6+ Best Clothing WordPress Themes For Fashion Designers, Outfits Stores & Casual Boutiques


A website is going to take you the places if you are looking forward to having a foothold as a clothing brand. Now we have prepared a list of 6+ Best Clothing WordPress Themes with which can create a trendsetter website for your fashion freaks all around the world. Now be a fashion crush for the world with these themes in no time!

This will not only show the brand to the local people but also one international level.

WordPress is the perfect help that one can get to devise a website for their fashion house.

  • These templates help in doing every customization easily & only requires a single click.
  • Design, color & layout is such, that gives a glamorous appeal to the clothing line website.
  • Features like Lead Capture forms, eCommerce formats to promote the fancy mania smoothly.

Here are the industry’s 6+ best clothing WordPress themes for fashion outlets, outfit stores, apparel boutiques & designers that are sure to take the fashion clothing business to heights via an online platform.

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OutfitGallery – Clothing Store WordPress Theme

If you are looking for the WordPress theme that can help you in making amazing fashion style website for the online store then OutfitGallery is one of the best options. By taking the help of Clothing store WordPress theme, you can easily embark an online presence & create a good impression on the customers.

This thrift & cloth store WordPress template has been specially designed for online clothing stores, clothing centers, wholesale clothing, shopping malls or vintage clothing stores etc. The framework is integrated with the powerful WooCommerce plugin with which one can easily start online trading of men’s, women’s & all kinds of clothing.

Salient Features Of OutfitGallery WordPress Template

  • 100% responsive template.
  • Inbuilt shop page, cart & checkout options.
  • 8 different colors of skin to highlight the salient features.
  • The OutfitGallery template has Integration of PayPal.
  • Retina ready icons.
  • Optimisation with SEO.
  • Easy to use admin panel.
  • Single click installation.
  • Compatible with WordPress latest version.

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MenApparel – Male Wears Store WordPress Theme

MenApparel is the WordPress theme that has been designed for businesses offering quality accessories of men including men’s clothing, shoes and all other related things. It is aimed at making an attention-grabbing display to get more customers for the website & generate more business.

With the help of male wears store WordPress theme, develop an online marketplace that combines the benefit of offline shopping experience with online marketing. The tuxedos & men’s apparel WordPress template is packed with features like Ad Banners, videos to illuminate every detail of the fashion line.

Key Traits Of MenApparel WordPress Template

  • Shopping area at Home Page
  • Social media icons available
  • Highly compatible with WordPress latest version
  • Consists of Favicon & Logo
  • Blog Page available to share key traits & thoughts
  • Highly powerful admin panel
  • Single click installation of MenApparel template
  • 9 different color schemes available
  • Footer area available
  • Button style is present with the animation effects

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DressMaker – Tailor WordPress Theme

DressMaker is the most elegant & responsive WordPress theme designed to help tailors to show the world their outfitting store. The tailor WordPress theme has been designed by keeping in mind the dress designers, garment tailors, clothing retailers & the apparel business.

This professional tailor model wears WordPress template has been specialized in search engine optimization options, online branding, and the ongoing growth. Use the business tagline areas, feature sections, blogs & call to action buttons in creating an informative website for customers.

Striking Features Of DressMaker WordPress Template

  • Offers full-width image slider with description and headings
  • Favicon and custom logo options available
  • DressMaker WordPress template adapts to the latest version of WordPress
  • Different full-width & default page layouts available
  • Completely responsive framework.
  • Home Page heading along with options for subheading
  • Three column featured area to flaunt striking features
  • Widgetized footer & social site links integration.

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FashionCherry – Fashion Design WordPress Theme

FashionCherry WordPress theme has stepped into the market to serve all the people who want to have their online business. It is among one of the elegant themes that has been designed especially for the glamour originator, designers, trendy stylists, fashion stores, clothes designer, fashion merchandisers & much more.

The fashion design WordPress theme serves the purpose of showcasing all the latest trends in clothing, expensive products, fashionable accessories and other clothes design that can attract a large number of people to your business. The amazing tools of this designer & stylist WordPress template have a full-width slider, customization services that have made it one of the amazing themes to be used for the online business.

Prime Attributes Of FashionCherry WordPress Template

  • 12 different options for skin color
  • Customization features include
  • Powerful admin panel
  • SEO optimized & clean codes
  • Compatible with WPML
  • FashionCherry template adapts to latest version of WordPress
  • High-resolution graphics to spotlight the prime attributes
  • Support of Cross-Browser & fits into every screen size
  • Icons for social media available
  • Customized favicon uploader

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VogueTrends – Fashion Industry Analysis WordPress Theme

The new VogueTrends WordPress theme has been designed for the purpose of providing a platform for all the fashion experts, fashion houses, fashion analysts and other domains to flaunt their fashion critic style.

This fashion & bridal consultancy WordPress theme is one of the best options for all fashion organizations, experts who provide services related to clothing. They can easily show themselves on the web via videos, blogs, full-screen sliders & much more offered by this fashion industry analysis WordPress theme.

Salient Features Of VogueTrend WordPress Template

  • It offers single click installation
  • Highly responsive layout
  • Icons for social sharing available
  • Layered slider with drifting text area
  • Compatible with cross browsers
  • Contact page available
  • 4 columned feature area present
  • Easy to setup VogueTrend WordPress template
  • Retina ready icons that demonstrate all the salient features
  • Compatible with up-to-date version of WordPress

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RampShow – Fashion Show Planning WordPress Theme

A tough competition is present in the fashion industry & every designer wants to grab more customers. Ramp Show WordPress theme has been designed in order to help the fashion show organizers start off their online journey. This single page WordPress template presents all the services on one page & the sidebar menu offers easy navigation.

The presence of the full-width slider within this fashion & beauty exhibition WordPress template enables to showcase the skills completely in a more enhanced way. It also consists of the featured areas, gallery portfolio section, parallax images & much more to show the site visitors the new expertise of the business.

Additional Features Of RampShow WordPress Template

  • Inbuilt section to share videos displaying additional features
  • Highly responsive layout of RampShow WordPress template
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Completely supported mobile menu
  • Compatible with cross-browser
  • Social sharing icons available
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Footer area for copyright text

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GirlishTrend – Feminine WordPress Theme

GirlishTrend WordPress theme has been the best girly template for all the business who is offering girlish fashion products online. Whether you are a fashion house or fashion lover, the feminine WordPress theme can help you in setting up a sleek & grand eCommerce website.

Anyone can use the modern & vintage clothing WordPress template as it exhibits a unique animation effect during the first time loading & has many features like Ad Banner, tagline box with parallax effects & the PayPal integration enables the shoppers to shop anytime round the clock.

Main Features Of GirlishTrend WordPress Template

  • Most elegant ad banner space of the GirlishTrend WordPress template
  • High-resolution graphics that is essential for main features
  • 4 column featured area with popping-up text
  • Highly compatible with all the browsers
  • Efficient in performance
  • SEO optimized
  • Social links available

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Ending It Up

A large amount of competition is present within the fashion world & that is why, in order to become successful in the world of clothing, it is important to mark the online presence. These WordPress themes are easy to install & help to customize the aesthetic look of the website very efficiently.

Choose the one that best fits into your business zone & start your web journey.

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