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“Music across the boundaries, music across the globe, music is everywhere, wherever you go.”

Rhythms comes out best with instruments and these instruments are the backbone of the music industry, even instrumental music has lots of harmony that can heal the listener.

The business of the music instrument selling can be taken to a whole new level by global presence, provided, the platform is such crafted that will make an impact on the viewer.

The theme which is winning everyone hearts is the Musical Instruments Parts Sale WordPress Theme which targets music instruments shop, music industry, musicians , music instruments repairs and similar others.

What can be done by the theme :-

  • Display Images .
  • Sell music instruments.
  • Cater music instruments.
  • Content on music
  • Global presence

Prominent feature of the theme :-

  • WooCommerce Functionality :-

“The theme contains a shop page where you can select items and add them to the cart, similarly customer can checkout through the specific section and then make the final payment through the PayPal payment gateway system.”

The awesome features of the theme that can make things work for you :-

  • Full-width slider :- The theme which has a dazzling slider can be used to display all the music instruments that you want to sell and can make customers have more affinity towards your work.
  • 4 column feature area :- The template contains a 4 column feature area to display all the features on the go, all such stuffs can be shared and categorized with the help of the theme.
  • Tagline section with background image :- The tagline section on the homepage of the theme is the place where all the captions can be shared with a call to action button.
  • Product section with images :- The vital product section is the eye catcher of the theme resulting people getting more attracted to your music instruments, where they can buy the products delivered by you.
  • Dual banner section  :- The banner section the homepage of the theme has an amazing luring effect on the customers as it is specifically a advertisement section on the both the sides.
  • Descriptive through blogs :- The exclusive section allows the user to be descriptive through the blog section where posts and articles from the user can be uploaded.

Auxiliary Benefits :-

The template has multiple pages mainly as gallery page, blog page and contact page which are used for their respective purposes, the theme is customizable and can be molded and is created with SEO kept in mind to rank in google web search.

SalesPage - MusicCenter

Features Of The MusicCenter WordPress Theme :-

  • One click installation.
  • Full width slider for the highlights.
  • Tagline section with a call to action button.
  • WooCommerce Integrated.
  • PayPal integrated system.
  • Dual banner section.
  • Awesome product section.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Social sharing icons.
  • Inbuilt contact page.
  • 4 column feature area.
  • WPML compatible.
  • Easy setup.
  • W3C validations.
  • Inbuilt gallery page.
  • CSS enabled.
  • jQuery enhanced.
  • Retina ready display.
  • SEO optimized.
  • WordPress compatible.
  • Made with debug mode on.

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