5+ Best Gambling WordPress Themes For Sports Betting, Casinos, Lottery & Clubs


Gambling is an enthralling experience both for the gambling houses’ owners & the players.

Before the club owners decide to expand their gambling vocation offline, they must consider widening their online presence as well.

WordPress has made the task of creating a website far too easy. But, with an ocean of templates to choose from, one is spoilt for choice. To help in opting a premium web template here is a compilation of best gambling WordPress themes.

All these themes are crammed with features like video sharing modules, WooCommerce plugin, appointment booking functionality & much more, which increase the site traffic & before you know it, you’ll have the floor pulled up beneath your feet!

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Pick the theme that suits your business & launch the sports betting clubs, casinos lottery houses online with a single click. Once that happens, there is no turning back.

eCasino – Online Casino WordPress Theme

eCasino template is one among the best gamblers WordPress theme. The eCasino template is integrated with elements that are required for a creating a website for casino. From gamblers, lottery artists, to electro players, just about anyone can make use of this theme.

As with most online games, tutorials are essential in order to understand the logistics of the games. The online casino WordPress theme makes up for this with the video sharing capability. One is given the liberty to upload their own videos and at the same time, embed links to YouTube videos on the website. The homepage of the outline features all the videos in a three-tab layout.

Online Casino WordPress Theme

Salient Features Of eCasino WordPress Template

  • Users can register themselves for free & upload their very own videos using the Add Video Button.
  • Blogs can be used to share tips with site visitors which can be categorized as per the requirement.
  • The presence of multiple sidebars, aids in the overall look & feel of the website.
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress & supports all major browsers.
  • eCasino template has an Ad Banner area to flourish salient features of sponsors.

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GamblingClub – Casino Club & Hotel WordPress Theme

Not all of us have immediate accessibility to a casino, which is why there exists an online casino sphere that is growing at a rapid rate. The casino club & hotel WordPress theme allows you to create your very own casino website.

The single page WordPress template is crafted for gamblers, casinos, gambling dens, restaurant & motel owners. The layout is so designed that it presents all the elements like hexagonal portfolio section, column service area, pricing package table, Google map, etc. all in a single scroll.

Casino Club & Hotel WordPress Theme

Key Traits Of GamblingClub WordPress Template

  • Introduce the team members with pictures, designation & social profile links.
  • Back to top button that brings the site users back to the top from the bottom.
  • Flaunt the key traits of the casino with the gallery section via images.
  • GamblingClub template adapts to the latest version of WordPress.
  • 100% Responsive framework & supports all major browsers.
  • Front page customizer & coded with SEO in mind.

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LotoSell – Lottery Ticket Sale WordPress Theme

Who doesn’t want to win a lottery? Why not capitalize on this by selling online lottery tickets? This is not just a lucrative business, but also a great way to promote & encourage the portfolio online. Lottery ticket sale WordPress theme is pro eCommerce template which enables you to sell the tickets online.

Gamblers, business owners, raffle game centers, lottery ticket sellers & distributors can make the most of this LotoSell theme. The WooCommerce plugin embedded with this lottery program WordPress theme, assisting you to create an online market with a single click.

Lottery Ticket Sale WordPress Theme

Salient Features Of LotoSell WordPress Template

  • Create a page where you can show tickets along with the prices so that online purchase becomes easy.
  • Blog page template permits you to frame a page in order to inform your users about upcoming events.
  • Adaptable with the latest version of WordPress & supports all major browsers.
  • Clean codes & different color schemes available to highlight salient features.
  • Share customers’ testimonials so as to build trust amongst your visitors.
  • Shop page, cart & checkout options available with LotoSell template.

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SportsBetting – Sports Prediction Site WordPress Theme

Sparing the legalities of game predictions, bets are ubiquitous when it comes to sports. Sports prediction site WordPress theme is crafted to fulfill the demands of sports betting firms that provide you a path to demonstrate bookie services across the globe.

SportsBetting template can be used by bookies, sports gamblers, wage brokers & sports prediction agencies. With the layered slider images, videos display the event’s snapshots. The four-column feature area allows educating clients about the services along with image s.

Sports Prediction Site WordPress Theme

Ancillary Features Of SportsBetting WordPress Template

  • SportsBetting template is SEO optimized, ensuring that the website is on top of search engine results.
  • Widgetized sidebar & footer areas to flaunt ancillary traits of the games betting agency.
  • With the gallery, you can showcase images of your team members, agency and so on.
  • Customer testimonials can be featured so as to gain credibility in the online space.
  • Completely responsive outline & multiple color options available.
  • Grow your network with the social site links integration.
  • Works effectively with the latest version of WordPress.

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FlightCasino – Casino Airlines WordPress Theme

Airline casino games are in large demand off late. Here comes the FlightCasino template that is a highly customizable template that comes with a number of professional site elements.

Casino Airlines WordPress theme allows creating websites for flight gaming industries, company clubs, flight pool halls, gambling houses, aero nightclubs & so on. The most important feature of the theme is the free Ink Appointment Plugin which gives a number of benefits like:

  1. Setting gambling plans in accordance with the interest & availability.
  2. Users are given the liberty to select dates & timings so as to create an appointment.
  3. Instant booking anytime & from anywhere using PayPal.
  4. Create awareness about gaming pricing & users can also share suggestions via the message form.

Casino Airlines WordPress Theme

Main Attributes Of FlightCasino WordPress Template

  • FlightCasino template comes with a custom blogging area to present airlines related news & scoops in a layered style.
  • With a built-in testimonial area, display what the users have to say about the main attributes of the business.
  • Display the geographical location of the office with the Google map on the homepage.
  • Fully responsive framework & runs on all major browsers.
  • Social site sharing integration & clean codes.

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ClubBetting – Sports Betting Club WordPress Theme

Planning to launch the sports club betting business & looking for a solution, then Sports Betting Club WordPress theme is the ideal stoppage. Using this template, the betting business will go to the next level of success along with providing updates about the events to clients.

The ClubBetting template can be used by any type of sports enthusiasts, including football, horse racing, bettors, poker schools & clubs, so on. Display all betting services with the slider & feature section of the theme that will help to notify the customers about the various events offered.

Sports Betting Club WordPress Theme

Additional Features Of ClubBetting WordPress Template

  • The widgetized footer area makes navigation easy & can be used to promote additional features.
  • Make money online, and the payment is secure with the help of the PayPal Payment Gateway.
  • Moreover, it has a seven-color option to choose from so you can pick a color that suits your website.
  • A well-categorized gallery portfolio section on the homepage of the website.
  • With the contact form, the complete communication process is made swift.
  • Clean codes along with a completely responsive outline.

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Creating an online presence for betting & casino business is made simple with the help of the WordPress themes listed in this roundup. Launch your business with the help of these templates as soon as possible, because there is no faster path to success than this.

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Feel that this list is missing out some more WordPress themes or want to share your feedback & suggestions, then kindly do so with the comment section below.

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