Create Envato Digital Affiliate Store Using Digital Affiliate WordPress Theme


Digital Affiliate Box is a WordPress Theme and Plugin Combo to allow you to create your own digital affiliate store on Autopilot.

If you are interested to join affiliate program with this autopilot system will let you quickly launch your digital affiliate store and start selling products of themeforest, codecanyon, videohive, audiojungle, graphicriver, photodune, 3docean, activeden, just in a matter of minutes.

Digital Affiliate Box (DAB) connects with Envato marketplace to source and publish digital products on your website along with your affiliate links. That means whenever any product is sold on the marketplace through your website, you will get instant commissions on the purchase.

This document includes the entire steps to connect DAB with Envato Marketplace to enable creation of your own digital store with affiliate products.

Check Digital Affiliate WordPress Theme For Envato MarketPlace

API Documentation of Connecting Envato Marketplace with Digital Affiliate Box

Envato Marketplace includes websites like ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, PhotoDune, AudioJungle, GraphicsRiver, 3D Ocean.

You can source products from any marketplace once you enter your Envato account details below.

Here is the details of how to find out the Envato account API details to connect in Digital Affiliate Box.

Step 1: Sign Up For Your Account With Envato

(Note: Signup username is also your affiliate id that you will enter in DigitalAffiliateBox settings in Step 6.)

Step1.Signup Envato Account


Step 2: Register Your New App

Click on the link.

Step2. Goto Build App

Step 3: Enter Details To Register App

You will reach the following URL for registering your app.

Step3.1 Register App

On the register screen:

  1. Enter the App Name as desired. You can use anything that you like.
  2. Choose the default permission of “View and search Envato sites”
  3. In the Confirmation URL enter:

Replace yourdomain in the link above with your own domain name.

Step3.2 Enter the Confirmation URL for Registering App

4. Tick the terms and conditions checkbox.

5. Click on Register App


Step 4: Copy Secret Application Key

Once the app is successfully registered. You will get a secret application key. Copy it for later use.

Step4. Get the Secret Application Key

Step 5: Copy Client ID

Click on Woohoo! Got It button and you will be redirected to Apps you’ve registered page.

Here you will get the OAuth client ID. Copy it for later use.

Step5. Get the Client ID

Step 6: Enter The Envato Credentials

Now head back t the backend of the installation of Digital Affiliate Box.

Enter the Client ID in the first text box in the plugin settings that you got in Step 5.

Enter the Secret Application Key that you got in Step 4.

Enter the Affiliate ID that you used as a username in Step 1.

Step6. Enter the details on the backend.


Step 7: Click On Authorize App Within The Plugin

To authorize you can also click the link below.

Step7. Click on Authorize after entering the details

Your plugin is now connected with Envato and you can now source the products from it.


Step 8: Register For Affiliate

You can now head over to any of the product marketplace like or and click the Affiliate link on the top header.

Step8. ThemeForest

Step 9: Verify Affiliate Status

Enter few personal details including your country etc along with payment details to verify your affiliate status.


Step 10: Search Products

That’s it. Next we will start searching the product from within the Digital Affiliate Box plugin to import them to the website.

Step9. Searching the Products

Step 11: Import The Products

Based on the search the products will be displayed along with the total count of the products.

Simply select and Import the product to your store.


Step 12: Customize Your Website’s Header & Logo

Through this setting, you can manually adjust various aspects of your website like Headers, Site Identity, Colors, Menus, Widgets, etc.

Follow the path, Appearance → Customize


1. Appearance → Customize → Header Panel → Header Section

This setting authorizes you to manually adjust Header & Logo’s width and height.

Header Settings

2. Appearance → Customize → Site Identity

Site Identity setting permits you to configure various settings like Site Title, Tagline, Title Font Size and Tagline Font Size. You can also show/hide Site Title and Logo at the same or one at a time through this customization setting.


Step 13: Configure Your Website’s Appearance

Once the products are imported, you can now focus on making your website presentable using various Theme Options.

1. Appearance → Theme Options → General Settings

Through this setting, you can add your own logo, favicon, body background image and top right header Ad code.

General Settings

2. Appearance → Theme Options → Home Settings

Home settings allow you to configure the listing you want to feature on your homepage, set different colors for product, affiliate and read more buttons.

Home Settings

3. Appearance → Theme Options → Sidebar Featured Product

This setting will allow you to post a featured product on the sidebar with all the necessary details.

Sidebar Featured Product

Sidebar Featured Product setting also permits you to showcase products on any of the pages or posts.

Once you are editing a page/post and wanting to feature a product, all you have to do is select the check box on meta post box like so –

Sidebar Featured Product Meta Post Box

After checking the box, it will appear on the front end –

Sidebar Featured Product front

4. Appearance → Theme Options → Slider Settings

Slider setting will permit you to add multiple images with redirection links, which is displayed in the carousel format.

Slider Settings

5. Appearance → Theme Options → Bitly API Settings

Bitly API Settings

6. Appearance → Theme Options → Styling Options

Add custom CSS styling here.

Styling Options

7. Appearance → Theme Options → Social Icons

This setting allows you to add your social media icons and links for effective social media marketing.

Social Icons

8. Appearance → Theme Options → Footer Settings

Footer Settings

9. Appearance → Theme Options → SEO Options

SEO Options

Step 14: Website Ready with Automation

Once the products are imported, the website is customized with various theme options, everything will appear on the homepage along with the entire details and your affiliate link via Digital Affiliate Box’s autopilot mode.



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