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Comprehensive Online Appointment Booking System For Your Website

Ink-Appointment is a WordPress Appointment Plugin which can be used to enable online booking services for a website. It’s highly supported online booking system for appointment booking and scheduling, resource scheduling (car-taxi booking, rental rooms), Client scheduling (legal services, hair salon, spa, massage), general appointment scheduling (clinics), Event Scheduling (fitness center, meeting organization).

The plugin provides an easy system to your customers to book appointments for the services directly from website. Its flexible functionality suits for wide range of businesses.

Easy User-Friendly Booking Features

This plugin lets you post an appointment booking scheduler on your WordPress site.

Just create the service slots with desired dates and timings. You will see a form that contains booking scheduler too.

Dispatch this form. When customers will visit on the booking form page, they will take a quick view on services and can book a suitable time slot for a specified date.

Customers will just have to:

(1) Select date & time for an appointment (as per the availability).

(2) Fill required booking form fields.

(3) Submit booking/appointment request.

Custom Fields And Admin Booking Option:-

The plugin comprises of several unique features, through which one can simply customize the appointment form of his/her wish (which will make it more simpler for the user to fill).

1. Custom Fields – Allows you to create custom fields in your appointment form.

2. Paid & Free Services – Your user can book services that are free or paid, right away from the front-end.

3. Manual Appointment Booking From Admin Panel – Incase your customers call to book appointments, you can add appointments from the backend admin panel to book the appointment slot.

Integrated Paid Booking system

The plugin contains PayPal payment processing channel. So you’ll get an easy online payment for online services or give clients the option to pay for a service instantly or pay cash later as per their choice or the availability of options.

InkAppointment is powerful Booking plugin that will make the online booking simpler and easier for the customers. Now you don’t need to use any other external resources for the appointment feature.

Ink appointment booking plugin

{Latest Updates} Advanced Features In InkAppointment Version 1.3.0 – 

1. Now see the appointment dates in the calendar – You can simply view the appointments booked by your clients in WordPress Dashboard. You can have a look at the booked appointments on the basis of days, weeks and months.

The booked appointments will be shown with completed details which are filled by the user at the time of booking.

2. Change the button name easily – Now you can change the button name from “Book Appointment” to anything of your choice.

3. Start booking from backend – This feature is a great relief for admin because till now if admin wants to book any appointment, he has to go through all the process like PayPal and etc but now admin can book an appointment for his own by backend without any long process.

4. Add multiple custom fields – Till now we had limited number of custom fields such as -“Name, Email, Contact No.”, but now we enhanced our service so that you can add number of custom fields of your own.

5. Add free appoinment services – Now you can add free services with paid ones. This feature is added because if admin wants to add some free appoinments, he can do it easily.

6. Added messaging options for customers – We added message option in this new update by which –

  • You can send SMS notification at the time of appointment.
  • You can send SMS reminder to the client.
  • You can set the configuration for SMS.

7. Change calander langauge – Now we have multiple langauge options for calander.

8. Shortcode insert button added – Now you can insert appointment form directly by shortcode button.

9. Appointment reminder emails will be sent to client and admin – The reminder email can be sent to the user and the admin before the appointment date. You can set the reminder from WordPress Dashboard. It can be set before one day, two days up to 1 week before the appointment date.

10. New option added for disabling appointment booking days in bulk – You can disable the particular days like Holidays or on weekends when you don’t want users to book appointments.

11. Facility to manually disable booking dates – You can manually disable the days out of your normal working days.

12. Facility to manually enable booking dates – You can manually enable the days on weekends or holidays in case you want to work.

Benefits of Ink Appointment – WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

This plugin is for business websites. It enhances the opt-in functionality which makes services quickly addressable to customers. It illustrates:

  • Simple to configure, easy to implement.
  • Create multiple services from the dashboard.
  • One view of all your website services to the customers.
  • Create desired services specifying days for appointments.
  • Easy scheduling of appointments for the clients.
  • In-hand payment options available for customers.
  • Saves user’s time as they can book an appointment for services online.
  • Manage customer’s appointment list in an easy clutter-free manner.
  • Easy to Understand, sleek Admin Booking Panel.

Features of InkAppointment “Booking WordPress Plugin”

  • Easy to install & integrate.
  • Allows customers to book their own appointments online. Embed self-service booking interface.
  • WP plugin to create desired services by specifying date, time, price details. Schedule appointments easily with automated system. Enable availability check, display pricing, take bookings.
  • Create unlimited services. Show multiple services in booking form.
  • Accept online payments. Allows potential customers to book appointments for a particular time slot on a specific date.
  • Track records of new or previous customer’s appointment details.
  • Clutter-free management of customer appointment list on WordPress Dashboard.
  • Integrated Payment mode through PayPal.
  • Cash payment option for the customers who want to access the service first but intend to pay cash later.
  • Can customize opt-in field, service’s bar heading according to the website niche.
  • Spam-free Appointment Form with Captcha Option.
  • Compatible with any of the WordPress Themes. Plugin doesn’t affect the natural behavior of a website.

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