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Ultimate Benefits For Guest Bloggers At InkThemes

Writing Guest Posts for backlinks has now become an old SEO tactic and you might have been following the trend for a long time in order to build up your brand, traffic, and sales from the post.

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How to cope up with changes taking place in SEO?

In recent days, I have found many people claiming that traditional SEO is getting ousted due to day by day increasing social media influence. No doubt, there is merit to this argument because social media has greatly impacted the way in which we discover and share content or the way we look for a website or content using Google, Yahoo, or Bing…………….

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How Can You Use Facebook For Online Marketing?

Facebook may not be very kind to your business, but you cannot really ignore it as it is one of the most valuable business tools that you can get these days. In fact, it is very apparent. Businesses, instead of posting their URLs on TV commercials, are urging their fans to join them on Facebook. Hence, you can well understand that it is a force to reckon with……

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24 Free, Responsive and Beautiful WordPress Themes

Having wasted a lot of time and efforts to make your website perfect and to get desired results, how if you get a bunch of such themes that are really awesome, completely flexible, highly responsive, and that make your website ready to astonish within no time.

Here is a list of exactly 24 highly effective WP themes provided by InkThemes that can be easily transformed according to any particular niche as per your desire.

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Demystifying Search: A Peek at Search’s Journey

The importance of a well-designed website has now become bigger than ever, as more and more people are flocking the online platform in order to look for entertainment, best buys, and general knowledge.

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How Spamming Can Affect Your Blog & Website Rank?

Making a comment on a blog is the easiest way to share your opinion about it, ask queries and engage site’s users in discussion. But nowadays commenting is done with an intention to get backlinks for improving visibility in search engine. Therefore, every blog has to deal with a comment spam, which not only degrade its quality but also affect a web rank badly. This article make you to know spammers activities, how you can identify and prevent your blogs and website from it.

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Is SEO Dead? Why It Could Be, and What’s Replacing It?

For many years in a row, we have considered SEO a more or less tangible version of the Holy Grail that promised us spectacular profitability and popularity increases for any type of business operating on extremely competitive online markets.

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9 Tips For Choosing An SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

Choosing a suitable WordPress theme is hard enough at the best of times, but it’s important to get it right, as it represents the foundation that your site is built on. So I am going to outline some of the most important considerations to look out for when choosing an SEO friendly theme.

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ResumeWay WordPress Theme Complete Documentation by InkThemes

InkThemes presents to you a powerful One Page WordPress CV theme for your website – the ‘ResumeWay’. This theme is designed in such a manner that will only focus on your strength, the capabilities that you possess and highlight the same from the website.

In the following documentation you will know about how to use the ResumeWay theme on your website.

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Turn Things Around And Make A Successful Career With ResumeWay- The Upcoming Theme

Don’t you want to take your expertise to next level? The hard work that you always do for making a successful career. But the problem with the people is they don’t have an efficient medium to bring light on their capabilities.

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A Simple List of the Best Seven WordPress SEO Plugins-The Lesser The Better

Today, most people prefer using WordPress framework to build their website or blog, as they know it is the best bet for easy and fast optimization. This blog post is not just about the best WordPress (WP) SEO plugins for the year 2014, but I feel they are the best plugins of all time; yes it would be perfectly right to call them “the evergreen WordPress SEO plugins.”

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5 Ways To Ruin SEO For Your WordPress Site

It takes a lot of courage to move away from the cosy comfort of and get your site hosted with a third party. So only those who are ready will take on this challenge.

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Change for Better at InkThemes

I think is a long time as the scene now is very much different. Back to back 40+ themes, projects and many milestones.

For the sake of the quality of our products, and to get along with the rising hikes in resources and growing technologies, some bold steps were required in order to raise the potentials of our InkThemes to provide you with better services and products.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the present and of our customers in the future times, we are introducing the following changes to our Terms & Conditions policy.

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7 Big Brands That Use WordPress

These days, almost anyone can start their own website. “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) tools and endless educational resources make it easy for beginners to use services such as WordPress to get their business up and running. WordPress as a web host and platform isn’t only a great option for beginners, it’s also a flexible option for experienced users.

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10 Essential Tips for Marketing Your Business Online

Small businesses can sometimes struggle to create a presence online. These essential marketing tips will show you just how to make your business stand out.

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10 Killer Blog Hacks to Avoid Blog Burnout (and Take It to the Next Level)

Every blog encounters a period of burnout and inactivity during some point or other. If left like that without doing anything to pull your blog out of this inactivity, your blog faces the risk of abandonment and premature death. Use these 10 blog hacks discussed in this post to avoid this calamity and to take your blog from blah to awesome.

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How To Make $500 From 3 Simple Steps?

Concerning to a product sales, I am sure you have tried many tricks and trails to boost up selling rate and earn huge money. If you have the quality product, proper strategy, advertising power, good branding and the web, then no one is going to stop you. The main purpose of writing this article is to show you, how you can boost up your sales and earn more than $500 by following these 3-simple steps.

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How to Make Fans and Followers On Social Media (Even if you are a nobody)

The flat and open lands of social media welcome everyone, along with businesses of all sizes. Social media is a huge flattener. Whether it’s a one-person business or a huge brand like Apple, the medium is the same. The post is all about making social connections even if you have a new startup.

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5 Of The Most Important Factors To Rank Well On Search Engine For 2014

When it comes to improving or increasing search engine results, there are many ways (and methods) you can follow in today’s world and I am not going to touch much on that. In fact, I will be sharing with you not one or two, but five no-brainer factors that most people miss out which affects their website ranking dearly.

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9 Tips to Amplify Your Instagram Business Strategy

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Social networking services have become a part of our daily life. At one point or another we use these networks to get a start in our business. One such social networking service is Instagram which have become yet another place to showcase your business and drive in more audience. How? Lets take a look at it.

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