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Music Tools - Musical Concert And Instrument Sale WordPress Theme

As we know that Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart. Therefore, all music related accessories i.e melodies instruments, concerts, stage shows get popular on all over the […]

Woofers - Small And Large Speaker WordPress Theme & Template

A good set of speakers can transform entertainment system & home in an amazing movie theater. Speakers demand is exploding day by day as more people are getting attracted toward music concerts. So we developed a remarkable […]

Gig Bag - Musical Instruments Bag WordPress Theme & Template

~MUSIC~ Play the moments. Pause the memories. Stop the pain. Rewind the happiness. It is necessary to pack all such fundamental into the beefy instrumental bags & cases. People who want to online sell music accessories […]

Beats Pill - Bluetooth Speaker WordPress Theme & Template

A mesmerizing music can uplift your dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain, the music and its beats has great healing powers that can make great impact on the listeners. Music technology has now gone beyond […]

Guitar Chord - Guitar Strings Sale WordPress Theme & Template

Music is a therapy, the person falls into a different world whenever they hear a nice song or music part, the most soothing and mesmerizing instrument that music have is guitar. Guitar is the most loved […]

Audio School - Sound Engineering Training WordPress Theme & Template

What is Sound? It is just a vibration that travels with the help of air or any other medium and is heard when it reaches your ears. Sound Engineering Training WordPress Theme is a premium & […]

Band Strom - Music Jam WordPress Theme & Template

To make any event a grand success you just need good ambiance and feast the ears of the audience with awesome music. Music Jam WordPress Theme will give your band a platform to have their own website. […]

Disco Freek - Disco Club WordPress Theme & Template

Why DiscoFreek WordPress Theme? As there are hundreds of nightclubs & disco bars are located in the world. All have bolt dance floor, stage for live music, DJ booth, alcoholic beverages & free environment. We all […]

MusicCenter - Musical Instruments Parts Sale WordPress Theme And Template

“Music across the boundaries, music across the globe, music is everywhere, wherever you go.” Rhythms comes out best with instruments and these instruments are the backbone of the music industry, even instrumental music has lots of […]

Deaf Song - Music For The Deaf Service WordPress Theme & Template

Music is the universal language and understands by every creature Hearing loss shouldn’t be the barrier to enjoying and composing music. So we crop up with the premium, powerful and responsive Music For The Deaf Service WordPress […]

Tune Tools - Musical Instruments Rental WordPress Theme & Template

Music is a great therapy for all the people, its works as a stress buster and helps everyone relax, and the most important devices that play a big role in the music are the instruments. And […]

MelodyBook - Educational Songs Book Wordpress Theme & Template

Scholastic tune is a genre of music in which songs, lyrics or other musical elements are used as a method of teaching or learning.  If you are publishing academic jungle book and want to spread it […]

ReligiousMusic - Religious Karaoke Bar WordPress Theme

All religions have its own belief, culture, and worship music and religious divine music gives a specific identity to a particular religion. The religious karaoke bar is the stunning platform for the persons who wants to […]

LearnPiano - Piano Class WordPress Theme

Music is a wonderful thing, it brings happiness, the more you learn, the more you get inclined towards it and one such melodious instrument is piano. And for artists who want to contribute in the piano […]

DrumCafe - Drumming Club WordPress Theme

Music is a magical thing, it takes you to a whole new different world, its has a therapeutic effect on people, everyone loves to do hear a good music and one such kind of instrument that […]

TheatreShow - Broadway Shows WordPress Theme

Most of the people want to invest in the broadway field to proliferate their musical performing art. If you want to show up your stage art, then you need an illustrious podium where people can gather […]

SongWriter - Song Writing WordPress Theme

Presentation of a beautifully written set of stanzas can bring joy around and make others cheer. Then why not to make music lovers more active to readout your lyrics in better context stereotype platform. SongWriter WordPress […]

RockClub - Karaoke & Orchestra Club WordPress Theme

Want a WordPress theme to deliver the best, perfect, & memorable karaoke experience to your customers.? Then, the layout of RockClub WP theme is perfect for karaoke club, KJ’s, DJ’s, nightclub, musician band, singer, orchestra, and […]

TuneTrack - Music Release WordPress Theme

Every stanza of song has its own essence to draw impact on listeners mind and make them to hum it repeatedly. Thus it is important to bring every song lover to listen your music creation of […]

Classical - Music Lesson WordPress Theme

If you are a music artist or have a band, nightclub and record label. Then, you must have your music website to sell your music accessories online. Classical is an ideal membership theme specially designed for […]

MusicHouse - Music Store WordPress Theme

Want a perfect online platform to display your music instruments online. Here, we come with MusicHouse WordPress theme that will perfectly suit on any of your online music store. Music Accessories Supplier, Melodic Instrumental Broker, Lyrical Tool […]

MusicHub - Music Portal WordPress Theme

Are you from a musician profession and want to create your online music portal website..??? Then, MusicHub WordPress theme is perfect for you to show yourself to the world. MusicHub is a video sharing WordPress theme is crafted […]

GuitarPlayer - Guitar WordPress Theme

Are you from guitarists profession and want to show up and advertise your videos to the world.?? Then, GuitarPlayer WordPress theme is the best bandstand for creating a video member website. GuitarPlayer is a video-sharing WordPress […]

MusicMess - Singer WordPress Theme

Music Mess WordPress theme is designed for Solo Artists, Event Performer individuals and groups, Bands, and etc. The theme gives you the best way to promote your club, events, your artists, training programs, and much more. […]

RockStyle - Rock Band WordPress Theme

Today, when the whole world is on the web, it is not possible to reach a widespread fun loving crowd without a website. Rock Band WordPress Theme is a responsive motif that helps you to create a […]

SoundTrack - Recording Studio WordPress Theme

Turn Up The Volume Of Your Recording Business Looking for a recording studio WordPress theme for your sound recording business? Here you will find a great WordPress Theme for your audio recording and mixing studio. Showcase […]

MusicRock - Music Band WordPress Theme

MusicRock WordPress Theme is designed and developed accurately for musicians, music bands, DJs, music fan bands. MusicRock is onepage Music Band WordPress Theme that let you create attractive and stylish looking website within few minutes. The […]

Musica - The Music School WordPress Theme

Grow the fame of your Music School with Musica WordPress Theme Musica is a user-friendly WordPress theme for music schools or individual music trainers. The theme builds your sharp online presence. This WordPress theme have been […]

Wedding DJ - Wedding & Disc Jockey WordPress Theme

Wedding DJ WordPress theme is designed exactly for Wedding DJ, recording artists & music bands. The theme is also ideal for music service providers. Now you can display your creativity and DJ services with this WordPress […]

Evento - Event WordPress Theme

Evento is a great looking theme for WordPress that helps all kinds of event organizers to promote their event amongst an audience. It has all the features you need to successfully promote and manage your events […]

VideoCraft - WordPress Video Theme Complete Solution

Create A Perfect Video Website Just Like YouTube VideoCraft is not just your regular Video Theme. Using VideoCraft you can run a full-blown user generated Video website just like YouTube or Vimeo. As prime features, the […]