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Video Gallery WordPress Plugin helps you to create video gallery with the advanced features of analytic tracking, customizable skin, responsive layout etc.

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  • Easy To Install
  • High Resolution
  • Fully Localized
  • Cross Browser Compatible

Product Description

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin helps you to create your own awesome DZS video gallery that has crystal clear graphic in the views.

You can also showcase gallery according to your desire with the multiple numbers of advanced features that will ease the work.

Main Features That This Gallery Offers:

  • Customizable Skin:
    Branding on your site can be done with the 3 skins available for the video player and 2 for video gallery but if that is not sufficient then you can create skin color.
  • Analytic Tracking:
    By using analytic tracking you can easily see graphs and monitor how the customer uses gallery.
  • Responsive Layout:
    Videos generated by using this plugin are html5 that is supported by all the devices.
  • Full Of Choices:
  1. It totally depends on you whether you want to create a single video, hand packed video gallery or mixed video gallery – youtube / Dailymotion /etc.
  2. You can also create a gallery of – Youtube user channel,  youtube playlist etc.
  • Multiple Galleries Under One Roof:
    You can add multiple galleries in one that streams multiple galleries like Vimeo channel + youtube playlist + some of your own custom videos.
  • Extensive Admin Panel:
    You can create and customize the unlimited number of galleries in the admin panel that offers a lot of functionality like drag and drop HTML5 uploader & items, duplicate galleries, and editing the galleries.
  • Hybrid:
    In the preview, you can set video player.
  • Subtitle Support:
    This plugin also empowers you to add the captions to the videos by using subtitles “.srt”.
  • Play From:
    With the latest HTML5 Local Storage API you can easily set the starting time of the video that can also be the position where the video was “Last” left.
  • Keep Your Database Reinforced:
    Ensure your data security by exporting it in the form of regular backups via the Export Database feature.
  • Deep Linking:
    You have the option to link the video directly in the gallery when there is an error in displaying the current video by the current URL in the gallery.
  • Social Media Share Thumbnail On Deep Linking:
    When you share your video link on the social sites like on the facebook then it will display link along with the thumbnail image.
  • Advertisement Support:
    Ads can be added before the video starts playing these ads can be images, videos, iframes etc.
  • Image And Video Support:
    You can also insert image and audio files in the gallery.

Play With Shortcodes-

  • If you want to upload video without going to the admin then there are the shortcodes for the [videos], [youtube], etc. You may easily use them by setting id or location to the shortcodes.
  • This plugin offers a shortcode generator with which you don’t have to be a techie geek in order to learn the large codes.

Stream Directly From These Sources:

  • Self-hosted videos, audios, images
  • Youtube playlists,  keywords, user channel
  • Vimeo user channel, channel, album

Attributes That Attracts You:

  • RTL admin support helps to work with Arabic / Hebrew languages
  • You can link the video with the other video in the gallery.
  • Attributes are added in the video for the images and titles so that thumbnail & title of the video display on the social sites.
  • Live stream on all the browsers and devices
  • Linking for gallery videos – share link to a specific video
  • Ultra responsive helps you to resize all the videos in the gallery

    Supports Global HTML5 Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft IE9
  • Opera
  • IE6 – IE8
  • Flash Fallback

Customize Your Gallery:

  • Video Title
  • Player Resizing
  • Video Player Skin
  • Optional Logo setting
  • You May/May Not Add Shadow
  • Scrubbar Background and Buffer
  • Visual Builder Helps To Set The Adverts.
  • Controls Background, Color, Hover, Highlight
  • A Player With The Multiple Number Of Skins

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  1. Very affordable WordPress plugin for creating video gallery along with advanced features like analytic tracking, customizable skin, responsive layout etc.

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