9+ Best Cosmetics WordPress Themes For Beauty Salons, Boutiques & Skin Care Shops


Women are quite the jugglers – from having to go to work, to upkeeping the household. It’s amazing how through the cracks, women manage to find time to pamper themselves.

However, pampering alone doesn’t make the cut – rather, it has to be ensured that the best products are handed out to them, all the time. This is essentially why there is a need to create cosmetics businesses that aren’t just good but great!

We’re bringing to you some of the premium Cosmetics WordPress themes that are crafted for beauty care centers & bound to get you kick started in the right direction.

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BeautyBoutique – Cosmetics Retail Boutique WordPress Theme

Do you own a retail beauty products shop and in need of a virtual platform to get across to more people? If yes, then the BeautyBoutique WordPress theme is tailored for you.

With the transitional effect of the beauty care WordPress template, you can grab visitor’s attention, tempting them to visit your emporium at the earliest. Parlors, cosmetic shopkeepers, luxury store owners and spa centres can make use of it.

BeautyBoutique WP theme

Features Of BeautyBoutique WordPress Template

  • Integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, you can display all your products along with the quoted price.
  • A single product page accompanies you providing insight into the composition and attributes of a particular product.
  • Filter searches are supported so as to increase customer usability.
  • The PayPal portal offers a 24/7 payment mode multiplying your capital twofold.
  • With the call to action button, you can guide visitors to the shopping page, availing discounts in the process.

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Cosmetologer – Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme

Here comes Cosmetologer, a WordPress theme for plastic surgeons and cosmetologists who offer beauty treatments with the use of microsurgical techniques.

Surgeons that perform implants, transplants, augmentation, body contouring and so on can use this theme to advertise their services to prospective clients. The theme comes with an inbuilt Ink lead capture plugin to acquire the data of your potential clients & use the information further.

Cosmetologer WP theme

Attributes Of Cosmetologer WordPress Template

  • The website shows important notifications with reference to your cosmetology services.
  • Get quick insight as to the services offered with the informatory slider at the top.
  • Looking to seal the deal with potential customers? Make use of the gallery section to feature before and after images of your clients.
  • The ten-color scheme makes your website more attractive.

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MakeupArt – Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

If there’s one thing that makes the MakeupArt WordPress theme truly phenomenal, it’s the homepage customizer. This can be handled with the theme options panel.

Makeup training service WordPress theme comes with a strict no code policy, so if you have less or no prior experience, there is no need to worry. With easy navigation, there’s not much else to ask for, within a single theme. Sit back, relax, unwind and let it do all the magic for you.

MakeUpArt WP theme

Elements Of MakeupArt WordPress Template

  • Choose to display your services on individual pages or on the homepage.
  • Target customers on a global scale with the various SEO options.
  • The fully responsive theme gets people attached to your website.
  • The admin panel is AJAX based making it powerful.
  • Want people to get in touch with you faster? Then make use of the ‘call to action’ feature which directs a call.
  • There is also the option to add background images, increasing the overall look and feel of the website.

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BeautyCube – Cosmetic Sales WordPress Theme

There’s absolutely no dearth when it comes to the cosmetics and beauty care industries. So this is where, the Beauty Cube WordPress theme comes handy, providing you with the ideal solution.

Since there’s a thriving requirement, so starting up a fashion & cosmetics business can do wonders for you. That, however, doesn’t suffice as you need a professional looking beauty & fashion WordPress theme that lures your customers in & increase your sales.

BeautyCube WP theme

Ingredients Of BeautyCube WordPress Template

  • Display all beauty items such as nail colors, lipstick shades and so on with the shop page template.
  • Add items to your cart as you proceed so as to not miss out on anything.
  • Payments are secured with the PayPal gateway.
  • The sliding blog feature makes sure that all your beauty expertise is shared with the world.
  • The fully functional accordion section lets you appeal to potential customers with the animation and customizable features.
  • The admin panel keeps you in charge of the entire website, allowing you to change color and design according to the requirements.

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SkinCare – Body Shop WordPress Theme

Finding a good yet satiating body shop isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most people have the tendency to stick to a particular brand once they have found the right one.

The SkinCare WordPress theme serves the universal body pampering purpose & lets you showcase your services and products on the web. This BodyArt WordPress theme is the one that almost anyone including store owners, body spas, and cosmetic shop owners can avail.

SkinCare WP theme

Attributes Of SkinCare WordPress Template

  • Take feedback from your client, and showcase it on your site via testimonial section.
  • 100% fluid layout & cross-browser supportive template.
  • With the four-feature section, you can categorize your products.
  • The theme comes equipped with a WooCommerce plugin which makes shopping online easier.
  • There is also a video section which lets you present your products with visual effects.

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NaturalCosmetics – Handmade Cosmetics WordPress Theme

Want to take your natural beauty business to the next level? The Natural Cosmetics WordPress theme does that for you. Creating a website that cosmetic stores, natural skin care center and organic stores can make the most of was never this simple.

Herbal cosmetics WordPress theme is highly flexible, letting you showcase the best of your services. This includes beauty tips, home remedies, organic industrial services and so on. With two box video section, you can simultaneously run beauty tutorials.

NaturalCosmetics WP theme

Features Of NaturalCosmetics WordPress Template

  • Sell your products online including body gels, skin care products, etc.
  • Display your handmade products in your online shop collection.
  • Ensure security with payments as PayPal comes to the rescue.
  • Multiple products can be added to one’s shopping cart so customers can buy as many products as they like.
  • The testimonial area comes with a parallax background image which enhances the overall look and feel of your website.
  • The boxed style homepage blog area lets you introduce your posts to entice users.

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BeautyPlace – Beauty Supply Store WordPress Theme

It’s no secret that women tend to spend quite a bit of money on their beauty. All they have to do in order to get the latest beauty products is to go to their favourite website and order instantly.

The Beauty Place WordPress theme allows you to be a one-stop shop for all the beauty needs & more. Integrated with the Woo  Commerce plugin, the theme essentially turns your website into an e-commerce site.

BeautyPlace WP theme

Ingredients Of BeautyPlace WordPress Template

  • Allow clients to add more items to their shopping cart, as they browse through your site.
  • Secure payments with PayPal so that there is no room for hoaxes.
  • With the homepage blog area, you can update clients about newer products.
  • The ad banner space lets you promote beauty services and information regarding beauty events.
  • With the responsive slider area, you can showcase all your cosmetic gadgets, store interiors and so on.

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CosmoStore – Cosmetics Distribution WordPress Theme

Would you like to develop an e-commerce website for a cosmetic distribution house? If so then the CosmoStore WordPress theme is crafted just for you.

Beauty & cosmetics style bar WordPress theme is packed with a number of features that lets you create a professional looking site. Cosmetic industries, maquillage marts, and makeup artists can flaunt their business services, techniques and parlor facilities with this template.

CosmoStore Wp theme

Characteristics Of CosmoStore WordPress Template

  • The homepage product area lets you present your cosmetic items online. Also, the cart option is present which lets you shortlist shopping products.
  • The service column section lets you feature and promote all the services you have to offer to your clients.
  • With the promotional ad banner space, you can promote the latest news related to beauty events and cosmetic launching.
  • The boxed style slider panel lets you showcase the tools you use to run your business.

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BeautyStore – InTrend Cosmetics WordPress Theme

Are you looking to establish a website for your cosmetic business? If so, then the Beauty Store WordPress theme is exactly what you need. Beauty stores, beauty parlors, hair salons and spas can make use of this theme.

The StyleLounge WordPress theme comes integrated with the WooCommerce plugin that creates an online presence for your cosmetic store. Sell all your products, including lip colors, nail colors, etc. directly online.

BeautyStore WP theme

Specifications Of BeautyStore WordPress Template

  • The theme is built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework which gives users full flexibility to explore your site.
  • The shopping cart feature gives users a wonderful browsing experience, letting them add multiple items to their cart.
  • A powerful admin panel lets you add custom products, assigning multiple products to a single category.
  • The inbuilt register and login page template lets visitors create an account on your site with their names, passwords, and emails.

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BeautDisplay- Beauty Exhibitions WordPress Theme

The Beaut Display WordPress theme was designed keeping in mind, all the needs of fashion companies, beauty trade fairs, and beauty companies.

The theme comes built-in with a number of features that you do not want to miss out on. Any service that is vaguely or certainly associated with beauty can incorporate this VogueTrends WordPress theme. It is bound to produce the results you seek.

BeautDisplay WP theme

Elements Of BeautDisplay WordPress Template

  • With the full-width slider, you can flaunt images with a subheading and a caption.
  • The service section ensures that you keep visitors informed about the type of work you deal with.
  • Promote your business with the blog page which is divided into two layouts.
  • You are provided with the opportunity to create your own portfolio with the top gallery template.

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If you’re looking to get your beauty & cosmetics business started, then there’s no better way than the one we’re suggesting you. Pick a couple of WordPress themes that you think can work best for your start-up and begin right away.

Loved our article? Or rather need some improvements? Oh! You might be having some suggestions…. Don’t worry, feel free to share or have a say in the comment section below!

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