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Change Your Mindset and Get More Tweets

You write good content and display a twitter icon expecting that a good number of users will make a tweet when they’ll realize the value of your content. But still you don’t get good results.

Here are the obvious reasons for why they skip that thing!!

1. Before reading a post readers aren’t supposed to tweet your content.

2. Not even when they are indulged in reading.

3. Readers don’t pay attention to the twitter icon as it was lying aside (an area where readers don’t need to pay attention).

4. Readers don’t realize its importance to you.

With InkTweet, Now Users Won’t Skip Tweeting for all Such Reasons…

Now readers will definitely see the option to tweet, will pay attention to it, and will also feel like tweeting.

Asking a reader to tweet a part of your content at the moment he finds it interesting, will generate maximum chances of posting of your content on twitter by him.

InkTweet is a WordPress plugin that increases referral traffic to your website from Twitter the same way. It lets your blog readers to tweet any piece of content they like while reading your blog.

All you need is to add the “tweet this” functionality for the piece of text which you think a reader will find interesting and worth a tweet.

How does InkTweet ‘WordPress Twitter Plugin’ Work

Just when you have finished installing and activating the Ink-Tweet plugin (which is hardly a 5 min task), you will find the plugin starts showing in your WordPress Dashboard.

Now in the settings you can easily make the following configurations:

  • Show a call to action for tweet anywhere within the text body.
  • Add a default tweet message so that people get a ready made message to post on twitter.
  • Show desired ‘call to action’ text as Tweet This/Post on Twitter/or etc.
  • Enter tooltip text that will appear on hovering over the call to action text.
  • Select position of the tooltip as top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left, top center, etc., according to which the tooltip will appear on hovering the hypertext.
  • Select a tooltip theme from the various available themes.
  • Give a unique ID to generate a unique shortcode: You can create unlimited number of shortcodes and insert each one of them in a blog post as per their relevancy.
  • Now the plugin will generate a shortcode as you click ‘create tweet shortcode’ option you see in the end.
  • Get your shortcode from here and place it at relevant places in the text body of your blog post.

Greatest Benefits of Using InkTweet Plugin

Adds a “call to tweet” at the most relevant places: Using social icons is despite being a popular practice, hardly proves to be as productive as it is supposed to be. Since with InkTweet you can add call to action for tweet at the more relevant places, it generates maximum chances of spreading of your content.

Attract good number of target audience from Twitter: Twitter is a proven great platform for almost any business to build brand awareness and knock the doors of your target audience. This plugin helps in exploring possibilities on twitter the easy way.

Boost your website rankings in organic search results: Social referral traffic to a website is on the other hand considered great for increasing the reputation of a website to search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing.

Social signals have been very clearly realized to be helping to rank a website better in search results. So for sure, you’ll get a high priority of vote to your website pages if a number of links are pointing towards your website.

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