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Silent Rave - Silent Disco WordPress Theme & Template

The basic concept of silent disco is that instead of play music on loudspeakers and sound systems, the music is transmitted via radio signals to wireless headphones. Silent clubs is a place where blend of music, […]

Cornet Pizza - Pizza Cone WordPress Theme & Template

Pizzas are always people’s best choice when it comes to fast food. Carrying a round pizza is a big task so keeping this in mind, pizza cone is made which are counted as portable food which […]

Brew Cart - Coffee Kiosk WordPress Theme & Template

Serve the best aroma flavors of your coffee kiosk & encourage more coffee lovers to come on your cafeteria by ‘BrewCart Template’. The layout of Coffee Kiosk WordPress Theme is highly versatile in nature so as you […]

Griddle Cake - Pancake WordPress Theme & Template

Pancake is a flat and thin cake made up of a starchy batter containing eggs and milk. It is basically a side dish that can be served anytime of the day with variety toppings like jam, […]

Sweet Roll - Muffins WordPress Theme & Template

“Muffins” This word will ring in your ears as it known as one of the most delicious and tasty desserts. Making it takes a lot of steps and precaution as it has to taste delicious. So, […]

Bean Curd - Tofu Making WordPress Theme & Template

Tofu is worldwide known as bean curd, especially from the moment it is recognized as a vegan diet. So, now every vegetarian wants to try tofu or else they want to make it by themselves. You […]

Wheat Noodle - Spaghetti Making WordPress Theme & Template

Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical, solid pasta that tastes like heaven which also has the tricky way of making. Give away tricks of making white noodles via Spaghetti Making WordPress Theme, which is a premium […]

Yummy Noodles - Noodle Making WordPress Theme & Template

Without noodles, any Chinese food is incomplete, as it is one of the main course of Cantonese cuisine. Making noodles takes a lot of experience so that it can taste good. With the help of Noodles […]

Pie Base - Pastry Sheet Making WordPress Theme & Template

Pie is extremely soft to handle so its base is very important to make it presentable. If, you are having a firm where you can showcase the making of the base of pie then grab this […]

Barbecue - Restaurant Thème WordPress

Voulez-vous créer un site Web pour le restaurant barbecue? L’année dernière seuls petits / moyens restaurants d’affaires augmenter énormes bénéfices avec le site Web. Vous pouvez également faire plus de profit de votre entreprise de restaurant […]

Bookingvalley - Hotelbuchung WordPress Theme

Sie suchen eine all-inclusive WordPress-Lösung, die Ihr Hotelgeschäft online präsentiert und verwaltet? Wenn deine Antwort ja ist, dann bist du an der richtigen Stelle! Presenting BookingValley eine leistungsfähige Provision kostenloses Hotel und Urlaubsbuchung WordPress Theme. Das […]

Slurpee - Bowl Slush Restaurant WordPress Theme & Template

If you are looking for more sales of ice slush machines & wants to pop-in maximum clients into the world of your sludge restaurant. Then, go with our premium WordPress theme i.e ‘Slurpee’ & create an […]

Quiche - Pie Making WordPress Theme & Template

Panicking over pie crust? Not to worry we are here to provide you with a template that will take your tart making firm on the top globally. With the help of Pie Making WordPress Theme which […]

Coffee Grind - Coffee Powder Making WordPress Theme & Template

“Have A Cup Of Coffee & Kick Out Troubles From Your Life” Whenever we are in some kind of trouble we always prefer a cup of coffee to reduce the stress of our brain, because coffee […]

Meal Pack - Food Wraps Sale Restaurant WordPress Theme & Template

Eatables products always required good & hygienic packaging which reduce the rate of rancidity. Food wrap does this work effectively. So we came up with Food Wraps Sale WordPress Theme which is coded by pundit developers […]

Nut Cake - Walnut Cake Making WordPress Theme & Template

Baked items and products have been prepared by different cuisines for centuries and walnut cake is the oldest form of dessert. Walnut cake is a sweet dish which is served on almost every important occasions such […]

Bread Ferry - Bakery Food Cart WordPress Theme & Template

Delicious food items and desserts are the beverages that are loved by all, people from all over the world enjoy various products that are prepared in the bakery, from pastries to cakes everything is relished by […]

Eat Kebab - Kebab Food Restaurant Van WordPress Theme & Template

Food vans are very popular these days as they are impressing the taste buds of people with their quality ingredients, great flavors, good taste and low pricing. Kebab Food Van WordPress Theme is designed for the […]

Frogurt - Frozen Yogurt Shop WordPress Theme & Template

Frozen yogurt is a delicious dessert which is made with the combination of yogurt and other milk products. It is very lower in fat as milk is being used instead of cream. Nowadays people usually have […]

Rice Gateau - Rice Cake WordPress Theme & Template

Cakes are the most loved beverage by the people around the world, and on the other hand, there is a grain called as the rice, and when the synergy of them work a new dish is […]

Till Pasta - Pasta Making WordPress Theme & Template

Among all the Italian dishes, pasta is the most renowned and tasty of them all. Yet, a number of people don’t know its actual recipe. So, be the first one to share your staple making food […]

Wagon Food - Lunch Truck WordPress Theme & Template

Food is the necessity of life and is required by all, the food which a person have at multiple times at a day helps him to have the energy for the overall day. Lunch being the […]

Parasol - Sunshade Sale And Production WordPress Theme & Template

If you want to provide shade to your customers by selling them different types of an umbrella which they can install on their balconies, then this premium and responsive template which is called Sunshade Sale And […]

Buffet Restro - Buffet Only Restaurant WordPress Theme & Template

A person who has a empty stomach makes much noise, and when that person has a stomach full he remains calm and more concentrated and effective in his work whatever he is doing. Restaurants and food […]

Sub Delivery - Sandwich Delivery WordPress Theme And Template

“When Hunger Strikes, Have A Sandwich Bite” Food is the basic necessity for any living being, all the creatures, be it an animal or a social animal, all need food and nowadays a fast food is in […]

Corndog Cart - Hot Dog Cart WordPress Theme & Template

Hot dogs have emerged as the hands on grabbing food for bustling & passerby crowd. An online platform for your hot dog cart will definitely help the go-getter people to trace your food truck & at […]

Tree Forts - Tree House Hotels WordPress Theme

TreeForts is an absurd theme for the treehouse hotels & resorts website. It is designed to utilize the organizations like treehouse rental agencies, treehouse hotels, eco hotels & resorts, tree cottages and many others affiliates. Tree […]

Alcho Gin - Dry Gin Production WordPress Theme & Template

Gin is a distilled beverage which derived its predominant flavour from juniper berries. Gin is basically a hard drink used in various occasions such as weddings, bachelorette parties etc. If you are in the making of […]

Home Cook - Homemade Food Service WordPress Theme & Template

                  “Homemade Is The New Organic” Making your own food at home is a bliss, especially for those who understand its importance as it helps our health and […]

Latin Food - Salsa Restaurant WordPress Theme & Template

Let the world discover your Italian-Spanish food outlet with the help of Salsa Restaurant WordPress Theme. Why Latin Food WP Theme? Because it is a fully responsive template that allows you to showcase your salsa restaurant’s […]

Grocery Bid - Grocery Auction Site WordPress Theme & Template

Bidding of grocery is probably one of the most exciting events, as in that everybody gets to participate and eat. Selling of frozen, as well as dry goods, are the auction’s main priority. Arranging any sell-off […]

CookTour - Celebrity Chef Tour WordPress Theme And Template

Cooking is an art and when done with keen interest and dedication give wonderful results on the food and the individuals who are in the business of cooking and found fame in the specific stream can […]

Exo Meal - Exotic Foods Restaurant WordPress Theme & Template

Exotic food sounds something weird or unusual, but there’s more to that than being unusual, & it’s the intriguing factor that makes it interesting. Launch your exotic cuisine food outlet on the web & reach out […]

Jelly Shop - Jelly Bean Store WordPress Theme & Template

Jelly beans with soft candy shells and thick gel interiors are a major attraction among kids during the Halloween events, parties & other festivals. Introduce your colorful jelly candy shop on the web & fling your […]

Lush Bath - Executive Bath Service WordPress Theme & Template

The executive bathroom is a place often used by high society members. It contains a large window, blue wallpaper, plant in the corner, flowers in bathtub & some lighting candles. Give a royal touch to your […]

Loca Food - Locavore Restaurant WordPress Theme & Template

Local food of a particular geographic zone certainly fetches more food lovers than any other global & exotic gourmet house. In order to develop a more self-reliant & resilient food network, you need a website for […]

FlightCasino - Casino Airlines WordPress Theme & Template

The idea of airlines gambling re-emerged a few year ago. Since, to explore your flight casino business to the worldwide, you have to give it a royal online touch. FlightCasino WordPress Theme lets you do it […]

ChewyBar - Cereal Bar Restaurant WordPress Theme & Template

Today, when the whole world is constantly hustling & mornings are super busy, grabbing a cereal bar is a quick, convenient & tasty way to have breakfast on the go. Launching your granola bars bulk on […]

LeaseKitchen - Rent A Kitchen WordPress Theme And Template

Tiffin centers and the large restaurants are the outlets which require huge kitchens where all the food preparation activities can take place. The theme which can help you to lease such huge kitchens online is Rent […]

GreekoMeal - Greek Restaurant WordPress Theme

If you are running a Grecian food joint and want to introduce it to the web world, in order to get more prestige, then with Greek Restaurant WordPress Theme you can achieve this desired goal. GreekoMeal […]