How To Earn Money From Your Video Sharing WordPress Website?

Website owners usually try many tactics every now and then to make money from their website, but some of these tactics fail while some tactics work perfectly for them.

But here, I am focusing on how you can make money from your video sharing website.

Uploading videos in your site and sharing it among the audience is not just enough unless you make a profit from it.

As an owner of a video website, you desire to have a website like YouTube, that has more than 1 billion unique visitors each month.

Also, as per the analyst report issued by the Rory Maher, the 2018 gross revenue for YouTube business was $3.7B.

Now think for a second, Can you do such wonders with your video website & generate such a huge revenue from it?

Of course, Yes!

It will be true to say that generating revenue through video websites is not an easy task as there are many factors that are to be taken into consideration. In this post, I am going to discuss one such key factor that plays an important role in making money from your website i.e. Advertising.

If you have enough visitors every day to your website then making money through Advertisement is the best approach you ever have.

You can place the ads banners on your website to promote your products, services. You can also show the ads of others advertisers, ask them to pay you on the basis of user clicks, ad impressions, leads, and sales.

Where To Place Ads That Bring More Clicks?

Making the decision of showing ads to your site is not enough, unless you are not familiar with the associated points of advertising, like choosing the type of ads that are compatible with your website.

For example, if you are running a WordPress website that sells theme templates, then it is good to put up an ads of theme logos, graphics, WordPress plugins, theme bundles offers etc, to your site so that it may increase the chances of clicks to your ads by the ones who are buying your themes or just to visits your site.

In other words, it is important to target the right audience to get more conversions and sales.

Now, the next point of consideration is, where to place ads to your site.

Ads Under Header Section

A header is the most visible section of your site. Placing ads under this section attracts visitors at the first site.

In fact, your ad is visible in every page of your website, so if a visitors come to your blog for reading or for watching any video, so there may be a good chance of clicks on the showing ads by them.

There are a number of video theme templates in WordPress that have to provide built-in header section for placing ads from the options panel. One such theme template of my knowledge is VideoCraft theme of InkThemes.

This theme comes up with many effective features and easy to use theme options panel that allows users to set up video website like YouTube in few minutes.

Moreover, a theme is super simple to use, even a non-technical users can easily customize their site and place ads code from theme options panel, without a need to do a single line of coding.

Ads Under Video Page

It is true to say that if you are sharing a quality video on the web, then your video goes viral. Every day, it receives a good view and brings large traffic to your website.

Now think, how this driving traffic benefits you? Only when if they make some purchase from your site.

So, how you can convince such audience to make a purchase decision, simply by showing ads and offers on the video page of your site and attract your video viewers.

Indirectly, you are also making them aware of your brand by showing the ads that are associated with your niche.

Including above feature, VideoCraft WordPress theme also consists of a separate section of showing ads on the video page of your website. You just need to put the embed code of the ads from the theme options panel and your ad start displaying under the video page of your website.

Final Words

Although, there is much more money making solutions available online, showing ads is an easy and profitable solution for you.

So start utilizing your traffic and engage them to click on the ads or even buy the products by setting up advertisements on your site.

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