Easily Create Classified Website And Make Passive Income

It’s never been so easier to create a fully functional classified website. There are a lot of things that need to be considered for a classified website.

After researching various successful classified websites, InkThemes has developed its own easy-to-use premium WordPress theme for classified websites named, ClassiCraft theme.

This theme enables you to create your own classified website in minutes.

This post is a guide for all the people who want to develop their own classified website without getting involved in coding and other technical stuff.

Get this premium theme now by click on the below button and install it in your WordPress website.

ClassiCraft Theme - InkThemes

After activating the theme, it will ask you to insert some sample data just to ensure you how your website will look like with data, you can delete that sample data at any time.

insert sample data option

Now, see some cool settings of the theme which lets you easily manage your classified website. Once you install this theme, it creates two extra options just below the dashboard option.

 classified settings

Classified option lets you create new classified directly and you can add as many categories you want. It’s very easy to create categories and manage them.

Not only categories, you can also create tags based on the type of your classified and your ad post can be tagged under that. Users can browse ads based on tags and categories.

 add new classified

The main feature of ClassiCraft theme is its easiness to use and manage the whole website from a simple theme options panel.

You will really find it very easy and straight forward to set various options.

ad settings

You can change your website logo, set Google Analytics tracking code, Ad settings, social media links, footer text, and also set some basic SEO options with few clicks.

Now come to payment setting, the ClassiCraft theme comes with inbuilt PayPal integration which lets you accept payment from your users via PayPal.

You must have a PayPal account in order to accept payments.

In payment setting section of ClassiCraft theme, you can define various packages for ads, you can set different prices based on the country and niche of your website. You can also set the currency based on the country where you are doing business.

Finally, you can enter your PayPal email id in which you want to receive payment.

pricing settings

Further, this theme lets you create your own custom fields which you can add depending on your requirements.

Yes, if you want to facilitate users with more options to be filled while uploading their ads then you can easily add that as a new custom field. You can even edit or delete current custom fields.

custom fields

Now, this was for new websites, what if you have an already existing website and you want to migrate your website to a more robust CMS like WordPress?

The classicraft theme lets you do that too.

You can simply export your ads in a CSV file and a Classicraft theme has an option to import that CSV file.

It will fetch all the data from the file so that your ads will be displayed automatically in your brand new website built using WordPress and ClassiCraft theme.

import export option

The classicraft theme is very user-friendly. The user can easily navigate through the site and view ads.

Visitors can register and post ads by choosing suitable packages created by the admin of the website.

The theme offers inbuilt lead capture system, so that, posted ads can get direct leads. Advertisers can see the list of captured leads in their respective dashboard. And they can convert those leads into customers by contacting them.

Just imagine, you have a well functional classified website (which you created with lowest possible investment) which is running smoothly and you have 1000 registered users (For a classified website it’s not a big deal to have 1000 users).

Your niche is good and you focus on only that targeted niche than its sure that your visitors would be those who can be converted into potential customers.

Your registered users would love to pay you for premium packages that you offer, let’s consider a minimum of $10 is charged to each user then you earn $10,000 per month. Users and website both will grow over time and it will reflect on your revenue.


It all needs a passion to create and run a successful website, money will come naturally because through your classified website you will serve people, you will help them to find customers with your website and they are your customers.

Get the ClassiCraft theme and run your own classified business with least investment and without getting into coding like technical stuff.

PS- A step by step tutorial of the ClassiCraft theme is also covered. You can refer it too to more understanding.. :)

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  1. I’m planning to start a classifieds business. How is the market for classifieds business now in India? How soon can I make money out of it? what is the break even period? can I get somewhere around 5000 ads posted and panel with all rights at admin level for a set budget like Rs.2000 per month as a test project?

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