on.
  • Descriptive & characteristic blog posts which provide details about everything in the songwriting world.
  • A header which attracts all views to you.
  • Runs on latest WordPress version 4.7.3.
  • Feature to add images that gel well with the rest of the theme.
  • Cross-browser supportive & 100% responsive WordPress template.
  • Single column and double column feature which allows you to supply the format of your script.

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GuitarPlayer – Guitar WordPress Theme

Guitar enthusiasts can now showcase their talents to the rest of the world with the GuitarPlayer WordPress theme. Singers or artists of any kind can make use of this drumming club WordPress theme. The simple click of a button can post your video broadcasting your music to the world. There happens to be a signup button at the top of the page which allows your visitors to create an account and in turn upload their videos. With features to upload, share, review,

There happens to be a signup button at the top of the page which allows your visitors to create an account and in turn upload their videos. With features to upload, share, review, rate, and comment this theme is all you need and more. There is also an option to provide tutorials of guitar courses to the subscribed members.

Ingredients Of GuitarPlayer WordPress Template:

  • Member Pro plugin feature to sell video membership plans to your subscribers.
  • Videos of guitar player can be uploaded and imported from other portals as well.
  • An ad banner on this template allows you to earn extra cash.
  • Categorized videos options which allow you to sort in accordance with your preference.
  • Protected content is available only to subscribers.
  • Cross-browser supportive & compatible with latest WordPress version.
  • Multiple design patterns & ingredients to choose from.
  • The theme options panel is very simple to use.
  • Social share functionality is also present.

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RovePaint – Mobile Paint Spraying WordPress Theme

The need to express creativity in the virtual world is often not as easy as one would think. Here is where the Rove Paint WordPress theme was born. Ideal for coloring studios, locomotive varnish companies, portable spraying centers and loose emulsion groups, this is one of the best themes to showcase your art to the world.

The painting company WordPress theme is effectively classified into distinct areas such as a blog area, a menu bar, feature sections, sliders and unlimited drop down menus which allow you to develop your mobile paint spraying website. You can also create a web portal for coloring studios and so on.

Specifications Of RovePaint WordPress Template:

  • The RovePaint template is completely responsive in nature and is compatible with the latest WordPress version.
  • There’s an about us feature which helps to rope in new customers.
  • A specification picture gallery which allows you to display your art to the world.
  • Multi-browser supportive & salient features.
  • Drop down menus to choose from various options.
  • A contact us page with an embedded Google Map.
  • The single installation process, all in a single SEO pack.
  • A copyright footer text area.
  • Ultra-high resolution graphics.

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Design Border – Framing Service WordPress Theme

Canvas Printers, edging graphic designers, professional framers and other edge forming architectures can make use of the design border WordPress theme. The best of your framing services, picture modules, custom bordering ideas and canvas styles can officially see the light with this affordable Frame shop WordPress theme.

A single page layout theme gives the users and potential clients an insight into how you as an artist operates. From framing laptops, smartphones to tablets, this theme is everything you need and more.

Small companies, cover shops, professional frame workers, edging graphic designers and so on can make the most of this online platform. With the help of the dashboard system, your entire website can be customized without any need for external help.

Important Aspects Of Framing Service WordPress Template:

  • The latest version of WordPress is supported, so there is no compatibility issue that originates.
  • An eight-color scheme aspect of choosing the skin for the theme.
  • Cross-browser supportive framing service WordPress template.
  • A highly responsive layout with features & no lag at all.
  • Sliders with important allowance for heading as well as a description text box.
  • Customization of services is available.
  • There is a powerful dashboard system.
  • A smooth scroll free feature is also present in sections for photos as well.
  • Built-in contact form with an integrated Google map feature.
  • Installation with a single click.

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FaceArt – Face Painting WordPress Theme

Any type of creative artists including the likes of face painters, tattoo artists, and makeup artists can avail of the Face Art WordPress theme. Face painting is an art that not many people can master. Professionals who fit the categories mentioned can showcase their art to the world with the help of this theme.

This is a brush which has the ability to paint your talent across the eyes of a million. With a wide array of features to choose from, this is a spectacular theme for creative businesses of all kinds. The main focus of this Chiro art WordPress theme is to collect data which can be used as a reference for potential clients.

Attributes Of FaceArt WordPress Template:

  • The theme has the ability to capture client’s information so that this data can be used to send them future work that might interest them.
  • Face painting images can be added, with up to six in a panel.
  • Service attributes tab, which offers an array of FaceArt services to the client.
  • The theme is compatible with latest WordPress version 4.7.3.
  • Customer reviews which enable you to feature your customers on the home page.
  • Ability to post videos with the click of a button.
  • A blog which helps to engage with the viewers.

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SkillScreen – Screen Printing WordPress Theme

The poster making trades, print shops, 3D artists, painters and screen crafted companies are essentially the target point of SkillScreen WordPress theme. Printing companies and screen crafting businesses make use of the leading-edge technologies to set free their artistry work.The 3D Printing WordPress theme allows for the creation of web portals for print ships, 3D artists, poster making trades and the like.

With the help of this template, it is possible to showcase the firm’s impressive services, techniques, press methods and so on in order to increase the sale volume of your center. This theme gives a great user experience to viewers because of its responsive behavior clients can operate your artistry with the help of smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Salient Features Of SkillScreen WordPress Template:

  • A single package to showcase all the services.
  • Newsletters for engagement with the customers.
  • Call to action button to showcase your expertise to the world.
  • Gallery with all the services displayed.
  • Ten color theme to choose from.
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices.
  • Social sharing options which are very easy to use.
  • Easy set up with clean code
  • One click installation process.

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PotteryZone – Ceramic Studio WordPress Theme

Suited for mud crafting workshops, porcelain schools, art galleries and clay arcades the PotteryZone Ceramic theme is all you need and more to rope in potential customers. If you’re into clay sculptures and have a keen desire to make it big in artistry school, then this theme is the right kickstart to your desire.

Ceramic Production WordPress template allows you to flaunt your creative techniques via your own website to promote your arts and crafts. The homepage has a provision to showcase your business tagline and you can display the visuals and artifacts of your art in the slider section. The motif is framed so as to meet the needs of all of you in the pottery arts and crafts fields.

Specifications of PotteryZone WordPress Template:

  • Newsletter subscription which allows users to sign up and get the latest updates.
  • You can give specifications or update your users about the latest news in your area of expertise.
  • The sliders of the theme provide a way to promote your skill.
  • The theme is compatible with latest WordPress version 4.7.3.
  • Multi-browser supportive & salient other features available.
  • Client testimonials can be displayed on the theme so as to make users aware of the services you deliver.

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ArtFair – Exhibition WordPress Theme

The ArtFair WordPress theme was intended to appeal to sculpturists, poster makers, graffiti artists, canvas creators and traditional artists of all kinds. Art lovers, beauty and art enthusiasts alike can make the most of the Beaut Display WordPress theme as it brings to you everything valid and relevant in the world of art.

The best way to flaunt your talent is via the internet which is why artists, entrepreneurs, and die-hard art fans can officially be a part of a single community. You can offer services tailored to the needs of your customers. This template was essentially designed to meet the demands of art studios, designers, painters and contemporary artists.

Characteristics Of ArtFair WordPress Template:

  • The lead capture form informs you about potential leads. You can keep these leads in mind when sending out updates.
  • Characteristics to write and explain the thought process behind a particular piece of art so people understand your work better.
  • Pictorial outline to help describe the highlights of your work.
  • Compatible with all devices and browsers.
  • Responsive layout & cross-browser supportive.
  • Single click installation process.

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GalleryArt – Art Collection WordPress Theme

Sketch sellers, art studios, contemporary artists and traditional artists, collections, here we bring to you the Gallery Art WordPress theme. It’s ideal for poster making, canvas creation, and graffiti aspirants. Glass Art WordPress theme is the compendium of an attentive brain with the essence of creativity oozing out. Like any creative field, art is to be expressed.

This is essentially when the GalleryArt theme was born, soon becoming an art collection. With enough features to be considered an online art gallery, there’s no missing out on this theme. Sketches, posters, graffiti and just about anything that is considered as art can be displayed on this portal.

Aspects Of GalleryArt WordPress Template:

  • There is an active portal via which you can sell your products.
  • Transactions are safeguarded and transactions are made via PayPal which is safe and effective.
  • An add to cart aspect allows potential buyers to collect a number of your products and procure them in a single transaction.
  • Single page product description.
  • Beautiful and responsive layout.
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices.
  • The blog page is present which you to feature important information that you would like to get across.

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HandsCrafting – Handicrafts Industry E-Commerce WordPress Theme

Waste management companies, garbage management bureaus, environment cleaning agencies, recycling agencies and the like can officially clean up their act with the HandsCrafting WordPress theme. A great way to display your art and handmade products are via this WordPress theme launching your business in the right direction.

You have the ability to customize Online Handicraft WordPress theme that can put your wonderful products in the spotlight in almost no time at all. The theme can be used by craftsmen, creators, designers, artists and the like.  With the use of the inbuilt plugin, you can list out all your handmade products to the world along with the price tag of each product.

Ingredients Of HandsCrafting WordPress Template:

  • Sell your creative products online by creating a HandsCrafting portfolio no one can resist.
  • Build up trust via client testimonials.
  • Cross-browser supportive WordPress template with salient features.
  • Beautiful and responsive ingredient layout.
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices.
  • Dynamic slide bar with a single page scrolling feature.
  • Single product description field.
  • Video section to display the work behind a particular piece.

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TattooBoutique – Tattoo And Piercing studio WordPress theme

If you have a penchant for piercings and tattoos, then check out the TattooBoutique WordPress theme to find the right artists. InkArt Studios, body designing centers, piercing salons and tattoo artists can use this platform to rope in their future clients.Here comes a grandiose podium to enlighten us on the best tattoo artists out there.

Creativity can forever be etched in the minds of your potential clients with our body piercing WordPress theme. Creating a portfolio has never been this simple with a theme that encompasses all your needs and more. The WPML plugin is integrated within the template which means to say that there isn’t a need to install translation plugins to translate the content of your page.

Salient Features Of TattooBoutique WordPress Template:

  • Showcase your TattooBoutique talent in a highly professional manner.
  • Present your tattoo designs in a gallery.
  • Ability to create a blog describing the best of your work.
  • Four types of themes to choose from.
  • Salient features are included & cross-browser supportive WordPress template.
  • Cross-browser supportive WordPress template.
  • Compatibility with other browsers and devices.
  • 100% responsive TattooBoutique theme.

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ArtWall – Art Blog WordPress Theme

Art Practitioners, creative bloggers, color artists, painters, and sketches can officially make use of one of the best platforms to showcase their talents. Here comes the ideal ArtWall platform for art practitioners, photographers, and conceptual art creators. This template offers a wide range of creative blog segments which allow you to update your own blog segments, share your art commentary, share news and so on.

The chalk making WordPress template offers a wide range of creative blog segments which allow you to update your own blog segments, share your art commentary, share news and so on. You can also advertise future upcoming events, exhibitions and the like in the click of a button with the pre-built banner area. Install this theme and the followers are bound to follow!

Attributes Of ArtWall WordPress Template:

  • Ad banner space for ArtWall promotions.
  • Customized blog attributes to keep your followers in the loop of all your work.
  • Lead capture form which allows you to send updates to your potential clients.
  • Inbuilt SEO on the ArtWall WordPress template.
  • Cross-browser supportive theme & fully responsive.
  • Compatibility with browsers and all devices.
  • Eight color skins to choose from.
  • Background images capability.

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FlyingArt – Art School WordPress Theme

Individual teachers and schools of art, craft, and painting often require a platform to express their creativity which is why Flying Art Art school came into the picture. The theme is quintessential for sketching, painting, drawing and various other artistic skills. It brings to light your art school so you can bring in more enrollees.

The performance art WordPress template is an ideal reflection of creativity. Attractive images of your teacher’s work, student’s work, workers’ art or about anyone else’s with a penchant or exquisite art can be displayed via the platform.

Ingredients Of FlyingArt School WordPress Template:

  • Service Section ingredients which keep your visitors updated with your events.
  • Section for testimonials which helps to rope in potential customers.
  • A portfolio slider which allows you to put your portfolio in the spotlight.
  • A section to take in new admissions.
  • FlyingArt School WordPress template is totally compatible with WordPress latest version 4.7.3.
  • An art blog with which you can keep your art world updated.
  •  100% responsive & Cross-browser supportive theme with salient features.

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With a wide variety of themes to choose from, all you creatives out there can definitely make the most of these themes. One for each kind of creative, there is no dearth of portfolios. So, make the most of these themes to throw some light on your art.

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